Ofun Di

ofun odi - Ofun Di (10-7)

Ofun Di (Ofun Odi), is Odu #245 in the hierarchical order of Ifa. He notes that disobedience and excessive curiosity can lead to shame and failure, while unrestrained audacity could result in loss of life.. There are hidden treasures that can only be discovered and valued through the wisdom of Ifá.

Analysis and interpretation of the Odu Ofun Odi

Ofun Di talks about the fine line between the legitimate desire for progress and blinding ambition. He warns us about the danger of getting lost in the sea of ​​life without an anchor to keep us firm, symbolized by the action of "dropping the anchor so that the ship does not sink." This Odu is a call to recognize our limitations, to be true with ourselves and with others, avoiding falsehood and rapacity.

Economic Aspects

In the economic field, Ofun Di highlights the importance of helping those in need and avoiding usury. Wealth obtained through dishonest means or the exploitation of others is seen as a curse rather than a blessing. Those ruled by this Odu must seek progress through integrity and honest work, remembering that true prosperity comes from contributing positively to the community.


This sign warns us about the physical consequences of our actions and emotions, including digestive and respiratory system problems. Health, according to Ofun Di, is negatively affected by betrayal, excessive ambition and contempt for oneself and others. Physical and spiritual cleanliness, symbolized by painting the house white, is essential to maintaining well-being.

Religious Aspects

Ofun Di emphasizes humility and respect for spiritual hierarchies and ancestral wisdom. Ignoring reality, denying one's own faults and the ambition to advance without one's own merit are seen as sure paths to spiritual failure. This Odu calls us to be faithful to the principles of Ifá, avoiding arrogance and contempt for the rituals and teachings that connect us with the divine.

Personal Relationships (Love)

In the area of ​​love, Ofun Di warns about betrayal and deception, both committed and suffered. Honesty and trust are essential to building strong and lasting relationships. This Odu also reminds us of the importance of facing the reality of our relationships, accepting our faults and working to correct them, instead of running away from or denying problems.

Overview of the Ofun Di sign

Names or Aliases:

  • Ofun Odi.
  • Ofun Di.
  • Ofun Din Din.

What is born in the odu Ofun Di?:

  • Unmeasured Ambition.
  • Drop the anchor, so that the ship does not sink.
  • The False Fortune Teller, for his lies.
  • Usury and Rapacity.
  • To help the needy.

What does the Sign of Ifa Ofun Odi speak of?

  • That one brother betrays the other.
  • No ashé in the world to be a fortune teller.
  • You don't want to know the reality.
  • The Awó is a pirate.
  • Ifá is spoken without being Awó and snail is thrown without being Iworo.
  • OLOFIN cries for the first time.
  • The Eweses are POPPY and CYPRUS.
  • Buttocks always stink.
  • Eweses are vain grapes, well maidenhair.

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Sayings of Ofun Di:

  • What is thrown into the sea goes to the bottom.
  • Flowers also grow in the swamp.
  • Curiosity can cost you your life.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • He who betrays his eldest, betrays anyone, no matter how much friendship or commitment there is.
  • He had freedom through an embarrassment.
  • The wall that collapses in the house does not kill the one in the field.
  • It contracts the anus and fans it, it does not contract it and it fans.
  • You get into difficulties and do not ask for forgiveness and do not admit your guilt.
  • Tie up the boat so it doesn't sink.

"Jack of all trades, master of none" reflects the importance of concentration and focus on our goals. Trying to do too much at once can lead to mediocre results, since the dispersion of efforts prevents going deeper and achieving excellence in any task. This saying teaches us the value of dedication and commitment.

Says Ifa odu Ofun Di

You should be careful not to get eye disease when using a handkerchief found on the street, as it could personify a Eggun and bring with it unexpected problems. She is at a point in her life in which desperation leads her to consider leaving her husband for another man who has captured her interest, which shows her tendency towards obstinacy, since she ignores him. the advice and warnings of those around her. Furthermore, she is being the victim of curses in her own home, caused by a woman, and she faces betrayal from people close to her who are stealing from her. Performing an Ebbó could cause fear and embarrassment, but it would be a transformative experience that will be beneficial in the end.

