Iroso Otrupon: Meaning, History, Sayings and Tips.

Sign of Ifa Iroso Otrupon

Iroso Otupon is the Sign of Ifa number 87, here Orunmila advises us not to fall into vanity or arrogance since a negative attitude generates resentment in our environment, which will deprive us of getting help when we need it. This Odu is the combination between Irosun and Oturupon

Other names of the Oddun Iroso Otrupon:

  • Iroso Batrupon.
  • Iroso Gross.
  • Iroso Batuto.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Iroso Otrupon?

  • Loss of blood through the intestine.
  • The sense of hearing, which was given to Olorun by the hand of Orun, the omó of Ogue and the omó of Osanyin.
  • The creation of peoples in inhospitable places.

What is the sign of Ifa Iroso Otrupon talking about?

  • That the Awó's job is to speak and not lift weights.
  • From venereal diseases.
  • Of arguments in the ilé and that the woman wishes to leave her husband because he treats her with despotism or vice versa.
  • Of what here orunmila he disrespected Inle and Orishaoko and in punishment he fell ill with gonorrhea.
  • That the woman wants to be more than the husband.
  • The vase, this Ifá orders to bathe with flowers.
  • That the aleyo who sees this Iroso Otrupon has a need to receive Ifa quickly or else he will dry up little by little.
  • That the woman is sick of her parts.
  • Here Shango announces poverty and disaster.
  • That there is someone who watches the person.
  • To be careful with justice.
  • Of provocation on the part of a person who you fear, doing ebo she will not be able to with you.
  • That in this Ifá, Orúnmila invented the Ofa, because the beasts went to the town to give it away.
  • Iroko in this Irá.
  • Of despotism with his wife that is why she wants to go, pass her hand, because if you leave you will have a lot of work, she was Oboñú and out of disgust she gave birth, since then she is sick, take care of her and do not eat peanuts.
  • From chasing enemies to rob and kill them.
  • Of envious person who receive help from others and instead pay with bad gratitude.
  • Obatalá, Shango and Egun.

The Iroso Bruto sign (Otrupon) indicates:

  • From the gardener who gave them his sweat to smell the flowers.
  • Of the traveler who was looking for security and tranquility.
  • Injustice.
  • Fighting.
  • Lack of appreciation from the one who receives your benefit.

What are the prohibitions of Iroso Otrupon?

  • You should not make forces.
  • Do not eat pork.

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Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Iroso Otrupon:

  • When the boiler is broken, the water runs out and the candle goes out.
  • The vain woman is like a golden nose in the nose of an ox. 
  • He who feels the heat and does not see the fire burns. 
  • He who insists on making an impossible dream come true fails. 
  • He who wants to be noticed wastes his time with the blind man. 
  • Both the rich and the poor depend on Olorun to live. 
  • The one who pawns the club, dies with the club. 
  • Thorns and ties are in the way of those who rebel against their destiny. 
  • Whoever sows vanity reaps contempt. 
  • Whoever shares his bread with the poor will never lack bread

Code of Ethics of Ifa of the Odu Iroso Otrupon:

The Awó does not raise his hand to women, only tranquility and security for their things.

Ifa Iroso Otrupon says:

Ifá says that this man should not hide any secrets from his children. Ifá will help you win. He must allow his older son to accompany him anywhere; and show him your secret things so that he knows them. 

When this odu appears in the Igbodun, the person should be told to prepare his own throne of Ogún in addition to Ifá and Eshu so that he has some respite. It is unlikely that he is an extremely prosperous person in life.

When Iroso Batrupon appears in divination the person will be told to make sacrifice so that his magnanimity may
Be grateful and don't get paid ingratitude.

If Iroso Otrupon appears in divination, the person will be told that his life is not stabilized. To avoid getting sick, he must sacrifice to Ifá with 16 slugs.

Ifa Iroso Bruto says in divination, the person will be advised to be very close to Orúnmila and to have his Ogún and a deity that does not drink wine. He is likely to marry three women who will be sent to him by these divinities.

Prayer of the Iroso Batrupon Ifa sign:

Iroso Trupon Iroso Tuto abereni Koyo wanwadoro Ifá yokafun Yemayá obadoro Awó Iré bayeni
Shango Awó maro Eledé afofó Lokun yode wawa Yeré abebe lage Ifá.

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Ebbo of the Odu Iroso Otrupon:

Paraldo of Iroso Brutus:

Egun is put in a bush or on a mountain a clay pot containing fine corn, 9 Ishu balls, 9 akará, 9 eko (he wonders if eyebale and what animal), the content of the pot can also vary, it can take other things or some other things. Everything is asked. Sometimes a work is made with 16 eñí adié, ori, efun, oñi, itaná meji, Obatalá is asked and taken to a hill.

The door is often washed out, always wondering yes with Atiponlá.

They take baths with Laurel de la India and wonder how much.

Oddun Iroso Otrupon tips:

If Iroso Otrupon appears in the Igbodun, the person is likely to marry in critical circumstances. He will probably seduce the wife of a strong person, and he will go with her, if he entertains Ifa with 4 guinea fowls, Eshu with a goat, and a fighting cock to Ogún

In an ordinary divination, the person will serve a goat to Eshu, and a rooster to Ogun. If it appears for a woman it is likely that she will leave her first husband to marry another.

