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Irete Ofun - Irete File

The Awó does not sit in public parks.

Other names for Irete Ofun:

  • Irete Ofun.
  • Go File.
  • Irete Fun.
  • Irete Atefun.
  • Irete Ofundi.

What is born in the Irete File odu?

  • That SHANGO decreed unhappiness in the world.
  • Elephantiasis.
  • The ashé of the nursery, blessed stick by ODUDUWA.
  • Scrotal hernia.
  • Give 1 eyelé fun fun at the entrance of the Igbodún de Ifá to ODDUN.
  • The anklet.
  • That Awoses and Santeros do not sit in parks.
  • The green casserole and the hollow casserole.

What is the Irete File sign talking about?

  • The drinker speaks and the embarrassment to the King.
  • Eshu BI helps and loses the King's favorite.
  • The beasts were tamed.
  • The pigeon is respected for life.
  • The Awó builds his AGAYU AÑA AÑA.
  • ORUNMILA blessed his Awos children.
  • ORUNMILA took SHANGO out of Mt.
  • The procession speaks and the Iyaré is in danger.
  • This is ELEGBA ELUFE, Eshu AFRA LOLE, Eshu AKADERE and Eshu BI.
  • IRETE FILE is the youngest son of IKU.
  • IRETE FILE and OFUN BILE are brothers.
  • This is the constructor of AÑA. The TINGA drum.
  • Eyelé is given to the Moon.

The sign Irete Ofun points out:

  • OYA helped Omó IRE ATEFUN to open the roads.
  • ORUNMILA had many godchildren with Ifá.
  • The abundance denied the need.
  • The dispute between the Obiní del Awó and the Palero speaks.
  • The Obinisis see OLOFIN's GAN.
  • ORISHAOKO speaks, way and truth of the Saints, through the EGUN IMOLE.

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Recommendations of the Irete File sign

  • The pigeon is respected for life.
  • Wear a red and black hat.
  • The whim is his undoing.
  • Give bull to SHANGO in the river, with two antlers. OGUE is prepared loaded and encased with ileké from SHANGO.
  • You should not complain, or cry more because your place is due to your own head. Be careful fall prisoner.

Sayings of Irete File:

  • No one can happily be a judge of his own conscience.
  • The smart bet wins.
  • By his whim, he is enslaved.
  • A disobedient son, punishment from parents.

prohibitions from Irete File:

  • The Obiní must not interfere in what does not correspond to her, not leave her homework to do.
  • It should not be wet with rain water.
  • IRETE FILE has to comply with all the precepts of Ifá and listen to all the advice that ORUNMILA has given him and those that he is given daily.

Ifa odu Irete File says:

Watch out for a hot flash and scare. Never say you know, do not be stubborn, because for that reason it can cost you your life, do not drink alcoholic beverages. To fulfill what you have offered, you must do EBO. Give thanks to your mother who protects you from everything bad. Do not stand on the corners, do not stay in parks or bars, because blood can flow and there may be confrontation of one against the other. Don't be so jealous. Avoid the runs. The EGUN feel them at night, do not panic. Leave your land to seek luck. Don't fight with your partner anymore. Beware of the prison.

Prayer of the Odu Irete File:

Irete File Kase Leli Ewe Ni Kasu Leli Omó Kafiliere Asho Funfun Era Ara Adifafún Orunmila Gbogbo Unló Ayonile Obbá Olueshi Omó Odduduwa A Okó Lakao Oun.

Irete File Ebbo:

Work to enter owó.

Behind the door amalá and fufu, ekó, I heard the width of it and you eat that.

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Meaning of the odu Irete File (Ofun):

It is Odu # 226 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

Men domesticated horses for use as beasts of burden and transport.

Wear a red and black hat.

The whim is his undoing.

She sings and dances, but it will be hard for her to get out there.

IRETE FILE has to comply with all the precepts of Ifá and listen to all the advice that ORUNMILA has given him and those that he is given daily.

He must stand to ring 9 bells on his left foot and dance.

It should not be wet with rain water.

Give bull to SHANGO in the river, with two antlers. OGUE is prepared loaded and encased with ileké from SHANGO.

Taking care of your mouth can hurt and cost you dearly. You must play a trick to get out of the trouble you've got yourself into.