Orunmila warns that what is thrown into the sea disappears, suggesting that certain actions can have irreversible consequences. She must exercise caution at the parties she attends to avoid becoming everyone's laughingstock. You yourself are responsible for blocking your own well-being, and your excessive ambition could lead you to self-destruction. It is vital that you take care of your health, especially your lungs and intestines, and stay away from conflicts with neighbors, who would prefer to see you out of the neighborhood.

The situation is complicated, as if the excrement had become petrified, making it impossible to expel. However, Ifá promises to guide her towards her true destiny. Her harmony with her brothers, both by blood and religion, and fidelity to her word are crucial. Shango, through an Eggun, will grant him the strength he needs, but he must be careful not to lose his job for being forgetful and capricious. Music and drinking, especially the latter due to his intolerance, could cause serious stomach problems. He is recommended not to flatter superiors and respect the hierarchy, avoiding skipping intermediate levels. Finally, he is suggested to use his ingenuity to learn from those who possess more knowledge, assuming a role of innocence that allows him to absorb wisdom without arousing suspicion.

Ofun Di Recommendations:

  1. To help the needy: Contribute to the well-being of others, which enriches your spirit and strengthens your path.
  2. Recognize and Accept Reality: Courageously face the truth of your environment and your personal circumstances.
  3. Value the Wisdom of Ifá: Respect and follow the ancestral teachings and Ifá rituals for a harmonious life.
  4. Perform Spiritual and Physical Cleansing: Painting your home white and maintaining a clean environment promotes health and well-being.
  5. Take care of your physical health: Take care of your digestive and respiratory system to prevent disorders and maintain your vitality.


  1. Avoid Excessive Ambition: Excessive pursuit of power or wealth can divert your spiritual and personal path.
  2. Reject Deception: Do not engage in falsehoods or pretend to have knowledge or skills that you do not possess, especially in spiritual practices.
  3. Do not fall into Usury and Rapacity: These practices corrupt the soul and keep blessings away.
  4. Do not betray trust: Fidelity is an essential pillar in all relationships; Its violation carries serious spiritual consequences.
  5. Avoid Excesses: Excessive pleasures, such as drinking and music, can lead to loss of vital and spiritual focus.
  6. Do not hoard money: Accumulating wealth without purpose can block the flow of positive energy and ashe in your life.
  7. Beware of Betrayals: Both committing them and being a victim of them can deeply mark your destiny.

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Treaty and meaning of the Ifa Sign Ofun Di

Ofun Di is an Ifá sign that is not placed on the board because it represents the dirt on the ground. This sign is a symbol of excessive ambition, to the point of trying to approach Olofin directly, violating the established echelons of command.

It is associated with contempt and slaps, reflecting situations in which the slave manages to free himself early due to embarrassment. It is important to be alert to betrayal, especially from those people in whom we place all our trust.

In the stories she tells, we find a woman described as a bandit and thief, symbolized by Oshun Olele, who, after traveling the world in search of living fully, ends up being disowned. She also highlights her problems with the neighbors and mentions a peculiar case in which excrement turns to stone, making it impossible to expel her.

Ofun Di addresses the loss of direction and direction in life, situations from which Orunmila offers salvation. This sign warns of betrayal of both Orunmila and Olofin and signals a lack of progress due to poor compensation and betrayal by close people.

It reflects a tendency toward laziness and entertaining frivolous activities, such as music, carousing, and drumming, which result in loss of fortune. Likewise, it highlights failure to fulfill duties and commitments, along with health problems that affect the stomach, causing gas, acute diarrhea, constipation and the need to take care of the belly, intestinal walls and lungs.

Finally, Ofun Di warns about the shame that is generated by not performing an Ebbó, underlining the importance of remaining faithful to the commitments and warnings of Ifá to avoid the negative consequences of our actions.

Advice from the Ofun Odi Ifá Sign

The Ifá sign Ofun Odi advises making sacrifices and Ebbó to protect against negative influences and spirits that could cause destruction. This sign warns about the dangers of falsehood and excessive ambition, which lead to ignoring reality and losing valuable opportunities. Humility and acceptance of reality are essential to avoid failure and desolation.

It is essential to listen to the spirits and ancestors who seek to guide us; Ignoring them can be harmful, while attending to them becomes our greatest strength. It is recommended to perform Ebbó with personal objects of an ancestor, a mirror, a sash and snails, to protect against unwanted spirits. Placing a basin of water and indigo under the bed serves as additional protection.

