Odi Otura: Meaning and advice of this Ifa sign

Odi Otura sign of ifa

Odi Taurus or Odi Otura is the Odu of Ifa # 73, This Ifá sign advises to make sacrifice to protect ourselves against negative energies and the Ajogun, if the sacrifice is not propitiated, the health of the person watching may fade. This Odu represents the shame of Ifa and why before initiating a person into secrets, one must first consult Ifa.

Other names of the Odi Otura:

  • Odi Taurus.
  • Odi Atakonfeno.

In the odu Odi Taurus is born:

  • Diabetes.
  • The wedges of the Congas and Iyefa drums.
  • The strength of OBATALA and the fury that when she goes blind, she destroys even her own children.
  • The sexual debauchery and the desecration of the sacred filial respect.
  • Although all men use sugar, some stay healthy and others get sick.
  • The cohabitation of men with animals.
  • The collapse of things.
  • LOGUN EDE son of INLE and OSHUN that he had the ability to be six months a man and six months a woman.
  • The spirit that is called EGOM ADA KUATIYA.

What does the sign Odi Taurus talk about?

  • ORUNMILA was blind and the woman guided him.
  • La Tiñosa always finds her food.
  • We must feed OBATALA.
  • The OKPELE of this Odi Tauro is made of vegetable aknot shells.
  • You have to be careful about doing some IFA to homosexuals.
  • The IYEFA of this sign has: seed of vegetable aknot, head of güabina, yam, husk.

The Sign Odi Otura points out:

  • The woman cannot be unfaithful to her husband.
  • It suffers: Diabetes, of the heart, deformations in the body, death by childbirth, diseases by sexual contagion, pain in the bones, high blood pressure, sight and impotence.
  • You have to go find ESHU BI from the jungle so that he can see the ESHU of the house.
  • You should not walk after midnight.
  • They all want to rule.
  • The woman contemplates herself naked in front of the mirror and lives in love with her body.
  • Talk about blockade, political differences between states, offenses and powerful.
  • Men go blind with women.

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Recommendations of the Odi Otura Odu:

If the woman is pregnant, it is necessary to determine what to do to her, because that child is coming to replace the mother.

For this Odu one suffers from: Chest pains, heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol, death from childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, bone pain, high blood pressure, vision problems, impotence and glandular situations.

By this sign, everyone in the house wants to rule.

This Odu predicts that the ringworm will always find food.

In the sign of Ifa Odi Otura there is a spirit called ADA KUATIYA, which is fed pork with flour and 6 adalú, with 9 candles. This is put next to a toilet or bathroom. His name is, he is given the Adimú and after 9 days he is given coconut and a white rooster is given. This is to resolve situations.

Here you have to go look for ESHU BI in the jungle, to give an account to him and to give him a view of the Eshu of the house. A big dick should be taken to him and given to him there.

Odi Otura speaks of blockade, political differences between states, offenses and powerful.

This Odu's OBATALA necklace has: 16 white beads and 16 ORUNMILA beads, it bears a dog or pig's tooth, lives on top of ORUNMILA and is occasionally worn.

For this Odu you have to receive OLOKUN on the run.

This Ifa sign predicts that the person is a stranger of character, a person with a tendency to deformations of old age, a person with an inferiority complex. It is an Odu of having extreme concerns with hair and breast problems.

This is an Ifá OSOBO.

This is an Ifá of disobedience, where you have to take great care of Eshu (ELEGUA), in order to achieve what you want.

Sayings of the Odu Odi Taurus:

  • Life is like the leaves of the palm tree on the road.
  • The head of the quail will become the head of an ox in your sack.
  • The hand that cannot cut, kiss it.
  • Both the father and the mother want to see their child healthy.
  • Longevity and old age are time dependent.
  • The hoe is the only one that takes care of the well-being of the earth
  • Although all men use sugar, some stay healthy and others get sick.
  • Men go blind with women.
  • When I know how to keep secrets, I will make a profit.

