Sweetened with honey and cinnamon

Sweetened with honey and cinnamon

Sweetening or love spells are a very effective and powerful alternative to improve relationships, dissipate conflicts and balance energies, with the aim of regaining or promoting lost harmony with the loved one. Sweetening with honey and cinnamon has a special power that provides a highly effective solution for relationship problems, due to the magical properties of these ingredients.

The Spiritual Magic of Sweetening with Honey and Cinnamon

Sweetenings of love have been highly requested and used by many people in countless places in the world throughout history. The sweetenings, like the loves, pursue a common goal, which is the recovery of the loved one, softening the conflicts that have caused the rupture or separation, thus achieving reconciliation.

In order to perform this kind of love spells, it is necessary to use the energetic power of some spiritualities and certain elements of nature, whose spiritual vibration favors the attraction of the appropriate phenomena for our interests.

Both honey and cinnamon are elements provided by nature, whose benefits go far beyond nutrition. Its magical and benefactor nature gives it the ability to promote the settlement of favorable energies to attract health, money, love, among many other things.

With regard to love issues, its magical properties tend to attract and enhance emotions, positive feelings, balance relationships, stimulate love and passion. For this reason, the combination of both results in highly effective and powerful sweeteners.

Honey bees

Honey bees

It is a food widely known for its sweet and delicious taste. However, its use can be quite diverse. It has a large number of benefits, thanks to which it is very nutritional, medicinal and, in addition, it has extensive spiritual properties.

The benefits of honey are so surprising that its own composition has properties that contribute to its prolonged preservation, in fact, there is a record that during some expeditions inside the ancient tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, containers containing honey whose properties have been found. have been kept intact.

What is honey for?

The spiritual properties of honey have been used by countless cultures around the world through various rituals from ancient times to the present day. In fact, some civilizations such as the Egyptian or Greek, referred to honey as a sacred element. Honey is estimated to attract the energies of:

  • It is very effective to favor the flow of loving feelings, ignite passions, appease disgust, emotional conflicts and improve personal relationships, due to its exquisite flavor that sweetens and seduces by nature.
  • In ancient times, the value of honey was such that it was even used to pay taxes. This awareness of the value of this food has always made it related to prosperity, abundance, opulence, being used to attract energies related to fortune.
  • Honey is also considered an energetic magnet for good luck, since, due to the large number of benefits it possesses, it is an excellent activator of all positive vibrations.
  • There is no doubt that honey has qualities capable of benefiting physical functioning, for example: it is antioxidant, energizing, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and cosmetic.

The cinnamon


Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to man. Its use has been very popular around the world, being known in multiple cultures for its spiritual and medicinal properties.

For example, Ayurvedic medicine has used cinnamon to treat multiple conditions, including: digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, to improve metabolism, as an anti-inflammatory, cognitive function stimulant, among others.

Due to the deep mysticism that cinnamon has, it has a particular energetic effect of great magnitude, having the ability to activate positive vibrations and protect or repel negative or low-level vibrations. In ancient Egypt it was very common to see its use in magic spells and rituals, especially to dispel bad vibes, and attract desired things such as: love and abundance.

What is cinnamon for?

Its benefits are so decisive that it is estimated that its spiritual powers only work to do good, that is, that its properties do not serve to harm other people. Among the magical or spiritual virtues of cinnamon we can highlight:

  • It is an excellent activator of the energy of love, intense passion and positive feelings.
  • It is very effective in counteracting dark, malevolent and low vibration spirits.
  • The intensity of its natural components and its particular aroma favor the vibration that helps attract abundance.
  • It is an excellent channeler of energies that attracts balance and harmony to our lives, favoring the arrival of good luck.
  • It has an excellent ability to work with other elements, promoting positive energies, benefiting spiritual protection and stimulating the arrival of happiness.
  • It contributes to the improvement of certain health conditions.

Benefits of the honey and cinnamon combination

It is well known that the mixture of cinnamon and honey produces positive effects. In fact, the combination of the enzymes of honey with the essential oils of cinnamon, have the ability to transform naturally, forming "hydrogen peroxide", which is a compound widely used in medicine to treat various pathologies. . On a chemical level, we can already begin to see how timely this union is.

In short, its mixture is a formula that favors countless health benefits. In the same way these two elements act on a spiritual level. Their union activates the energies in such a positive way, that they become an almost basic duo for the attraction of spiritualities and vibrations of high lights, responsible for bringing multiple benefits to the lives of human beings such as: good fortune, happiness and stability in every way.

Sweetening ritual with honey and cinnamon

Sweetening ritual with honey and cinnamon

This type of rituals (sweetening with honey and cinnamon) are widely used from ancient times to the present day, the making of various love spells with honey and cinnamon has been a knowledge that has been transmitted throughout history. The most important thing to keep in mind when making this type of sweetening is that you should calmly and patiently wait for the results, since the energy of anxiety and despair could cause the desired effects to be delayed.

