go unfa

Irete Oshe - Irete Unfa

The Awó does not neglect his ailments.

Other names for Irete Oshe:

  • Go Oshe.
  • Go She.
  • Go Unfa.
  • Go Otun.
  • Irete Ekun.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Irete Unfa?

  • The announcement of the death of a King.
  • Aggó Ikú Abila (I open the door to death).
  • Dying the body but not the soul, they are independent.
  • In Atefá I omi a Ifá and a good-bye is given to avoid the bad and the house does not fall apart.
  • In an Ifá, do Okun furunale, give ORUNMILA calved and fat euré.
  • Do Ituto in life.
  • Iku's daughter, Onireggun, turned into eku (Jutía).
  • When he enters the Awó's house, he comes out with a corpse.
  • YEWA was ending humanity, Shango stopped her.
  • Kill pregnant women.
  • Open the door of the dead, those who bury in the earth.
  • That Oyá and the Owl are messengers of Ikú.
  • Irete Unfa is the Odu who distributes death and disease.
  • Ozain's deformity.

What does the sign Irete Unfa talk about?

  • Don't kill male animals in seven days, if you're Aron.
  • The carter of death.
  • Shakuana and illness.
  • That no bird sang.
  • The curse of OBATALA al Cotunto (Sijú).
  • The Awó has to consecrate with OLOFIN.
  • The four brands of Ikín.
  • That the sons of Orun, the Awó Orun, also die
  • That by Natural Law, the old die first than the young.
  • The immortality of the soul.
  •  Do not do drunk works.
  • That dead Awoses do not harm other men's children.
  • The Odu (Irete Unfa) preserves him against witchcraft.
  • Murder to steal.
  • Gentle horseman, the soothsayer of Earth and Heaven.
  • No evil can be neglected.
  • The Awó must have 3 watchdogs on his Ilé.
  • IRETE UNFA does the damage for free.
  • It is the Kingdom of Agasu (Orishaoko) in Arará.
  • The bird is the Nightingale.
  • The mockingbird and the cotunto speak.
  • It cannot be wet with rainwater.
  • Irete Oshe's ebbó must always carry ekú lerí.
  • A comadre is her worst enemy.
  • The money is going to come in.
  • You receive a Shakuana charm or you have a dog.
  • The Cotunto imitates the Mockingbird and is the ugliest and baddest bird in the world, by Obbatalá's curse.
  • Elegbá lost his crown, because he was corrupted in the middle
  • People are addicted to partying and laziness.

The sign Irete Oshe points out:

  • Elegba is changed from boss to doorman.
  • Ozain destroys what Orunmila sows.
  • The ox was missing something in its body (the tail).
  • Olorun sent the menstruation to the hutía (Eku).
  • The Ekú (Jutía) wanted to be more than her mother (Ikú).
  • The dispute between death and disease.
  • Death (Ikú) and koré (The Soul) were enemies.
  • This sign of Ifa indicates society or government conflict.
  • The person collides with the thorns of Eshu.
  • The descendants children do not follow the fate of their eldest dead.
  • Witchcraft against the person become ineffective.
  • The ash dolls were alive in the air.
  • The diseases are: tuberculosis, throat, legs, chest and teeth.
  • The leopard scratched Orunmila with its claws and marked him forever.
  • The Eweses are: canutillo, prodigiosa, eucalyptus, horsefly (anamú, cadillo, nequeque)

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Recommendations of the Irete Unfa sign:

Do it in life

Beware of parties and dances at night, which could lead to moral discredit. OSHUN fixes everything.

Maintain patience and fighting spirit to win, do not act angry. Watch over the moral and material advancement of yours. Teach your godchildren.

Put an Iruke on OBATALA, to scare away everything bad.

Give fire to everything bad and dirty that is in the Ilé.

Treat your dreams, which will alert you to important events.

Sayings of Irete Unfa:

  • He who imitates, fails.
  • A horsefly that makes things move smoothly.
    Note: Horsefly. Large fly, which mainly bites horses.
  • Death said: At all hours, I go through this.
  • He who wears white must beware of butter.
  • He who has arms and does not work is the father of laziness.
  • The staff that you throw into the air can return to meet your head.

prohibitions from Irete Unfa:

Do not be so greedy, know how to endure when the moment requires it, analyze the diet and age.

Do not do drunk works.

It cannot be wet with rainwater.

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Says Ifa odu Irete Unfa:

Don't let rainwater fall on top of you. Get more attached to ORUNMILA. Watch out for separation. You want the most to get out of a hurry. There is Ogú in the shilekun to form revolution and justice intervene, do not sit there. Do not eat anything outside your home. Beware of accidents and injuries. Keep your secrets. Before leaving, do EBO. Do not keep anyone's things. Money is ringing at the door and it's going to come in. You are going to have a partnership with three people. He married and divorced, the woman is mulatto. He hit him out of jealousy with a black man and he's sorry. Pay a lot of attention to your mom. Beware of parties at your house. Take good care of the dead, because there is a spirit that suffers, another is in love and contemplates it, a care that can lose the brain. He has death stuck and a familiar spirit avoids it. If he is a man, he must give eyebale of Abó and / or akukó, if he is a woman, Agután and / or Adié. Orugbo with black clothes, don't wear black anymore. Do not bring anyone into your home. Don't rush into anything. it is strong, but they do not consider it and they mock it.

Prayer of the Odu Irete Unfa:

Emonobi Minobo Dowena Dometo Tutunited Yiwe Nalewado Akewe Ayanaru Geli Mosedo Meta Ko Kabio Boeda Tebi Nikabio Zowe Mogoa Jaga.

Irete Unfa's Ebbo:

Work to move EGUN away from the door.

