Obará Ojuani

Obara Ojuani - Obara Juani

Obara Ojuani is the combination between the Ojú Odù Obara and Owonrin and it is the Odu number 112 in the hierarchy of Ifa. Ifá says that this person will have no reason to see any Ajogun. Ifá advises that the prescribed sacrifice be offered and placed in the river.

Other names for Obara Ojuani:

  • Obar Owonrin.
  • Obara Wani.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Obara Ojuani?

  • Born: The Exile. (exile)
  • The Pararrayo.
  • The flying yam.
  • Obatalá despised the earth, because of the yam.
  • Eshu-Elegba is named yam.
  • He lives with people who have him drowned.
  • To win, Drum is given to the Guardian Angel or to Shango.
  • It is an Ifá of process.
  • When this Odu comes out to a white person it is bad. It's an Odu of failure
  • The Devils met to kill Orúnmila.

What is the Obara Juani sign talking about?

  • In Obara Juani he talks about theft or keeping something stolen.
  • The woman has a lover.
  • They give the person witchcraft to kill him.
  • Beware of embarrassment.
  • You have to be useful to others and learn Ifá.
  • The diseases are: Respiratory system, heart disease, asthma, seizures, impotence.
  • Health is lost due to an EGUN.
  • He who leaves does not return.
  • Talk about religious sects.
  • Obara Ojuani speaks the Anise tree, (the gallant at night)
  • Talk about doing work, so that everything is covered.
  • The Pachanes were consecrated.
  • They put 11 Odu-Ará to Shango for two inside the punt.
  • When this Odu is seen, Shango is given coconut and within three days Eshu-Elegba is given a chicken.
  • The person goes to live abroad and dies there, since he does not return to his land.

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Recommendations of the Obara Ojuani sign (6-11):

This Odu (Obara Ojuani) predicts that when it rains, the person will have to go out to the patio, look at the Sky and open his mouth until it is filled with water, he bounces it up three times and asks what he wants to solve.

The person lives with people who have him drowned, because they do not let him live with tranquility and
everything has been taken.

This is an Ifá process. When the Awó sees this Odu, he gives coconut (Obi Omi tutu) to Shango and within three days, a rooster is given to Eshu-Elegba.

If this Odu comes out on a white person, it is even worse.

Here in this Ifá; The Devils wanted to kill Orúnmila by placing Eguns on all the roads.

It is an Ifá that marks cheating and betrayal.

In this Ifá, you have to be careful not to steal it or take something stolen to your home; so that you have problems with the law. Make Ebo to get rid of these problems. Also be careful with parties or gatherings do not give him dead to eat. Do not eat anything they give you because there are hidden enemies who want to kill you.

If this Obara Juani is seen as a man, it is possible that his wife has a lover. If you see a woman thinking of moving, she has two lovers, and she has to take a good look, they are not going to deceive her.

This Odu predicts that the person has to be careful with an embarrassment, because he should not go where he is not invited.

For this Ifá the person goes to live abroad and dies there, since he no longer returns to his land.

Sayings of Obara Ojuani:

  • The one who left his land and never returned.
  • With the sound of the Baatá drum I defeated my enemies.
  • By cheating, I was cheated.
  • I will prosper through the fortune of another.
  • Only with calm will I obtain prosperity.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Ojuani:

The Awó must never think that he knows much, there is always someone who knows a little more.

Obara Juani's bans:

Here you can not bring friends to the house, because the woman can fall in love with one of them or he with her. For his good, nothing of this is said to his wife because she will not understand, she will feel offended.

These are astral things that you have to live.

For this Odu the person will dress in striking clothes, red if possible, so that he draws a lot of the attention of others and after walking a lot on the street, with those clothes, dress in white so that Obatalá sees him and gives him what you want to give him in distinction and luck.

When this Ifá appears in IGBODU, the person is advised to serve Eshu-Elegba with a goat and Ifá with two chickens to eliminate the risk of being involved in a dispute over money. You must also raise a dog. If it is in an ordinary registry, the person must serve Eshu Elegba with a goat so that he can get some money when they ask him to make a collection.

Description of Odu Obara Ojuani

In bad luck, the Odu OBARA OJUANI speaks of a person who acts irrationally. In good fortune, speak of a potential for prosperity. The person must calm down to be successful.

