Ika She - Ika Fa

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ika She?

  • The fingers of the hands and of the feet to the human being.
  • The olele, ekru and the ekru-aro.
  • The sacred word of Orúnmila. The Ikines.
  • Ika She: The club speaks.
  • You have to wear white
  • The index finger was developed, therefore this Odu is Ika-sela.
  • Coral is used.

What is the Ika She sign talking about?

  • The person dies of the heart.
  • It has many moral and material problems.
  • Sacrifices are made and paid badly.
  • The desire to live is lost.
  • Ika Fa talks about a person who died of hunger.

The Ika Fa sign points out:

  • You have to move from where you live. Luck is at the door of the new house.
  • The diseases are: problems with the heart, circulatory system, digestive problems, headaches, anemia.
  • The person lives abroad or lived for a time in another land near the sea.

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Recommendations of the Ika She sign:

Here the blessed word of Orúnmila speaks, because what is said happens. This is the reason why this Ifá is called Ika Fa.

When you see this Ifá (Ika She) you have to dress in white because there was a dispute between the corojo, the cotton and Olofin, in which the cotton finally won.

When you see this Ifá, Eshu-Elegba is put grass and then thrown out into the street, and do not let anyone who comes from the street go without eating.

The fingers of the hands and toes were born or were created, and the index finger was mainly developed for man, that is why this Odu of Ifá is called Ika Sela.

Both Egun and Osha are laid 7 chicken eggs.

The Orishas are given a mattress of shame. 7 pieces of cloth of different colors are taken and for 7 days he takes his bath before talking to anyone, then they are thrown in 7 different places, at the foot of a tree, square, river, sea, hill, manigua, mountain, cemetery , etc. He puts a glass of raw milk with cocoa butter and husk in the sun and he is implored and with both hands he smears that milk on his face.

In Ika Fa the olele and the ekru aro were born.

Coral is used. It dies of the heart. The person has so many moral and material problems that he dies of regret and sadness. You can drown from lack of air.

The club speaks.

When you want to catch the voice of someone, when he is asleep, a guinea egg is passed through his mouth with sleeping or sensitive grass, afterwards the Osha asks him who is responsible.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ika She:

  • Orúnmila is so great and powerful that he lives in the world being outside of everything.
  • His word is a truth like a temple.
  • The word of Ifá never falls on the ground, there is always a head to pick it up.
  • The man puts himself in the position he deserves.

Odu Ika Fa Ifa Code of Ethics:

Orunmila's sacred word never falls on the floor.

Says Ifa Ika She:

Be careful not to despise your luck; You pass a river or a lake near where you pass, there is Oshún; A pregnant woman is going to invite you to play a ticket, do not despise her, pay or comply with what you promised, offered or owed to Oshún, with time you will have luck, money and children; You want to do something that you have in mind and you want to write a letter to a person, but first do Ebo.

You have to respect your elders; You cannot be without Ogun; You don't want better happiness; If you are a woman, an old man is going to touch your buttocks, don't miss it because it is Obatalá in disguise; play the lame when you go out; You are not going to despise your luck that you are going to be a pregnant woman; if they invite you to something, accept it out of delicacy but don't go because they want to annoy you; Your chest hurts; You have to find a woman who has a holy deed, when you do not want to continue spending more money with her you will get angry.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ika Fa:

Ika She Ika ninshe Ika miru Ika mu kiri Ika mu kiri adifáfun Orunmila mio peye
owunko, agogutan lebo.

Suyere of the Odu Ika Oshe:

Ika koloju, Ika koloju adifáfun dada Awó Ifá Ika

Ebbo of the Odu Ika Fa (Oshe) Ifa:

Eshu-Elegba and Oshún

A Rooster is given to Eshu-Elegba and two Carmelite hens to Oshún.
Ebó: rooster, hen, 2 pigeons, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, a lot
Ebó: goat, 5 chickens, parrot feather, a lot of money.
Ebó: rooster, 2 chickens, pigeon, fresh water, doll, lots of money.
Ebó: Three arrows, rooster, goat, a lot of money.

