Iroso Meyi: Meaning, what is born sayings, patakies and more

Odu Irosomeji

Iroso Meyi is one of the 16 Meyis, he is a male Ifa Odu. Represents the IFA Dashboard. The Iyefá of this Odu carries gold dust. It is the Incandescent planet. He is the son of Noni and Akasan.

Represents the afternoon. Half of the World of the west, that is, the Sunset. His auspicious day is OYE RIRURIRU (confession day) on Wednesday. Ruling planet OLE AGBA Mercury. Quicksilver metal. Color to dress; Canary yellow. This Odu is fire. Send all metals.

This person must offer sacrifice. Ifá says that this person is currently a native of Òyó.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iroso Meyi?

  • The rite of Ituto.
  • Sawdust (Iyé).
  • The OSUN Tree (the spirit of OSUN).
  • The red came.
  • The Cordon.
  • The Pedorrea bird.
  • The cardinal.
  • The mortuary graves, this Odu (Iroso Meyi) commands all the holes in the earth.
  • The Ashé Osun Naburuku.
  • The Firefly, that is, the Cocuyo, which by virtue of OLOFIN illuminates the nights with its light.
  • The OSANYIN Vault.
  • Raise Osun with Ifá, when received.
  • Cover the view of the Iyawó when they take him to the Igbodun of Osha.

What is the sign Iroso Meyi talking about?

  • That this is where the trees are felled.
  • That here SHANGO took away the four powers from OSANYIN.
  • Of accidents.
  • Of miseries.
  • Of traps.
  • From suffering, the husk is used for suffering.
  • That Iroso Meyi the same announces misfortune that good fortune.
  • What is a strong and dangerous Ifá.
  • That when it is seen in a registry, it takes peel and smears it three times on the eyelids.
  • That gives men ideas and humility.
  • That water does not extinguish the candle.
  • That the Awó that comes out Iroso Meyi should not acquire knowledge quickly so that he does not die.
  • The fury of the cemetery.
  • That here SHANGO pointed out where the 16 positions were.
  • Iroso Meyi prescribes wisdom, but everyone is watching the person.
  • Which are the eyes of divine providence.
  • That the person on the path of his life will always find the betrayal and traps of his enemies.
  • That the Babalawo Iroso Meyi must worship and obey OSHUN a lot and put five yellow handkerchiefs on him.
  • The sight and the tear.
  • That the person is having a bad life.
  • That the person feels something bad in his brain that does not allow him to do good.
  • That the person is not legal, he does not believe what he is told.
  • Of a very envied person and that is why he has enemies.
  • That the person will become well.
  • That you are fighting with someone else.
  • That the person is visually ill and if it is not taken care of, they can go blind.
  • Very popular person and highly esteemed by his friends.
  • For this sign of Ifa you should feed your head and lean on Ifá.
  • From appeasing Osun.
  • Iroso Meyi talks about financial and emotional problems.
  • In order to solve they always have to be making sacrifice.
  • From spiritual mass and appease your ancestor especially your father.

The Iroso Meji sign points out:

  • Tears, the children of this Odu s eyes redden.
  • Short life because ORO-IÑA wonders, what does my son do up there if nobody knows him, nobody understands him, nobody loves him. I wish to have him with me in the depths of the earth.
  • War victory
  • Trip
  • Small roads, the weapons of the people.
  • The haircut indicates the hierarchy.
  • Dispersion of foreigners.
  • Tranquility, peace and prosperity.

Recommendations of the Odu Iroso Meji:

  • We must respect the monkey, because the OSANYIN of this Ifá wears the head of a monkey.
  • Put a small ladder inside your Ifá.
  • He falls asleep with two burning candles.
  • Inside his Ifá Awó he puts coins of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper.
  • Be careful with the candle you can start in the kitchen.
  • Thanks to OBATALA who is favoring it.
  • Do not enter any house that is empty.
  • Don't curse.
  • Do not make changes with anyone so that luck does not go away.
  • Be careful of a trap that they set you up to kill him.

