Irete Yekun

Irete Oyekun - Irete Yekun


Pass your hands over your head, from front to back, to ward off the bad.

Other names for Irete Oyekun:

  • Go Yeku,
  • Go Makeleku.
  • Go Keleku.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Irete Yekun?

  • EBO is not done in this Odu.
  • Pass your hands from front to back, to ward off the bad.
  • Herniated discs, spinal cracks and spinal deformations.
  • Eshu ODARA does not eat pepper or almond oil.
  • When something bad happens, Ifá passes through his lerí and is the true Ituto del Awó, he will water Omiero in the Ilé.
  • That ORULA does not otoku to anyone.
  • That the Awó receives AZOJUANO and in the courtyard he consecrates AJUAGAN.
  • Have a severe and rigorous moral conduct.
  • They bear a false testimony to him.
  • Great personalities were buried in temples.
  • An OSAIN is mounted in lerí de Agboran.
  • The ARARA carry in Awán in baskets.

Irete Yekun notes:

  • ORUNMILA beat the mayomberos.
  • The Orishas, ​​out of envy, declared war on ORUNMILA.
  • ORULA is accused of corruption of minors.
  • IKU thought that ORUNMILA's head was the best and went to look for it.
  • The world was covered in a layer of dust.
  • IRETE MAKELEKUN wrestles with OGBE YOWO for an Obiní on a drum.
  • It cannot be stolen.
  • SHANGO became ABITA and began to spin.
  • OYA didn't eat mutton at the table, it reminded her of SHANGO.
  • Doing wrong is avoided.
  • The Jamo did EBO.
  • Almond oil is given to those who disturb.
  • The Eweses are: Sarsaparilla and Adrocana.

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What does the sign Irete Oyekun talk about?

  • The jimaguas brothers, OSISU (the good one) and AJUAGAN (the bad sorcerer) speak.
  • In Irete Yekun the hollow sword of the Peregun speaks.
  • The three sorcerer spirits speak.
  • The two sons of OLUOPOPO speak, SORI BOKUN (the good one) and TINSHOMO AWO IFA (the bad one).
  • You have to feed Eshu and sacrifice and raise animals before you kill them, to save his family.
  • Be noble and consistent with others, do not do mischief so that death, illness, litigation, poverty and loss do not haunt you.
  • The Odu is in luck, but ARUN is chasing him.
  • Ifa Irete Yekun's sign speaks of IRETE MAKELEKUN having no friends.
  • The secret of AJUAGAN is mounted. He is a Saint Lazarus who works with three sorcerer spirits.
  • It is very dangerous, as it feeds on human blood.
  • Have a severe and rigorous moral conduct, avoid the delights and treats that can lead to them ruining everything
  • in their life.
  • The man has to do Ifá.
  • Make EBO for Ilé with akuko, honey jar, eku, eyá, epó, opolopo owó.
  • Can't be lazy. 

Description of the odu Irete Yeku:

It is Odu # 213 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

He is Babalawo and he is sitting next to OLOFIN and ORUNMILA, because they command him.

You have to take OBATALA 4 ataná to the Church.

Bathe with 4 different herbs to improve your luck.

Visit abandoned places or churches.

He must give mass to the deceased.

Give chicken to SHANGO and ELEGBA.

Ride an OSAIN in lerí de Agboran.

Do not wear rings.

Put flowers in AZOJUANO.

The Awó will put Athephon Ifá in the lerí. He will pray the Odu and water Omiero throughout the house with the tail or Iruke of ORUNMILA and sing: MOGUN MOYOKO NIFA TEAPOT

Pass your hands over your head, from front to back, to ward off the bad.

You can be accused of envy of your elders. EBO is not done in this Odu. The Awoses have to have everything they do well written. Doing EBO brings many problems and compromises.

Meaning of the Irete Yekun Sign:

When Osobo Intori Obiní is in Osode, he does Ofikale Trupon from behind.

Taking care of attending festivals, parties and drums has a fatal outcome.

You should not carry weights on your head and be careful of making strong efforts that affect the spine and in turn are affected in the lower and upper limbs due to neuralgia, mechanical irritations that affect the peripheral sensory nerves and produce sciatica.

Avoid climbing on high places, as you can fall and suffer accidents.

Take care of the use of rings and others on the hands, which cause conditions such as sepsis.

Do not trust those who accompany you in the social-productive or other order, because in moments of danger, they leave you alone.

Death is looking for him.

Don't live where you are, because they destroy you.

Be in the house before the sun sets, to avoid wars that arise.

Be careful when a drum is going to ride and can attack someone or vice versa.

Respect Saint Lazarus, pay him his debts.

Illness will always haunt IRETE MAKELEKUN.

In this sign, the mayomberos succumb.

Doing Romerias (pilgrimages) you will find your luck.

Bathing with four different herbs, so that luck improves.

Make mass for deceased family and friends.

Irete Yekun is an Odu of unhappiness.

The Awó should not be uncomfortable, because SHANGO is very close to you and it will be negative for you.

Visit abandoned churches.

Unbelief can cost you your life.

Works are made with pins (By the Bayonet (Peregun) and the Sarsaparilla).

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Sayings of Irete Yekun:

  • Unbelief costs him his life.
  • Death was looking for a head.
  • You will be lucky, but ARUN is after you.
  • Nobody can cut AJUAGAN, I defend him.
  • The one who has no friends.
  • I do not do mischief or evil.
  • I do good to enemies and friends.
  • You don't get arrows without going to the battlefield.
  • The egg eater does not think about the work it cost the hen to have it (vague).

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Irete Yeku:

The Awó always writes down the steps he does.