Secret Artwork when Ika She comes out:

A coconut of water will be placed and it will be chopped in half, an Athena with the Odu Ofun Oshe (Odu Isalayé de Obatalá) will be placed in front of the coconut. Goosefoot grass will be looked for, with its root, and the same amount will be put as Awó and people are in the ceremony and they will be placed inside the Athena.

They will take a white dove and touch the foreheads of all the Awó and whoever took out the Odu being will clean it (Sarayeye), the dove will be killed by giving blood to the Athena, the coconut and the big toe of the left foot (Imporí) . Then everyone present will take a piece of the fine grass found in the Athena, soak it with coconut water and smear it on the big toe where blood was given. This segment will be taken home and put on your Eshu-Elegba. This is for your Eshu to witness the Work done.


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Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ika Fa (Oshe):

Ika Fa is an Odu of Sacrifices, who are not thanked afterwards, for which the desire to live is lost.

The person is not a believer and comes to the saint after having passed a lot of work in life, and has relatives who do not believe either and will make life impossible for him and will try to divert him from the path of the saint.

Ifá of sacrifice that later are not appreciated.

In Ika She talks about a person who died of hunger.

This Ifá predicts that luck is at the door of the new house, also avoid discussions and lawsuits of women, because they are women's things.

Because of this Ifa sign, out of envy of a person, they try to end their work, home and tranquility.

Here you have to pay debts with: Azojuano or Oshún.

Coral should be used for this Odu. This is to neutralize certain and certain negative energies.

For this Oddun you have to be careful with the garbage tank, because there they are casting spells by his enemies.

Here you have to give thanks to your dreams and your godfather.

This Ifá indicates a respect for their elders.

The person with this Odu (Ika Fa), his family criticizes him for being in this religion.

When an Aleyus is seen, he will be told that he must receive the warriors and Orúnmila.

The person must have a receipt worked with Oshún.

Here you live worried about contracting money debt.

This Oddun recommends having attention in your life, lest you waste your luck.

Luck will come for a pregnant woman.

If this sign is seen in a minor, surely one of the parents wants to take him abroad, where he will live better than in his native land, he must receive a warrior now

Orúnmila, in addition to worship Ogún and cleanse in front of this Osha.

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Ika She Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ìká wón I know
Ìká won rún
Ìká won fàya pèèrè peere bí aso
Ìká wón se mùlùnkú
Bí apá ìbíle Akika
A day fún Oyèbóádé tíí saya Òrúnmìlà
Òrúnmìlà wí wíí wí
ko fe
orunmila so soo so
ko gba
Ó ní ko se pèlépèlé
kò dáhùn
Ifá bá se e molé
Ó bá ké ìjàsì láti inú Ilé
Ó leekú or ò omo Àgbonnìrègún
Won ni hin
Ìká wón I know; Ìká wón se mùlùnkù bí apá ibílè akika
A day fún Oyèbóádé tíí saya Òrúnmìlà o
Ó ló yá jebi lo ò or ò or ò
Òrúnmìlà Ikú onídà or yá jebi ló or ò
Òrúnmìlà ikú onídà ó yá jebi ló oo
Òrúnmìlà Ikú onídà or ya jebi lo
Yes mií lè dákun o
Òrúnmìlà yes mií lè dákun o ò ò ò
Òrúnmìlà yes mií lè dákun or ò or ò
Òrúnmìlà yes mií lè dákun.
Ifá advises that this person should offer sacrifice for life to please him. There is a particular woman close to this person; Ifá orders that the woman must attend to her husband. If not, Ifá will arrest her.
Your fingers are broken
Your fingers are crushed
His fingers are ripped like a cloth
Your fingers are deformed
As the base of ìbílè Akika
They prophesied Ifá for Oyèbóádé the wife of Òrúnmìlà
Òrúnmìlà urged him on an urgent problem
She refused to listen
Òrúnmìlà tried to correct her
But she refused
He advised her to be attentive
But it was unsuccessful
Ifá as a result locked her up
The woman after a period of time singing in Ìjàsì from prison
I greet all the children of Àgbonnìrègún, she replied
His fingers are broken, they are torn, and they are crooked like the base of ìbílè Akika
They prophesied Ifá for Oyèbóádé the wife of Òrúnmìlà
She said pathetically: This is better than hunger
Òrúnmìlà dying by the sword is better than hunger
Òrúnmìlà death by the sword is better than hunger
Please release Me
Òrúnmìlà release me I beg you
Òrúnmìlà release me
Únrúnmìlà please release me.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ika Fa She:

The rich woman and the servant.