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Sayings of the Oddun of Ifa Iroso Meji:

Iroso Meji Sayings
  • There are those who gouge out an eye to see another blind man.
  • Nobody knows what is at the bottom of the sea.
  • He who gave birth straight, gave birth hunchbacked.
  • Iroso Meyi is the source.
  • The eyes that say that ORÚNMILA cannot be seen, are not calm in their sockets.
  • Without obstacles there are no successes.
  • The things of this world are regulated when each one of them comes to an end.
  • Feeding the divinity of misfortune, surely I will live in peace.
  • If I complain, it will be worse for me.
  • I sacrifice for ESHU and for the ELDERS OF THE NIGHT.
  • I greet the rain and the sun when I cross my arms.
  • My most important moments are the evenings at sunset.
  • I have only come into the world and I will only leave, but I will regulate all things in this world and put an end to each of them.
  • Life should never be lived carelessly, a smile for each betrayal or deception will sweeten and lengthen life.
  • No one can turn off the glowing red of the parrot feather.
  • The one who can change the course of death.
  • Look into your eyes and you will see the world around you in them.
  • When the eagle lives, the loose canary does not reach the name of king.
  • The sturdy hammer marks the floor with its head.
  • The fire is extinguished, the Sun is hidden, but the red of the parrot's tail never goes out.
  • He leaves the house and returns to the house.
  • Shame is a great teaching.
  • A woman never values ​​a good husband until she has had to treat a second.

What are the prohibitions of Iroso Meyi?

  • Can't carry knife
  • Can't wear oval clothes
  • Can't go to the cemetery
  • You cannot do SHANGO or AZOJUANO (San Lázaro).
  • Not eaten: Indian bananas, Apple trees, Cashew, Red plums, Lemon del Santísimo.
  • You cannot jump holes or ditches, if you have to, you clean yourself with an otá and throw it into the hole or ditch and then jump.
  • You cannot sit in a chair without a bottom.
  • Parrot feathers are not used.
  • You can not ingest any type of alcoholic beverages.

Says ifa in Iroso Meyi:

If Iroso Meyi appears for a woman who is eager to have children, the appropriate leaves are collected to prepare a soup with the chicken's gizzard, used to make a sacrifice to Ifá, and it will surely come out in a state.

When this oddun appears in divination, the subject must be guided to take care of the risk of theft.

If he appears in the divination, Iré should be told that: a slightly thin, fair-skinned woman will appear on his path, whom he will eventually marry and whose first childbirth will be a male child. however, you must sacrifice a goat. If, on the other hand, a person eager to have children appears, a sheep is offered to Ifá and surely the person will begin to have it.

IFA says that I dream of a guacalote and a Colorado necklace; be careful with the candle because in your house there may be firing and starting with the kitchen; You He is the son of Obatala and the Virgin of Monserrate, thank them because they are favoring him; You. I know you feel something bad in your brain that prevents you from doing all your good ideals; You. It is not legal, you do not believe what they tell you, he abandons his family; He does not cry for anything; he thinks a lot about his house and has a habit that no one can stop; you dreamed that it was burning; watch out for a trap; do not enter any house or apartment that is empty.

Iroso Meji Oracle of Ifa

Do not curse, do not change with anyone, so that luck does not go away; He will be fine, until he has servants and a son who will be employed by the government; You are fighting with a person and weighing on him; to you there at home something broke or broke; be careful if you have to go to a publication because they have a trap prepared for you to kill him do not go to that point of the field that you plan to go, at least in three months, because there is a person waiting for him with a trap, because he says you want to take the food .

Prayer of the Odu Baba Iroso Meji:


Suyere Iroso Meji 4-4:


Ebo from Oddun Iroso Meyi Ifa:

Work for impotence.

Take blood grass, box stick, tenge, jagüey, doradilla, horse stew, cress, 5 leaves of prodigious from the tip of the bush, the eggs of the goat that is given to OSHUN, the rooster of ESHU, the ram of SHANGO, everything is boiled in 6 liters of water so that it stays in one, when it is cold it is strained, the 16 MEJIS are prayed on the board, then Ogunda Meji is put on and ORUNMILA is asked if it is okay to sexual strength, if he says yes, add the ashé to the liter of water and take half a cup on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed.

Ebbo or Work to go in Iroso Meji 4-4.

Take 4 male green bananas, prepare an ointment with corojo butter, cocoa, husk, spread it on the hands and call SHANGO. We pray Iroso Meji, the bananas are rubbed well from top to bottom and put on SHANGO for 6 days, then they are taken with a red ribbon to a ceiba tree, putting them towards the west to go, if it is to war it is put to the nascent.

Meaning of oddun Iroso Meji:

This Odu speaks of very popular people and highly esteemed by their friends. You need to take care of your health. Feed your head and appease OSUN. It must be based on IFA and its principles.

The person feels discouraged and loses interest in what they are doing, IFA should be consulted and appeased. Iroso Meji denotes financial and emotional difficulties. But no matter how hard life seems they will always be sustained through sacrifice. They must refuse and shelter evil ideas or evil thoughts.