Necessary elements:

  • Photograph of the loved one.
  • parchment paper
  • An envelope of cinnamon powder.
  • Bee honey jar.
  • A needle.
  • A small bag made of red cloth.
  • A graphite pencil.
  • A red candle.

Execution of the ritual:

To perform this ritual we will take the photo and draw on it with the pencil around the image of the person a heart that completely encloses it. Inside that silhouette the name of the person and ours will be written. This will be only what will be placed on top of the photo, nothing else should be added. On the parchment paper, using the needle, you need to write the following sentence:

«I, (insert your name) conjure in the name of the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water, with which this cinnamon and this honey were forged, decreeing that from this now and this moment, that the heart of (insert the name of the loved one) belongs only to me. You will return to my side, responding to my call, without making me wait. You will return to my arms, sweet, loving, passionate and accommodating. By the power of nature I awaken the love of (insert the name of the loved one), your heart and your feelings will travel from tonight to me, in your dreams you will see me and when you wake up anxious and desperate you will return to me. Agreed and sealed has been. Amen"

Then, dip your middle finger into the honey and touch her face in the photo. Cinnamon powder is dropped on the smeared honey and the candle is lit on the photograph (this ritual must be carried out in a place where there is no risk of affecting it with the elements used). When the candle is consumed, the remains of the photo and the cinnamon will be placed in the cloth bag and kept in a safe and private place. Periodically, you can light a candle with honey and cinnamon in front of that relic and repeat the prayer to refresh the work, in this way the sweetening with honey and cinnamon will be very effective.

Ritual with honey and cinnamon to attract the loved one

Ritual with honey and cinnamon to attract the loved one

It has been established that honey and cinnamon are excellent activators of loving energies. The following ritual is recommended in cases in which couple relationships have become very conflictive, even leading to separations, in order to sweeten the situation and return the flame of love that for one reason or another has gone out.

Necessary elements:

  • glass bowl
  • Honey
  • A stick of cinnamon.
  • A red candle.
  • Red thread.
  • Kraft paper.
  • Graphite pencil.


The candle is taken and the name of the loved one is written horizontally and his name vertically with the pencil. On paper it is done the same way. Then the cinnamon stick is wrapped with that paper and tied with the red thread until it is completely covered (that is, only the thread can be seen).

Once the elements are prepared, the candle will be placed inside the bowl, it will be filled with honey up to half; the prepared cinnamon stick will be placed inside, completely submerged in the honey. When the candle is lit, the following prayer will be said:

"By the powers of the Earth,

By the powers of heaven,

By the powers of the air,

By the powers of fire,

By the powers of water,

By the powers of these elements.

I (say his name), conjure this creature of God that bears the name (say the name of the loved one), by the spiritual intensity emanating from the sacred hearts and by the tears and suffering caused by love. That surrendered at my feet you have to come, (say the name of the loved one) I tie you to me, I tie you up and never untie you. I bind you in body and soul, thought, word and action.

There must not be a being that moves you, or another person that interests you physically, mentally, or sexually other than me (say his name). I am your peace, I am your calm, your desire, your love and your happiness, and your soul will have no rest until you come to stop with me.

With fire it has been sealed, the forces of nature invoked, the spell has been conjured in the name of the spirit of despair and the restless spirit at my feet you have to come. So be it. Amen".

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Ritual with honey and cinnamon to attract money

This ritual is very easy to perform and its objective is to keep the energies of prosperity and good fortune balanced within our spaces, in this way the money will be avoided. Once the elements have been conjured, it will be placed in a corner of the house, your business or commercial premises.

Necessary elements:

  • 1 crystal glass or glass.
  • Coins of different value.
  • Honey.
  • 7 cinnamon sticks.
  • 1 candle (candle) gold.
  • 1 small white plate

Execution of the ritual:

We will prepare a very clean table, where we will have all the elements. The candle will be placed on the white plate. The coins will be placed inside the cup next to the cinnamon sticks that will protrude from it. Then, we light the candle and fill the cup completely with honey, but very slowly to make the affirmation corresponding to this ritual at that moment:


«In the name of the Creator, I invoke the influence of Angels and Archangels, dear spirits of light, of goodness, messengers of love, guardians of peace, gift of God, help me to attract harmony from heaven and from Earth.

O my good friends! Guides of my incarnation, I call on you right now to balance the energies of my physical body; to you, my guardian angel, faithful companion, tireless friend, especially to you I ask that through your good will my petitions be heard before the throne of the Lord.

May these elements be a receptacle of the energy and spirituality of good fortune, prosperity, bonanza and abundance, so that they remain settled in all my affairs, in my wallet, in my pockets, in my home, in my business, and in everything that I undertake.