Odi Otura bans:

When this Odu is seen in AWOKAFAN and he is the son of INLE U OSHOSI, Ifá should not be done to the person, as they may have their hidden weaknesses.

In this Odu it is necessary to beg your head with two quail, to make life of human relationships. This Odu signals loneliness at the end of life.

Here the wife does not obey the husband.

No one can be baptized here.

The person likes spiritualism more than the Saint and Ifa.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Odi Otura:

Vegetable brain, poplar and dates.

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Ifa says in the odu Odi Taurus:

When Odi Otura comes out in divination the person would be told that he / she would undertake a difficult task in which people will ask four things he / she only has in simple unity. The other she should not hesitate to share with them as a higher pay reward would get in return. When Odi Otura appears in the Igbodun, it is an indication that the person is a sorcerer or sorceress.

When this odu goes out in the Igbodun, the person would be told to entertain his head with a goat before completing the initiation ceremonies. He also had to entertain Esu with a goat so that an imminent development would come to him. You should sacrifice to avoid any risk of vision problems with 201 walnut leaves (ewe awusan in Yoruba or ebe okhuen in Benin), in addition to leaves that fall into the pond or pond. He should use them to wash his eyes for a period of 7 days to avoid vision problems.

In Odi Taurus divination, the person would be advised to entertain Esu with a goat, and Ifá or his head with
a hen, because of a dispute in which he will be involved with other people.

When this Odu comes out in divination the person would be told to make sacrifice to Esu and Ogun to avoid the death of armed robbers or hired killers.

Prayer of the Odu Odi Otura:




Ebbo of the Odu Odi Otura

Work for blindness.

An OMIERO is made with the following herbs: purple canutillo, umbrellas, river linen, lechuguilla, blue water flower, queen's shoe, Bishop's salad.

After the OMIERO is done, a fish with white eyes is put inside and with that OMIERO they wash the eyes of a newborn dog, then with that same OMIERO, the AWO or the interested party will wash their face, to the grass the way is given, which is asked to ORUNMILA.

Then the fish is put on his head with: cocoa butter, hutía and smoked fish and coconut and there he is given a white dove and in a blue cloth at night he is taken to the sea, begging YEMAYA.

With the OMIERO he will be washing his face for 7 days, he will put fruits on YEMAYA and they will take him to the seashore at night, there he walks for a while and the fruits will be thrown all over the seashore.

You have to clean yourself well with a mastic mallet, with a red strip and then you put it on SHANGO and then you give it a way to the bush.

A red flag will be put up at the back of the yard and ORUNMILA is given two hens in the yard for luck.

This work is done after having done the EBO, never before because if not, it won't work.

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Meaning of the odu Odi Otura

This Odu speaks of dietary restrictions and sacrifices to maintain family harmony.

The person has health problems, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

This is an Odu of vices, of sexual aberrations of men and women, the sexual act is done even with animals.

Here was born the sexual debauchery and the desecration of the sacred filial respect. Sons who have had a sexual act with their mother or father, parents who have done it with their daughters, brothers with sisters and sisters with sisters (homosexuals).

This Odu signals the collapse of things. All the things achieved and all the plans can be undone, because everything is destroyed.

Here ORUNMILA was blind and his wife guided him, but there were always contradictions. Two roosters are given to the house, adorned with ribbons of all colors.

It is an Ifá of blindness, so you have to take care of your eyesight.

Here speaks LOGUN EDE, the son of INLE Y OSHUN, who was six months man and six months woman. Ifá of transformations.

The AWO of this Odu, must investigate the person well, before doing Ifá, so that he is free from a shamelessness.

The OKPELE of this Odu is made from the shells of vegetable amber and washed with: prodigious herb, wonder, cundeamor and milk vine. Eat rooster and banana with SHANGO.

The IYEFA of the Odu is made with seeds of vegetal aseus, güabina head, yam, cascarilla, jutía and smoked fish, mariwo, dried coconut scrape, ero, obi, kola, osun naború and Ifá herbs.

