Irete kutan

Go Ogunda

Oshas and Orishas feed on the blood of sacrifices.

Other names for Irete Ogunda:

  • Go Oggunda.
  • Irete Kutan.
  • Go Koda.
  • Go Gueda.
  • Go Kuteke.
  • Go Kutale.

Ireten Kutan is born in the odu:

  • That the earth gives everything and eats everything that stops and gives.
  • The burial of the Obe (knife).
  • Cadaveric decomposition and organic matter.
  • Throw the okpel back over the left shoulder
  • Give unity to the earth every year.
  • That to be a saint, he must first die, otherwise he cannot become a saint. (Ikú lobi òsha intori eggun)
  • May the Iyefá of Oddun carry Ishu and Igbín.
  • The first man to cultivate the land (Orísha Óko).
  • That in Atefá in Itá, there is a procession until a joro joro, with ataná lit each Awó.
  • The kanango iku idishe koko drum.
  • The great power of Orun and OROIÑA.
  • The pact or deal between man and earth.
  • The baptism of the signs of Osha by those of Ifá.
  • The consecration of the Oriaté.
  • AZOJUANO ate pork.

What does the sign Irete Kutan talk about?

  • The AGAMU spirit speaks, which taught men that the Gods feed on the blood of sacrifices.
  • Irete Kutan is called ALEWEJARA (exorciser) of herbs.
  • IRETE KOTUN has 3 garments, which are: 1. Malambo, 2. Iyá òsha olelé, 3. Iyá Kerenyegbe.
  • OLOFIN's Obiní, called IBENI KUN, whose name is OSHA LARE.
  • People became dumb and sleepy when the living and the eggun walked together.
  • OLOFIN created the Agba Oddun, superior spirits forged by fire, and the Eda Murin, of clay, water and air.
  • Mounts Iya Keyegbe for health.
  • Orishaoko made a pact with everyone, except Ayé (air) and the sea (OLOKUN).
  • The Godfather saves the godson.
  • The Earth is speechless.
  • OGUN turned Kukale and Teteregun into herbs, and Lembe was saved.
  • They throw dirt at OLOFIN's eyes to blind him.
  • The inheritance is received by the youngest.
  • ASHIKUELU liked young boys.
  • Dog is given to OBATALA very early.
  • Luck is at your doorstep.
  • OBATALA traded the dog for the goose.
  • The prodigious one speaks.

The sign Irete Ogunda points out:

  • The Obiní has ​​difficulties giving birth.
  • The zombies speak, the Bayado of Magba to the land Magba.
  • ELEGBA wears 3 Ikordié.
  • Pilgrimage begins in Ifá.
  • The year of fortune has come.
  • They speak the lies and truths that the Oshas tell when they come down to Earth.
  • There is Shepe de Iyaré (mother).
  • Orun a la tinga Orun sherekun sherekun Orun, had 3 daughters and 2 sons with Oroiña.
  • The sons of the Diloggún speak.
  • The Eweses are: Chard, Purslane, Júcaro, Guamá, Algarrobo, Guacamaya, Jobo, Itamorreal, Siempre Viva.

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Recommendations of the Irete Kutan sign:

Beware of the one-eyed.

Do not look into the eyes of the eggun, as they say: I am waiting for you!

When the Awó is robbed or done bad things, this sign is prayed on the board, blown and called.

Three Arayé want to kill him and they don't know how to do it. Do EBO: Akukó addie, ou dun dun and fun fun, opolopo owó.

Be careful what you do against yours, because you have to throw an OSAIN that you prepared.

Death is buried and is not born, yams and corn yes, the Iré can come in 3 or 5 days, but IKU comes in 7 days, if he does not do what he is told. Work: 2 ishu ewá (2 mashed yams).

Beware of sexual abuse with boys or girls.

Sayings of Irete Kutan:

  • Lamp in the street and darkness in the house.
  • Luck is at the door of the house.
  • The old man is already done.
  • Yams and corn go underground and are born. But, if you go down to earth, you don't come out anymore.
  • Everything is born from me and everything returns to me.
  • The year of fortune has come.

prohibitions from Irete Kutan:

Avoid cursing other people or having your mother curse you

You cannot take a step without consulting ORULA.

 Do not get into disputes or stubbornness with anyone.

