Obara Yekun

ifa obara Yekun sign

Obara Yekun is Odu # 108 of the Lordly Order of Ifá, in Orunmila advises to offer sacrifice and thus their means of sustenance will not be blocked by the negative intentions of their enemies. He must offer sacrifice to prevent his co-workers from blocking his only livelihood.

Other names of the Odu Obara Oyekun:

  • Obara Oyeku.
  • Obara Yekute.
  • Obar Yeku. 

Born in the odu Obara Yekun:

  • Smoking opium and marijuana.
  • He went to OBATALA He sent for the monkeys to give him a grace, they were not for faults they had.
  • It is where the servant wants to impose himself on the master.
  • It is the Ifá of the gallinuelas.
  • Brand lost from memory.
  • The jicotea is cursed.
  • No matter how much progress you don't get to the top.
  • There is a dead man (Egun) who is chasing the person.
  • The person should not get into what he does not care about (shoemaker to your shoe).
  • Because of money, death can come.
  • It cannot be persisted, so that it is not lost.
  • Family unity helps to defeat enemies.
  • There is a curse for disobedience.
  • Talk about major marital problems.
  • It is forbidden to ingest Alcoholic beverages of any kind of narcotic drugs.
  • The person may be addicted to drugs or narcotics.
  • No favors are done.
  • There are hard feelings about your family for things past.
  • The man is libertine.
  • The diseases are: memory loss, foot sores, stomach problems, heart disease, nervous disorder, psychiatric illnesses (due to rape).
  • The herbs of the Odu are: Enchanting and Pomegranate.
  • Talk about jealousy of women.
  • Aroni-Kuin was the daughter of Obara-Yekuye and sister of Osanyin
  • It is put in Orúnmila: A hand, ruler and wooden dagger.
  • Olofin ordered the woman to live dragged to the man.

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Recommendations of the Obara Oyekun sign:

You cannot wear brown tights. This Odu speaks of memory loss, so the person must be begging his head (Kobo-Orí) periodically. It is recommended to make three prayers in a row.

Here they will try to embarrass the person and whoever does it will suffer the same pain.

The person is prohibited from trying or meddling in witchcraft or kimbisa affairs.

The Ifá of the Awó of this Odu must carry a ruler, a wooden dagger, and a hand.

To do this Ifa, you must take three chicks (jio-jio), they will be prayed on the Ifá board, and one will be given to each corner of the house and the other at the door with Eshu and they are thrown into the street.

Here the Awó will bathe in cocoa butter and husks. It speaks of a dead man (Egun) who pursues the person.

For this Ifá the jicotea is cursed, because it did not respect Olofin's dictates and cursed it. Here the door of the house is sung at midnight with the following song: "BARANIYETO OLOFIN AKANO, BARANIYETO OLOFIN AKANO."

This Odu predicts that the person, no matter how much progress, will not reach the peak.

You have to receive Orúnmila and not ambition so much money. Prohibits climbing stairs loaded
heavy things, as it can herniate.

Sayings of the Odu Obara Yeku:

  • The servant wants to impose himself on the master.
  • You can't have lunch without breakfast.
  • For disobedience, the curse fell on me.
  • For libertine, I lost everything in life.
  • With the union of my family, I defeated the enemies.
  • They did not give me the grace, for faults committed.
  • Shoemaker to his shoe.
  • Because of money, I met death.
  • Thanks to Obatalá I received the ashé.

Obara Oyekun bans:

Here's the saying: "Shoemaker to your shoe." The person with this Odu cannot interfere in what does not concern him, because he will surely have problems. Cobbler's path.

Here the husband despises the wife and because he goes with another woman, he does not take care of solving her problems or needs.
Here you have many enemies and bad eyes on the person.

This Odu says that they are going to send him to look for money or work, before going he must do Ebó, so as not to have setbacks.

