Prayer to the Restless Spirit to dominate the loved one

Prayer to the Restless Spirit to dominate the loved one

The prayer to the restless spirit is one of the most effective prayers to dominate the loved one. Its use has become popular among those who suffer for love and who desperately seek the help of spiritualities to make that person they love so much return to their lives.

What is restless spirit?

It is known that there are 7 restless spirits. All of them are believed to be spiritualities that work under the command of the fallen angel Lucifer. These demons, known as restless spirits, are responsible for the obsessions suffered by human beings, often inducing them to carry out the most negative actions possible. Among the restless spirits we have:

  • Bechard: he is known as the spirit of frantic love, he knows the secrets of seduction, he perfectly manages the arts of obsessive love, knowing all the tools to encourage the flame of love or extinguish it, causing separations in couples. His power has the ability to fascinate and bewitch the senses, disturbs reason, enchants attention and clouds reasoning and consciousness, causing attractive fantasies. It could be said that when the restless spirit is invoked it is being called more than all the intervention of Bechard. However, this has a certain danger, since its excessive intervention usually generates effects in the conjured people that tend to turn them into deep fanatics and idolaters, with a usually obsessive fascination for the desired object.
  • Silcharde: It is the spirit of domination, so it has great abilities to influence the behavior of others, as well as helping those who invoke it to dominate others. His capacity is such that he can intervene in the actions and thoughts of individuals until he gets what he wants.
  • Frimost: is the spirit of destruction, especially influences actions of revenge. It stimulates hatred, causes fear and ruin.
  • Surgat: it is the spirit of riches, it has dominion over everything material, it teaches all kinds of actions that make man capable of obtaining his "treasures".
  • Guland: is the spirit of envy, has the ability to cast spells and make people sick. It is an entity that attracts misfortune.
  • Astaroth: is the spirit of bets and games of chance, its invocation contributes to winning the lottery or all gambling games.
  • Lucifer: he is the fallen angel leader of the low light spirits, he has the ability to influence all the misfortunes that the human being goes through on earth.

Do prayers to the restless spirit work?

Of course, prayers to the restless spirit work, since these spiritualities, especially Bechard, work from the collective unconscious to enter the particular subconscious, causing artificial stimuli in the individual that connect the person who invokes their help with the being. loved in such a way that it becomes his only reference of pleasure and happiness.

This happens because it is believed that Berchad is also the gatekeeper of the underworld, whose physiognomy describes him as having three heads that symbolize sexual pleasure, desire, and passion. It is even estimated that it was one of the first spiritualities to influence Adam and Eve after being exiled from Eden, encouraging them to discover sexual pleasures.

Prayer to the restless spirit to dominate

Prayer to the restless spirit to dominate

This prayer can be accompanied by a ritual in which a candle will be prepared with wax, the traces of the loved one (hair, hair, nails, semen, or a piece of a piece of sweaty clothing), calm balm, handsome amansa oil, powder of yamao stick, and pansy flower petals. Once the wax has melted, all the ingredients are introduced, it is placed in a mold with a wick and the candle is prepared. When it is ready, light it up in the name of the restless spirit, writing the name of the loved one three times and praying the following prayer:

«In this holy hour and in this holy moment, I invoke you restless spirit. My spell has to bring your power to me in order to dominate, disturb, and despair the five senses, the mind, the conscience, the decisions and the will of (name of the person to dominate). All his restlessness must be because he irrepressibly needs me (say your name).

Oh restless spirit, you who are able to enter the thoughts of men and touch the fibers of emotion, I give you the love I feel for (name of the person to dominate) so that you can transform it into love for me ( Say your name).

I call the 7 restless spirits so that my prayer may be heard with force, and I give them the will of (name of the person to dominate), on behalf of the day of his birth, on behalf of the day he was baptized, and on behalf of the hour in which he is to die, listen to me, spirits of the domain, restless spirit, spirits capable of gaining control over (name of the person to be dominated).

I conjure, I spell, I bind, I dominate, in the name of the restless spirit to (name of the person to dominate) there will be no place where he can be, where he can live in peace, there will be no food that can be put in his mouth, nor room where I can sleep, there will be no water I can drink, no task I can do without thinking of myself, in my name (say your name) in my body, in my kisses, in my caresses, in my voice, in my love and in the need you have to feel my love.

Spirit of domination, desperate at my feet (name of the person to dominate) has to come, crazy with love and desire to see me, to have me, to live by my side, sorry for having walked away, humble and complacent, to give myself only to my (say his name) all his kisses and caresses, I being his sole owner and my word his will. It has been agreed, so be it, so it is, so it will be."