Says Ifa odu Irete kutan:

They are three brothers who have to do EBO so they don't die, they have a lot to do with OBATALA. Avoid the mother curse. He has offered one thing and does not want to comply. You have an asset of fortune or inheritance. He is the undertaker of his family. He spends work due to debt with the Angel of his Guardian and Ifa. Beware of falls. It must be peeled, they have taken his hair for a bad thing. You have to settle òsha. Everything goes wrong for him for disobedience. Disrupt what he has done for the bad. Take the baths you have prepared and dump the excess water for the jungle, so that the delay is removed. You cannot take a step without consulting ORUNMILA first, because nothing will go well for you and your life will be a shame. Be careful what you have covered, do not be discovered by a boy when he gets angry with the person. Don't be persistent. There is someone who has done bad work for you, take care of yourself. Has house and land problems. You want to make changes and separate yourself from something you are not happy with. He has three Arayé who want him otoku and do not know how to do it. Do not fight with your obiní anymore, she will find another okuni. The obiní walks with two men, one is white and the other is dark. There is a person who has cheated on you three times, she has to come to you. for it to be saved. In the block of his house there will be screams and cries and they will say that a person died, but ultimately he has not died. He thinks a lot and that's why he's out of his mind. He has a lot of owó and that is why they envy him a lot. Avoid selfishness and improve character. Don't be a gossip. A child is impaired in health by sexual problems with someone who is immoral and transmits diseases.

Prayer of the Odu Irete kutan:

Shemi Omi Biome Kekere Ite Kita Ayanaku Yama Adifafun Orunmila Inshe Elelipin Abeboadie Eleda Ni Aya Ikori Lebo, Buruku Nisheye Yayo Opolopo Onire Ni Fami More Adifafun Ako Aya Tofa Awado Yaloko Ita Kuta Ayana Ou Ayana Umbati Babalawo Oroko Lodafun Ou Ayana Umbati Babalawo Oroko Lodafun Oni Babalawo Oroko Lodafun , Afefe Iku Oko Bi Aye Omo Lara.

Irete Kutan's Ebbo:

Paralto by Irete Kutan

Ingredients: Akukó adié, obi, itaná, ekú, eyá, awadó, orí, efún, otí, oñí, ministers.


1. A hole is opened in the ground and at the bottom of it are written OTURA NIKO, IRETE KUTAN, IRETE YERUBE. Outside, it is written OTURA NIKO.

2. The materials designated for the Paraldo are placed in the hole, except for the itaná, the obi and the Osiadié.

3. The itana is lit out of the hole.

4. The subject stands upright, with his back to the hole, giving him to hold the chicken with both hands.

5. It is MOYUBA and obi is given to EGUN.

6. The osiadié is taken and the subject is placed on the subject's back and the signs BABA EJIOGBE, OYEKUN MEYI, OTURA NIKO, IRETE KUTAN are prayed, singing to each one their suyere.

7. The subject does not move while praying. When singing, the subject is turned over. The last one is OTURA NIKO, it is sung:

Onire, Onire Iku Egun Winged Paraldo
Onire, Onire Iku Egun Paraldo Somo

And it is hit with the akukó adié against the ground on the sign that is outside the hole.

Note: At this time, the subject must leave the place of the ceremony and, without looking back, will go where it has been previously indicated.

8. Akukó blood is given adié to the hole, then it is thrown into the hole, a little omí tutu, opolopo otí, orí, efún is added.

9. He wonders if EBO ADA and obi are also cast.

10. Take the itana and turn it off, break it into 4 pieces without breaking the wick, then pray OJUANI SHOBE and throw it into the hole.

11. The hole is covered.

12. The Awó and everyone wash their hands, forehead, neck and neck with me.

Note: Later, in the house, there were oborí eledá, Awó and Aleyó.

Description of the odu Irete Kutan (Ogunda):

It is Odu # 220 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

If the Aleyó or person who is looking at is old, it is already fulfilled.

With the burial of the Obe (knife) was OGUNDA MEYI the guardian

Of this and when he died in Abyssinia, of his two apprentices, Oshé omolú and IRETE KUTAN, the latter was the one who remained on guard at the grave.

He is the exorciser of herbs, since he removes the curse that OBATALA cast on him.

