Irete kana

Irete kana

Other names for Irete Okana:

  • Ire Okana
  • Irete Kana
  • Irete Kanlu

What is born in the odu Irete Kana?

  • That the person comes to atone for his faults on Earth (to purify the desecrated).
  • The defense of Shango okumambo.
  • That the Godfather gives goat to his Ifá in Atefá.
  • Hitting the board with the Irofá.
  • The gossip.
  • El palo Copey and his ashé OSAIN.
  • That with this Odu in Awofakán, he makes Ifá and lava Santo.
  • The Ounko wanted to be Obbá and the general akukó.
  • No oaths are made or taken.

What is the Irete Okana sign talking about?

  • They wanted to poison Orunmila.
  • Orunmila was a midwife.
  • The Ayapá stole the Drum from the Leopard.
  • SHAKUANA settled in the Kingdom of Dahomey in Arara and consecrated it olófin.
  • The mud house fell on Elegbá.
  • Orunmila was the goalkeeper of Azojuano.
  • Loddafun Obbatalá.
  • Shango defeated the Filani.
  • It does not go out in seven days.
  • The Eweses are: Tamarind, coconut root, bomba fruit, Iroko, jagua.

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Meaning of the odu Irete Kana:

The Awó's wife has not been out on the streets for seven days.
They wanted to take Irete Kana's wife from him.

He kills himself in the back.
Do all the good possible to the hunchbacked and deformed.
The women of the Awoses fell prey, for disobedience.
You lose your memory, you can get silly and you can even go crazy.
The woman who transforms.
Ifá of immoralities, he becomes famous as immoral, a cheater, a liar, etc.
Talk about marital separation.
Beware of poison in drinks. Be careful with drinking alcoholic beverages.
A child can be killed by cheating.
Avoid theft, you can be marked forever.
It can collect all contagious diseases.
Eshu alawana compromises the awó.
He will plow them over with the covered azojuano casserole, since it covered all his ills in the hole.
In his profession they envy him so much that they want to destroy him by any means.
Take care of debts with the soul alone.
Avoid blows to the head.
Stay away from gossip, which you like a lot.
Make Sarayeye with eyelé meyi for your lerí.
The Awó uses a white and yellow cap to sleep for seven days.
The Saint must be touched.

Sayings of Irete Kana:

  • He atones for his faults, since he has to pay what he owes.
  • Orders become boomerang.
  • I'm so bad that I don't even have enough to eat.
  • Awó does not cheat on Awó.
  • They can't with you, but they can with your wife.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Irete Kana:

The Awó comes into the world to atone for the faults of the previous life.

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Says Ifa odu Irete Kana

Feed your head and put on a yellow scarf. Beware of damage. Move from where you live. Don't trust anyone. Beware of three apparent friends. Beware of something that falls from the ceiling. Behind his back they prepare a trap for him. Do not tell your secrets to anyone. Receive hand from Orunmila. They put poison in the drink. He leads a disorderly life and does not obey his elders. No one offers him help, not even his children for his bad behavior. Pay the debts to Elegbá. It's so bad that you don't even have to eat, do ebbó.

Prayer of the Odu Irete Kana:

Ibiloban Akutalan Mora Omorun Coco Timila Ki Adifafun Tinshomo Orunmila Eñi Oba Irmi Igui Loku Bundun Lebo, Abo Adi Agundi Adifafun Amilete Lebo Awo, Akuko, Eyele Lebo.

Irete Kana's Ebbo:

A goat, parrot feather, black thread, a lot of money.  

