Odu of Ifa Ofun She

ofun she

Other names of the Odu Ofun She:

  • Ofun oshe.
  • Ofun pakyoshe.
  • Ofun shewe.
  • Ofun owewe.

Born in the odu Ofun oshe:

  • The OKIN (La Garza)
  • The Awan of AZOJUANO.
  • Oratory.
  • Dresses.
  • The four cardinal points of the Oracle of Ifá.
  • Memory loss
  • The Moon went to OBATALA's house.
  • The guts twist.

What does the sign of Ifa Ofun She 10-5 talk about?

  • The rotation of the world is represented by the rainbow.
  • Speak Desecration.
  • The bird OLOBUTU loses the kingship to the Heron.
  • This is the bastard speaking.
  • Saint works are done, without having him crowned.
  • The Eweses are the Granada and the Clavellina de Río.
  • Chinimá is made with pomegranate, charcoal and dove.

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Recommendations of the Ofun she sign:

  • Be careful with gossip and mess.
  • Beware of a tragedy that is about to unfold.
  • You have to do three EBBOSES in a row to counter this.
  • Put on the necklaces and receive warriors.
  • Make Ebomisí with a string of garlic.
  • The person does not have to do Osha, but do Ifa.
  • Suffering can cause a heart attack.
  • Man was born to be an interpreter of the signs in the Oracle of Ifá.

Sayings of Ofun she:

  • Living with a humble person refreshes the mind.
  • He who gives bread to another's dog loses his bread and loses the dog.
  • If the Orishas don't give me anything, I can't do anything for them.
  • His head takes him where his destiny ends.
  • When SHANGO throws his word, there is no one to stop it.
  • Nature is so vast that no one knows its secret.

Ofun she bans:

  • Be careful of gossip and tangles.
  • Do not argue in marriage.

Says Ifa odu Ofun she

Be careful with gossip and mess. Take care that a misfortune does not happen in your family when someone is in bed, as they can fall and get hit. Do not lend your clothes to anyone. Keep the promise you have made. Do not argue in the
marriage. You think you know a lot and GOD and ORUNMILA are the ones who know. He has lost three lots but a bigger one will come and he will get out of all his troubles. Beware of a tragedy. May leak blood from mouth. You must do EBBO so as not to be homeless. There may be marital separation due to fights with your okuni. The Obiní leads a life of sexual debauchery because her parents did not raise her in the best way and in a state of pregnancy they disowned her, but do not abandon your son so that he does not lose his luck. Beware of a tragedy that is going to happen and that you will want to end without having started. If she is Obiní, talk to one in the corner who wears yellow pants and a dotted shirt, they can hurt or kill her. Thank YEMAYA and find out what she wants. Dress in white. Take precautions in the places where you attend as they throw powder on you. You are raising a girl who is not yours and you are going to create problems for her, because she is very foolish and daring.

Ifá says in Ofun Oshe: That the God of Heaven will place a person in an important position, but he will make a sacrifice so that he does not find an enemy who takes away his position.

Ifa says in the Ofun She sign: That there is a very important person, who occupies a very important position, but if a person who is now cornered makes a sacrifice, he will occupy that position, while his closest relatives are alive.

Prayer of the Odu Ofun she:


Suyere of the Odu Ofun She:


Ebo of Ofun she Ifa:

Ebbó for health Ofun Oshe 10-5.

A coral is ground, a jet, Iyefá of the sign, water from the river is added to it and it is taken.

To drink:

Iyefá, mist of dew and banana strain juice, sodium bicarbonate is added, it is taken every morning.

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Description of the odu of Ifa Ofun she

Bad luck follows the person, you have to do three EBBOSES in a row to counteract this.

Don't be envious or proud.

He has lost three lots and has to make sure he can get ahead.

Counterproductive person.

There is disagreement between Holy and Spirit.

Put on the necklaces and receive warriors.

The skinny pig broke the fence and left the corral, and the skinny pig followed her and they made a baby in the mountains. Thus arose the family of the Jivaro pigs. EBBO is made with breaking instruments, such as hammer, crowbar, etc.

When this sign comes out to an Awó, it is well observed what it says, because here the Ifá ended, since it is the last Odu of Ifá.

Make Ebomisí with a string of garlic.

The bird of this Ifá is OKIN, which is the bird of the crown of the Kings and is a white heron, which has a necklace of red feathers on its neck.

In Ofun She, the person does not have to do Osha, but do Ifá.

The infant becomes sick to the stomach because the mother, before breastfeeding, does not wash them and the baby swallows all the microbes that exist in her breast.

Ifá of marital separation due to fights with her okuní.

The maiden tries to hide her disgrace and hides the creature.

