Ofun Gando

Ofun iwori - Ofun Gando

In the odu Ofun gando (iwori) is born:

  • That warehouses are filled as well as emptied.
  • The hierarchy in jobs, in religion and in worldly life, where there always has to be a boss.
  • That with money you can do everything.
  • That the deformation in the education of the minor by the elder causes the death of the minor.
  • Respect the invalid.
  • The Parrot.
  • The stomach ferments by Oggú that is taken.
  • Loss of Mental Faculties by an Inshé Oggú.
  • That when the Ofun Gando sign appears in an Athepha, an Akukó is quickly given to Elegbá in the middle of the courtyard.
  • Igando is a barren land.

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Recommendations of the Ofun gando sign:

  • Numbers 5 and 3 are played.
  • Deliver alms at the Door conscientiously, without seeking instead a mockery or Dante.
  • Do not put your hands in anything dark or something that gives you doubt.
  • Love, protect and support children.
  • Obatala is put aikordie and 3 balls of ishu, ekru, ori, efun are made. 

Sayings of Ofun Iwori - Ofun Gando:

  • When two Kings embark on the same boat, one of them does not reach the same goal.
  • When you don't know the terrain, you first look at it before you step on it.
  • You yourself cause your misfortune by telling your secrets.
  • Someone who was not allowed to take the fruit of his labor.
  • Everything he does does not come to a happy conclusion.
  • They blame the blind man before the Judge.
  • He who has money, does what he wants.

prohibitions of Ofun gando (iwori):

Don't put your hands in anything dark.

Eating in an uncompromising way. avoid gluttony

Ofun Iwori Notes:

He suffers from the kidneys, laxity in the body and sight, to the point that he can go blind if he is no longer blind. Men tend to be powerless.

Ofun Iwori is an Oddun of money.

Says Ifa odu Ofun Iwori:

You had a red-haired woman, who hurt you by believing that you abandoned her for another woman. She put candles on it backwards. you had or have women's disease, be careful and cure it well, because it can cause serious harm. Sometimes you feel helpless. You have many enemies. He has asked for something and it has not been given to him. Don't eat cantaloupe. Take care, you or one of your family, with justice. Don't get in the way with money. Possibly it will have twins. Do not use weapons on top. You and your wife are having a bad life. Do not hurt anyone because you can fall on him. Don't mess with the disabled, including their family members. You raised your hand to a woman and that's why you have a very big war, don't do it anymore. Tends to be ungrateful.

You owe candles and others to a Saint, pay them so that your things go well, don't be persistent. You feel pains in the kidneys and laziness in the body. Listen to the advice they give you. Thank Odduduwa ya drool. Don't let the sun hit your head and put on a white scarf or cap. Keep in mind that with a real you cannot do many things. Take care of the Eggún a lot and make offerings to them, put music and clothes on them, to get what they want, because you tend to do nothing. Beware of gifts, which can bring loss and death because they come from dishonest hands. Take care of your eyesight and go to the doctor because you can go blind. His luck has been lost for commenting on how he achieved it.

Prayer of the Odu Ofun gando:

Ofún Gando, Ofún Dede Iwóri; Adifafún Kañike Toma Tori Towokan Kunghe Lo Niwen Aru Eyelé Ishe Ashedanu Kañike Oruko Adaye Ada Bako Ishu Shan Agbadó Asiko Bako Ishu Shan Asiko Arereye.

Ofun Iwori's Ebbo:

Ofun Iwori's work for prosperity

Guirito with 7 lerí of different birds, with their respective legs, 7 iguí (questioned), lodestone, limallas, ewé oríye, atiponlá, canutillo, aroma, otá questioned, atitan erita merin, atitan from the front and back of the ilé, from Yewá, from odó, from nigbe, from oke, from the hospital, from ilé Ashelú, gall of Agbani, ekú, ejá, epo, agbadó. He goes behind the door of the house and they anoint with Elegbá.

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Ofun Gando speaks:

Shango was appointed King of the Heavens and of the Earth and has no opponents.

He has four spirits that accompany him and they are: Lubayemi, Omuhi Lowo, Agbo Eggún Kafo, Afinju Elegbá.

The person acts without judgment.

This sign is called Ofún Gando because it saved the people of Gando from death and was crowned King of the Earth.

Orunmila dresses in iridescent fabric (of many colors).

Here the Adam made ebbó and therefore cuts.

The spirit of the Machete is called kañike, but he did not make ebbó and that is why another collects the fruit of his work.

You cannot eat melons, nor dress in oval clothes.

Deliver alms at the Door conscientiously, without seeking instead a mockery or Dante.

Wanting, protecting and supporting children, but promoting their very valid and autonomy, encouraging reflection and self-judgment in them, teaching them to think and decide, to feel secure when making decisions and personally assume their responsibilities for the consequences of they.