There are marriages and blood can flow. You are not happy.

The Obiní must not interfere in what does not correspond to her, not leave her homework to do.

The okuní hits the obiní, avoid it.

It is a traveling Ifá. The Awó must give 2 euré to Ifá, one when leaving the land and the other when arriving.

Receiving ODUDUWA is like his father.

There is talk of madness by curse.

He is in pain for scrotal hernia or something similar and can not do OFIKALE TRUPON.

His own family envies him and closes the roads so that he does not progress.

Sarayeye is made with five etu and given to OYA. One goes to the city and the other 4 hang from the 4 winds.

EBO is made with all the edible things and you cannot miss the pumpkin, so that the abundance comes.

It is an Ifá of heritage and of travel, of a traveler.

You should not complain, or cry more because your place is due to your own head. Be careful fall prisoner.

Patakie of the Irete File sign

AWO MAYERE, ESHU BI and the King's favorite.

There was an Awó, called AWO MAYERE, who lived in a place that did not prosper and wanted to get out of there and could not. He went to see ORUNMILA, who saw this Ifá, which was the Odu of AWO MAYERE and marked EBO with: steer, a rooster, a white hat, ekú, ejá, gbogbo otí and at the point he wanted to go, he would take him .

When he arrived at the place, he met Eshu BI, who lived in the bush. He had a hat and Eshu asked him for it, giving him AWO MAYERE Moforibale, while Eshu BI asked him what was bringing him around. He explained it to her. At that, the favorite of Obá passed with the entourage and Eshu BI told him that he was a fighter and he was the favorite of Obá and that no one beat him. The Awó replied that he would like to fight with him. Eshu BI said to him: Come, I will introduce you to my friend SHANGO. And he approved the idea.
The next day, AWO MAYERE went with Eshu BI to Obá's house, to arrange the fight and he accepted it, which consisted that the one who took more people to the streets without blood for 15 days, would win the prize.

The first to come out was Obá's favorite. At that, Eshu BI came out onto the street. At the corner he found ekú, ejá, awadó, later otí and when Eshu BI arrived at the cafe, the big fight was formed. Many were the times that the Obiní left their chores to see the favorite of Obá and tragedies were formed with their husbands, sometimes getting blood to flow. This is how the events happened, until Obá said to his favorite: Don't go out anymore, because there is a lot of blood that has been spilled.

Later, AWO MAYERE went out with the calf down the street, at 12 o'clock at night, like a flash of lightning. He was going so fast that no one could see him. People were confused by the noise of the night, because no one could see the person he was. Even Obá himself began to be alarmed. MAYERE went out into the street, mounted on the calf. The crowd behind him was endless, because it was going very slowly and it was broad daylight, without there being any misfortune or accident among the townspeople. And so he won the bet, for being the most intelligent and the Obá rewarded him with his succeeding him on the Throne.

Note: It is an Ifá of inheritance. The anklet is born. Change of lerí. The beasts were tamed.

Note: Wear a red and black hat. Put cowbell behind the door.

Construction: Steer to SHANGO on the river bank. The OGUEs are loaded.

Note: Cows were tamed.

Note: It is born that the Awoses and Santeros do not sit in the parks.

ORUNMILA cures the character's hernia.

ORUNMILA was 3 years old and when he went to visit the land of AYO, he told them that he wanted to know how the trip to said land was going to go. They saw this Ifá and they told him that he had to Orubo and he should give his Ifá an euré when he left and another when he arrived in his land. ORUNMILA made the EBO and left for the house of OLUESKE, which was the Obá of the land AYO. Three days later AYO arrived on earth, beginning to consult and heal people, his fame reaching the Court of OLUESKE, where ELEGBA ELUFE, which was the name of ELEGBA in that land, and told Obá OLUESKE to enter that strange in his court. It happened that Obá OLUESKE and ELEGBA had herniated testicles, which reached to the knees and Obá was in pain because he could not go out and neither did OFIKALE TRUPON with his Obiní. ORUNMILA saw this Ifá and marked EBO with an Ounko, 2 akukó, 2 adié, 2 eyelé, asho timbelara and owó medilogun. The Obá did it and gave the Ounko to ELEGBA, I added it to Ifá.