The person of this Odu "Obara Yekun" is crafty and tricky, does not walk well and lacks memory. You want to be where you get more money for your work, without looking at other situations that could harm you. Well, for this Odu you are never satisfied, since money drives you crazy and in order to obtain it you can do things without thinking about it and it can bring you death.

This Odu predicts that the person always has to come crawling to the end to fall into the Saint.

Here where she lives there is a person with sores on her feet, that person will save her from something bad.

Attend Azojuano (San Lázaro).

Here in this Odu the person dreams of a dead person who disturbs him, because he owes that dead person (Egun). You will have to make mass for him and attend him.

  • Here you cannot be persistent so as not to get lost.
  • Be careful with slipping.
  • You want to go to the doctor because you feel bad.
  • You wake up scared every so often.
  • He suffers from pain in the chest and stomach.

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Says Ifa odu Obara Yekun

This Odu sends to take care of his mother and take care of her. The person does not look well at his mother or a close relative for past things, which he must forget to seek family unity.

When the Odu Obara Yekun appears in an ordinary registry, the person is instructed not to entrust the care of their children to any person even if they are friends to avoid their loss.

In an ordinary registry, the person is warned that he must make sacrifice so that all the friends and relationships he has lost return to him.

When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person is told that they will compete for a benefit with someone else. You must serve OGUN with a rooster to earn the benefit. And he must serve ESHU with a goat including the clay sphinxes of a man and a woman.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary registry or in IGBODU, the person should be guided to serve ESHU with a goat and a rooster to avoid having a problem with the authorities due to the action of a woman. He is a reformer who comes to the world to make it a better place.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary registry, the person is told that he must make a sacrifice to prevent it from someone who by force or using subterfuge wants to deprive him of his belongings and prevent him from being taken out of his town.

You must be warned to be careful how you handle female affections and restrain your seductive behaviors.

Odu Obara Oyekun for Men:

That a dark and thin woman wants to kill him.

He has three wives and the guardian angel of one of them is fighting with him, for mistreatment suffered by his daughter. You will have to look at which of them it is so that you can ask that Saint for forgiveness and please him and forgive him.

Obara Oyekun Sign for Women:

A dark and thin man wants to hurt her with witchcraft.

She may have three lovers and one of them was her husband long ago.

Prayer of the Odu Obara Oyekun:




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Ebo of the Odu Obara Yekun

At the door of the house.

He will be given a jicotea at the door of the house at midnight with the following song: "BARANIYETO OLOFIN AKANO, BARANIYETO OLOFIN AKANO."

EBO: rooster, chicken, pieces of broken plaster objects, 7 chicks (jio-jio), a fathom of candle, white cloth, hutía and smoked fish, a gourd with water, a lot of money. The breaststroke of candle is thrown into the gourd with water at the beginning of the Ebó, to refresh the tragedy.

Description of the odu Obara Yekun

The Odu Obara Yeku prevents insubordination at home and at work. The person faces a very dominant partner.

In this Ifá it was where Obatalá sent for the monkeys to give him thanks and they did not go through their continued fault. This is where the servant wants to impose himself on the master. That is why both the family and his subordinates and godchildren want to impose themselves on him.

This is the Odu of gallinuelas. The person has significant marital problems, there may be jealousy between women, lack of respect for the spouse, taking an interest in a woman who visits the house; he falls in love with her in the presence of his wife.

Here the man leaves the house with another woman not caring about leaving his troubled wife alone.

You have to be careful with the daughters of Oshún and crazy things.

This Odu signals problems at work. The person seeks position, security and money. You have to be careful with your ambition for money, as it can cost you your life.

This Odu is kaferefun Yemajá and Obatalá. The herbs of the Odu are: Enchanting and Pomegranate.

In this Ifá Olofin went to collect herbs in the garden of aromatic plants and he was ecstatic by the aromas, living mental fantasies. This is where the smoking of marijuana and opium was born. So the bear of this Odu is to consume drugs or narcotic.

Here too the person dreams of airplanes. He has his mind thinking of unattainable fantasies and when he collides with reality, he presents depressions.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Obara Oyekun:

The Awó surpasses himself to carry out his wisdom.

