Odi Fumbo 7-10: Meaning, advice, sayings and Ifa says of this Sign

ifa odi fumbo sign

Odi fumbo is the combination between the Ojú Odù Odi and Ofun, being the 76th sign in the Ifa hierarchy. This sign says that Ifá wishes this person the good fortune of children, there is a sterile woman very close to him, sacrifice must be made and she will have many children on earth. Maferefun Eshu, Kaferefun Shango.

Other names for Odi Ofun:

  • Hate Fun.
  • I hate Fumbo.

In the odu Odi Fumbo was born:

  • The one that the buttocks always smell like shit.
  • The despair of the asthmatic.
  • Religious desecration.
  • The why when the EBO is finished is put to Eshu.
  • That after praying ODI FUMBO the EBO is passed along the bottom of the board and given 3 strokes.
  • Here: The woman denies being a woman.
  • It was where Eshu takes all the false and traitors out of the AWO's house.
  • OLOFIN gave him the power to throw away everything bad.
  • Odi Fumbo: It is an Ifá of separation.
  • Neither aubergine, guava nor salt is eaten.
  • It was where Eshu saved ODI from death because of the stain and embarrassment.
  • You have to be careful, because the godson kills the godfather out of disgust.
  • Eshu has 3 parrot feathers on the blade and many beads and a mouse head.
  • Here: He suffers from hemorrhoids, fistulas and stomach and kidney problems, impotence and asthma.

The Odi Ofun sign points out:

  • It is an Ifá of confusion.
  • It is fed to OBATALA.
  • If it comes out in AWAFAKAN the person cannot do Ifá. (the person wants to be AWO).
  • When the person dies it will reek of blood.
  • Parents are the children's misfortune.
  • The person is ladino, cheat, liar, talkative, impressionist, traitor and has a delusion of superiority.
  • The person tends to indulge in drink.
  • Eshu, EGUN, SHANGO and the earth are fed.
  • You have to be obedient and wear white.
  • In ATEFA, the ALAWO has to feed the Saints.
  • ORUNMILA eats a castrated goat in the IGBODUN of Ifá.
  • In Odi Fumbo speaks TURUGBEYE deity that is sacrificed to him and is not received.
  • Man is weak to women.
  • Leptospirosis arises.
  • The herbs of the Odu are: cotton, guara cabuya.

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Recommendations of the Odi Ofun sign:

It is an Ifá of confusion. Disorderly person who, because of the children or the family, ceases to be so and becomes honest, orderly and decent. This Odu is the Dancer.

You cannot use handkerchiefs that are given to you, or pick it up on the street, even if it is new.

Odi fumbo predicts that you have to take great care of what you have lest you lose it.

Here an old man will ask you for a favor, help him, who will receive a reward from a Saint or from the entity.

Here when you are not sure about a thing, do not do it or comment on it. You cannot fight the impossible.

The person with this Odu is quite foolish and should not be so jealous of his spouse, so that they do not fight so much and luck enters the house, that OBATALA has it in his hands to give it to him.

Here for this Odu (Odi Fumbo) OBATALA is fed.

You have to ask ORUNMILA which Santo you have to beg for your good.

Sayings of Odi Fumbo:

  • The farther the better.
  • Humility and obedience will save me.
  • When business is not going well, I must take another course.
  • When the mind is confused, misery can come.

Odi Ofun bans

In this sign, the mouse produced LEPTOSPIROSIS in people, which is produced by LEPTOSPIRA: It is a genus treponemataceae (common parasites in vertebrates), with tiny spiral elements without flagella and endowed with great flexibility of the terminal portion, it comprises many parasitic species of man and animals.

In this Odu you do not eat foods loaded with salt, or spicy, or highly seasoned to avoid suffering from hemorrhoids. (vascular tumors formed by varicose dilations of the last roots of the hemorrhoidal veins, which can cause an anal blood flow).

You can also suffer from fistulas (a pathological path generally consecutive to an ulceration process that communicates the pathological focus with an external or internal organ or structure and through which pus or a normal fluid comes out, diverted from its ordinary path). stomach and kidney problems.

Because of Odi Fumbo, the person wants to be AWO from ORUNMILA, but he cannot get there because the dead left him, but you will not be, and if he becomes one, he will stumble into misery.

Here the person goes abroad or the home of the father or godfather and it is not convenient for him to do so because then he will be close to his enemies and he will be lost, because when he lacks the protection of one of these, bad company will destroy him.

Description of the Odu Odi Fumbo

  • The Sign of Ifa Odi Fumbo speaks of removing impediments and also speaks of unexpected trips.
  • Business will not go well and a new course is suggested.
  • By this sign of Ifa the person is ladino, cheater, liar, talkative, impressionist, traitor and has
  • delusion of superiority and is very self-sufficient.
  • This is where ESHU takes out of the house of the AWO all the false and traitors.
  • To this Odu OLOFIN he gave the power to throw away everything bad.
  • It is an Ifá of separation, because the person wants to leave where he is.
  • Here the children do not recognize the sacrifices of the parents and the embarrassed parents leave the house.
  • In this sign of Ifa, no eggplant, guava and little salt are eaten.
  • By the sign of Ifa Odi fumbo you have to be humble, obedient, because only this will save you. The whim will lose it.
  • In this sign, the godfather has to take care of the godson, as he can kill him out of disgust.
  • When this Odu comes out in UNTEFA the AWO has to feed all the Saints and he will give a castrated goat to his Ifá in the IGBODUN.
  • Here was born: The one that the buttocks always smell like shit. The despair of the asthmatic.
  • The Eshu of this Oddun must carry three parrot feathers on the blade and many beads, and his secret is to charge a mouse head.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Odi Fumbo:

The Awó wins when he is obedient.

