Iroso Sa: Meaning, Tips, Sayings and More

iroso osa sign of ifa

Other names for Iroso Osa:

  • Irosun Sa.
  • Irous Sun Sun.
  • Iroso Sa.

In the odu Iroso Sa is born:

  • The cereals.
  • That here Shango cursed all women.
  • That Oshún wishes that they put it higher than the other Orishas.

The sign of Ifa Iroso Sa speaks:

  • When something happens to a person, he blames the Saints.
    Iroso Sa talks about which person has money saved and cries when he has to spend it, and thus his luck is far away.
  • If he is a man he is somewhat impotent.
  • That the owner of this Ifá "Iroso Sa" has little faith in the Saints and Orúnmila and even leaves them, because although he keeps them, he does not work with them, forgetting the oath made before Olofin for the good of humanity.
  • Of money saved.
  • Of a deceased friend that you have to make mass.
  • That friends want to take a place away from him and then fuck them.
  • Of a person whose head goes crazy.
  • Iroso Osa talks about a man who has to look for a woman or vice versa.
  • Distrustful person who always thinks he is being cheated on.
  • This sign of Ifa speaks: that the person has been ordered to do something that he has not done and that is why a misfortune can be sought or that they rob him.
  • Fire in the house and even loss of life for not paying the debt to Shango.
  • Iroso Sa, was where Orúnmila told Obatalá to do Ebó and do Ifá, and he did nothing and got lost and had to return to the house of orunmila and do it all.
  • That the person is sick and does not take care of himself, he has to have Orúnmila and Osanyin.
  • That women get their period and it can be withdrawn due to a scare.

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Sayings of Iroso Sa

  • Evil look for it in your house.
  • A king is coming who can take away his crown. 
  • Do not kill, do not sin.
  • Who they watch, it is not good. 
  • What is well written does not get erased. 
  • No one has a steady gait with their eyes closed. 
  • Every cloud has a silver lining. 
  • Avoiding conflict is honor, getting entangled in it is painful. 
  • The light tongue places the rope around the neck stronger. 
  • Whoever enriches himself with lies finds death before his time. 
  • It is preferable to live alone than in quarrel

Ethical code of Ifa of the Iroso Osa

The Awó receives his Kuanaldo to found his town.

Tips from odu Iroso Sa:

He says that for a debt with Shango you and yours may even lose your life.

It speaks of impotence in man.
Here the person for disobedience can be wasted.
Here the person is sick and does not take care of himself, he has to have Orúnmila and Osanyin.

He talks about theft and loss through disobedience and not doing what he is told.

Here Shango cursed women.
It speaks of the misfortune that the person may have for not doing what they are told to do.

Talk about money saved.
Mass for a deceased friend Egun.
Hold on to Shango and Oshún for luck.

Enemies want to take something away from the person.
He says that the person's head goes crazy.
He talks about a man who has to look for a woman or vice versa.

Says Ifa odu Iroso Sa:

When this sign of Ifá appears in the Igbodun, immediately the person should serve his head with white chalk mixed with salt, coconut, kolá nut and a white rooster. He should immediately give a goat to Eshu and persevere in whatever he sets his mind to as God will reward him in the end with a great favor. In divination, the person will be told to also serve his head with a rooster to obtain an expected favor.

When Iroso Sa appears in the Igbodun, the head of a falcon and the appropriate blades will be used to prepare iron scissors on the skull of a gorilla, for the person to keep it on his Ifá throne, to allow him to achieve his goal in life.

When this Odu Iroso Sa appears in divination, the man will be prevented from seducing anyone's wife as it could cost him his life.

Recommendations of the Ifa Iroso Sa odu

  • You have to comply with Shango and Oshún to do well in the future and do not have losses.
  • For this Ifá Iroso Sa Oshún is placed on top of the basket.
  • Put Shango Shekete and Ogún to defeat enemies and for luck to come.
  • We must respect the elderly so that it is not lost.
  • Be careful not to burn your house or someone in it gets seriously burned with hot water or hot grease.
  • Try to pay the debts that you have with other people, it is not something that because of that debt you and yours are in danger.
  • Move from where you live for luck.
  • Do not cry any more the money you spend, because

The Ifa Iroso Osa sign marks:

Debts with Shango and Oshún that he pay as soon as possible.

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Prayer of the Odu Iroso Sa:

Iroso Sa Ifá pele lelé oguele wa guere manile ila pupua Ologin tinshe ofoyude Olofin Maferefun Shango.

Ebbo from Iroso Osa Ifa

For the enemies.

Put Shekete on Shango and Oshún to defeat their enemies.

For Egun.

An Egun friend of his wants her to give a mass to help him.

Iyefá Iroso Sa.

The Iyefá of this Ifá is with Mate, two coconuts are put in Oshún and five days in the river.

Cleaning the Iroso Osa sign.

What you say in the land of Shango, affirm it in heaven, look for a wife or husband, clean and wash the
house with Alamo.

To solve situations ebbo Iroso Sa 4-9.

You have to give Abo to Shango, while he can do it, he is given Amalá ilá that is allowed to burn and this is how he is given this is to solve something important.

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Patakie of the Iroso Sa sign:


In a house on one occasion, Shangó, Oshún, Ogún and Orúnmila and Oshun She was Shango's wife, but at the same time she was living with Ogún and also outside the house in the Oshún village she had three more lovers.

Orúnmila was limp in his legs and it was difficult for him to walk, one day when Orúnmila opens the day he sees this Ifá, where he had to do ebo, Oshún being the only person who cared about that and he got Orúnmila everything he needed and in the Ifá registry he told her that there would be fire in the house.