Do not put your hands in anything dark or something that gives you doubt.

Ofun Iwori is the Ifá of the Silk Glove, he has power in his hands, digit pressure. He will have sons with six or seven fingers (sons of Odduduwa).

The father kills the son.

Numbers 5 and 3 are played.

Meaning of Oddun of Ifa Ofun Gando

They go through many jobs and needs, and when they receive the blessing and become famous and wealthy, they themselves are the cause of their misfortune by disobeying and telling the secrets of how they got to the top.

That determines that it is an Oddu Osobbo of Ashelú because they cause the vigil.

Other people's children are breastfed, but the treatment given tends not to be the best and can make them sick. The woman can be attacked, killed or enslaved with obbe, akantapo or iguí.

The language of the common people has it unhappy, the apparent friends pretend its downfall because they envy it for its position and place.

You must wear white.

The Oddu announces the death of an Awó.

In this Oddu, Elegbá must be cheated a lot, especially for a son who, through works that are done to him, will find him or learn about him. Here ebbó is made with akukó funfun, which is given before the ebbó to Elegbá in the courtyard and I will lerí umbeboró.

The woman cannot have children and for this she must do the works that Ifá recommends and have the confidence that she will be able to give birth, generally they must be female, she must ask a lot from Olofin for that.

In this Odu, the Awoses fight out of envy and one can cause the death of another by Oggú.

In the Sign Ofun Gando, Shango the warehouses were emptied and all the food supplies were exhausted.

In this sign of Ifa one works in vain and another gathers the fruit of what you do by doubting the designs of Ifá.

He suffers from the kidneys, laxity in the body and sight, to the point that he can go blind if he is no longer blind. Men tend to be powerless.

He is an Ifá of hierarchy and leadership, but when occupying the positions he must know how to organize the work of the subordinates, since they tend to derogate him from the position and position, and can even cause death.

It is an Oddu of having many obiní and this motivates envy and Oggú over the person and incantation.

The person must develop their professional profile in the field of the arts.

Ofun Iwori speaks of positional wars for object, work, belonging, characterized by apparent agreements that end as the Trojan War.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Ofun gando:

Knight bean.

Ofun gando Traditional Ifa


Ofún Lawo Igándó
Ìwòrì lawo ìgándò
Òràn gando gàndo ò tán nlè yí bòrò bòrò
A day fun àgbààgbà méfà
Èyí tí gbogboo wón red enuu won
You gbogbo won or sì móo jàre
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Wón ní òmìmì kán n bò wáá mì won
Oká leni àkókó
Nnú ​​àwon àgbààgbà ló wà
Kèé sìí sún mó èèyàn
Gbogbo nnkan tú bá sún mó
Gbogboo wón ni wón or ho fún un
Òkété lenìkejì
Òkéré nìketa
Èluluú lenìkerin
Àparò Òyèyè leni ìkarùún
Àáyá lenìkefà
Gbogboo won ni wón jo n gbé láì Síyonu
Wón níwo Òkété rubo
Kóo mó baà rí ogun àwolébá
Òkété ni kin ni n je ebo àwolébá?
Nígbà or di òsán ojó kan
Oká n wá nnkan tí or je kíri
Ló bá di wòò nnú Ilé Òkété
Bí Òkété se fojú kan oká
Kín ló dí òun mólé yìí?
Ló bá jáde fotì
Òkéré bá rí Òkété lóde òsán
Èèwò !?
A kìí réwú lóde òsán
Ókéré bá sáré gorí igi Ìrókò
Ó lójú òhun ò níí níkàn ríbi
Sáá Sáá Sá fò ​​n lòkéré n ké
Èlulu gbo
Òun náà figbe èèmo benu
Èjé ru leye oko n ke
Èlulùú ní 'ó seése kí òré òun ti rí nnkan ewú ló fi ní kóun ó fò'
Àparò Òyèyè gbó lóko
Òun náà bá figbe bonu
Ìlú ra
Àáyá gbó tí Àparò n ké pé ìlú ra
Hího làparò ho
I balance; I balance
Àáyá kolu èyin Etù
Èyin Etu fo
Etú bá fo
ó bóórí igi
Ni bá n ké
e pé è
Nnkán you go down
Ìlú e pé è
Wón ba pe gbogbo ìlú jó
Did Kin laugh?
Ìwo Etù kín lo pe àwon fun?
Etu lóun ò mo ibi tí Àáyá ti wá
Gbogbo eyin òun ló ti fó tán
Wón ní kí won ó lòó pé Àáyá wá
Àáyá kín ló détoo fi fó èyin Etu?
Àáyán ní nígbà tí òún n gbó pé ìlúra
'Ìlú ra'
Bógun or bá sì dé
Enìkan a lè móo ké pé ìlú ra bí o?
Taa ló a pé ilú ra fun o?
Ó ní Àparò òyèyè ni
Wón ní wonó pe Àparò wá
'Ése or Àparò'?
Òun náà ní nígbà tòún náà gbó tí Èlulùú nké èjé ru
Èjé ru lòón gbó túun fí n kígbe béè
Ìwo Èlulùú kín ló dé?
Èlulùú ní nígbà túun gbó tí Òkéré n ké
Òkéré n ké pé kóun ó Sá fò ​​'Sá Sáá Sá fò'
Sáá Sáá Sá Fò
Òkéré kín lo rí o too fi pé kí Èlulùú ó fò?
Òun náà ní nígbà tòún rí Òkété lóde òsán
TÒkété è é sìí jáde òsán
Lòún sì ri tí Òkété n sáré àsápajúdé
N náà ló mú òun túun fí n ké
Ìwo Òkété bóo ló se jé tee fi jáde lósàán gangan?
Òkété ní jééjé òun lòún jókòó
LOká bá wa kaun mole
BÓká bá sì ká èèyàn mólé
A wa móo rùn bí?
Ìwo Oká kín lò n wá nnú ilé Òkété?
Oká ní òún n wá nnkan tí òún ó je kíri ni
Òun ò sa mole eníkan yàtò
Gbogbo àwon tí n be nbè ko ha!
Taa la wá rí da lébi nnúu yín?
Ifá pé ká má se àsìgbó òrò
Ká móo wádìí òrò dáadáa ká túó se òhúnkòhún
Etu lo pe gbogboo won jo
Ará bá your gbogboo won
Ni won wá n jó ni won á n yò
Won n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Ofún Lawo Igándó
Ìwòrì lawo ìgándò
Òràn gando gàndo ò tán nlè yí bòrò bòrò
A day fún àgbààgbà méfà tí gbogboo wón rojó enuu won
Gbogboo wón red enuu won
Won ò nií lébi
Opélopé etú ló jára or you wá
Àwá deni olà peregede.

