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ifa iwori Boka sign

Iwori Boka is Odu number 56 in the Ifa genealogical order, this Sign tells us about moments of tension in love relationships, talks about drama and love triangles. A deep analysis of the relationship is recommended, and identify if it is really convenient to continue in it since probably instead of bringing tranquility, what it does is generate anxiety and despair.

Ifá says that this person must be attentive because an enemy would make a dangerous attempt to catch him, he must sacrifice his Agbádá suit so that he can overcome that diabolical attempt.

Other names for Iwori Ika:

  • Iwori Boka.

In the odu Iwori Boka is born:

  • Born: The stubbornness.
  • Here: Talk about foot skill.
  • The person likes hunting.
  • It is an Ifá of robberies, decomposition.
  • You are addicted to gambling and stealing.
  • Iwori Boka is an Ifá of passionate dramas.
  • Curiosity can cost you your life.
  • It is an Ifá of adultery.

Recommendations of the Iwori Boka sign:

Here if the husband surprises the wife in something bad, do not try to kill her, because then she will die in prison of sadness.

Here the person is lucky for a woman or for an aijada, treat her well that Oshún will reward it.

Here you have to respect the wives of your friends, so that you avoid problems.
Here there are those who try to antagonize him with another person to achieve their ends.

You can be slandered by the wife of a friend, with whom you fell in love, it will be out of spite. Be stern, so you don't lose.

For this Ifá, one must receive: Ode and Osanyin, to achieve what is desired.

Iwori Boka is an Ifá of robberies and decompositions.

Here you are addicted to theft and illicit gambling.

Here, when you have a hunch, you should not investigate the cause and try to take shelter in time so that it is not in danger.

Here you have to take care of justice, because you are doing wrong things or visiting dubious places or hanging out with people with antisocial behavior.

Here you have the power to speak, so you convince anyone, especially women and you also commit to things that are not fulfilled.

For this Ifá, tragedy occurs because of jealousy and the use of a knife.

Iwori Boka prohibits frequent visits of men in the house, as well as women,

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Iwori Boka Sayings:

  • He who kills iron, dies iron.
  • Curiosity can cost your life.
  • When you freak out, don't ask him why.
  • He who runs everywhere gets enemies.
  • The one who steals, sooner or later they catch him.
  • He who stays at home with family, does not sleep alone.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Iwori Ika:

The Awó takes care of the wives of his friends so that they do not give him false testimonies.

Iwori Boka bans:

This Ifá "Iwori Boka" prohibits frequent visits by men in the house, as well as by women, as men fall in love with the women they visit and the visiting men fall in love with the women of the house. For that reason, the marital separation will come.

This Ifá speaks of passionate dramas.

Here, for this Odu, the Eguns must be well cared for, giving them masses and giving them food, flowers, cigars, brandy, prayers, etc.

Here the person should not run in his things, so that he will not win an enemy for his luck and money.

Here you are in a hurry to get married and have children. You must know how to choose your wife.

Woman: if she has not come out in condition, it is because her husband is sterile. Be careful with deceiving him, because she will surely become pregnant and he will kill her.

Nor will you be able to look at your husband with contempt, because he will be the only one who does for you, because the others who are around you want you for their enjoyment.

For this Ifá, war is declared on a person for something that is a lie, because that person is not his enemy, nor has he thought of harming him.

By this Ifá, the man can remain sterile by some illness of a child. Here the doctor will be consulted and the corresponding tests will be done.

Ifa Iwori Boka's odu speaks:

This Ifá is stubborn, where the person should not enter into a dispute with those around him.

Here the person will have to be offering flowers to the dead.

For this Ifá, the man has a woman who cannot be with her, because every time he touches her, she becomes ill. She is Olofin's wife and so that you can be well with her and that nothing happens to her, you have to do Ebo.

Iwori Boka's Iré is achieved by making Ebó with: 5 yellow hens, which will be given to Oshún and a rooster to Eshu, with lots of honey.

Here the person has a fairly developed sixth sense, which alerts him to danger, but is lost out of curiosity.

For this Ifá, the person has skills in the feet. He is a dancer, runner, jumper, etc.

Here the person likes hunting.

Here the woman understands or falls in love with her husband's best friend. She can become pregnant with her husband's friend and her husband can kill her.

Here is the saying: "He who kills iron, dies iron."

Here the wife brings her loved one into the house, when the husband leaves, and they enjoy what you work for.

Here the wife treats the husband with contempt. 

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Says Ifa Iwori Boka:

That they are going to give you a false testimony and they are going to say that a woman has fallen asleep and there is going to be a question of justice.

If you are a woman: You have to be careful with your husband, he is not going to catch you in a bad way; try to avoid a tragedy. Be careful not to get pregnant from your loved one.

If you are a man: Due to adultery problems, a tragedy comes to you that can lead to problems of justice and you will lose your freedom and even lose your life.

