IWORI ODI: Meaning, Tips, Sayings, Pataki, Traditional Ifa and more

Iwori Odi is the combination between the main Odu Iwori and Odi, this sign occupies the 49th place in the Lordly Order of Ifa, Maferefun Olokun, the deity of the depths of the sea and Ifa says: this person has a large and colorful costume. If he cannot use it for the sacrifice where this odù was revealed, he must present it as alms to beggars to prevent the incident of eye disease when he grows old.

This sign speaks of solidarity with those most in need, it exhorts us to share our prosperity because if we are able to give we will be able to receive.

odu of ifa iwori wode - Iwori Odi

Other names for Iwori Odi:

  • Iwori Ode.
  • Iwori di.
  • Iwori Wode.

In the odu Iwori Odi is born:

  • In this sign was born: OLOKUN's sentence that someone always drowns in the sea.
  • The saying Black does not turn white.
  • Iwori Odi: There are great wars with paleros.
  • Lizards are not killed.
  • Iwori Odi is an Ifá of losses.
  • It speaks of the selfishness of the children who wish to rule the Parents.
  • Bathing in the sea is prohibited.
  • Brand marine phenomena.

What is the Iwori Odi sign talking about?

  • Talk about war between OBATALA and OLOKUN.
  • Talk about libertine life.
  • Iwori Odi speaks about the bullfight, the bull and the bullfighter.
  • This is ODI BAYA, who was a fortune teller.
  • This Odu is the ISALAYE of ORISHA OKO.

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Recommendations of the Iwori Odi sign:

In this Ifá, OLOKUN's sentence was born that someone will always drown in the sea, that is why AWO IWORI WODE should not bathe in the sea and even less swim where it cannot stand, nor should it go on excursions in marine vessels, because it can lose your life drowning.

For this Ifá, lizards will not be killed because they will be your salvation.

OSANYIN must be received in order to overcome the wars that he will have to face in his life, for the safety and happiness of his children.

Make big war with paleros.

Okra is not eaten.

White flag is put in the house to win the war.

Here you have to feed the Holy Warriors and OSHUN.

AWO IWORI WODE will have to be doing EBO to defeat enemies and difficulties that arise in life.

Here the enemies offer him friendship and work him from behind.

You have to take great care of the Saints and necklaces.

Talk about a family member or friend who drowned at sea.

Iwori Odi marks maritime phenomena, such as sea level, intense marine storms, sea of ​​lev, etc.

Here the person has to receive: OLOKUN and OSANYIN.

You have to take care of the sons or daughters of OLOKUN.

Sayings of Iwori Odi:

  • Black does not turn white.
  • Better skill than strength.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Freedom is not debauchery.
  • Yesterday I was free, today I am a slave.

Iwori wode bans:

You cannot live with your eyes closed. Be suspicious of everyone.

For this Ifá, you have to take cooking straw or corn fluff.

It is an Ifá of losses.

Here the person's body is strong but will have losses.

Do not belittle anyone, no matter how insignificant or naive they may seem, lest you lose.

For intelligence and skill can defeat the strongest.

This is the Ifá of the bull and the bird. The weak bird, with his skill, made the bull bare its neck.
You must take care of burns.

In this Ifá there is no complete happiness because different problems will always arise with the family and conjugal deceptions on both sides.

When this Ifá is seen in a woman and she has older children, they will oppose her trying to be happy with another man, because here the selfishness of children who wish to rule their parents speaks.

Here the person in his youth may have led a libertine life.

Ifá in Iwori Odi speaks of a person who wishes to destroy Awó or Apetebi IWORI WODE. If this

Ifá speaks Osobo: there are people who want to take everything from him.

This Odu speaks of problems in the blood, which from one moment to another loses or gains strength. He suffers from the kidneys.

Odu Iwori Odi Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó never looks down on anyone.

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Tips from the odu of Ifa Iwori Odi:

Here the black does not become white ». So whatever bad you do and get caught will hit you for life.

You have to accept things as they are and live with your feet on the Earth, to try to be happy and not live off chimeras.

Woman: Beware of paleros who aspire to obtain it by bad arts.

There is a palera woman interested in you.

She has had several husbands or lovers and none of them is the one she has now.

Here was the war of OLOKUN and OBATALA.

It is an Ifá Osobo or hard Ifá: it speaks bad and of the dead person. You have to feed OGUN, so that she does not suddenly die, as one of her husbands did.

Her husband is in poor health and may die. Take it to the foot of Ifá, to see if it can be saved.

Here tragedies must be avoided at all costs.

In Iwori Odi, you have to be careful about stealing hearts, because they will surprise you.

Do not pick up tissues found on the street.

Says Ifa Iwori Odi

That you be careful with the thieves and people of the other world. You are pregnant. You work hard and you don't see the results or the product of your work. You are with your eyes closed and it is about time that you open them so that they do not deceive you anymore because it is less than you. Your body is fine but it is going to have losses. You will be very lucky, where they will want to bewitch you, be careful with a brown man who is cheating you and if you don't walk fast, you will have losses. Do not go to do any business, you will lose. You dreamed of a white thing on your head. So that you do not have so many stumbles, always walk alone and avoid the arrogant ones. If your mother is dead, she prays for you from up there. Find out what you have to do so that you can overcome your big problems. You have to get rid of the bad eyes.

No matter how great and powerful it is, do not abuse the weak, because one of them, by its ability, can kill you. If you bump into someone on the street, do not try to argue with them, because even if they look big and physically robust, they may be weaker than you, and for trying to hit them they can kill them and go to jail. You must receive OSANYIN or an Inshé to solve problems. You have a great war with a drainer who has a powerful garment. You must receive ORUNMILA and take good care of the advice that he will give you. Be careful not to fall in love with a woman with a libertine life, get married and
pass an embarrassment.

