ofun kana

Ofun kana

Born in the odu Ofun kana:

  • The Jet.
  • That the children of Obbatalá and Ofun kanan do not eat rabbits.
  • Eating Sandwiches.
  • Que elegba got sick with gout.
  • The Social Plague.
  • Orunmila's enemies wanted to harm him with the Epo.
  • The Awó dresses in mouse skin and the woman in tiger skin, to betray.

The Sign of Ifa Ofun Kana Points out:

  • Another Awó or Santero falls in love with the Awó's wife.
  • Olodumare granted Babalu Aye the grace to cohabit with all Obiní.
  • Syphilis is acquired by contagion.
  • The person corrects himself, without realizing it.
  • The Rat and the Mouse do not associate.
  • The Bones were activated to work religion.
  • The man cannot live alone, he has to have his wife.
  • The man is cool.
  • The Bitch was broke.

Recommendations of the Ofun kana sign:  

  • Using jet for the evil eye.
  • Beware of contagious diseases with women of the underworld.
  • Respect others in their ideology and religiosity.
  • Don't be self-reliant.
  • Must adore OLUOPOPO very much.
  • The man must attend to his wife with more dedication and ofikale trupon with her.
  • Take care of your family and take care of your home.

Ofun sayings kana

  • Nothing has been written about cowards.
  • Loss of vigor.
  • If you put yourself to the test and do Ebbó, it will turn out fine.
  • The God of Heaven will put another person in his place.
  • The sexual debauchery, he loses it.
  • The mother, in her eagerness, harms him.
  • The opportunist loses the ashé.

prohibitions by Ofun Kana:

  • Do not have sex where you want.
  • Meet the debts that you incur as death pursues you.

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Says Ifa odu Ofun Kana

Using jet for the evil eye. Practice hygiene as you can become the greatest beggar in life and be left without a home and nothing. Beware of diseases contagious with women of the underworld; You can get sick with what you eat, because you do not analyze where the food comes from and in the state it is. His associates cheat and doubt his moral reputation and even despise him. Take care of your family and take care of your home, you lose it. You can catch your wife in an act of adultery, but there is no more responsible than yourself. He is a libertine, who recreates himself with all the women to live at the expense of some as a pimp.

Ofun Okana says: Olodumare wants you to control your sexual urges and respect Thursdays, which are sacred; he must do Ebbó to defend himself against an aggression and, at the same time, to collect and defeat the enemy. Avoid alcoholic drink and sedentary lifestyle; go to the doctor for intestinal parasites or germs, viruses or others lodged in your internal organs. Comply with the debts that you incur as death pursues you; Avoid relationships with people of doubtful morality and who commit crimes, as you will be imprisoned. Respect others in their ideology and religiosity, as a curse from heaven will come to them and they will lose their ashé. Don't be self-sufficient; do not do your sexual intercourse where you want, be less rough in this that annoys the obiní.

Prayer of the Oddun of Ifa Ofun kana:

Ofun kana Okana biofun awado de ifá omó ni yare awado ifá obiní yanyara abure, omó awó be Okana yabun bofun kuin yakun omó beife yorobafun Okana biofun Ofun kanan obiní Okana moyáre awó Okana biofun. Ofiera koya abo niloso Adifafún osoko layu oma aboyo abo lebo, kaferefún Obbatalá ati Eshu.

Ebo of the Sign of Ifa Ofun kana:

Ebbó to defend himself against an attack. 

Akukó fun fun, white rabbit, eyelé fun fun, un paoyé, akofá, malaguidí, were malú, adofá de malú, gbogbo iguí, ekú, ejá, agbadó, oñí, otí, obi, bogbo ileké, ashó timbelara, itaná meyi, opolopó owó.

This Ebbó is to defend against an aggression and, at the same time, to collect and defeat the enemy. The day before Ebbó, the animals are given to Obbatalá, where the iñales are prepared, including adofá, where bogbo iguí will be caught, hug it well, these iguí are: Tomb four, dominator, winner, wins battle, these sticks are joined and in them they chalk the names of the enemies and all umbeló in the Ebbó, I would say oradie umbeboló in the Ebbó.