This person will have bundles of good fortunes if he can do good. A strange case is going to present itself very soon and it will soon take a very smart planner to execute it. He is exhorted not to misinterpret instructions and to have good behavior.


Òfún is the Babaláwo of Ìgándó
Ìwòrì is the Babaláwo of Ìgándò
The saga of misinterpretations refuses to end not easily on this earth
They were the ones who made divination for the 6 Elders
They would all make their case
And all of them would be vindicated
They advised everyone to offer sacrifice
They said 'There is a litmus test lurking and it comes to test you all'
The Cobra with its own magnanimity is the first person
He is among the 6 Elders
He can't get close to anyone
All the animals that were near your neighborhood
They should be careful with their fangs
The Giant Rat is the second
The Squirrel is the third
The Èlulùú Bird is the fourth
The Quail is the fifth
The Chimpanzee is the sixth
They were all living together without any hard feelings
'You, Giant Rat, offer sacrifice'
They warned him by saying 'So that a diabolical intruder does not come towards you'
The Giant Rat replied 'I will not take care of any intruder'
A fatal day
The Cobra was rummaging through the forest
He accidentally entered the Giant Rat's tunnel
Immediately the Giant Rat upon seeing it
'What kind of problem is this?'
And ran out the back door
The Squirrel saw the Giant Rat in the middle of the afternoon
'It's an aberration!'
It is rare to see a Giant Rat in the afternoon
He quickly climbed the Ìrókò Tree
'I must not be the only one to see this divergence'
He yelled 'They fly away'
And the Bird Èlulùú heard this from another side
He also caused an alarm
He screamed 'It's dripping blood'
Èlulùú reasoned 'What would become of my friend who advised me to fly away anticipating danger'
The Quail from its location heard
And he also flew when he heard his friend Èlulùú scream in alarm
He yelled 'The city is in ruins'
The Chimpanzee from where he was eating heard 'the city is in ruins'
He fled immediately
He ran away in a single race
The chimpanzee mysteriously stepped on the eggs of the Guinea
He broke the guinea eggs while the latter was out of its incubated place.
The guinea flew away
And landed on a tree
The Scream
'Ride yourself'
'and see the havoc they have done'
'All the inhabitants of this city look and listen to my request'
They called all the people
People asked, 'What's the problem?'
'Why did you call us to this meeting?'
'I don't know what went wrong with the chimpanzee'
La Guinea said: 'He has broken all my eggs'
'You Chimpanzee, why have you broken the guinea pig's eggs?'
'I heard a cry that said that the city is in ruins'
'The city is in ruins'
'If it's not war time'
The chimpanzee asked 'How would someone scream like that?'
People replied, 'Who was it that was yelling like that?'
And the Chimp said: 'It was the Quail'
They sent for the Quail
They asked, 'Why did you raise a false alarm?'
'When I heard the bird Èlulùú shouted' The Blood is gushing out '
'The Èlulùú Bird was screaming that blood is gushing out?
'You, Èlulùú, why did you do that?'
'Well, I heard the Squirrel screaming'
'He was yelling at me to quickly fly as far as possible'
He had told me 'Fly away, fly away'
You Squirrel, why did you have the need to tell him to fly away?
'I saw the Giant Rat in the afternoon'
'When we all know that the Giant Rat does not come out commonly during the day'
I saw the Giant Rat in a moment of his life with his tail pointing towards the sky
Since that was the reason why I have raised the alarm
You Giant Rat 'Why did you have the need to go out in broad daylight?'
The Giant Rat said, 'I was in my tunnel resting'
'I then saw the Cobra that was entering the tunnel'
'And can a Cobra enter the house where one lives'
The Rat concluded by saying 'Would you make it that easy?'
They asked 'You Cobra, why did you enter the house of the Giant Rat?'
The Cobra replied: 'I was looking for something to eat'
'I didn't even know it was someone's house'
All the people present exclaimed in confusion
'Who will we convict now as guilty?'
Ifa advises us not to misinterpret the instructions
We will investigate before acting and reaching a conclusion
It was the Guinea that brought them all together
And everyone calmed down
They then started dancing and were happy
They were praising their Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
They said it was exactly what their Babaláwos had said
Òfún is the Babaláwo of Ìgándó
Ìwòrì is the Babaláwo of Ìgándò
The saga of misinterpretations does not end far from easy in this city
They were the ones who made divination for the 6 Elders who would expose their cases
And they will be vindicated for their individual cases
They were all vindicated
Thanks to Guinea who did everything possible to calm us down
We have become people rich in multitudes.