This was where there was a woman who had money and she wanted to find a servant who would serve her and not be a thief, and she went to Orúnmila's house that this Ifá (Ika She) saw him and Orúnmila ordered her to make Ebó and throw him away in the river.

There Oshún who saw her gave her a stone so that she could take care of her. The woman took her home and put her behind the door, then a boy who served her very well went to her house, but one day the boy took the stone to clean it and she got uncomfortable and the boy left, and so the woman lost everything.

Note: Ika Fa predicts that Oshún gives everything to the person.

The sacred word of Orúnmila

There was a town that had to be with a raft to reach it, since it was in the center of the Ocean. In that town, its inhabitants believed themselves to be privileged, because they were a different race from the other inhabitants of the mainland, all
they believed that their power was the product of the knowledge they had, for which they did not believe in anyone or anything, that town was ruled by an Alaafín.

One day Olokun arrived there with the idea of ​​settling down for a while, but after several weeks, Olokun fell in love with Alaafín's daughter. Through one of the trusted soldiers, who had been in love with the girl, but was not reciprocated by her, he communicated to Alaafín; That he had seen Olokun in union with his daughter and that she had relations with the stranger.

The Alaafín, who was a violent, despotic and criminal man, called Olokun to his presence, when he arrived he embarrassed him in front of everyone, even in front of the servants and the Alaafín told him: since he had dared to make his daughter fall in love , when he was not the same as them and that therefore he ordered him to leave that Island immediately. Olokun left embarrassed, because of the pain that the Alaafín had put him through. Olofin found out what happened to Olokun in that land with Alaafín, which was also not the first time, since something similar had happened to him with Shango.

Some time passed, Orúnmila one day went out on the road and reached the seashore and at that point he saw a raft that several men were going, who told Orúnmila in derision, a stranger wants to take a ride with us, Orúnmila told him that yes, that was his wish. When they mounted Orúnmila, the men began to ask him why he dressed in such a strange way, Orúnmila wore a kind of long light blue dress and her hat in the shape of a turban, her okpele put on her neck and her board in the shape of a jolongo, he told them that he was Omofá na Olofin. Those men looked at each other as if saying something to each other, and they took the raft and headed for the Island, in order to make Orúnmila a being of mockery.

When they got to the island, they went straight to the Alaafín Palace and they told him that an individual called soothsayer had arrived on the island. Alaafín wasted no time in sending him to look for Orúnmila. Meanwhile Orúnmila had become bearded and this Oddun was seen, which indicated Olofin's annoyance, due to Alaafín's mistreatment of Shangó and Olokun and Olofin's determination to end the Island. Orúnmila became the indicated Ebó and went towards the Alaafín palace.

When he arrived at the Palace, the Alaafín told him: They told me that you are a fortune-teller, well, look, I want you to guess me and tell me the future. Orúnmila took his ókpele and threw it, leaving this sign Ika Oshé, in which Olofin ratified the disappearance of that town in which the Alaafín believed themselves to be omnipotent, and so Orúnmila let the Alaafín know, but instead of believing in the word Orúnmila, he replied: and that is what he predicts, because I do not believe in you or Olofin, I am Ikapa, I am the one who orders and commands, Orúnmila without flinching told him: It is that you have offended Shango and Olokun, and that is the cause of Olofin's brevity. The Alaafín did not wait any longer and threw Orúnmila from the Palace and from the island. When Orúnmila was taken back to his land from which he had left, a great explosion was felt and that island sank into the sea, perishing all its inhabitants except those men who had taken Orúnmila and who had witnessed Orúnmila's interview. with the Alaafín and exclaim "The sacred word of Orúnmila does not fall on the ground."

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