In the Odi Taurus sign, the woman contemplates herself naked in front of the mirror. She lives in love with her body. She wants to get rid of something that makes her self-conscious.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Odi Otura:

The Awó must be careful lest sexual debauchery lead him to live with a godson or goddaughter.

Patakie of the sign Odi Otura:

The hawk and the tinea.

La Tiñosa and the Gavilán were compadres, but the Gavilán was envious of his comadre and criticized her, saying that she was very comfortable and sleepy, that she had to get up earlier to make the meal. La Tiñosa replied: "God always keeps my food separate from me, that's why I don't bother looking for it."

Because of those phrases, the Hawk caught scab and decided to eat his comadre, as soon as he could, but since Tiñosa sleeps with one eye open and the other closed, he had no chance of catching it.

La Tiñosa seeing the hoaxes of the Gavilán, goes to ORUNMILA's house and he makes him OSODE, seeing this Odu (Odi Tauro), and tells La Tiñosa that he had to do EBO (the one indicated above). La Tiñosa does the EBO and ORUNMILA tells her to take him to the mountain. She did so.

A short time after Tiñosa had left the EBO, the Gavilán came and when he saw the chicken, he threw himself to eat it and the spikes that were in the EBO were nailed, dropping dead.

In this way, Tiñosa was able to get rid of her enemy.

NOTE: This Odu is criticized and envied by people close to you.

Odi Otura Ifa Traditional

Orisa owo ifon, oro odun woromi woromi, orisa wofan oranta odun woromi woromi. Adafa fun baby, abufun arine, omo orisa.

These were the two awoses who guessed for the two daughters in God's house, Nene and Arine. Nene, the oldest, was very rich and had everything, while Arine, the oldest, lived a relatively modest life. That was the time when the sky was in a state of tremendous disorganization. That is why God invited Orúmila to guess what should be done and he recommended making sacrifices with slugs. God sent for the baby to go to the forest to look for slugs and she abruptly refused to go, arguing that she had already passed the stage of running such despicable errands. It was then that God sent Arine to go, and without waiting for him to say it again, he immediately left for the forest. On the way to the forest, God again sent for her to confirm if she was really ready to go and she answered that she was already on the way.

Anyway God gave him a red parrot feather to use on his head, so that he could orient it, white chalk and alligator to use in any emergency and Kolá nuts, presumably to eat on his trip.

God did not relieve him as he expected her to use the four gifts given to her. The order of departure was given to Arine in the presence of Eziza, the deity of the wind. After deducing that God would likely grant her a great deal of authority if she was successful, Eziza also set out to counter Arine's efforts.

She first transformed into a pregnant woman and approached Arine to beg him to grant her her white chalk to be used in her pregnancy.

Arine gladly pleased the pregnant woman, then Eziza transformed into a mother carrying her young son on her back, the supposed mother who was breastfeeding her child asked Arine to give her kolá nut as she was hungry, once more Arine pleased her gladly.

On a third occasion, Eziza became a man and called Arine to grant him the parrot feather he had on his head to prepare medicine for his pregnant wife. Without thinking twice Arine handed the parrot feather to the unknown man.

Finally Eziza turned into a hunter and begged Arine to give him the pepper and once again she willingly gave it to him. After moving a few steps, the hunter returned to ask Arine what she was doing alone in the middle of the jungle. She replied that her father had sent her to look for jungle slugs. The hunter squeezed the alligator pepper in his hands and threw the seeds into the bush. Eziza then asked her what her father had given her for the unsuccessful hunt that she carried out and she replied that she had given away all the materials to help other people.

Eziza replied that she should continue to be very kind since one good is paid for with another good. Finally he told her to look for the slugs in the direction that he had thrown the alligator pepper seeds.
When he headed in the direction of the alligator pepper seeds, he saw a mixture of slugs and wasting no time took as much as he could carry in his bag. The hunter also helped her to weave a basket with palm leaves to transport the slugs.