This sign indicates that some are born without ashé due to curses, but a protective spirit can restore it. Warn against hoarding wealth and remember that physical problems can be signs of spiritual imbalances. Performing an Oparaldo may be necessary to get rid of dark shadows or negative influences.

Prayer of the sign Ofun Odi:

Ofún Dí Awó Nifa Awó Lerí Mashe Kue Obomi Beleke Inlé Añañaifin Ogori Ninshawo Ebere Ni Yoyorun Iyare Eggún Awó Ibashe Orí Ni Bashe Ofo Lerí Boshe Shangó Ení Bewa Efi Mi Oyun Orí Intorí Ofo Oduto Adifafún Ojifa Osutofu Osutwa Osutwa Inmi Ofo Oduto Bosuto Adifafún Abefú Osutwa Osutwa Tori La La Elegbara Ibashe Orí Bashe Akarin Boshe Eleriri Fete Awa Ni Awa Ona Shini Awa Obbá Ni Boshe Bogbo Ni Orún Male Ofún Dí Awó Mofun Ewa Beni Orún Oni Laye Opkuele Bolishe Awó.

Ofun Odi's Ebbo:

Ebo: Efun, akuko, a white scarf and owo la meyi.

Ebo: Sand, eyele, a piece of chain, two eku. right.

Ebo: eyele, aikordie, etu, eku, eya, ori, owo la megua.

Discover the different Paths and avatars of Elegua

Patakie of the Ofun Di sign:

Jack of all trades, master of none

There was a time when Orunmila had two Eleguá working for him in all Ozain functions and to deliver the Ebbo to their destination.

But one day, when performing an Osode, Ifá warned Orunmila that his Ebbo were not having effect or reaching their destination with the expected effectiveness. This led Orunmila to suspect her two Eleguá. She then called Odi Fumbo and asked him about Ofun Di, whom she had sent with an Ebbo and had not yet returned. Odi Fumbo replied: “Baba, Ofun Odi is stealing the Ebbo items.”

Thus, Orunmila discovered that Ofun Di was a thief and that was why his Ebbo never achieved their effect, preventing the progress of his children. From that moment, she decided that Odi Fumbo would stay forever sealing the Ebbo.

Note: Ofun Odi accused Odi Fumbo of being a traitor for revealing his dishonesty to Orunmila. However, Odi Fumbo replied: "The real traitor is you, who have deceived Orunmila and Olofin, since you were his trust."

Explanation: This story illustrates the saying "He who has too much, doesn't squeeze much", showing how Ofun Di's excessive ambition, in trying to appropriate what did not belong to him, finally cost him the confidence and position he had. He teaches us that honesty and integrity are fundamental to true success and progress. Betrayal and dishonesty may offer momentary gains, but they eventually lead to the loss of what is most valuable: the trust and respect of others.

Traditional Ofun Di Ifa sign


Or fúndìí
Ò n only
Or sòrò
O or baby
O sì tún ní kí wón or gbé oníkòjú wá
A day fún Purópuró alé àná
Èyí tí ó dojà ti ó puró mó omoo rè
Ìyá àgbà purópuró ló de ojà
Ló yes pon omo è lo
Nígbà or dé ààrin ojà
Bó ti bèrè kó móo ra ojà
àfi pùú
lo bá só
Sísó tú só báyìí
Pàá, ló gbá omo è nídìí
Ó níwo omo yìí
Lò sì wáá só pa gbogboo wa bahun
Omo bá gbó
Òun nìyá òún puró mó to bayìí?
Omo bá bu sekún
Won e wole
Omo Sunkun Sunkun
Omo ò tún dáké
Won waa se see se
Bóo làwon or ti wáá se?
Wón bá to Òrúnmìlà lo
Gba àwon dákun!
Àwòyeróye Awo Ilé Òrúnmìlà
Ó ní 'Ìwo ìyá yìí I know ihun tí omó fí n sunkún'
'Ó ní kínni kantóo se fún omo yìí ni kóo yáa rántí'
Ìyá rantí rantí
Ó ní àfi lója náà ni
Tóun gbé só làárin gbogbo èèyàn
Tóun ní omo yìí ló só
Òrúnmìlà ní 'O ó tùún padà lo ojà òhún'
'Kó o wáá móo fenu araà re wí'
'Pé Onísó alé àná tú só'
'Omo kó o'
'È mi ni mo só o'
Omo òun ko o
Òun lòún only
Ìyá bá padà lo ojà
Ní bá n pé gbogbo aá ojá
Isó allé àná
Òun lòún only
Kéè se omo òun o
Omó bá dáké ekún
ó lóo fúndìí
Ò n only
Or sòrò
O or baby
O sì tún ní kí wón or gbé oníkòjú wá
A day fún Purópuró alé àná
Èyí tí ó dojà tí ó sòó tán
You or puró mó omoo rè
Oníso alé àná or
Ìyá mòmò ló só or
Omoo rè mòmò kó o
Oníso alé àná.