Recommendations of the Ifa Iroso Batrupon Sign:

  • Take care of abdominal and scrotal hernias.
  • Beware of abortions, the woman can be sick of her parts.
  • The Awó must swear to the godson in Orun and Osanyin.
  • When you have a godson with this Ifá in Atefa, do not let him go to your house, because in the end he ends up with you, if he is an Awó friend of yours, treat him coldly so that he does not go home any more.
  • That Iroso Batuto has to think well what he does and never start from the first, so as not to become Iroso Ogue (Iroso Bruto).
  • Make ebo so that the enemies cannot with you.
  • It is not convenient for you to walk at night so that you will not be scared by what you see.
  • It closes its door because there is a revolution there.
  • And the interested party, despite receiving disappointments and bad gratitude from people alone, must continue to do all the good possible since that is where greatness and purity of heart reside; However, you have to watch out for traps and people who will try to lead you astray. They also give you bad advice.
  • You have to take care of your blood, your stomach, your internal organs because a carelessness will bring you bad consequences.
  • Beware of tragedies, disparities of criteria, arguments, etc. And something very important, knowing how to control your temper. Things will be done little by little so that they have a positive effect.

Oddun from Ifa Iroso Otrupon in Osogbo:


  • Here they hunt down the person to kill him.


  • Blood is born through the intestine and through the belly.
  • He suffers from diseases of the veins and of the ear.
  • The woman is sick in her parts.


  • Here health is lost.
  • Luck can be lost due to a curse.
  • Shango announces poverty and despair.


  • He talks about arguments in the ilé and the wife wants to leave her husband because he treats her with despotism or vice versa.
  • Talk about disrespect.
  • Here they watch over the person.
  • Be careful with justice.
  • It speaks of provocation on the part of a person whom you fear.

Iroso Batrupon (Otrupon) in Ire:


  • Talk about venereal diseases.
  • Talk about hidden enemies that Shango helps destroy.
  • It speaks of problems in the marriage due to mistreatment of conjugal masters, the man treats the woman with despotism or vice versa.
  • The woman is ill.
  • Talk about the problem of vigilance and justice.
  • Talk about chasing enemies.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Iroso Otrupon


Orúnmila arrived in a region with a group of people with the objective of building a town, but the chosen place was in poor adaptation conditions and the men took a long time to build it due to so many jobs and adversities they suffered. For these reasons Orúnmila did not have a job, until the town was finished people would not go to live there. One day a woman said that she would solve that problem in two days and that she would risk her life if she did not comply with it, the woman was drunk and the men accepted the deal for taking off their jobs, the next day when she woke up the woman gave herself She realized the mistake she had made and she told her father and he sent her to Orúnmila, who saw this Ifá and marked her as Ebo, she did it. Two days later the men met and agreed to leave and the woman saved her life.

He guessed for fire when it came towards Earth.


When a young person works with the palm of their hands, they will use the back of their hands to disperse it. This was the name of the Babalawo that he guessed for fire when he saw the World. He was told to sacrifice with the red clothes he wore and a red rooster, so that his good deeds could be appreciated and gratefully rewarded. He did not make the sacrifice.

Iroso Otrupon - Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Èkó kó won yún
Èkó ko won bò
A dífá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tíń lo Àgbá ègbò ifè Olúkiribítí
Àgbá ègbò ifè Olúkiribítí túun ń lo yìí dáa báyìí?
Wón niwo Òrúnmìlà
"Wón lóó móo lo daadáa"
"Ó móo bò dáadáa"
Wón ní "Ògún ní kóo lòó bo"
Ó bá bo Ògún
Àwon sì ń gbógun lÁgbàá ègbò ifè Olúkiribítí
Wón níwo Òrúnmìlà or la ogun òhún kojá
Wón ní kò níí yes kinní kan tí ó mu
Won ní or móo dárin
N ni àwon Ológun ń se tee dòní
Èkó kó won yún
Èkó ko won bò
A dífá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tíń lo Àgbá ègbò ifè Olúkiribítí
Wón ní kó rubo kó lè baà ségun
Òrúnmìlà gbébo ńbè ó rbo
Èkó kó won yún
Èkó ko won bò
Awo rere lÈkóó se
Awo rere lÈkóó se

Ifá says that this person's belongings will not be lost. If he is leading a group of people to a specific place, he will return to the group. He must make sacrifice to Ògún.

Èkó took them
Èkó brought them
They made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was traveling to Àgbá ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí
"Would I do well in Àgbá ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí"?
They told him "You Òrúnmìlà"
"You will do well"
"And he will return well"
"You must offer sacrifice to Ògún"
He offered the sacrifice
But they were at war in the city Àgbá ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí
They told Òrúnmìlà about the war
And that nothing bad will happen to him
They advised him to sing in his own way
The song is what the military sings today
Èkó took them
Èkó brought them
They made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was traveling to Àgbá ègbò Ifè Olúkiribítí
He was advised to offer sacrifice
Únrúnmìlà heard about the sacrifice and did
Èkó took them
Èkó brought them
Èkó is a good priest
Èkó is a good priest

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