The container is called Ago by the Yorubas which is why this odu receives this nickname of Ifá-atá go. She thanked the stranger and returned home happily with the slugs. When Arine arrived at Orúmila's house, he used the slugs to make the required sacrifice and the situation in heaven returned to normal. By the way, God commanded Arine and Nene to pity him. By refusing to obey his instructions, God proclaimed that all the wealth that Nene had, which made her ostentatious, would from that moment be transferred to Arine, while she must return to the former humble form of Arine. That is why it is said that Oso nene da arine, Oso arine da nene, which means that both sisters changed their fortunes.


Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá jeku
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá jẹja
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá jeran
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá ètétéété
Àwon Adábàá jeku
Wón ń dábàá jeku lo lásán
Àwon Adábàá haha
Wón ń dábàá heja lásán
Àwon Adábàá jeran
Wón ń dábàá jeran lásán
Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è ló wò ó pé "àkójo tòun ó se yìí"
"They were toun féé pa"
"Kílé òún or kún"
"Kó pò fún èèyàn"
"Kí gbogbo è ó móo dùn yìín"
Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è ò se méjì mó
They were ní ń pa
Níó kóó gbogbo omo è jo
Àti Obìnrin è
Gbogboo wón or móo jeun
Wón or móo mu
Won or moo yo
Àwon èèyàn bá wòye
"Àwon Adábàá jeku, adábàá haha, àti àwon adábàá jeran tí ón ń dáá ń lo yìí"
"Wón è é sèèyàn"
"Àwon Adábàá kúnlée bàbá è tétéété"
"Àwon la mò"
“Ló kó gbogbo ebí è ho yìí
"To peraán lè"
"You gbogboo wón ń jeun"
Bó ti kún nihìín yìí
Béè náà ní or kùún lóhùún
Wón ni ayé gbodò ye é
Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è nìkan layé ye
N ní wá ń jó ní wá ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá jeku
N dábàá jeku lásán ni
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fún Adábàá haha
N dábàá haha ​​lásán ni
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá jeran
N dábàá jeran lásán ni
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
A dífá fun Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá ètétéété
Taa ló seun to sèèyàn?
Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá ètétéété
N lo seun
Nló seèyàn.

In Odi taurus, Ifá wants this person to be well. He shall offer the sacrifice of Òdí Òtúrá. His lineage will be known for wealth, and He will have many children but he must behave according to the customs of his parents. He will be the pioneer of good things in your family.

Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá jeku
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá haha
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá jeran
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété
Adábàá jeku
They were conspiring to eat their rats
Adábàá haha
They were conspiring to eat the fish
Adábà jeran
They were conspiring to eat the animals
But Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété, was the only one to ask Ifá about the meeting he was about to hold
The goat that he was about to kill
Would it fill my house?
And would you make a great reunion?
Would it also make the situation happy and enjoyable?
Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété, I do not doubt again
He started hunting and killing goats
Gathering all his children
To their wives
For everyone to eat
And feel comfortable
The people then analyzed that:
"Adábàá jeku, Adábàá heja, and Adábàá jeran"
"They are not human"
"Except for Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété"
"He is the only one who has a good human character"
"He gathered all his family"
"He killed the Chiva"
"Everyone was happy"
So he could have a full house here on earth
Just like I would in heaven
They told him that his life would be completely pleasant
This was Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété who lived a life worth living
He started dancing with happiness
He was praising his Babaláwos
Their Babalawos began to praise Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwos had said
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá jeku
That ate only his rats
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá haha
Who ate only his fish
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú rí
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá jeran
Who ate only their meats
Ìdin àfàgò keyin àparò
N tojú bá wá lójúú ri
What the eyes seek to see, is what they will see
They prophesied Ifá for Adábàá nìkàn kúnlée bàbá è tétéété
Who was the only one who was good and humane to his fellow men?
He is the one who is capable of supplying and cramming the house of his parents, to give them, his family and friends a better life
It's the only one that's good
He is the only one who is human.

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