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Meaning of Oddun Ofun kana

When Azabache is born, it is always thrown into Elegbá's burden.

The person corrects himself without realizing it.

Take care of your eyes, legs and infectious diseases, such as contagious syphilis.

Your aliens walk away from you out of fear.

Oggú is thrown in materials that are used daily, must adore oluopopo a lot.

Ofun Kana is an Ifá of doubt; The person who gets this Odu is not very clear about his morals.

It is an Ifá of accidents in the water.

The Obiní Oboñú can lose the creature to Oggú.

The man must attend to his wife with more dedication and ofikale trupon with her, because she feels tired and alone and that leads to slip and adultery.

By not heeding the advice of Ifá and his elders, he becomes ill with his genital organs and access is complicated and his life may end.

Oshún saves his life.

He suffers from the liver and that organ or another can be torn by germs that he has acquired, and this can lead to death; be neat, check the food you gobble down; avoid eating organ meats and do not eat foods derived from meat that raise doubts.

It is an Ifá of being involved in justice problems, for theft, even without having been committed by the person, but by a third party. They watch over him and he falls into the trap.

They will put it to the test and doing Ebbó will be fine.

Ofun Kana in Ire:

The oddun Ofun Kana is an Ifá that speaks of two and of displacement.

The mother unintentionally harms the child.

It is an Ifá of curse for disobedient and the Ashe is lost. The man loses his aim.

The brothers of blood and religion are linked to each other, wanting to value themselves superiorly, they believe they are superior and self-sufficient.

The children blackmail their parents and superiors and it becomes their own Boomerang.

Herbs (Ewe) of the Ofun Okana sign:

Alamo, carob, parquia and cannonball.


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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ofun kana:

Where an awo betrayed another awo with his obini.

There was an Awó who lived with his wife and at the back of the house he had a workshop, where he spent hours until late at night. The wife of said Awó, while he worked in his workshop, spent all day alone in the house. There was a day when an Awó came to the house and fell in love with the Awó's wife. She scoffed and told him that he had been wrong about her, that she was not even cheating on her husband and that she was a decent woman, and that all her husband knew it. The Awó insisted so much that one day he achieved his goals and the woman began to groom herself every day. And while her husband spent all day working in the workshop, she left all day and returned in time to prepare her husband's food. So the days passed and one fine day the Awó, who worked in the workshop, got up and said to himself: I haven't registered for a long time; and he sat down to register, leaving this letter to him. Such was the amazement of the Awó, that he left as usual for his workshop and at midmorning he returned home, not finding his wife there. The Awó, seeing what Ifá had told him, sat down to wait for his wife to return. The morning passed, the afternoon and late at night the Awó's wife opened the door of the Ilé, finding her Okuní sitting in front of the door. And the Obiní del Awó was shocked and the only thing she managed to say was: What are you doing sitting there and you're not working.

The Awó, very calmly, said to him: Why are you scared? I know everything you are doing. You have been cheating on me with another man, you are pregnant and you have to give birth to him. And from this Ilé you have to leave. From that moment, Obiní began to have jobs.

