Iwori Yekun: Meaning, Born, Sayings, Pataki, Tips and more

Iwori Yekun

Iwori Yekun is the combination between the Ojú Odù Iwori and Oyeku, it is Odu number 48 in the Lordly Order of Ifa, it recommends us to follow the instructions of Ifa without exception, in this way we can avoid losses.

Ifá says that this person should never start a fight because of a misunderstanding or hold a grudge against another person, Iwori Yekun is the Odù that tells us that the exchange of punches by Babaláwos with people or masquerades is a taboo, Ifá says that this person to The one who is revealed this sign, must offer the sacrifice of hot drinks and serve it so that the people can drink.

Other names for Iwori Oyekun:

  • Iwori Yekun.
  • Iwori Yeku.

In the odu Iwori Yekun is born:

  • Born: Footprints on Earth.
  • That the woman without menstruation can receive a guide from OSANYIN.
  • The saying In a closed mouth no flies enter.
  • Here: Marks betrayal on the part of the woman towards the man.
  • It indicates that, although the Babalawo dies, the knowledge of Ifá continues to live by the power of ORI.
  • Talk about the Abiku child.
  • There is debt with SHANGO and YEMAYA.
  • The person lives without faith in life.

Recommendations of the Iwori Oyekun sign:

Here SHANGO is put on brandy, dry wine and honey; tobacco smoke is blown on it and it is played asheré. And you are asked what you want to solve.

This Ifá indicates that, although the Awó comes to him before OKUA IKU, the knowledge of Ifá continues to live by the power of ORI OKAN, ODUDUWA, ORUNMILA and SHANGO, through the virtues that OLODUMARE gave them.

When this Ifá «Iwori Yekun» is seen to a person who owns business with another person, he will have to be very careful because his enemies will want his separation in the business to take over them, so they will also always have to be saying that their business does not thrives. And they must do EBO.

You have to be careful, because it talks about war between two friends because of the enemies.

For this Ifá, no favors are done to anyone, just as you must have faith in the Saints and ORUNMILA, because if you ignore it you can lose your life.

For Iwori Oyekun, you have to do EBO to be able to have a seat and that everything goes well and goes forward. This EBO is made with a goat, the Santo who takes.

Ogun needs to be refreshed. Put on a Shibiriki and a chain. If you are a child of OGUN, use a chain with 21 pieces.
Here you dream of bad things.

Here you have to worry a bit about your own than about others.

For this Odu, receive OLOKUN and OSANYIN.

You have to beg your head.

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Sayings of Iwori Yekun:

  • Loose lips sink ships.
  • All that is seen is not spoken.
  • The bat hangs upside down in order to see the actions of the birds.

Iwori Oyekun bans:

  • Because of the Odu of Ifa Iwori Yekun, the person should not speak too much, that is why the saying was born: "No flies enter a closed mouth." Also, what the person sees should not be spoken, as this will bring problems in life.
  • When the Odu Iwori Yekun is revealed to a person, they will not be able to go out into the field for seven days.
  • Here the person should not neglect and do EBO, because the enemies can put him as an abnormal.
  • You have to be careful how you speak and where you speak. Here you discover something that is covered up, you have to do EBO so that it is not discovered.
  • Beware of losses and theft.
  • You cannot be so trusting, because for you everyone is good.
  • No Awó with this sign should formalize a stable relationship with a woman who does not have IKOFAFUN, so that he can get to know her well.

Ifa Iwori Yekun odu Ifa Code of Ethics:

What is seen is not spoken. 

Ifa Iwori Yekun's odu speaks of:

  • When This Odu is Iré: Transformation leads to contemplation and peace.
  • This sign speaks of a potentially fatal conflict that is diverted.
  • When Iwori Yekun comes Osobo: The conflict leads to the premature end of the cycles.
  • This Odu speaks of a dangerous potential conflict.
  • Here the footprints were born on the ground. That is to say, the trail that is taken and worked the same for good as for bad.
  • Iwori Yekun is a blackmail Ifá.
  • It marks stomach and leg disease.
  • Here you have to be careful with operations of the Urinary Tract and Intestine.
  • Here the money comes hot.
  • The Eshu of this Odu carries flies.
  • This is an Ifá of Abikú. For the child who gets this Odu, you have to tie him up and do work so that he does not die.

Iwori Oyekun for Men:

  • This Ifá speaks of impotence, so you must do EBO.
  • For this Ifá, the man must marry a woman who is religious.
  • He talks about impotence problems and, as a result of this, he will not be able to marry, he must do EBO for this.
  • For this Ifá, you can fall prisoner as well as be a slave of someone for life, even if you have knowledge in life, but you refuse to sacrifice.
  • Here the person does not sleep well at night.

Iwori Yekun For Women:

  • Here the woman has to heal sexual or vaginal diseases, as she may present internal bleeding or internal bleeding. You should receive IKOFAFUN and worship all Saints to the point of making Holy.
  • This Odu indicates in the woman if she is going to get sick and not get up any more.
  • If this Iwori Yekun is seen in a woman who is in condition, EBO must be done so that she does not complicate the delivery. She will give birth to a boy or girl who will be Abikú and you have to do works for him so that he does not die.
  • When this Ifá goes out for a woman and she is committing adultery, they must sacrifice her and her concubine so that they do not die due to the problem.
  • She blackmailed a man and he is looking for her to kill her. It marks betrayal on the part of the woman towards the man.