His enemy uses a purse and works him from behind. Be careful not to burn the house. You have to take care of your sight, because you can go blind. You did a job of tying up your husband. The woman, since she had contact with her husband,
got sick, had bleeding and will have it again; you will have difficulty urinating. You have to be careful with Osha matters, watch out for the necklaces. You have to have corn fluff decoction.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Odi:


Suyere of the Iwori Wode Sign:


Ebo from Iwori Odi:

Inshe from Ozain Iwori Wode:

Pieces of sticks: Moruro, change voice, root of Flower of Water, 3 tie, black and white thread, a silver coin, in which a hole is made; Iyefá prayed, fabric of the color that takes. It is wrapped and lined with threads of the four ritual colors. You are asked what you eat and drink, as well as the day of the week. You can drink brandy, dry wine or dew at night.

EBO: 1 rooster, 1 pigeon, lizard, sweaty clothes, maloja, sea sand, brandy, sea water, a doll, a lot of roasted corn, jutía and smoked fish, candle, coconut, corojo butter, a lot of money.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Odi:


Blood Grass.


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Pataki of the Iwori Odi sign:


On Earth ABORINI IFA lived the children of OBATALA, calm and happy. But the children of OLOKUN, who lived on Earth IWORI WOYOBO, were always complaining to their Father about the children of OBATALA, who were OMO AGUEMA, who had them restless and would not let them live.

OLOKUN ignored them, because he boasted of a monster that he had at his service and he lived proud of the Power of said monster.

One day, OLOKUN wanted to be disappointed in what his children were saying and decided to go visit the land of ABORINI IFA.
When OLOKUN came out, he started singing:


OBATALA, who was fishing around that place at the time, when he heard OLOKUN immediately thought that he was very angry and was coming very strong, and the idea passed through his head that perhaps OLOKUN would come to destroy his children.


OBATALA, who heard what his children were praying, was very happy and replied: “OMI ILE OBANI OSHANLA OKO NI ODARA OBATALA OMO YEBI ORUN YERI ABOYE BE OLORUN IRE ASHEGUN OTA”.

OLOKUN, who heard this, got very angry and went to where OBATALA was and said: Look to see what you are doing, because not only will I end your children on this Earth but also with all the children that you you have and will remain alone in the world.

OBATALA, upon hearing these words from OLOKUN, realized that he was lost, because he could not fight against a force as great as that of the monster of OLOKUN, and with so much pride he took, he began to cry, because he thought that he was going to lose all his children.

OBATALA took her agogo and went out on the road, playing and making calls: "IWORI MEFA OBAYEDI OLORUN, IWORI WODE WAYE, BARELOGUN OSHANLA IFA."

This is how OBATALA arrived at OSANYIN's house, who upon seeing him and knowing his problem promised to help him, gave him herbs and told him to go to ORUNMILA's house and to do what he instructed, that he too with his power was going to help him overcome that difficulty.

OBATALA arrived at ORUNMILA's house and told him everything that was happening, as well as OLOKUN's threats to destroy all of his children.

ORUNMILA made him Osode and this Ifá, IWORI WODE, came out and marked him EBO, saying: You will see how OLOKUN is going to calm down. Once the EBO was finished, ORUNMILA sent him to dump it in ENIFA, that is, to water the content (there was corn inside the EBO).

Immediately the corn began to germinate by the virtue of OSANYIN, and in a short time they put out the ears. The children of OBATALA (ALAGUEMA) began to collide with each other inside the cornfield, causing a great noise.

OLOKUN, who already had his monster prepared for war, leaned out and looked at ONIKA and saw it all covered by corn and believed that it was a great army with its weapons.

OLOKUN, scared, immediately called his monster and said: Look over there, we cannot fight against that, we have to make peace with OBATALA and that her children continue to live in the World as they have been up to now.

And so it was that this Ifá became IRE ASHEGUN OTA.

NOTE: You have to receive OSANYIN to overcome difficulties in life.

There is a strong war with a drainer, who has a very strong garment buried and with it, when he takes it out, he works hard on the shipments, the Shishirikús can be used.

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Iwori Odi Ifa Traditional:


Ìwòrì wò me
Say wò me
Eni táa ni nií wo ni
A day fún Ìwòrì
Níjó ti n lo réé wòdí
Wón ní kó rbo
Bí Ìwòrì or bàá wòdi
Oúnje níí kún inú è
hey hey
Ìwòrì wò me
Say wò me
Eni táa ni nií wo ni
A day fún Ìwòrì
Níjó ti n lo réé wòdí
Ìwòrì dákun
Ìwòrì dabò
Èèyán seé wòdí lébi
Ìwòrì dákun
Ìwòrì dabò.

Ifá speaks well in the Odù Iwori Odi. The person will live a good life and his things will not be spoiled. His wife must not allow him to be hungry. Ifá wishes the good fortune of children for them; but that she should notice that love diminishes when hunger or scarcity comes.

Ìwòrì looks at me
Ìdí looks at me
Anyone who has seen our nakedness
They were the ones who made divination for Ìwòrì
During the day he was going to look at the vagina
They advised him to make the sacrifice
Whenever Ìwòrì wants to look at the vagina
Your stomach would be full
Life pleased him
Ìwòrì looks at me
Ìdí looks at me
Anyone who has seen our nakedness
They were the ones who made divination for Ìwòrì
The day I was going to look at the vagina
Ìwòrì please
Ìwòrì we beg you
How can a person look at the vagina when hungry
Ìwòrì please
Ìwòrì we beg you.

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