Here things do not float easily, it requires more work than normal to fulfill it.

This Odu demands careful reflection about the future. You cannot fail in the following expression; "The man propose and God dispose".

Iroso Meyi requires a spiritual mass annually, as must also honor and practice their Ancestors, particularly the living or dead father.

Those born under this Odu must do things slowly, be patient and wait for difficult times to disappear, they must remember that conditions are not permanent.

When this Odu goes out in divination for a woman anxious to have a child, she will be told that she has to make sacrifice, because Iroso Meji says that she will become pregnant and have a child and will be a boy and must be Babalawo.

In this Oddun Iroso Meyi sawdust was known. The OSUN tree. The red came. The cardón. The bird of this Odu is the Jew. Salads were created. This is where the trees are felled. Talk about accident, misery. Of traps. Of sufferings. The husk is used for their suffering.

This Odu is dangerous because it makes the person suffer cruelly. The mortuary graves were created and rules in all the hollows and holes of the Earth.

In this Oddun the following ORISHAS speak:

Eshu, Eleniní, Ikú, Otá Olé, Shango, Olokun, Sankpana (San Lázaro), Olodumare, Orishan-nla, Oduduwa, Osun, Agayú, Yemayá, Yewá, Oshún, Ogún, Osanyin (Ozatalin) Nana Burukú, Juero, Obatalin) Nana Burukú, Juero.

Tips of the sign of Ifa Iroso Meyi 4-4:

The son of this Oddun (Iroso Meyi) is very sentient, he must be modest and he must not underestimate anyone, not even his friends.

It is worked with witchcraft. You have to beg your head with male jicotea.

When this Oddun appears in divination, he takes the husk and smears it three times on the eyelids. The children of this Odu redden his eyes, as he points to tears.

For a person who is in difficulties caused by the influences of his enemies, he will be advised to sacrifice a rooster to Eshu and two white doves, four yams and a bag of money to Orúnmila, in order to win the war and recover little by little their prosperity. The person must be warned that failure to make the sacrifice on time will only make his enemies stronger and himself financially weaker, to the point of having to borrow money in order to perform the prescribed sacrifices.

If the guessed person is a young man who pretends to be a woman and is not treated as he wishes, he will be instructed to sacrifice two roosters to Shango and at the bottom of a pylon face down and a white handkerchief must tie at one end some of what scrapes from the A pylon that must sneakily pass over said girl's face in order for her to see in him what exactly favors her. If, on the other hand, it is a woman who is being pretended by two or more men, it should be pointed out that before deciding, she should analyze her choice very well, because it is possible that she is misjudging her possible partner.

You must sacrifice a snapper (Ejá Bo) to your head to avoid falling into a trap that they have set for you that consists of an object that they have given you to keep.

In divination for a person who is going through a difficult economic situation Iroso Meyi will advise to sacrifice a rooster, a hen, a pigeon, a fish, hook and pita to the sea, that Olokun will bring him prosperity.

You must receive Olokun.

In this Oddun he must sacrifice to Olokun what IFA prescribes to avoid the total or partial loss of sight.

You must be very careful of the envy that may arouse in others, as it can bring fatal consequences and you should never allow yourself to feel envy for any person, thus avoiding the divine curse falling on you.

Never enter any house or room first, lest you be accused of something you did not do or fall into a trap.

Sacrifice a rooster, rope, ladder, and corojo butter to a hole to avoid falling into a trap. Don't cross holes unless you feed him.

In this Oddun all the sea gods speak.

In this Odu it was where Shango and Oke began a pact so that the power of the Lightning stone (Odu Ará) would be born, where Shango was called: OLOGBUN EYILA SHEBORA.

You will travel a lot. No bonfires are lit, nor do you look at the Sun from the front, to avoid redness or burns in the eyes.

Here crying must be controlled, because anything is cried.

Here the person is often betrayed, one should not trust anyone or make deep friendships; join your parents who are your best advisors. Do not change your belongings so that luck does not go away.

You cannot go to wakes. Always give yourself to respect. Inlets are formed here. The rite of Ituto is born.

For Iroso Meji 4-4 it must have a shelter and the monkey is respected, since its head is used in that shelter.

It speaks of destitution and crushing. A red collar should be worn up to the navel. A parrot feather will be used for envy.