Protect me today and always archangels from the heavenly militia, allow me the joy of always having your good wishes. Confident I walk through this world with the certainty that they are always by my side, take care of me, and watch over all my affairs so that they remain in good standing. Do not allow him to experience loss, ruin, debt or misery. On the contrary, fill me with evolution and economic development at all times and in all places. This is how it has been agreed, so be it, so it is, so it will be. Amen".

This work must start on a Monday. On the seventh day, he will carefully remove the coins from the cup and wash them with fresh water, put them to dry in the sun to take advantage of their energy and then keep them inside his wallet without spending them, since this will be a lucky charm. . The cup will stay where you placed it for an additional 7 days. If it were to fill with ants, it will not remove it from the place, being left there until they leave by their own means. This is because ants also attract prosperity and development.

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I work with honey and cinnamon to improve health

This, more than a ritual, can become a habit that will be carried out every morning and night, since its constancy brings considerable health benefits.

Necessary elements:

  • Honey.
  • Cinnamon powder.
  • 1 cup with hot water.

Execution of the ritual:

Every day when getting up and before going to bed, prepare a cup of hot water mixed with two tablespoons of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This infusion will be taken when it is lukewarm, while its temperature drops, stir it with a stirrer or a spoon, praying the following prayer:

“Almighty God, with your blessing I get up and with your blessing I go to bed. I beg your merciful indulgence so that you use the spirits that accompany you, and are sent to my aid, so that, using these elements that I have prepared in your name, they serve to protect me, free me, and heal me from all the evils that my body suffers, being decreed the health and happiness of my life, always counting on your divine will. Amen".

Cleaning for the house with cinnamon and honey

Cleaning for the house with cinnamon and honey

This combination is very appropriate for spiritual cleansing because it repels negative entities and dark spirits, while pleasantly scenting your spaces.

Necessary elements:

  • Cinnamon powder.
  • Cold or ice water.
  • Honey from bees.
  • Cinnamon sticks.
  • A cord.

Execution of the ritual:

To begin with, you should carry out the usual cleaning inside the home, have everything in complete order, shake and remove all the dust. Then, the water is prepared by mixing it with the cinnamon powder and honey. Before flushing the house with this preparation, the windows and doors of all the rooms are opened, so that the bad energies come out and the ones we are calling enter. Cinnamon sticks are prepared in groups of three, tied at the bottom with a cord and placed in various lit places in the home, so that their smoke begins to purify the space. Finally, the house is washed down with the water, from the bottom to the main door, praying the prayer of dispossession and making their requests.


«With the blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with the blessing of all the saints who rest in the kingdom of heaven, with the blessing of my guardian angel and my spiritual guides.

Here I am (say his name), stripping my home of all negative fluid, all malevolent spirit, all bad thinking, envy, and bad influence. With clean honey and cinnamon I repel everything dark that could be around us. I seal in a circle of protection my person, my family, my pet, my objects, our physical and spiritual structure, so that everything that is undertaken, talked about and planned here is positive and prosperous. May our interpersonal relationships be bathed in the honey of love, union, brotherhood, loyalty, patience, tolerance and good communication.

From now on, no damage sent or collected, death and disease, all sorcery, incantation, curse or witchcraft, will be able to cross the threshold of our door, it is neutralized and without effect within our sweet home (make request). In the name of God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Amen".

Works with honey and cinnamon

Works with honey and cinnamon
  • When you make yourself a honey-cinnamon infusion, let it cool next to you so that the vapors draw in the vibes of peace, calm, and relaxation.
  • Hang a cinnamon stick with a jar of honey on the door of your house to protect it from envy and bad vibes.
  • Washing your face and hands with honey and cinnamon powder, or sprinkling it on your shoes, favors the attraction of money.
  • Eating a spoonful of honey and chewing a bit of cinnamon before and during business conversations promotes good negotiations.
  • Place a covered container, full of coins, honey and cinnamon, inside your home or business, making positive affirmations such as: «I catch abundance, money, and the honey of luck, prosperity and wealth for me and others. I leave living by my side forever. It is a ritual that greatly favors your economy.
  • Lighting candles (candles) of honey or impregnated with that substance and cinnamon in any of its presentations, attracts positive energies, stimulates passion and love as a couple, strips the environment of heavy energies and reduces hostile attitudes. These candles can be made by the same person using a piece of honey beehive, to which a wick is placed in the center and it is completely ready to use.
  • Bathing regularly with honey and cinnamon is a highly effective cleansing to eliminate low energies and stimulate the vibrations of beauty, love, health, development and the success of our goals.
  • Having a piece of cinnamon in your wallet activates the vibrations of money and, in turn, strips what we have stored there of any entity or negative energy, let us remember that we do not know everything that has happened around that coin or ticket and the origin or the drag they bring with them.

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