Odi Otrupon: Meaning and advice of this Odu of Ifa

odi otrupon

Odi Otrupon is the combination between the main Odu Odi and Oturupon, is the sign # 72 in the hierarchical order of Ifa, in which it tells us: Orunmila wants this person to be well but must be an honest person. Ifá says that this person will have a son who will be very powerful, this son will win all wars for him.

Other names of the Odi Otrupon:

  • I hate Trupon.
  • Odi Batutu.
  • Odi Oturupon.

In the odu Odi Trupon is born:

  • Drum Yewa.
  • Orun Belekun Orun
  • In Odi Otrupon the six evil shadows that Alosi (Abita) works with speak.
  • The union of the family is requested.
  • You have to respect and love the Godfather.
  • Nothing is done to the sick person.
  • Evil dominates the person's thinking.
  • Stomach ulcers are perforated.
  • Shango is given a foundation drum with plenty of food.

Odi Otrupon Speaks:

  • To succeed you have to respect the Saints and Eguns.
  • Beware of theft and justice.
  • Talk about spirituality issues.

The Odi Trupon Sign points out that:

  • Orúnmila says: that the person is in danger of death.
  • It marks disease in the legs and abdomen.
  • You cannot raise other people's children.
  • The person is tormented by the bad influences of the Obsessor Eguns.
  • Here: You can get sick from the genitals.
  • The man, for not making Ebo with guinea grass, wants the woman so much.

Recommendations of the Odi Trupon sign:

In this Odu evil dominates the person's thinking.

This Odu predicts that stomach ulcers can be perforated, as well as the person is in great danger.

Here Shango is given a foundation drum with abundant food.

When this Odu speaks Osobo: The Awó does not commit to anything, because there will be news.

Diseases that affect Odi Otrupon: Stomach conditions, ulcer perforations, hereditary diseases, anemia, bleeding from the mouth, dental problems, chest diseases, advanced state of gravity, circulatory system, pains in the lower limbs.

When by this Odu the Awó performs an Ebó, he should ask

Orúnmila, if he can have the money.

If he says no: put Oshún or Orúnmila or both, half and half.

Here you should not raise other people's children, because when they grow up they will not take care of you.

Here the person is obsessed by the bad influences of the Obsessive Eguns that torments him / her.

You have to beg Yemajá, pay him what he is owed and then bathe in the sea, to get rid of everything bad. Afterwards, Shango will be given food to finish fixing his things.

Sayings of the Odu Odi Trupon:

  • Ingestion of cooking or guinea grass tea.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee.
  • Receive the Deity Orun.
  • Wash and wear a diamond ring.
  • Plan and organize your economy.
  • Use the boiled mahogany leaves for baths.
  • Avoid getting wet with rainwater.
  • Comply with the guidelines of the doctors.
  • Achieve family unification.
  • Define friendships with anti-social behaviors

Odi Otrupon bans:

For this Odu, the man must be careful that the woman is not going to defeat him.

In this Odu it was where Orúnmila told the man to make Ebó with guinea grass, but he did not do it, the woman found out, he performed the Ebó and since then the man wants the woman so much.

In Odi Trupon the person has a persistent idea in his mind and that is bad for him. The person has also known for a long time that he has to do Ebó and does not do it.

This Odu says that you will find joy in your triumph in life on behalf of a Babalawo and Olofin himself.
Everything is achieved here, as long as the Saints and the Dead are cared for and respected. When the person achieves everything he wants, he should give Shango a drum and plenty of food.

For this Odu, you have to beware of theft and justice.

Here you have to get away from everything bad, to get rid of bad influences and can be appreciated by humanity.

Separate yourself from bad company and take care more of your mother, the Saints and the Dead and you will see how everything will turn out well for you.

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Ifa says in the odu Odi Otrupon:

When this Odu comes out in divination for anyone who is eager to have a child, he or she will be advised to sacrifice with chicken and slugs.

When the sign Odi Otrupon comes out in the Igbodun the person should be advised to entertain Eshu-Elegba with a goat and Ukpe to become famous and popular. In the consultation, the person should be advised to have their own Ifá to become famous and popular.