Exorcism: Spell against the evil spirit.

Beware of the one-eyed.

The Obiní takes another Okuní and is going to get lung or kidney disease. OBATALA gets angry with her.

Do not look into the eyes of the eggun, as they say: I am waiting for you!

When the Awó is robbed or done bad things, this sign is prayed on the board, blown and called.

With the Magba land (rare religious customs) that are not known and their practice brings bad consequences.

Eshu OKUBURO brought uneasiness to the people, because he cried a lot in the cemetery and he got lost; take the children to a scent bush, clean them with jio jio to save the little one.

Problems in the house, land, property or inheritance.

You want to separate yourself from something, make change with what you are not satisfied with.

Three Arayé want to kill him and they don't know how to do it. Do EBO: Akukó addie, ou dun dun and fun fun, opolopo owó.


The Irete kutan sign marks gossip, disruption and separation.

IRETE KUTALE IRAN LOFETI BABARE (You want to steal something from your father).

Be careful what you do against yours, because you have to throw an OSAIN that you prepared.

There is an apparently lost inheritance; It is not, what there is is abandonment.

SHEMI OMI BIOMA KEKERE (You want to be considered the smallest).

Death is buried and is not born, yams and corn yes, the Iré can come in 3 or 5 days, but IKU comes in 7 days, if he does not do what he is told. Work: 2 ishu ewá (2 mashed yams).

The mother was speechless to save her son.

He does not enjoy inheritance until one of his family dies.

When you are in trouble, call your Godfather, still dead, who will come to save you.

Disrupt what has been done for the bad.

Make several EBOSES, so that the arayé does not reach his head, because òfo Lerí remains.

Meaning of the Oddun of Ifa Irete Kutan

IKU chases him and has to make Paraldo with otá from the cemetery and jio jio in bush of aromas.

Give Euré to YANZA for health and cleanse with bogbo addimú, all in one joro joro.

Fruits under the bed and water dish under the bed to ward off EGUN. Change them every so often.

Orísha Óko went through IRETE KUTAN, OFUN FUNDA and EJIOGBE.

The land lends to man and sooner or later charges him.

He complains about what OLOFIN gives him.

Men go to war, due to a dispute over positions or belongings.

By this letter, the iñales are put on the Oshas and many cannot eat anything from inside the animals, because in the iñales there is life and in the meat is IKU.

IRETE KUTAN, doing works and miracles, becomes King on Earth.

Give Ounko to the Ibeyis, together with ELEGBA, and make a drum with the leather, so that death will dance behind the Ceiba bush and not touch it.

With lunar eclipse, the Awó begs to read it and puts an Igba with Saraoekó in the courtyard.

Receive the Ibeyis.

To consecrate in Orun, ODUDUWA and Orísha Óko.

Beware of sexual abuse with boys or girls.


Be careful with the dogs and with servants that you have in your house.

It must start in Ifá, by necessity.

Faith is lost due to adverse situations.

Advice of the Sign of Ifa Irete Ogunda

Develop spiritually for peace and prosperity.

Has buried garment, take it out. The garment that you lost is going to appear.

IKU chases him, to keep the flow.

Let the parents cross him, one or the other.

The Awó, to beg for this letter, must be careful.

Give unyén to the shilekun Ilé, so that the luck that is there enters.

When the person is sick, nothing is answered.

It suffers from the lungs and kidneys, and from the nerves.

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Pataki of the sign Irete Kutan:

At the beginning of the world, God created all forms of the 4 primary elements: air, earth, fire and water. These forms were perfected until they were EDA MURIN who had extracorporeal perception. The higher spirits, who were AGBA ODUN, were forged by fire. OLOFIN ordered all the AGBA ODUN spirits to worship EDA MURIN (of clay). An AGBA ODUN was called ALOSINBURUKU and he did not want to worship them and said: How am I going to worship those
beings of clay when I am of fire. OLOFIN ordered her to live apart from him. Then ALOSIN BURUKU began to incite evil to the EDA MURIN until they hardly worshiped OLOFIN. OLOFIN called IKU ALASHONA, who was the Angel of Death and indicated his work on Earth, singing:

Opolopo Eleri Ikú Bogbo Eda Murin Ikú Lobi Òsha Orísha Eggun

They were all dying. Then, OLOFIN put OMALYE EGUN, who was the King of the dead, at the head of the planet and was turning the dying EDA MURIN into otá. They all kept his name, but to spy on his fault they had to come back to Earth to be worshiped in stone. This is how OBATALA, SHANGO, etc. arose. That is why: IKU LOBI OSHA INTORI EGUN, which means that, to be a Saint, you have to die, because otherwise you cannot become a Saint.