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Says Ifa Iwori Yekun

That what is seen is not spoken. You have two husbands from the same secret society. You have a garment of a dead person and that deceased is chasing you and, therefore, you have to bring that garment to pray with it, so that the dead person does not take it away. You dream very often about him and other bad things. He is very bored because he feels bad, with stumbles and other things, and he does not know how to get out of so much delay. You are the son of OSHUN and you have to receive Eshu and ORUNMILA. Be careful, don't get sued from where you live. You are waiting for money that you have lost and your husband lets himself be burdened a lot and pretends to be sneaky. You once waged a great war for the sake of one man. You have times when you go ahead but your enemies envy you and do not want you to raise your head and get ahead of you, and they wish you a silly candle. You have to take some money that comes somewhat hot. You have had to give YEMAJA something for a long time. And it is somewhat distrustful. Be careful not to lose a garment. You have an enemy who wants to hit you with an iron or stiletto or needle pick. The wound will be in the chest, something small but deep. You have to beg your head with coconut; do not go to the field until after 7 days, because they are going to bear a false testimony. They discovered something to you that is covered. You must be careful
with his wife because he can get sick and won't get up. You have to take care of your legs and stomach. You have to be careful with operations of the urinary tract and intestines.

You have to be careful with impotence problems. You must have faith in the Saints and in ORUNMILA, because if you do not listen to the advice of the Saints, you can lose yourself in life. You must be careful with business and never say that it is okay because even your own family can covet your luck.

Prayer of the Odu Iwori Yekun:


Suyere of the Iwori Oyekun Sign:


Iwori Yekun's Ebo:

For Impotence.

The interested party is put a ganding on his penis, letting the blood flow from there and on OSANYIN. An ax is put on OLOKUN. Afterwards, OSANYIN is given a goat and made EBO with his clothes on.

Iwori Oyekun's work to get money:

An ear of corn that is cut in half. Both pieces are wrapped separately in maloja sheets, joined and chalked in white cloth and put on ORUNMILA, saying:


Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Iwori Oyekun:

  • Wonder.
  • Cotton.
  • Cordovan.

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Patakie of the Iwori Oyekun sign:



In one town, there was a great Osainist and many people went to his house to look at each other and solve their problems. One day, a very pretty and beautiful woman came from another tribe and the Osainista fell deeply in love with her, so he introduced her to his OSANYIN, to see if he would accept her as his companion. But he said no, because that woman did not serve her son.

All this was done by the Osainist, without knowing if that woman would ever notice him. But, despite OSANYIN's refusal, the Osainista fell in love with the woman. But this one did not accept it.

Then the Osainista promised to teach him how his OSANYIN worked, in exchange for his love, and the woman, piqued by curiosity to know that, accepted. In compliance with this pact, the Osainista took the woman home and taught her how to work with the pot.

From that moment on, the woman began to feel very sick to her stomach and the Osainist was desperate to have sex with her. But the woman, on the other hand, had no interest in him. She tried to evade it, because from the moment she learned that secret, OSANYIN had turned her from a woman to a man, taking her menstruation away, then beginning to take an interest in other women. OSANYIN also punished his son, rendering him powerless and later left him deaf and blind. Since then, the woman assumed command of that house.

NOTE: This explains why OSANYIN secrets are not taught to women. Women, when it is removed or they do not have menstruation, can have an OSANYIN guide.

Iwori Yekun Traditional Nigerian Ifa


E jé á bà á hééhéé
E jé á bà á hèèhèè
Hèèhèè la bà á lée dokan
A day fún Pépéye
Èyí ti ó móo sòwò èkú n rírú
Ó lóun or fèkú dá bírà kárí ayé
Àwon Babalawo Bá Pe Pepéye
Wón ní rbo o
Kí àsírí or mó baà you
Àwon róye pé won féé dan ó
Pépéye ní kín lenìkán or fòun se?
Toun ba ti daso bori
Pépéye ko
Pépéye ò rbo
Níbi ti gbé n yípo bììrì
Pírí lasó yes
Ni bá n se hà, hà
Hà òhún ni Pépéye n se tee dòní
E jé á bà á hééhéé
E jé á bà á hèèhèè
Hèèhèè la bà á lée dokan
A day fún Pépéye
Èyí ti ó móo sòwò èkú n rírù
Wón ní ó rbo
Kásìíríi rè ó mó baà you
Èsù àì sebum
Ègbà àì you èèrù
E wo Ifá ojóhun bi ti n se
Wón ò mò sebum
Wón ò mò tù èerù
E wo Ifá ojóhun bí ti n se.

Iwori Yekun: If there is a private discussion between this person and his wife, they should not divulge it; they should only know about it themselves. If they adhere to each other and offer the prescribed sacrifice, their secrets will not be exposed. There is a pending matter of discussion. It should not be disclosed, otherwise you will regret it. Ifá says that this person must offer the sacrifice so as not to face a litmus test in their workplace.

E jé á bà á hééhéé
E jé á bà á hèèhèè
Hèèhèè la bà á lée dokan
They made divination for the Duck
When he was trading in masquerade costumes
He said that he would wear the suit to perform wonders
The Babalawos caught the attention of the Duck one day
They warned him 'You Duck must offer sacrifice'
'So your secret doesn't leak out'
'Some people will come to try it'
'Who will those be?' Replied the Duck
'Once I cover myself with my suits?'
Duck refused to do it
He made no sacrifice
When he came to perform magic
The suit fell off without warning!
He then began to exclaim "Aha! Aha! «.
That is the same exclamation of the cries of the Duck to date.
E jé á bà á hééhéé
E jé á bà á hèèhèè
Hèèhèè la bà á lée dokan
They made divination for the Duck
When he was trading in masquerade costumes
They told him to offer the sacrifice
So your secrets won't leak
Evil for not heeding the sacrificial warning
The problem of not giving the prescribed offering to ofresù
See that the Ifa prescription of the other day is true
They did not perform the sacrifice
They did not give the prescribed offering to ùsù
Look that the prediction of Ifá the other day came true.

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