Ika Sa (Ika Osa)

Ika sa ifa sign

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika Sa?

  • The mistake of one orisha for another.
  • Making the okpele with mango seed from which Orúnmila's eure ate.
  • Masonry.

What is the sign Ika Sa talking about?

  • Here oya tie the people of the Takua land with chains and I enter them with plans because they denied him the sapotes. Sapotes are put on oya.
  • Here was born the mistake of one saint for another.
  • Care must be taken when determining the person's guardian angel. The person is only omo of obatala, oya and ogun.
  • Here the Awó cannot give a word about anything because we have to wait for what the oshas dictate, because they have to meet to give the ruling and if the client is not satisfied, the Awó adjusts to what the Ifá says.
  • They can throw an ota or other object at your head and kill you.
  • Here was born the making of the okpele with mango seed of which Orúnmila eure ate.
  • In this Ifá (Ika Sa) he speaks alosin.
  • The person has been cursed since he was in his mother's womb because the iya wanted to abort him, because it was an unwanted pregnancy.

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Recommendations of the Ika Sa sign:

If he is a palero, he has an imprisoned spirit that does not leave him alone.

The person may have an obsessive spirit behind.

The person is ungrateful, they will never appreciate anything they do for their good.

He suffers from the heart, from leprosy, from blood infections.

The obini cannot perform abortions because her life or health is in danger.

Take care of fibroids that can even be malignant.

For Ika Sa he dies of contagious disease.

The obini has to live with babalAwó.

You have to put on the necklaces.

Here eyele is given to osun, it is cleaned first with them, they are given and buried.

The person has been thrown out of somewhere. He will have a fight for the children.

There are those who have lived off prostitution.

You have a house and money but no happiness.

The person was not born where they live and wishes to return to where they were born or where they were raised. Talk about nostalgia.

You have to do your job, because you are working on something else.

The owner of this Ifá but can never eat eure meat and even less if it is from Orúnmila.

The Ifá de Awó Ika sa but will never eat eure again, instead they are given 16 adie fun fun, with the following suyeres when presenting the adie: "ibarere lekuaye adie medilogun ibarere lekuaye Ifá"

And when sacrificing them: "adie moriyeye, adie moriyeye baba oshe naboriyeye, adie adie borieyeye".

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika Sa:

  • The dish that you. Rompio is paid by someone else.
  • He who gets married wants to get married.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ika Osa:

 The Awó does not give a word because he awaits the dictation of the Oshas.

Says Ifa Ika Sa:

That you are not from here and you want to go to your place of origin, your thought is fixed there; he has a man who always threatens him; be careful not to fall. On a cliff; You. She owes the house and they are going to sue her to move, a move that suits her; You. You have a piece of chain in your house that you will have to bring it to place an order, it is so that it is not your thing.

Go to prison; It's been a long time since you. You are exercising a job that is not what you are. Learned; You. He has to accept the same job as you. Learned; You. He has three things in his heart that bother him; Orunmila chases him; You. He has a family from Jimagua; You. It must be babalawo; You. He wants to be told one thing and I can't tell you; do ebbo so that your enemies don't laugh at you. And of her. From her home; You. He has three children or you. There will be three families; The older brother is always playing with the mother.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Sa:

Ika Sa adifafun orunmila adifayoko matekun aue
tinshiyaordire tinshiya aguiko ofi osile onsherefa meofo, ota,
epo, ewe, osa lebo ordire, osa lebo siebo akiko oshele omo
eyele, owo, eya, abeta owo.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Osa: 

Osha's snail seller.

He was a man who sold snails and other attributes of this religion, he had a very good wife and four children. This man made his sales in the plaza and when he earned 10 pesos he wanted to earn 20 pesos because he was never satisfied with what he was earning.

One day this man got sick and decided to go to Orunmila's house by divination, in the bear this ifa (Ika Sa) came out and Orunmila told him: you have to give oshun adie meyi aperi.

The man did not return to Orunmila's house because he did not want to spend his money on those things, every day that passed his health got worse and he suffered from stomach and heart.

The man's wife, seeing that her husband was getting worse every day, went to look at him at Orunmila's house. When Orunmila found out who the person that this woman wanted to register was, she told him: no, but because of you who are a good woman, I am going to attend to her. And immediately afterwards he said to him, he no longer has to give the adie meyi aperi to oshun, now he has to give the gbogbo kalemo osha union if he wants to save himself.

That man had no other alternative but to do the work that Orunmila had sent him on this occasion, so he had to spend all the money he had saved and was left with nothing. He had to settle for living with the little he earned each day and on top of that Orunmila told him: because of your disobedience to the word of Ifa, you will never again have the health you previously enjoyed nor will you have as much economic development as before.

Note: disobedience to what ifa prescribes about a person can cost him to lose even his own life.

Ika Sa Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ìká Sá
ika ba
Èyìnkùlè nÌká wa
Ti n bééje RERA bééje
A day fún Àdá tí or fÈèkù sayà
Wón ní kí Àdá ó rubo
Bí Àdá ò bá ti léèkù ndìí mó
Àdá di àlùgbonndanran
BÈèkù náà ò bá yes ndìí Àdá
Èèkù naa di Yeye
Wón ní kí àwon méjèèjì or rubo
Àwon méjèèjì bá rbo
Ayé bá ye àwon méjèèjì
Wón ní Ìká saca
ika ba
Èyìnkùlè nÌká wa
Ti n bééje RERA bééje
A day fún Àdá tí or fÈèkù sayà
Wón ní kí Àdá ó rubo
Àdá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Àdá ló mòmò soko Èèkù
Èèkù ló sì saya Àdá
Layée won bá tutù niniini.

Ifá wishes this person good fortune. Life will please you; he will not be a lonely person. Ifá advises the husband and wife to sacrifice together. Ifá prays for both of them to grow old. They should not get divorced. They must offer sacrifice for long life.

Ìká run
Ìká hides
The wicked lives in the yard
Where he dances uselessly
They made divination for the Machete who would take his wooden handle as a wife
They advised the Machete to offer sacrifice
If a Machete has no wooden handle
He becomes useless
And vice versa, if the handle is not in the Machete
The handle has no value
They advised the two of them to offer sacrifice
They did it
They said Ìká run
Ìká hides
The wicked lives in the yard
Where he dances uselessly
They made divination for the Machete who would take his wooden handle as a wife
They advised him to offer sacrifice
The Machete heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
It was the Machete who heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
It is the Machete that had been the husband of the Wooden Handle ever since
El Asa is also the wife of the Machete
And their lives settled down well.

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