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Prayer to the restless spirit and despair

Prayer to the restless spirit and despair

«In the name of restless spirits and the spirit of despair, I invoke all your strength and energy in the here and now. May his spiritual strength allow me to dominate and attract (name of the person to dominate).

I call on the spirit of Silcharde, your spirit of domination, capable of changing any negative thought into a positive one, capable of changing a feeling of contempt for one of maddened love, capable of subduing even the most determined bending their will to do yours. I give you the 5 senses of (name of the person to dominate), so that you influence her actions and she can only feel with me and for me (say your name).

I call the spirit of Bechard, the dominant of love, you who are capable of turning negative sensations into pleasant ones, turn the memories of fights, quarrels and arguments between (name of the person to dominate) and me, into fleeting thoughts that are lost over time, so that I can only remember the pleasant moments and come to me quickly, pleading, eager to return immediately to resume our relationship.

It is you, spirit of domination and restless spirit, to whom I entrust my prayers, to you I entrust the resolution of my conjugal problems, you are the only ones capable of bringing me back to (name of the person to dominate) and as long as that does not happen , then torment him with my memory, that he may not have peace or calm until he comes to my feet.

Transfigure your energy in my body and my spirit, let me be the sign of your gifts of domination and seduction, so that (name of the person to dominate) feels such an uncontrollable desire for me (say your name) that it has no comparison for the one he ever felt for no one else. From this moment on, his pleasure will be only with me, his desire will be lit only for me and his body will only rest in my bed. Amen! »

Prayer to the spirit of despair

Prayer to the spirit of despair

This prayer can be accompanied with a red candle impregnated with the essence of despair and placing the name of the person you want to dominate under the candle written on parchment paper and moistened with the same essence.

«I cry out to the spirit of despair, strong spirit that dominates everything.

I offer this light to you so that in return you influence the living spirit of (name of the person to dominate). Your influence is usually terrible in human beings, when you arrive you overshadow peace, tranquility and calm.

Make a spirit of despair so that (name of the person to dominate) knows your true face, that he cannot sleep, that he cannot eat, work, study, speak or think, that there is nothing that gives him peace of mind except for my memory.

My love is what has to calm (name of the person to dominate) because you, spirit of restlessness and despair, you have to perch in his soul until he returns to me meek as a little lamb, calm and calm, complacent and loving, asking my forgiveness for the damage he has done to me and for having left my side.

With all my strength I ask you spirit of despair, today in my body I feel your presence because despair invades my senses by not having my loved one nearby. Transmutes my despair until (name of the person to dominate), that he be the one who feels what I feel, that he suffers what I suffer, that my agony be his and it won't end until he loves me again.

I am sure I am a spirit of despair that you will grant me the grace that I long for, (make your request in your own words. So be it, so be it, so be it. Amen».

Prayer of Despair and Dominion

This prayer can be accompanied by a purple candle, and can be done for 9 days before going to sleep, to intensify its effects on the person you want to dominate.

«I summon the restless spirits, so that they accompany me with their energy when conjuring the light of this candle on behalf of (name of the person to dominate).

I invoke the Bechard spirit, powerful and influential in the arts of love and desire, with this light pact on behalf of the living spirit of (name of the person to dominate) so that his love may be mine alone.

I cry out to the spirit of Silcharde, great dominator of all living beings, at your feet I deliver the impetus and the ability to make decisions of (name of the person to dominate) so that he cannot do anything without consulting me first.

I call on the spirit of Guland so that my spell has a beginning but no end. That in the light of this candle the fire seals the sentence of restless spirits, granting me the power of despair and dominion over (name of the person to dominate).

Spirit of domination and spirit of despair, grant me what I so desire, that from this moment on (name of the person to dominate) will not have balance or harmony in his life unless he is by my side and that there is nothing that our union can dissolve, by the power of the three of you, has been sealed and agreed. So be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen".

prayer to despair

Together with this prayer, the following ritual can be performed to despair the loved one and quickly return to his side. Take a piece of cloth from a garment or handkerchief that the person you want to despair and dominate has sweated, a lodestone, handsome amansa grass, and the hair of the two members of the couple. These elements are wrapped very well and chalked with red thread, then buried in a bush. A candle is lit next to the bush, praying the following prayer (the bush must not be allowed to dry up or die. The prayer and the candle must be offered sporadically to keep the spell effect alive).