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Irete Okana Ifa Traditional


keere keere keere
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tí n lo rèé gba Obìnrin Àgbè lágbà gbé
A lobìnrin báyìí?
Wón ní yóó loóbìnrin
Wón ní ó rbo
Ngbà you or rìí
Obìnrin Àgbè ló rí
Òrúnmìlà bá gbà á
Àgbé sì gbin ila
Yóó sì móo kórè oko è
Ìlasa nor
ikan ni
Sùgbón ojó orún ila
Kò jé kí Àgbè ó yà yes òrò mó
Njótó bá póun or lo ibi òrò
Níjó náà lojó tí or kàá ilá or pèé
Níjó my eye you or ta ìlasa
Tàbí ojó tí or lòó ta ikàn
Kóun ó to wa isu
Kóun ó to be èlùbó
Àgbè bá kókóó ka abà
Ó ní kóbinrin ó móó lo jàre
Ifá pé nnkankan n be téléyìun n se
Àsegbé ní ó se é
Òrúnmìlà bá gba Obìnrin Àgbe gbé
N ní wá n jó n ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wi
keere keere keere
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tí n lo rèé gba Obìnrin Àgbè lágbà gbé
keere keere keere
Òní lojó iláà me pé
keere keere keere
Àgbè ò rójú sògbò Obìnrin è mó
keere keere keere
Òla lo lo ìlasaà my
keere keere keere
Àgbè ò rójú sògbò Obìnrin è mó
keere keere keere
Lótùúnla no lo rèé ká ikàn
keere keere keere
Àgbè ò rójú sògbò Obìnrin è mó
Keere keere keere.

In Irete Kana, Ifá says that this person will be absolved of all his acts. He will win but must offer sacrifice.

keere keere keere
He was the one who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was going to snatch the farmer's wife completely and without consequence
Únrúnmìlà asked: 'Will I have a wife?'
They assured him that he would have a wife
So they advised him to offer sacrifice
But when he saw a suitor
He saw the farmer's wife
Únrúnmìlà approached and took her
While the farmer grew okra
That was the season for the harvest
There was the okra leaf ready to be harvested
Garden eggs were ripe to harvest
But on the fifth day, it was the interval for the okra harvest
So it became impossible for the farmer to pay attention to his wife's case.
The day he set aside to review the case
It would be the day to harvest the okra
Otherwise it would fall in the day to sell the leaves
Or the day he had to sell his garden eggs
'Before I harvest my yam'
'We'll probably make yam flour out of them' He thought
The farmer stayed at the farm house for good
'Letting go'
Ifá says that there is a particular thing that this person is currently doing
So you will be exonerated of all guilt
Òrúnmìlà took the woman away from the farmer for good
He then started dancing and was happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
keere keere keere
He was the one who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was going to snatch the farmer's wife
keere keere keere
Today is the day to harvest my Okra
keere keere keere
The farmer had no time to take his wife's case anymore
keere keere keere
Tomorrow is the day to harvest the Okra leaves
keere keere keere
The farmer had no time to devote himself to his wife's case anymore.
keere keere keere
The day after tomorrow, I'll go harvest the garden eggs
keere keere keere
The farmer had no more time to devote himself to his wife's case.
Keere keere keere.

Patakie of the Irete Kana sign:

Irete Kana's disciples betrayed him.

Irete Kana was a very famous Awó and one day he saw this Ifá, his sign, and he told his wife not to go to the plaza to sell threads and that her friends were going to look for her not to go out, to do the sick. That day, olófin had a hurry and sent for the Awos and they left, without notifying Irete Kana. So they made a bear of olófin and told him that he had to pray with the women who sold threads in the square.
Within days, olófin had several women detained and sent for the Awos. But when they arrived, they were surprised that the women detained there were their own women. Then they began to work, pretending that they were doing the ebbó. But seeing olófin that they were taking a long time, he asked them what was happening and they replied: baba, we don't know how to do this ebbó and we have to send for Irete kana. When Irete Kana arrived, they informed her of what was happening and also that their women had to go on the ebbó. Then Irete kana said to olófin: baba, for this ebbó nothing is needed more than a little piece of these women's clothes and fun fun yarn and dun dun. After the ebbó was done, Irete Kana told the other Awoses: I have a better heart than you, who, being my disciples, have wanted to harm me.

Note: This Ifá speaks of marital separation and problems with women.

Brand: Memory loss. The person can become silly and can even go crazy. Talk about a woman who is transformed. Ifá of immoralities. Be careful not to take on a reputation as immoral, a cheater, a liar, etc.

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