Says Ifa odu Irete Yekun:

The person always wants to see Santo mounted, but that cannot be trusted much, he has to ask what they send him to do, he needs to wear a gold ring, washed and prepared and to thank the ring, because that it's your good luck. He has a very great difficulty and wants to solve it before he dies, but he has to do something religious to avoid losses. He is lucky but the disease follows him. Celebrate mass for deceased family members. Be careful to bear a false testimony. He believes a lot in mounted Saints and he likes to be talked to and has to know that all Saints ride less ORUNMILA, so everything the Saints send him should be consulted with ORUNMILA. Be careful with young women, do not go to suffer a hot flash. Pay close attention to the places that are cited, the meetings for are a boumerang. Avoid drawing too much attention in public places or in groups. Beware of falling in love with a drum as it can bring you tragedy. Do not alter your character, three lots come for you. Do not neglect your enemies, do not persist anymore. Pay the debts to Saint Lazarus. Death is at your doorstep. Give unyén to the head of the Aleyo and the Awó.

Prayer of the Odu Irete Yeku:

Adifafun awere orunmila, akuko, adie lebo, ofa meta lebo, agbado lebo. Abada bi abada, abada bi abada adifafun wenwele aleticho ma aya lorubo koru oka abenu baba adifafun olososhe umbati owo were aguto biele. Moteyeku oyibire obañari koshetero adifafun was going erilati bogbo unguelode akreke ugue awere ugue awere larubo afofada ayarufo abo lebo.

Irete Yeku's Ebbo:

Irete Oyekun's work to avoid misfortune:

Ikordié, abebo adié meyi, eyelé meyi, ekó meyi, iyefá, ekú, eyá, opolopo owó. Ebo: Akuko, adié, akofá, opolopo owó.

Ebomisi For Luck:

With four different herbs. 

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Patakie of the Irete Oyeku sign:

Where the Saints declared war on ORUNMILA out of envy.

All the Saints, especially OSHUN and OGUN, were very envious of ORUNMILA and went to OBATALA to complain, who sent for ORUNMILA with ELEGBA. But ORUNMILA had looked at himself that day, seeing this Ifá, and when they came to look for him he took his okpele and when he got there, he found that OLOFIN was surrounded by all the Saints and each one accused him of the misfortune that Humanity was going through. When everyone had finished accusing him, OLOFIN asked ORUNMILA if he had something to say, to which ORUNMILA replied: All that they say about me is a lie, my father, because every time I work with this okpele or with Ifá, in each EBO that is marked there is an ounko, akukó,
abo, etc., that I don't eat them and yet the Saints do. Then, he marked those animals on the EBOSES so that the Saints, instead of eating people, would eat those animals. Thus ORUNMILA proved before the eternal father that he saved the world from destruction. OLOFIN, seeing this intelligence test, acquitted him of the Saints' accusations.

Note: You can be accused of envy of your elders. EBO is not done in this Odu, the Awoses have to have everything they do well written.

Irete Oyekun Ifa Traditional


A tè yèlèkú
Ó yí won bìrìpé
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Babá n sawo lo àjò to jìn gbungbuungbun
Òrúnmìlà ní n bèère
Àjò túun n lo yìí
Òun ríre ibè mú bò?
Wón ní kí Òrúnmìlà ó rbo
Toríi bó bá dè àjò yóó pàdé àwon òtá
Kí wón or lè jé or ríre ibè kó wálé
Won yan Òrúnmìlà léku
Wón yàn an léja
Wón ní kó móo fi were bòkè ìpòrí è
Òrúnmìlà béè
Ó dé àjò tú jìn gbungbuungbun
Àwon òtá féé gbógun tì Í
Bí ón tí n gbóguún tì Í
Béè ni won n báraa woón jiyàn
Ni ón n ba ara won sòtá
Tí Òrúnmìlà ni won se nbè
Òrúnmìlà kóre àjò tú jìn gbungbuungbun
Ó kó o wo inú ilée baba rè wa
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
A tè yèlèkú
Ó yí won bìrìpé
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Babá n sawo lo àjò to jìn gbungbuungbun
Wón ní ó saca káalè ó jàre ebo ní ó se
Ó yes gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Rírú ebo nií gbéni
Àìrú kìí gbèèyàn
Ko pé kò jinna
E wáá báni báyò báre
Ààrin ayò làá bá ni lésèe tÒpè

Ifá wants this person to be well. He is exhorted to make sacrifice so that he can win and that wherever he goes he can succeed.

We step on something flimsy
Falling around
He was the one who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When he was exercising his priesthood in a distant place
This was únrúnmìlà who asked:
'This journey I'm about to undertake'
'Will I be able to do outstanding things?'
They advised him to offer sacrifice
They said: 'You will meet enemies when you reach your destination'
And so they don't stop you when you're back with your winnings
They prescribed rats for Òrúnmìlà
They prescribed fish for him
They advised him to use them to sacrifice his own Ifá
And Òrúnmìlà did it
When he reached his destination
The enemies decided to declare war on him
They were planning how they would fight him
They were arguing with each other
And they fell out with each other
They acted in favor of Òrúnmìlà in the city
Òrúnmìlà packed all his earnings made in that far away place
He took all his winnings home
And he started dancing and he was happy
He praised his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
We step on something flimsy
Falling around
He was the one who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When he was exercising his priesthood in a distant place
He was advised to care for the land and offer sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did
Heeding the warning of sacrifice is what helps one
Refusing to do so does not benefit you
Shortly after in the near future
Come and find us happy in the midst of good fortunes
One usually finds happiness at the feet of Òpè.

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