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Ifa Odi Fumbo's odu speaks:

Children must also be given love, affection, understanding and concern for their problems, so that they feel loved, loved and respected by their parents.

Here the woman denies being a woman. You have to think carefully about what you want before asking the Saints, it is not something that after you get it, they deny having acquired it.

You have to be very careful about handing over everything of material value to your children, lest they waste it and you are left with nothing.

Here was the reason why when the EBO is finished is put on Eshu, as well as the one that after praying ODI FUMBO, the EBO is passed through the bottom of the board and 3 blows are given to it, because that is where OFUN DI lives , since FUN DI is the ass, that's why it is not put on the dash.

The AWO of this Odu (Odi Ofun) has to always get along with his OLOWO (godfather).

Here religious desecration was born. That is to say that the person commits irreverence against religious things.

Here OBATALA lived with her children who were drunk, disorderly and lazy.

This is where OBATALA's son was put the IKINES OFO in his AWOKAFAN and ELEGBA picked him up and said: - «Have faith that I'm going to help you and OBATALA condemned him to be an EBO dumper.

Says Ifa Odi Fumbo:

You have to be careful to give everything of value to your children, lest they waste it and end up with nothing. You have to feed OBATALA. Be careful with separation and not to kill one of your elders. It cannot be disobedient.

You will have to fix your life and organize yourself. Your children will not recognize the sacrifices you make for them. 

It should be humble, obedient and not capricious. Beware of siblings.

You can not eat guava, eggplant, or foods with spicy or highly seasoned.

Prayer of the Odu Odi Ofun:


Suyere of the sign Odi Fumbo


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Ebo by Odi Fumbo:


Two small jugs of water are taken, a chain the size of the jugs.

Jicotea is given to the jugs and chains on the door of the house. The meat of the jicotea is cooked with rice and pork and a dish is put to the EGUNS, another to the Santos. The rest is eaten and the bones will be taken to the sea.

When OSOBO LOWO ARAYE (enemies) is seen. The chain is removed from the porroncitos and a dog is given along with OGUN, and then they wash up asking for health and that you do not know their enemies, on the third day the dog is taken to the railway line with 7 different colored ribbons , minus the white.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Odi Ofun:

Carob, cotton, shewerekuekue, dead scare, garden basil.

Patakie of the sign Odi Fumbo

When OBATALA was stolen by his son.

OBATALA was ill and he delegated a son of his named ARUÑIÑA to go to ORUNMILA's house to do OSODE for him. The son went and ORUNMILA saw him this Odu, ODI FUMBO. ORUNMILA told him that this Ifá said that he was to blame for his father's illness and that for OBATALA to be cured, he had to leave his father's house, but he had to leave only so that he would not have problems in the world.

OBATALA's son decided to leave his father's house, but in doing so, he stole all of his father's savings and went to another distant land, where he met EYO and they became great friends and with him he began to squander the money he received. he had stolen his father.

A short time later, OBATALA's son began to have problems and one day fell into the power of justice. Meanwhile, OBATALA was recovering from his illness and decided to go to ORUNMILA's house to thank him. When OBATALA arrived and explained his visit to him, he said: That is not necessary, because I have not sent you anything. Then ORUNMILA asked OBATALA: BABA, what about your son's life? Did he leave alone? OBATALA answered affirmatively.

ORUNMILA then told him: BABA, when you return home, search your belongings to see if they are complete. I will also tell you that when your son returns, he will return with serious problems, do not let him enter your house, because if he does it will cost him his life.

When OBATALA returned home, she found that all of her savings were missing. A few days later the son returned and OBATALA with the pain in his soul threw him out of there cursing him in this way: "As long as the world is world you will always be in jails and prisons." TO IBAN ESHU.

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Odi Fumbo Ifa Traditional

He guessed for the market, the farm and the house.

He advised each of them to feast their heads with a guinea fowl, esu with a goat, and rabbit and eggs for the elders of the night, so that the fruit of their efforts would not be enjoyed by others. The market only entertained his head but not esu or the night.

The canoe that represented all means of transport, did not make any sacrifice, the farm only entertained his head but not to esu or at night. Only the house made all the sacrifices in full. The knife was also by divination and he was told to entertain esu, which he did.

After the crops were bought from the market, to the house and finally planted on the farm, she began to rejoice that her life was so complete, even without making the sacrifice. Although when it was time to collect the harvest, they were all taken out and taken to the house from where they were transported back to the market.
From morning to afternoon, the market was full and he was also very happy but he sent people back to their homes with the products of the harvest sales. The knife was always the first to taste any crop brought home from the farm or market.

That is why currently, all the efforts of the farm, means of transportation, and the market, end with finding her way home since she alone made the full sacrifice.

Eshu of the sign Odi Ofun

ESHU SIBONOKU (path will plow)

This ESHU accompanies OLUO POPO (San Lázaro), in the cart, to search for the dead.

It is mounted on a guayacan pole. He wears a sack tail cap and in his left hand he carries a trident, and in his right a piece of sack with 3 ears of toasted corn.

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