Code of ethics of Ifa of the odu Iroso Meji:

The Awó takes care of his crown because he is king.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Iroso Meyi:

There are those who give an eye to see the blind

It happened once; that there were two soldiers from a court, but one of them was envious and the other was more agreeable, when the first asked something from Obá, the latter always gave him two things, waves that the latter asked of the other, the envious person was mortified because when he asked Obá for something, he always gave him one and it was because the Oba knew he was very envious.

One day Obá told the assistant that we are going to have fun for a while, with those two soldiers and he sent them to look for them and told them; Well, I have sent them to look for them to ask for what you want, but yes, the one who has to ask is you, he pointed out to the envious one, he was very happy because he had to ask first than the friend, but then it was said; that I will ask for, because every time I ask for something for me, Obá gives him twice what I ask, so if I ask him for a horse they will give him two and if I ask to be Obá, this will be Obati Loba (King of Reyes), what will I order ?. He began to think, until he said; I will ask that they take out one eye and so they will take out both eyes, it will be blind and they will send him to live in the town of the blind, where I will be the Obá and immediately afterwards he said: Well what I want is that they take out a eye, the Obá began to laugh and his friend took out both eyes.

AZOJUANO, who knew everything that was happening, told everything to OLOFIN and he came and told Obá that who had authorized him to do that, banishing him to live in the town of the blind, then he ordered that they bring him to his presence and He said to the envious man, did you want to be Obá? Well, you will be OBA ARA WADELE OUN OJU OFO. There you will rule and your friend will live at the bottom of the sea, where everything that is done in this town will have to pay tribute to him, but yes, if as you divulge that secret you will be blind and imprisoned forever in the depths of the sea where your friend is Obá and you will see for the lives of the people you govern and in order not to unleash his anger you will have to pay tribute to him; Because of the betrayal you have done, you will be a fatal Obá, because your friend from afar and without sight will rule your people, because whoever was born straight, was born standing by order of OLOFIN and your kingdom will be prison and despair because one man will only save a people.

Iroso Meji Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Èjì Ìrosùn ni ò gbààwè
A dífá fun Òní
Omo Onísin ìkó ti Kólójo
Níjó tíń fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Wón láyéé rè or dáá
Wón ni ire gbogbo ni ó jókòó tì í
Sùgbón kó rubo
Òní bá rbo
Ayé ye Òní
N ní wá ń jó ní wá ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Èjì Ìrosùn ni ò gbààwè
A dífá fun Òní
Omo Onísin ìkó ti Kólójo
Níjó tíń fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó se
Ení ó fi Ìsín rbo
Ká ti móo pè é?
Ìyáa mòjèsín
Bàbá mojèsín
Mòjèsín ló kué délè yí bèèrè.

Iroso Meji: Ifá wishes the good fortune of children for this person. Life will please you, and your fortunes will not elude you. He must make sacrifice with many slimy snails. The woman will become the mother of young people while the man will become the father of young people.

Èjì Ìrosùn, don't run
He prophesied Ifá for Òní
The son of the Onísin clan ìkó ti Kólójo
When I cried because of the lack of children
They told him that he would have many children,
That his life would improve
And that all good things would come to him
But they advised him to offer sacrifice
It was then that Òní offered the sacrifice
Life pleased him
He began to dance happily
He was praising his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
Said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Èjì Ìrosùn, don't run
He prophesied Ifá for Òní
The son of the Onísin clan ìkó ti Kólójo
When I cried because of the lack of children
They told him that he would have many children,
But I should offer the sacrifice of children
He used Ìsín (Akee apple) as a sacrifice
What do we call such a person?
Mòjèsín's mother
Mòjèsín's father
This is Mòjèsín who brought children into the world in large numbers.

Eshu of Oddun Iroso Meji:

Eshu Iroso Meji.

This Eshu is made of mass, it has four faces, four different blades, one of copper, one of iron, one of steel, and one of white metal. It is thrown into the opening that it has; a small plate washed and eaten with the Odu Iroso Meji. The load carries: four small Ikinis washed in all kinds of land, four peonies, four guineas peppers, four pieces of kolá nut, four grains of toasted corn, four pieces of coconut, corojo butter, a stone (he wonders where en), honey, cocoa butter, brandy, jutía and smoked fish, sea sand, serene water from the basin, house soil, chicken egg, three small stones, land of the crab cave, red clay , carapacho de jicotea, omiero, five cents, a realito, a piece of two cents, land of the four corners, and from the door of the house of the interested party. Other Eshus cargo. He wonders if the load is complete, if he says that it is not complete with what Orúnmila says. This Eshu must eat a fresh fish.

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