"By the great power of the spiritual world, I invoke the spirit of domination, restless spirit, spirit of despair, spirit of enchantment, spirit of love, spirit of revenge, spirit of don Juan of conquest, Santa Marta dominadora, don Juan de the roads, San Marcos de León, San Juan Miner, Don Juan of the red cloak, Don Juan of the green cloak, Don Juan of the street, Don Juan of the 4 winds, Saint Helena of Jerusalem, San Salvador de Horta, Don John of Love, Saint Inés of the Lost Mountain, Mary of the Head, Mary of France, and all those spirits of love, passion, dominance, desire, restlessness and despair, at this time I invoke you.

Have the kindness to listen to my prayer so that with your strength and spiritual virtues you allow me to control, dominate and despair the five senses, reason and character of (name of the person to dominate).

I offer this spell to all those spiritualities that assist me, that as I attend to this pact approved by the 4 elements: earth, air, water and fire, the union between (name of the person to dominate) and I ( Say your name).

What I am burying is the will of (name of the person to dominate), conjured with this candle, and binding his heart, his body, his mind, his emotions, his sensations, sexual member, feet, hands, and his conscience.

That if at any time (name of the person to dominate) were to stop being by my side, desperation will not let him breathe, nor live in peace, he will never prosper, nor eat, nor sleep, nor drink, nor walk, until in my lap like a meek little lamb it stops again. I (say your name) am his peace, his calm, his life, his relief, his love, his mistress, his eyes, his heart, everything he longs for above all else.

With two I see you, with three I bind you, I drink your blood and I break your heart, and with the spirit of despair (name of the person to dominate) in your name I make a pact. Amen and so be it, so be it amen.”

Prayer to dominate a man

"Spirit of dominion, ruling spirit.

Restless spirit, spirit of restlessness.

You who enjoy great strength and power, who do not see impediments or setbacks when it comes to doing what you want others to do and their behavior. I ask you not to repair at rest until what I have come to request is fulfilled.

It is my man that I want back with me, dominated in my home, surrendered from the heart doing my will. By the power of the spirit of domination (name of the person to dominate) he has to do what I want, he has to come to my side repentant, asking for forgiveness, meek like a defenseless animal, subject to my will and my desire, desperately loving me and without being able to be with any other woman other than me (say her name). There will be no bed in which his passion ignites, no voice he wants to hear, no skin he wants to smell, no lips he wants to kiss, no body he wants to touch, he won't even be able to turn to look at anyone other than me (say your Name).

Spirit of the domain at your feet I deliver the living spirit of (name of the person to dominate) activate in my body and in my astral all your power and charm so as soon as possible to have him here by my side, make my presence the most charming, the make it more pleasing and attractive. So that from now on it only belongs to me.

It has been conjured at the foot of the spirit of dominion and the restless spirit, and so it shall be for ever and ever, amen».

Prayer to dominate a woman

This prayer is recommended to be performed as soon as the sun rises at dawn.

“For this holy hour, for this light that shines, for the thirteen thousand rays of the sun, I invoke the great power of the spirit of dominion. You who mercilessly dominate and bind hearts, with her will or without her, I ask you to grant me the honor of your benefit.

I implore you, spirit of the domain, not to allow one more dawn to come, without my beloved coming to me. That there is no obstacle, setback, annoyance, or impediment that prevents (name of the person to dominate) from wanting to be with me. Dominate her, love her, tie her up, meek calm and complacent only by my side and no one else's.

Spirit of domain powerful is your energy, that's why this spell with your strength you have to grant me, dominated is the heart of (name of the person to dominate) from the moment in which it was invoked in your name. The ropes, the chains and the locks will be broken, but never the pacts that have been sealed with the spirit of domination. So be it, so it is, so it will be, amen."

Prayer to attract

With the blessing of the Supreme and Almighty God.

With the blessing of my guardian angel.

With the blessing of the angels of love.

With the blessing of all the spirits that participate in the loving processes.

To all of you, I raise my prayer with faith and devotion so that you bring into my life (name of the person you want to attract) who can see in me the virtues that your heart yearns for, so that the spark of love can be born between us and the fire of passion.

Great spirit of love, do not let me suffer in the face of this lack, take away from me this sadness that overwhelms me due to the absence of (name of the person you want to attract), grant me all your love with your great power.

May union, happiness, pleasure and good times reign between (name of the person you want to attract) and me (say your name) until true stability is achieved.

Today I call you trusting in your immense power, with the certainty that (name of the person you want to attract) into my arms you have to bring. Thanks for your help. Amen".

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