Shango, aware of Oshún's treachery, took advantage of a moment when everyone was carefree inside the house and gave fire on all four sides for revenge.

Everyone ran when they saw the fire, Oshún remembering that Orúnmila could not walk, he returned inside the house and when he did not find him, he left through the back door, where he found Orúnmila who had left thanks to the scare that he had taken. Oshún tells Orúnmila, I went in to save him but I couldn't find him and that is why I left here and I see that you saved yourself, Orúnmila tells Oshún, I will always be grateful for this gesture, you who are the sinner, You were the only one who remembered me, from this moment your sins are forgiven and also from today you are the only one who has the power to eat together with me.

Iroso sa - Traditional Ifa


He guessed for the knife when he was going to shave Orisha's head. He was told to sacrifice to avoid doing the job by halves. He did not make the sacrifice. Without making the sacrifice, he left the next day to shave Orisha's hair.

On his way, he came across Eshu and thought what a great opportunity it would be to earn additional money by cutting Eshu's hair first. He told Eshu that his first priority was to cut Orisha's hair. Finally, Eshu let him shave his hair. But while shaving Eshu's hair, it wouldn't stop growing. The peeling lasted the whole day and still, he could not finish his work. At dawn Eshu's hair was as thick as when it had started. Therefore Eshu refused to pay him since his hair was not cut. The knife had no doubt and made a casual connection between the sacrifice he had not made and this frustrated experience. Upon arriving at the house that night, he proceeded to make the sacrifice.

After that, she was able to get to Orisha's house the next morning to cut her hair. When Orisha saw him, she asked him the reason why he had stopped showing up the day before, he explained to her by narrating his unsuccessful experience and everything that was on the way.


Èkùró oríta méta ni ò senu sonso solóko
A dífá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tíń lo rèé yànrí lóde Ìdó
Yóó sì yàn ìwà lójà Èjìgbòmekùn
Wón ní kí Bàbá ó rbo
Ńgbà Òrúnmìlà de òde Ìdó
Ó yànríi tie
Níjó a bá sì yànrí lóde Ìdó
Aà gbodò nájà níjó òhún
Báa bá yànrí lódún yìí
Ó dèèmíìn ká túó lo ojà Èjìgbòmekùn
Ká tú lòó ra ìwà
Níjó a bá sì nájà
A à gbodò yanrí lójó òhún
Déédé ìgbà tí wonó ó sì yànrí tán ni ìnájà náà ó parí
Sùgbón àwon omo èdá ò gbóràn
Òrúnmìlà yànrí è tán
Ó tún yàn fun omo èdá
Ó wá ní "e móo ní sùúrù"
"Níjó tée bá yanrí"
"E mó nàájà"
"Èèkan kúkú lèèyán ó yànrí è"
"Bó bá sì di èèmíìn"
"E móo bò wá yes ojà Èjìgbòmekùn
"Kée sì yan ìwà"
Ohun gbogbo táàá fíí se ilé ayé
bye owo
Aya laugh
Ilé àti béé béé lo
Làá pè niwà
Béèyán bá lóun or se méjèèjì pò
Yóó pòfo méjèèjì ni
Orí làá kókóo yàn
Ká tú lòó yàn ìwà
Ayé ye Òrúnmìlà
Ayé si ye omo èèyàn
Òrúnmìlà wá ń jó ni ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Èkùró oríta méta ni ò senu sonso solóko
A dífá fun Òrúnmìlà
Níjó tíń lo rèé yànrí lóde Ìdó
Yóó sì yan ìwà lójà Èjìgbòmekùn
Èlà nìkan ló níwà rere
Àwontó yànrí ò níwà lówó
Èlà nìkan ló níwà rere.

Iroso Osa says: This person must offer sacrifice to his Orí. His Orí accepts a large fish from him.

Èkùró oríta méta ni ò senu sonso solóko
He made divination to únrúnmìlà
The day he was going to choose his Orí in the ancient city of Ìdó
And he would choose his character in the market Èjìgbòmekùn
They advised him to offer sacrifice
When Òrúnmìlà went to the city of Ìdó
He chose his Orí
But the day one chooses his Orí in the city of Ìdó
One will not be able to go to the market
If one chooses Orí this year
It is next year that he will be able to go to the mercadojìgbòmekùn market
He would go there to choose his character
And if the opposite is done, the same day that you go to the market
One could not choose his Orí on the same day
At the same time that Orí is chosen, the door will be closed that same day, the market will also close its doors
But the man did not want to listen
Òrúnmìlà chose his Orí
And he also chose the man's
He now had to be patient
Òrúnmìlà said "The day he chooses his Orí"
"You will not be able to go to the market"
"Since it is only once that one chooses his ori in life"
"In the next season or year"
"You can return to the market of Èjìgbòmekùn"
"There you can choose your character"
Anything necessary to have a good life
As wealth
Houses and tranquility
It is what we refer to as our character
If one tries or decides to choose both at the same time
One would end up losing both
One must first choose his Orí
And then later he will choose his character again
Life pleased Òrúnmìlà
And life pleased the man
Únrúnmìlà started dancing and was very happy
He praised his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos began to praise Ifá
He said his Babaláwos had told the truth
Èkùró oríta méta ni ò senu sonso solóko
He made divination for Òrúnmìlà
The day he was going to choose his Orí in the ancient city of Ìdó
And he would choose his character in the market Èjìgbòmekùn
He is the only one who had a good character
Those who chose only Orí, do not have a good character
He is the only one who chose a good character.

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