A dry obi is scraped, the sign is painted around it and around Etubon, it is given an obi and the Etubon (gunpowder) is burned. Afterward, it breaks at the door. 

Description of the odu Irete Unfa (Oshe):

Do not be desperate, finish what you do, do not abandon your Godfather, who will return with his head between his feet, for becoming a victim of others.

The disease is hanging over the heads of the family of the person concerned. Beg you to read it with river fish.

Ifá of vigil, to get into your house and your life.

Parasites and bugs in the cavities of the body.

IKU and EGUN must be kept away from the door of the house and from his life with works, as well as to ward off bad luck.

OBATALA values ​​the attitude of each person for this Odu.

Beware of assaults with weapons out of envy

Because of his sinful life, OLOFIN is determined to finish him, but OBATALA is committed to saving him.

Beware of parties and dances at night, which could lead to moral discredit. OSHUN fixes everything.

Maintain patience and fighting spirit to win, do not act angry. Watch over the moral and material advancement of yours. Teach your godchildren.

Give fire to everything bad and dirty that is in the Ilé.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Irete Unfa

The sadness that you have is produced by an EGUN. He is neurotic.

They kick him out of his house to make room for someone else.

Take care of the candle, it can be mutilated by it or by accidents in the eyes, hands and feet.

Put an Iruke on OBATALA, to scare away everything bad.

The tiger is loose, waiting for someone to catch.

No matter how fierce he is, he can fall into a trap for a woman or something of his personal interest (He sees himself imprisoned).

Treat your dreams, which will alert you to important events.

Sacrifices must be made to the God of Smallpox.

Being intoxicated, they can surprise you and die.

The obiní has ​​to take care of her menstrual cycle, as well as analyze the problems associated with this situation.

Do not be so greedy, know how to endure when the moment requires it, analyze the diet and age.

IRETE UNFA explains the need to make sacrifice to avoid witchcraft and other negative energies.

Take care of the conflicts of government or with powerful ones.

OLODUMARE lets his power fall, so that his crown does not fall.

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Patakie of the sign Irete Unfa

ELEGBA loses his crown and is saved by the Nightingale.

There was a people, which OLOFIN insisted on destroying for the sinful life of its inhabitants and for this he unleashed the rains on them.

Once OBATALA learned of OLOFIN's purpose, he begged him to give those lost children a chance and promised to regenerate them in the shortest possible time. OLOFIN suspended the rains and OBATALA sought out ELEGBA and made him head of it, with the duty of moralizing him and rebuilding the damage caused by the heavy rains. Likewise, he told him that, periodically, he would go to see the moral and material progress of the same. ELEGBA began to govern the town and rebuild it, but they quickly corrupted it, abandoning the reconstruction work and indulging in parties and entertainment. So as not to be surprised by OBATALA, he put a lookout on a watchtower that dominated the access road to it and when OBATALA went to town, they saw him on time and everyone went to work.

After he left, they went back to the party and laziness. Shortly after, OBATALA realized that the works were not progressing and one day he crossed the forest and surprised them all without working and preparing the parties and dances for the night, observing that everything was morally the same or perhaps worse than before. He decided to relieve ELEGBA, putting OSHUN in his place, which managed to rebuild and save that town. One day, OBATALA was sitting at the entrance of the village, enjoying the work of OSHUN, and noticed the absence of the Nightingale, who daily delighted her with his trill. He sent for ELEGBA, so that he would look for him and bring him before him. When ELEGBA took the Nightingale, OBATALA told him: I made you the King of that town, so that you could govern it, but you did not know how to channel it because of bad advice, which went against its integrity and happiness and that cost you to lose the Crown of the same. But, so that you don't lose everything, I am going to leave you as the goalkeeper of it, so that everyone who enters and leaves has to greet you. TO IBAN ESHU.

Note: Do not give room to anyone in your home, because you will be thrown out of it.

The way of the bull.

OLOFIN had the desire to create something different from what was already created and something big, strong and beautiful, that would constitute his pride. Thinking about this, it took him a while until he began his task, without great haste or haste and that is how he created the Bull.
El Toro, seeing that he was almost formed and not realizing that he still lacked something to finish OLOFIN his creative work and seeing that OLOFIN was delayed, impatient and desperate, decided to run his fortune and left at his own risk. , without waiting for the will of OLOFIN.

The Bull, when starting his journey, did not realize that he was going deeper and deeper into the bush or thick forest and harmful animals, such as ticks, louse, bedbugs, etc., began to suck his blood and Toro, who had no way to defend himself against these animals, realized that he was destroying himself. Almost destroyed and exhausted, almost lost, he decided to return to the foot of OLOFIN. When the Bull arrived, he asked OLOFIN for forgiveness and MOFORIBALE gave him and OLOFIN forgave him, but not before saying: You despaired, you did not wait for me to finish my task and I had to put my tail on you, so that, in this way, You could defend yourself from small and ferocious animals, such as flies, mosquitoes and other insects, and you could scare them away with your tail.

Note: This story is about the individual who is next to the Godfather and goes to Santeros, Paleros, Spiritists and, when he does not solve anything, when he is destroyed and deceived by them, he has to return to the Godfather's side, so that he can do Ifá .

Eshu from Oddun Irete Oshe:


It is of Aará origin, very powerful and one of the oldest. She lives with SEGBO-LISA and you have to go find her stone in the mountains with a pumpkin whistle.

Load: land of crab, mountain, foot of aragba, 3 Ikines, 4 snails, 4 jet, ivory, hutía and smoked fish, corojo butter, toasted corn, asheres, 7 sticks, 21 herbs and other ingredients of the Eshus .
It is lined with 7 snails and OBATALA beads. Eat white rooster.

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