Patakie of the sign Obara Yekun:

It was guessed for a statesman.

When he was going to leave Heaven, he was directed to serve ESHU with a rooster and a goat because he was going to become an important personality on Earth. In addition, he was told to make sacrifice so that he would have a long life on Earth and avoid premature death through a woman. He made the sacrifices before leaving for Earth.

He came to Earth and became the spokesperson for his community. He was so popular that he began to associate with the King. While he married the daughter of the Obstacle divinity (ELENINI OR IDOBOO) who was determined to subtly drag him to the grass.

Incidentally, unbeknownst to him, his wife began to create the impression that her husband was more popular than the OBA. The attention of the OBA was put on alert by the glorious vain proclamations made by the women. The OBA invited the husband to give an explanation but before responding to the invitation he was made divination and told that he had to give a rooster and a goat to ESHU.

When he finally reported to the palace, he vigorously protested to the OBA and ESHU immediately influenced the Chief Counsel of the OBA to tell the OBA that the offense for which he had invited the man was unusual, as he had nothing to do with his wife's gossip. The King immediately agreed and at the same time gave him the position of Prime Minister of the people.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary registry or in IGBODU, the person should be guided to serve ESHU with a goat and a rooster to avoid having a problem with the authorities due to the action of a woman. He is a reformer who comes into the world to make it a better place.

Obara Oyekun Ifa Traditional 


Òbàrà yékúé yèkùè yékúé
A day fún Sèkèrè
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè aya
Wón ní kó rbo
Òun leè laya báyìí?
Wón ni ìwo Sèkèrè
Wón ní àwon ayaà ré ó pò
Ijó loó móo jó
Lóo mo lù fun won o
Too bá tí n lùtoo sì n kàn fún won
Àwon Obìnrin or gbàá tèlé o ni
Sèkèrè bá bèrè sií lù
Gbogbo Obìnrin kéékèèké bá gbá lé Sèkèrè
Ngbà tí ón jó jóó jó
Won ò mo ìgbà tí àwón bá Sèkèrè dé ilé
Wón bá duó ti Sèkèrè
Ní on bá n bímoó fún Sèkèrè
Ayé and Sèkèrè
Owó pò tán or bá tún so or mora
Obìin è é sìí fowóó lè
Ni ó rówó
No way
Ni Sèkèrè wá n jo n ni n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òbàrà yékúé yèkùè yékúé
A day fún Sèkèrè
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè aya
Won ni yóó láya lópòlopò ebo aya ni kó wáá se
A mòmò ti gbóru e rí
Àsé Sèkèrè ló fébìnrin èwe
A mò ti gbóru e rí.

Ifá wishes the good fortune of woman for this person. Ifá says that with ease, a good woman will enter his house. He must offer sacrifice against his enemies so that his happiness is not cut short. People will love him, he will be successful in business but he will have to make the sacrifice.

Òbàrà yékúé yèkùè yékúé
He pofetized Ifá for the Sèkèrè
The day he cried because he had no wife
They advised him to offer sacrifice
He asked, "What do I have to do to have wives?"
They told him: You Sèkèrè
"He will have many wives"
"You must dance"
"And you will sound for them"
"Once you sound and play the Drum for them"
Women will follow you
Sèkèrè began to sound
All the mature women started dancing after him
When they danced and danced
They did not realize when they entered their house
Many of them stayed with Sèkèrè
And they had children for him
Life pleased him
He had so much money that he had to weave some into his body
Therefore, women are not separated from money
They saw the money
They clung to him
Sèkèrè began to dance and rejoice
He praised his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwo had said
Òbàrà yékúé yèkùè yékúé
He pofetized Ifá for the Sèkèrè
The day he cried because he had no wife
They told him that he would have many wives but that he should make the sacrifice
We heard something similar to this before
It was the Sèkèrè who married young wives
We have heard something similar before.

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