You like illegal gambling, try not to do it because you will lose your peace of mind.- If you are allowed to speak, it will convince anyone, especially women. Don't promise things you can't keep. You cannot make the women of your friends fall in love.

If you catch the woman in something bad, do not try to kill her, for then you will die in prison. They want to antagonize another person to achieve their ends.- You can be slandered by your friend's wife, who you fell in love with, it will be out of spite. You have to have serenity so that you do not get lost.- Be careful with theft.- When you get scared or have a hunch, do not investigate the cause and try to take refuge in time so that it is not in danger, because curiosity can cost you life.- You you have to take care of justice, because you visit dubious places and that is why you can be arrested. You can not run for everyone, do not go to make enemies for your luck and money. You are in a hurry to get married and have a child.- In your house there is a person with stomach or chest disease; let Ebo do so that he does not die.- You have declared war on a person or have turned away from it, for thinking something that is not true.- You think that person is your enemy, but that person never He has thought of hurting you.- You have to be careful with theft because you may lose your freedom.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Ika:


Suyere of the Iwori Boka Sign:


Iwori Ika's Ebbo:


He will take a bouquet of flowers to the cemetery, there it is cleaned with the flowers invoking all his Eguns and then he puts it on an abandoned or poor grave. Masses will be given to the Eguns.

Ebo for Iwori Ika's ire:

A rooster will be given to Eshu and 5 yellow hens to Oshún, with plenty of honey.

To achieve the desired.

Ode should be received.

Ebó for Iré:

This Ebó will be carried out with five yellow hens, which will be given to OSHUN and a rooster to Eshu, with lots of honey.


You should quickly receive Osanyin

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Boka:

  • Cress.
  • bledo.
  • Warehouse.

Patakie of the Iwori Boka sign:

The carrier pigeon.


There was a town in which its inhabitants were passive people. One day, a group of men from that land had the need to go to another land a little distant from their town, for which reason they had to go through a town where its inhabitants were warriors. There was an army there that was always ready for war.

When passing through the warrior town, the army confronted him because they thought that those men were coming to fight, engaging a fierce combat, where despite the fact that the army was well prepared, it could not overcome the resistance of those men.

The army chief said: "We are going to make a fence, because they are very strong and, as they do not bring enough food, they will not be able to resist and thus, in that way, we can defeat them.

The leader of the group of those passive men had the custom of, whenever they went out of their territory, to carry a cage with homing pigeons.

He said to the others: We are going to release the pigeons, which have not been able to drink water, and if they return it means that the fence is broken. And, at the same time, they will carry the message to our people, that they will send us help. But if they do not return, this means that the siege is still on.

They released the pigeons, which disappeared from sight. A dove landed on an olive tree, and then continued its journey. But the army chief, when he saw that pigeon, realized that that group of men with whom they were fighting had not gone to make war on them as they had previously thought, giving them the opportunity to continue their journey.

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Iwori Boka Ifa Traditional


Ìnínírín lawo Ìnínírín
Ìnínìrìn lawo Ìnínìrìn
A day fun Ajítobì
Èyí tíí sawo Ìwòrì Àyòká
Wón ní kó rbo
Or I know
Ngbà or ya
Bí ón ba n bèèrè obì
Won a ní e nsó nlé Ajítobì
Ajítobì bá deni ola
awo keré
Awó dàgba
Àsé Awo tú dára laá bóbì nlé è?
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìnínírín lawo Ìnínírín
Ìnínìrìn lawo Ìnínìrìn
A day fun Ajítobì
Èyí tíí sawo Ìwòrì Àyòká
Awó mòmò kéré or
Awó momo dàgbà
Awotó gbófa laá bóbì nlée rè
Ajítobì aya Ìwòrì Àyòká.

Ifá wishes this person to be well if his wife could be a seller of kola. Whether he is Babalawo or not, they must not allow there to be a shortage of kola in their home. Life will please him and he will have a good lady for his wife. He will have peace, wealth, and long life. But he should always have kola on hand, because his spirit is in good tune with the kola nut.

Ìnínírín is the Babaláwo of Ìnínírín
Ìnínìrìn is the Babaláwo of Ìnínìrìn
They made divination for Ajítobì
The wife of Ìwòrì Àyòká
She was advised to make sacrifice
She offered it
After some time
People started looking for kola to buy
People would say "Let us go to Ajítobì's house to get some kola nuts"
Ajítobì became rich
If a Babaláwo is young.
Or old
It is in the house of a good Babaláwo that we must look for kola
She started dancing and she was happy
She praised her Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
She said it was exactly as her Babaláwos had said.
Ìnínírín is the Babaláwo of Ìnínírín
Ìnínìrìn is the Babaláwo of Ìnínìrìn
They made divination for Ajítobì
The wife of Ìwòrì Àyòká
If a Babalawo is young
Or is it old
It is in the house of an expert priest that we will always find kola
Ajítobì is the wife of Ìwòrì Àyòká.

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