When this Odu comes out in the consultation, the person should sacrifice to have followers, since they will never lack the money to help a large number of followers or those in need.

Prayer of the Odu Odi Trupon:




Ebo from the Odu Odi Otrupon:

For sickness.

Yemajá will be given a rooster and a dove, and then he will bathe in the sea.

Two roosters will be given to Shango.

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Meaning of the odu Odi Otrupon

Odi trupon talks about solutions to infertility problems.

Here the person can experience an emotional or spiritual renewal.

For this Odu the union of the family is requested.

«From the other world they control the acts of this world»

This Odu when he comes talking about illness; it will be a miracle that the person is saved. When you talk about tragedy, you have to be careful with hand raising and witchcraft.

Here the man talks a lot and wants all the women to be his.

When this Odu speaks I will go: everything will be joy and the Awoses found a fortune.

Here the Yewá drum was born.

This Odu says that all spiritual drags come to an end, because everything bad has already been passed.

This Odu predicts that you have to respect your godfather, the godmother and especially the mother and the woman who raised him, since this Odu determines that the person can be an orphan and a woman who is the daughter of Yemajá raised him.

The Awó Odi Otrupon cannot do anything to the sick person because he can die and the sick person can be cured.

When this Odu leaves in Untefa: Atefar must be stopped and a black hen is given to Inle-Oguere with all its ingredients in a hole (kutún), after covering it, water will be poured and a candle will be lit.

Shango is immediately taken from the godfather or owner of the house and given a banana, along with the Ebó del Alawo. After removing the letter, the banana's head goes to the Ebó. The yam that is in the room will be taken and six slices are chopped, roasted and put on Shangó with a little sand with which Atefando is being done, Shangó should be left with a little of the sand, after the ceremony, Atephando continues, until the letters are completed.

After seven days, that is, the day of the Iyoye, the Alawo is given two bananas with
Shango. (The Alawo must be naked and the blood must fall from his head
on Shango, so that he does not lose the luck and fortune of this Odu de Ifá.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Odi Trupon:

From the other world they control the acts of this world.

Patakie of the sign Odi Otrupon:

When Yemajá raised Yobolo.

Yobolo came into the world and Yemajá started raising him until he became a man. Yemajá taught him everything he knew about religion, growing up in a religious environment.

It turned out that Yobolo, already a man, did not care or take care of Yemajá, and she was always requiring him because of this situation, since he lived unconcerned about everything and paid no attention.

After a while Yobolo got sick in his legs and stomach and for these reasons he was very late in everything, and he had no one to help him because he had separated from Yemajá. One day seeing himself in such a terrible situation, he remembered Orúnmila and went to see him. Orúnmila, seeing him so ill and in the precarious situation he had, made him Osode, seeing this Odu, and told him: «You have to do Ebó (the one indicated above) and that he take the rooster and the dove and beg Yemajá, so that she would let him bathe in the sea, so that he could remove both his illness and his backwardness.

Yobolo did so and went to see Yemajá, and she, after scolding him as he deserved for the great disobediences he had committed, let him bathe in the sea. and he said: «In exchange for this, you have to give Shango two roosters so that he can finish fixing your problems.

Odi Otrupon Ifa Traditional

He warned for human genitalia:

Edit tuuru. Ikpon tuuru. Odifa fun oko, obufun obo.

He guessed for the penis and vulva when they were both crying over having a child. They were advised to sacrifice chicken and slugs. They made the sacrifice after which they were advised to spend the night in the same bed. So when they got home they both slept together and in the fullness of time, a son was born to them as a testimony of their union. Since then no one has been able to have a child without the cooperation of the penis and the vulva.

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Eshu by Odi Trupon


This Eshu is from the Dahometan land.
Load: caltrop root, Ceiba root, indigo wood, 3 wasps, aroma, cat's claw, quicksilver, corojo and cocoa butter, husk, ero, obi, kola, osun naború, obi motiwao, alligator tusk, earth from the hill, river and sea sand, Ilekan, holy thistle grass, copey, jicotea carapace, 3 bees, 1 blade, tinea pen, and Eshu's general cargo.

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