Ofun Kana Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Agogo ní n ró e pé péré
Àràn gèjè ní n ró mò k como jo mò k como jo
A day fún Kóórì
Èyí tí n fomi ojúu sògbérè omo
Òun le romo bí báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ni àgbédò adìe lebo
Ló bá pa adìe funra è
Nbè náà ló ti sè e
Nbè náà ló ti je é
Kò romo kankan bí
Ó tun dèèkejì
ó tun pa adie
Ó tún da a je
Kò romo pin
Nígbà or dèèketa
Ó bá loódò Òrúnmìlà
Wón ní kóun ó fi àgbébo adìe rbo léèkíní
Òún fi rubo léèkejì
Wón sì ní àwon omo n tèlé òun kíri
Òrúnmìlà niwo Kóórì loò seun
Ò n pa bye
O yes n da a je
Òrúnmìlà ní kí Kóórì ó lòó fi ìdodo kan ògiri
Lénu ibi ti ìdodo è bá ga mo lára ​​ògiri
Kó sàmì Síbè
Kó waá pa adìe mìíìn
Kó mú axis adìe òhún
Kó fi yí ojú àmí ohun
Kí èjè adìe or wáá sàn wálè
Kó sì ta epo say yes ojú ibè náà
Òrúnmìlà ni kó mó je nbi adìe
Òrúnmìlà ní tí ò bá ti je nbè
Àwon omo or tèle
Kóórì bá se béè
Ó bá kó gbogbo àwon èèyàn jo
Ko je nnu è
Omo bá dé
Kóórì bímo yè
Ní bá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Agogo ní n ró e pé péré
Àràn gèjè ní n ró mò k como jo mò k como jo
A day fún Kóórì
Èyí tí n fomi ojúu sògbérè omo
You sì n rolled tí ò romo kó wálé
Or the nígbà èèkínní
Béè ni ò romo mú wálé
Or the nigbà èèkejì
Kò romo mú wálé
Ni on bá n korin fún Kóórì
Wón n pé bí o lo
ko moo lo
E jé Kóórì ó rodò
Bí or lo kó móo lo
Or japan
or jetan
o jèdi
ó jèdò
Bí or lo kó móo lo
Wón ni bí ti n padìe ni n dá je é
Ìgbà èèketa lÒrúnmìlà se Ifá fún Kóórì
Ó ní Kóórì or
Ó mò dé arewe yò
Fún mi lomo kan n gbé jó.

Ifá advises this person to offer child sacrifice. He should not be stingy. There is a particular enigma, which the family or friends of this person do not know the solution. They must have the help of the elders.
Gather together is the sound of the gong
Àràn gèjè sounds 'I will gather children'
They were the ones who made divination for Kóórì
The one who cried for children
I will have children on earth was what he asked Ifá
And they advised him to offer sacrifice
An adult hen is the sacrifice
She would kill her herself
Build a pot where she will cook it
And it is in that same pot that she will eat it
She didn't get to have any children
She knocked on his door for the second time
She killed another adult chicken
And she ate it alone
And couldn't find a way to have a baby
So on the third occasion
She went to consult with Òrúnmìlà
And she asked: 'Why has this misfortune clouded me?
'They advised me to offer an adult hen on two previous occasions'
'I have offered them'
'And they assured me that I would have children chasing me everywhere' Kóórì said
'You were the one who did not follow the instructions given to you' Òrúnmìlà replied
'You killed the chickens they prescribed for you'
'And you ate them alone'
Òrúnmìlà then advised Kóorì to touch a wall with her navel
How high your belly button reaches the wall
'You must mark that place'
'Then he will kill another adult hen'
'He will collect his blood this time'
'And he will use it to mark the place of the mark made on the wall at navel level'
'For the blood to descend from the mark previously made on the wall'
You will also need to rub some red palm oil in the same spot.
Òrúnmìlà said, So you should never eat more chickens
Baby will come to you
Kóórì did as instructed
She gathered people
She didn't eat any of the hen
And the babies then started to come
She had successfully given birth
She then started dancing and was very happy
She was praising her Babaláwos
And his Bababláwos praised Ifá
She said it was exactly as her Babaláwos had said
Gather together is the sound of the gong
Àràn gèjè sounds 'I will gather children'
They were the ones who made divination for Kóórì
The one who cried for children
The only one who went to the river but without looking for water with them
She tried the first time
And still couldn't bring a baby home
The second time
He couldn't do it either
They then started teasing her
If she wanted to go
Let her go
Let her go to the river
If she wants to go, let her go
She only ate the wings
She only ate from the paws
She only ate the rump
She ate the liver
Let her go if she wants it
They told her that it is in the same pot where she will kill the chicken that she had eaten
On this third occasion Òrúnmìlà prepared a special Ifá work for Kóórì
The only one who enjoys being seen that the children are back
Please give me a hug.

Eshu of the Oddun of Ifa Ofun Okana

It has not specified.

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