Patakie of the Ofun gando sign:

The king kills his son.

There was a King in a region, who both he and his son were ruthless people. Once a beggar went to the Palace in search of alms and the King gave him a bag containing a poisonous snake. The beggar, very happy, left without looking at the contents of the bag. On the way he met the King's son, who tried to convince the other young people who were with him, to put stones in the beggar's saddlebags, which was not accepted by the rest of the young people. Only he took a handful of stones and placed it in the bag that the King had given the beggar. But bad luck caused the snake to bite him and he died shortly after.

The King could not retaliate for having double guilt: that of offering the poisoned bag and that of informally educating his son. The beggar, upon hearing the news of the King's son's death, brought him the same bag with which he was presented, thinking that in this way the Prince would be saved.

Note: Be careful where you put your hands. The father kills the son.

With money you do what I know about everything.

This was an Awó who was going through work and many needs, and he was hunting to solve his needs or problems, since in reality there were so many that he could not solve them all. One day, he met Olófin, who told him: What's wrong with you? and he replied that he was having jobs and that, no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't solve them. Then Olófin told him to take two green beans that he had, that virtue was in one of them, to take that one and that, when he got home, he put a little bit in the corners every day. And that the other kept it and did not tell anyone her secret.

He did so, and in a short time he became the most famous and wealthy man in the region. He had a friend who had the same business and who, seeing how it had prospered, asked him what he had done to make so much progress in such a short time. And he, breaking his promise with Olofin, told her what had happened. But since his friend did not believe him (he pretended not to believe him) what he said, so that he would see that what he was saying was true, he told him that he still had a bean saved, that he was going to give it to him so that That way, he believed what he was saying. Before long, the friend's business began to prosper. But, at the same time, Ofún Gando's business was getting worse every day, until he had to go hunting again because again he began to have difficulties. Olófin, who was in the mountains one day, when he saw him, asked him in amazement: Are you hunting again? To which the hunter said: Things did not go very well for me. Olófin refueled him: Use the other green bean you have left, answering him: I gave it to a friend. Then Olófin said to him: The cause of your misfortune is you, since you disobeyed me by telling your secret, and until you gave the sheath you had not had problems. But since you did what I told you not to do, you will continue hunting and having jobs. To go Eshu.

Eshu of the Odu Ofun Iwori

Eshu Karugwo.

He lives in a Guayaba squiggle, which is left with a long fragment about the meeting of the staff. On
It is carved into a doll, drilled lengthwise, and loaded.

Note: Cayado - Palo de los Pastores. Bishop's Staff.

Tamarind root, Ceiba, Irokó, mariwó head, flying yam, 3 kinds of peppers, amalá, Omí Olófin, 4 lands of 4 roads, lerí de akukó, 3 azabaches, epo, orí, efún, gold, silver, 3 corals, 3 amber, Stick for Me, Chickadee Ebony, Yamao, Red Piglet, Open the Way, Iweriyeye, Sugar, Charcoal, Quicksilver

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