Ifa wishes this person to be well. He must warn his wife as she has a son who listens and understands all comments that are directed at him, but may not be able to respond.

You contracted your anus
And you farted
You slander him
And you didn't apologize
You even asked them to call a witness to confront you
He was the one who made divination for The Liar the night before.
The one who would hit the market and lie about her son
This woman came to the market
She had a baby on her back
As soon as he arrived
Where she usually bought her things
She ducked, and in a small but audible explosion
She farted
As soon as she did, the people nearby heard her fart
She hit the baby on her back
She accused him 'You are a little boy'
'You farted very big'
The baby on her back heard this
'My mother has lied against me, this is too much'
So the baby started crying
In all the time they had at the market and on the way back home
The boy was still crying
And she refused to stop crying
They entered the house and until dusk that same day
The child had not stopped crying
She tried to do all kinds of things to calm the baby, but it was all to no avail
The parents asked anxiously 'What are we going to do?
And they decided to consult with Orúnmìlà
'Help us!'
Due to the magical exhibition, the priests of the house of Òrúnmìlà
Òrúnmìlà said 'It is the mother who is causing the problem'
'Try to remember what exactly happened to you'
The woman tried to remember all her actions towards the baby
And she said 'Except what happened yesterday in the market'
'Where I farted in the middle of the people'
'And I lied saying it was my son'
Òrúnmìlà said 'You will have to go back to the same market'
'And you will confess out loud and say repeatedly with your mouth'
'That the person who farted yesterday'
'It wasn't the son she carried on her back'
Únrúnmìlà concluded by saying 'It was me'
The mother returned to the market
Without waiting long he caught the attention of everyone
'The flatulence of yesterday'
'I was the one who did it'
'It wasn't my baby'
The son abruptly stopped crying
She said 'You contracted your anus
And you farted
You slander him
And you didn't apologize
You even asked them to call a witness to confront you
He was the one who made divination for The Liar the night before.
The one that would hit the market and fart
And he would lie blaming his son
The person who farted yesterday afternoon
It was the mother
It wasn't the baby
The person who caused confusion yesterday afternoon.

Eshú de Ofun Di: Alawata.

Eshú Alawata, linked to the Ifá sign Ofun Di, is a powerful manifestation that is characterized by its deep connection with the spiritual world and nature. Its cargo is a complex mix of natural and symbolic elements, which includes:

  • Chicken's Foot Herb: Known for its protective and spiritual cleansing properties.
  • Freshness: To attract positive energies and renewal.
  • Nettle and Ivy: Plants used for spiritual defense and strengthening mystical connections.
  • Peony and Pica Pica: For their purification attributes and to increase vital energy.
  • Get up, Ero, Obbí, Kolá, Ozún: Ingredients that enhance clairvoyance and communication with the spiritual realm.
  • Land of different origins (arid, the hill, the prison, the 4 paths): Each type of land provides a unique dimension of protection, path and liberation.
  • Lerí from Ayapá, from Akukó, from Aya: The skulls of these animals symbolize sacrifice, bravery and spiritual depth.
  • Quicksilver: For the rapid transmission of messages and requests to the orishas.
  • Awadó, Ekú, Eyá, Epó, Otí, Oñí, Otí Kana: These elements, which include corn, fish and mouse meat, palm oil, honey, and different types of alcoholic beverages, are essential in ritual practice, each one contributing his life force to the Eshu.
  • Eyes and mouth of snails, along with 3 Ikordié: They symbolize spiritual vision and the ability to communicate effectively in the spiritual world.

Eshú Alawata is, therefore, an entity of great power and complexity, acting as a guardian and messenger between the physical and spiritual worlds. Their presence ensures protection, clear communication with the orishas and the opening of paths to spiritual and material growth. This Eshu is particularly invoked to overcome obstacles, protect against negative influences and ensure the flow of blessings and ashe to those who worship him.

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