In this Odu exile was born. Here Shango had to asylum in another land and his supporters suffered humiliation and all kinds of adversity.

Obara Juani predicts that the person was killed by a son. When a medium attaches him (to the deceased), he covers himself with a white cloth so that he can speak everything he has to say, otherwise he will not speak due to the wrapping he has.

Although this Odu speaks well, you have to be careful.

Here the pachanes of Egun were consecrated for the first time.

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Says Ifa Obara Ojuani:

When this IFA appears in IGBODU, the person is told that their fortune is in crops (especially yams and corn) and marketing. He will enrich himself through the fortune of others legally. You should put elephant tusk on your IFA altar. In an ordinary registry the person must do IFA if he is a man and if he is a woman he must marry a Babalawo.

When the sign of Ifa Obara Juani appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that he must offer sacrifice to Ifá as a family so that the sufferings turn into joy and prosperity.

Prayer of the Odu Obara Wani:


Obara Owonrin's Ebo:

Obara Juani's work to defeat enemies:

Two white doves are taken and given to Osun, then they are opened and in each one a paper is inserted with the names of the enemies, they are sewn and they are put on Osun and then they are taken to the mountain.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Obara Ojuani:

Pacific Ocean, Tamarindo, Algarrobo, Rasca Barriga.

Obara Juani Ifa Traditional


Tánpòpóò abèèso wonná wonnà wonná
A day fún Yemeké
Èyí tí n wó Ifá re igbó Ègbá
Wón ní kó rbo
Gbogbo ibi tí òun n wó Ifá lo yìí?
I still lajé him báyìí?
O sì gbo Ifá
Ó bèrè yes wáá ajé kiri
Ó duó
Owóò rè ò tò o
Órìn rììn rìn
Owóò rè ò tò o
Ó nàró
Owóó rè ò to
Ìgbà to dègbé yèké
Wúrúkú to ká
Lowòó rè bá tú ajé
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Tánpòpóò abèèso wonná wonnà wonná
A day fún Yemeké
Èyí tí n wó Ifá re igbó Ègbá
Ebo kówó rè ó le tú ajé ni ón ní ó se
Mo wa ti duru
Owóò my ò to
mo bere
Owóò my ò to
Mo waá dègbé yèké
Ire to my lówó.

Ifá wants this person to be well. All the good things that you want will come but you will have to offer sacrifice. He is advised to persevere and be patient, because the things you desire will come easily to your abode.

Tánpòpóò abèèso wonná wonnà wonná
He made divination for Yemeké
The one who was venturing his priesthood in the forest of Ègbá
He was advised to offer sacrifice
"To all the places where I go"
"Will I be able to get riches there?"
Yemeké is a highly expert in Ifá
He began to search for wealth everywhere
He stopped
His hands could not meet to riches
He walked and walked
And his hands couldn't find her
He stood up
And he couldn't touch her
But when he lay down to rest
And settled down on the bed
His hands reached up to wealth
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Tánpòpóò abèèso wonná wonnà wonná
He made divination for Yemeké
The one who was venturing his priesthood in the forest of Ègbá
It is the sacrifice to get the wealth that they advised you to make
I stood still
My hands couldn't get it
I stopped
My hands couldn't get it
Now you lay me down
My hands touched all the good fortunes I ever wanted.

Patakie of the sign Obara Ojuani 6-11:

He became a great chief in his village.

The town OBA began to hear of their wealth and prosperity. One day the OBA invited him to make divination and he told him that he was not practicing the Ifá priesthood. The King had three containers in his private rooms that contained a husk, snails, and alligator pepper. The King asked him to name the contents of each of the containers.

He went home to prepare for the survey.

ESHU immediately transformed herself into a girl carrying various things in her hands and handed her a shell, a snail and an alligator pepper. When he got home he asked Ifá the meaning of the gifts given by the girl and Ifá confirmed that this was the content of the three containers that the King kept in his private rooms. He took the three samples to the palace and told the King what the three vessels contained. The King asked him why he refused to practice the
priesthood of Ifá and he explained that he was not destined for that. Instantly he was given the position of Shasere of the people with the request of the Obá to help him manage his reign.

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