The first man to cultivate the land.

IRETE KUTAN was the first man in the world who broke and cultivated the land, but he did it without counting on anyone, coming to have many fruits and products of the land. But, at the same time, he earned the enmity and envy of others, who became his enemies.

After a certain time, the fruits produced by the earth began to be poorer and more stunted, so he went to see OLOFIN and he said: After spending so much time doing these things without counting on anyone, you come to see me to ask me for advice. Go and ask the different neighbors.

So he went to the hill and the latter, knowing the purpose of his visit, threw him out of her presence, saying: Now, after you've tired of doing whatever you want, you come to ask me for advice. Look, get out of my presence.

He went to the sea for the same purposes and it spat in his face. And so he continued until, already tired, he went to his plot of cultivated land and asked the land for advice. She replied: After you have tired of mistreating me, now you ask me for advice. What I'm going to do is eat you. Then the earth opened up and swallowed it up.
Note: The road says that what the earth gives, it eats.

Irete Kutan Ifa Traditional:


Òkè ìhín ni ò jé á rókè òhún
Òkè òhún náà ni ò rókè ìhín
A day fún won nÍretè a pé lóko
Ekún ajé ni won n sun
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Kí wón or lè baà lájé lówó
Àwón lè lájé lówó báyìí?
Won ko ha!
Joojúmó leé n lo Ilé ni?
Eni tí ó bàá lájé lówó lóko ò níí lo Ilé njoojúmó
Yóó fara mó àwon nnkan è
Wón ní kó sì móo gbin àgbàdo
Ní bá n gbin àgbàdo
ni n tajà
Ngbà or dodún keta
Tòun towó ló walé
Wón ní haà
Wón ní e è rí àwon aráa Ìretè a pé lóko?
E è ri bí ón tí n gbónwó bí ení n gbón yangan?
Ayé ye won
N ni won wá n jó ni won n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Òkè ìhín ni ò jé á rókè òhún
Òkè òhún náà ni ò rókè ìhín
A day fún won nÍretè a pé lóko
Ebo ajé ni wón ni kí wón o se
Won gbébo nbè
Wón rubo
Èyin ò ri bí o
Òkè ìhín
N ni ò rókè òhún or
Òkè òhún or
Kò mò rókè ìhín or
Ará Ìretè a pé lóko ni won n gbónwo bí ení n gbón yangan!

Ifá advises this person to sacrifice pigeons and corn. He must sprinkle corn for animals and birds to eat. If he is living somewhere outside of his homeland, he is advised to stay abroad or there so that he has the fortunes that he will bring home after three years.

It is the hill here that does not let us see the other side of the hill
And it is the hill over there that does not allow us to see from this side of the hill
They were the ones who made divination for Ìretè a pé lóko
They were lamenting because they had no wealth
They were advised to offer sacrifice
So that they could obtain wealth in the easiest way
They had asked, 'Will we ever have riches?'
The priests exclaimed in surprise over the divination
'Why do you go home every day'
'The person who will have wealth in the easiest way should not go home every day'
The priest told him: 'He should keep his things'
They advised him to grow corn
And they started planting corn
And from the sale of the harvested corn
At the end of the third day
They would go home with a lot of money
And people would be surprised and exclaimed
'Can you all see the people of Ìretè a pé lóko'
'Can you all see them pulling money out like they're pulling corn?'
Life pleased them
They then started dancing and were very happy
They praised their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
It is the hill here that does not let us see the other side of the hill
And it is the hill over there that does not allow us to see from this side of the hill
They were the ones who made divination for Ìretè a pé lóko
It was the sacrifice of wealth that they advised him to make
They heard about the sacrifice
And they offered it
Can you see a real event?
The hill from here
It does not allow us to see the hill over there
The hill over there
Can't see the hill from here
The people of Ìretè a pé lóko to date are taking money as if they were harvesting corn.

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