Ika Otrupon


What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Otrupon?

  • The uterine fire.
  • That men do not eat the meat of animals that die of disease.
  • Obatala called: yalumo arishogun.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ika Otrupon:

You have to feed Orúnmila and ask for his forgiveness so that from now on things go well for him.

Be careful, that you. You have done a bad thing, do not insist.

Beware of a hoax that you. Did or want to do.

He has to beg his angel not to turn his back on him and ebbo with an akuko, so that he can win the lottery.

This is where the dogs were thrown at Orúnmila and he had to climb to the top of a yagruma bush to save himself.

In this Ifá (Ika Otrrupon) an obatala called: yalumo arishogun was born.

Here it was born that men do not eat the meat of animals that die from diseases.

Brand: uterine fire in women. Problem in the belly. To avoid uterine fire, take yagruma leaves, make afoshe and the obini is smeared on the obo. To calm the uterine fire, alcohol and camphor root compresses are placed on the obo.

Eshu Elegba 3 akara bibo are placed at the foot of a yagruma.

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Recommendations of the Ika Trupon sign:

The i and e of this Ifá is done for good and for bad. The trunk and the root of the yagruma are scraped, atare is added to it and it is placed in front of the elegbara.

Oduduwa must be received.

Work is done with the ogun cauldron and a rope in a palm tree, to loosen all the moorings.

He suffers from the chest and is the product of his bad temper.

Ika trupon has three elegbara.

You are your slave. Same.

You and your child have degrees.

You like medicine and music.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Otrupon:

  • Each for himself.
  • The devil takes last.
  • Just tell your lies to people.
  • Two fight over the same thing.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ika Trupon:

The Awó begs the Guardian Angel not to turn his back on him.

Says Ifa Ika Trupon:

That where you Live they are going to set a trap to catch a thief; be careful that they want to add something to your food; You. He has an enemy who is watching over him; You. He thinks about going to see a relative who is far from here; You. It is somewhat late; it says of a person who sleeps with a man or a man with a woman, a child is born and they will give him a gift and whatever is red will be the prayer; You.

You plan to go to a place, but before you go, do ebbo so that it turns out well; the beloved is black omo shango, make ebbo so that he is not discovered; the ewe of this Ifá is the biyeku is blessed by olofin and is not killed in any ina. This Ifá Orúnmila preaches that you have to multiply, in order to get ahead.

Prayer of the Odu Ika Trupon:

Ika trupon kukute kuku adIfáfun Orúnmila, adIfáfun wave nIka,
look lebo Eru inguin asho inki inla umbeya marora enibi inka
butila kaferefun shango ati yemaya.
Kaferefun yemaya, kaferefun shango.

Suyere by Ika Otrupon:

Iya olo obo orubo unlo ade odo mapon.

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Ebbo of the Odu Ika Otrupon:

Ika Trupon's work to cure uterine fire:

A jar with añari okun, one with osun and another with indigo, assholes from the obini, dried yam, 2 akuko, a chain, bogbo tenuyen, opolopo owo, an eya-bo (snapper).

Orúnmila made this work to obini iya olo obo ina orubpa ina. In the 3 jars I sow dried yam, the woman is smeared with indigo and osun all over her body, then I add añari okun over it and then I beg her for the leri with eya bo nla (with a large snapper), without cutting the leri.

Then I cut the hairs from her genitals by planting them in the jars, tied them with chains and took them to the seashore; then the ofIkale trupon with her. As he poured the ingredients from the jars over it, he sang: "iaya olo ona oruba ina unlo adde obo mapon."

Ifá osobo: addo ashere. In a cimarron guiro that has elegbara and is loaded: inle de oke, iye de yagruma, atare, iye de mariwo, 7 grains of eyenibo and 7 of the currents. 3 jio jio Eshu-Elegba at the foot of a yagruma.

Ebbo: Akuko, peonies, ground glass, eyele, two igba, ewe pupua, mani, ishu.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Otrupon:

How Orúnmila was saved from the beasts

Ebbo: akuko, fryer with epo, fryer with water and bleach, fryer with blood, eyele meta, ofa meta, eku, eya, obi, itana meta, ota meta.

Note: this ebbo is made when there is sun, because after it is finished it is put to the shadow of the person at the
three ota and you are given the target eyele. The ebbo carries three ota that are the ones that are put on the ground to give them the shadow of the
person and to whom the three eyele are given along with the ofa meta. Then an ota and an ofa are given to the interested party to put them behind his door, the ofa with the point upwards.

The other two ota and the two ofa wonder if umbebolo.


Orúnmila came to a land where the Okuni had many obini, but Odukokosi Kolo, when the Okuni knew that Orúnmila had arrived and that there were many dogs and piggy Jibaros in that town, they released them to tear Orúnmila apart. He went up to the baiyeku bush and covered himself with the sheet, then Alakaso appeared at the top and asked Orúnmila what was wrong with him.

Orúnmila explained to him, and then Alakaso went and told Olofin and Eshu-Elegba, and this came immediately with an odde full of ogu and was crushing to one side and the other until those beasts fled, then Orúnmila got down and stood except.

Note: the iye of this Odu de Ifá is done for good and for bad.

The trunk and the root of the baiyeku are scraped and tied and placed in front of the elegba. If he is obini he has to be ofIkale trupon with whoever comes forward. There is uterine fire. Ifá osorbo ado ashure: it is a cimarron guiro that has elegbara and that carries: inle de oke (land of the hill), i and e of the trunk and roots of baiyeku, seven grains of eyenibo and seven of the

Ika Trupon (Otrupon) Traditional Nigerian Ifa


Iká túrú túrú
Babaláwo Itú ló díá fun Itú ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Níjó tí n sunkún òun ò láya
Òun le láya báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ní òpòlopò ataare lebo
Won ni eyele lebo
Wón ní aya ò níí won on
Itú bá rbo
Won ni kó moo je ataare òhún
Bó bá sì ti n je é
Neither how you or
Yóó móo póun ti rubooò
Òun you red
Ayé ye Itu
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Iká túrú túrú
Babaláwo Itú ló díá fun Itú ní kùtùkùtù òwúrò
Níjó tí n sunkún òun ò láya
Wón ní yóó láya lópòlopò ebo ní ó se
Riru ebo
Èèrù àtùkèsù
E wáá bá wa ni jebútú aya
Jèbútú aya làá bá ni lésè oba Òrìsà.
Ifá wants this person to be well. Life will please you.
Iká túrú túrú
It is the Babaláwo of Itú who made divination for Itú early in life
The day he was crying because he had no wife
'Would I have a wife?'
They advised him to sacrifice
They advised him to get alligator pepper as a sacrifice
Pigeons are also part of the articles of sacrifice
They predicted that he would never experience a shortage of wives
Itú made the sacrifice
They told him to chew the lizard pepper
After chewing it
He must spit it out
He must announce that he has made the sacrifice
'I have made the sacrifice'
Life thus pleased Itú
He was dancing and rejoicing
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly how his Babaláwo had
Iká túrú túrú
It is the Babaláwo of Itú who made divination for Itú early in life
The day he was crying because he had no wife
They assured him that he would have many wives but he must perform the wife sacrifice
Offering sacrifices
And gifts given to Èsù
Come and meet us with the good fortune of wives.
One normally comes across the fortune of wives at the feet of the king of all Òrìsàs.

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