ORUNMILA took the measure of the Canchila del Obá with Ou fun fun, pupua and dun dun, and destroyed the lyrics, put it all in a guiro and with the akukó that was left he gave it to the guiro from Okó del Obá; He took tinshomó out of the akukó and put it inside the guiro, put ashé on it and hung it on a plant in Almácigo. The next day, the Obá was already cured. The BABA TOBI of Obá OLUESKE, who was Omo ODUDUWA, went crazy and ORUNMILA took another guiro keke, took the Ailanla Oriré from BABA TOBI, put it inside the guiro with 16 leaves of Iguí Adamá and gave the guiro 2 eyelé from I read it from BABA TOBI and it was cured. ODUDUWA, seeing that he had cured his son, appointed him Greatest Diviner of all lands. When ORUNMILA returned to his land, he did what his Omo had instructed him and he returned to give euré to his Ifá, where he was great and Greatest Diviner of the lands of the world.

Note: Scrotal hernia was born.

Irete File Ifa Traditional


Fèré ló ré kojá ònà
Mo se bémo ni
A day fún Yèyé Òténgélè
Òténgélè ní n bèèrè póun yo kúò lówó ibi báyìí?
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní elédàá ìyá è ní yóò dúró tì Í
Wón ní kó ru emó kan
aso funfun
You ìyá ó fi wé Orí è
Igba àti Ògún owó ni kée rbo
Kó waá se emó fun iyá òhún
Wón ni enu ni ìbo Orí
Enú go down
Enú mu tan
Enú bá n wúre
Òténgélè sì ti lérí láàrin egbé è
Póun lè so aso osùn di funfun
Ngbà or rubo tan
Won bá wá bá a
'Aso osùn túo lòó so di funfun
Àwon féé rí I
Wón bá ju aso osùn Sílè
Bìrí you or yìí
Won ò mo ení ó mú aso osùn nlè
Wón bá ju aso funfun Sílè
Ní bá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Fèré ló ré kojá ònà
Mo se bémo ni
Àwon ló sefá funn Yèyé Òténgélè
Èyín tí n I rèé so aso osùn di funfun
Fèré mòmò lo ré kojá ònà
Èmí se bémo ni
Yèyé Òténgélè ló wáá saso osùn di funfun.

Ifá implores this person to be careful with his mother because she is his god. If he refuses, things will turn bad for him. If his mother is alive, he must buy a cloth that the mother can tie around her head. He must also buy an Emó rat for the mother to use as a sacrifice to her Orí. If she is dead, he must prepare an emó rat and hang it with a white cloth over her grave. 420 units of money is the cost of the sacrifice along with the cloth. The Orí of the mother will accompany him.

It was Fèré who crossed the road
I thought it was a rat
He was the one who made divination for Òténgélè's mother
Òténgélè is the one who asks if he could escape the evil that torments him
They advised him to offer sacrifice
They advised him that his mother's spirit would not leave him
He was advised to offer an emó rat as a sacrifice
A white cloth too
The one the woman should tie like a scarf
He must also sacrifice 420 units of money
He must cook the rat emó for his mother to eat it
The mouth is the only one that makes the sacrifice accept the offerings through one's Orí, they said
The mouth finished eating
And had something to drink
This then began to pray
Òténgélè had previously boasted among his contemporaries
Since he is able to change a cloth from red to white
After making the sacrifice
They would come to challenge him
'The red cloth that you brag about turning white'
'We want to see the magic today'
They then dropped the red cloth
No one could see who took the red cloth
And replaced it with a white one
Òténgélè then started dancing and was happy
He was praising his Babaláwo
And his Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his babaláwo had said
It was Fèré who crossed the road
I thought it was a rat
He was the one who made divination for Òténgélè's mother
The one who was going would change the cloth from red to white
This was Fèré who had actually crossed the path
And I thought it was a rat emó
Òténgélè's mother was the one who changed the red cloth into white.

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  1. I really liked seeing my most explicit sign since many of the things mentioned have directly to do with my life in particular. Ashe and blessings to my ancestors and my guardian angel.

  2. I liked seeing what my Ifa sign says. Thank you for sharing these pieces of our religion because it teaches us more
    God bless you and acheee and many blessings. And continue to grow and give some more teachings about our religion.

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