Advice from the Sign of Ifa Ofun She

  • Here people only believe in spiritism.
  • The person tends to be a prophet and transmits the messages to humanity.
  • You can go to jail for a fraud and there may be a death for your cause.
  • In this Ifá "Ofun She" strong headaches arise, even blows are received in it.
  • You can have tuberculosis.
  • It is an Ifá of traps and denial of rights.
  • After doing jobs and having little food, it will do you good.
  • Ofun She is an Odu in which the woman has problems to procreate.
  • You should not take care of other people's children, because it destroys your rule of tranquility.
  • Suffering can cause a heart attack.
  • It is an Ifá of theft.
  • The announcement of the minors must be heeded, because they can save him from tragedies and death.
  • The man has romances with a Mayombera person, who works very hard witchcraft and then abandons him.
  • The father forgets the children and they live worried and spend a suffering childhood, due to their lack of warmth.
  • For lack of compliance and not doing the right things, you can lose your position.
  • An enemy can take away your position.
  • Man was born to be an interpreter of the signs in the Oracle of Ifá.
  • Ofun She's children are highly envied all over the world.                   

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Patakie of the Ofun she sign:

Oshun ololodi saves the bastard Secretary of obbatala

This was a princess who fell in love with a commoner and every afternoon, secretly from her parents, she met him.

As time passes, she takes a misstep. Time went by and she, no matter how much she did to abort the baby, did not succeed and when she gave birth, trying to hide her disgrace, she picked up and put the child in a basket, put him on the bank of a river and said: East
boy is a bastard.

OSHUN OLOLODI took the boy and began to raise him. There was a town in which the people did not believe in anything, nothing more than in spiritism and they did not believe in the Saints, and always the people, when they did not have one thing, they had another. Thus, they decided to go and look at each other with ORUNMILA, and he said that what happened was that there was no Saint there and the Saint had to arrive there so that everything would end, and he determined that OBATALA would go to that town and explain to those people well things. So did OBATALA.

He came to that town and gathered the people and under his arm he took out a book that he was carrying and began to read. After he finished reading and explaining things, OBATALA explained: I think you have not understood me. Then a boy came out and said: Yes, father, I did understand. And when he spoke, OBATALA said: Yes, it's true, you understood me and that's why you
I appoint my secretary.

OBATALA left and from that moment the people, with their envy of the boy, began to powder him.
OBATALA came back, to see how things were going. And he returned to gather the people and with his eyes he tried to look for the boy, who was sitting in a separate place, giving the feeling that he was dizzy as a result of the dust they threw on him. In that, OBATALA spoke to the people again and when he finished, he said: What's up, nobody understands here.
Then, looking towards the place where the boy was, OBATALA observed another place where there was a pomegranate bush and in it a dove, which was pecking a fruit. OBATALA exclaimed: That is the solution! Take the dove and bring a grenade. He looked for a gourd, a coal, scratched the pomegranate and gave him the dove and made CHINIMA, starting with OFUN PAKISHE, which immediately got well and with him all the inhabitants of that town.

Ofun Oshe Ifa Traditional

Ooro tééré Awo inú igbo
A day fún omo méjì
Nijó ti won n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Wón bá bèrè sií dá bírà láyé
Nnkan won ò I got down
Ayé ye àwon omo méjì
Neither wón wá n jó nor wón n yò
Ni won n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Wón ní béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Ooro tééré Awo inú igbo
A day fún omo méjì
Nijó ti won n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni kí won or se
N nilée wa ò
Ilé bargain
Ilé Oroke
N nilée wa ò.

Ifá exhorts the person to give gifts to twin babies. He must also offer sacrifice so that he has the ability to build a skyscraper; He will pray that his wishes are manifested.

Ooro tééré is the priest of the deep forest.
He was the one who made divination for Los Gemelos.
The day they were coming from heaven to earth.
They were advised to make sacrifice.
After a while they began to perform wonders on earth.
And his things couldn't go wrong.
Life pleased the Twins.
And they started dancing and they were happy.
They praised their Babaláwo.
And his Babaláwo praised Ifá.
They said it was exactly what their Babaláwo had said.
Ooro tééré is the priest of the deep forest.
He was the one who made divination for Los Gemelos.
The day they were coming from heaven to earth.
They were advised to make sacrifice.
This is our house.
The high house.
The skyscraper.
This is our house.

Eshu of Ofun she

Eshu Atilu.

It is a mass ELEGBARA.

Loading: The fundamental ingredients of ELEGBARA, plus in the prepared dough, you take eñí adié, Iyefá and give jio-jio to Iyefá. It is prayed on the board and mixed with powdered Clavellina root. The egg goes in the dough and the 16 meyis of Ifá, OSHE TURA and OFUN SHE are prayed to it. An EYOLA (Majá) from Santa María is put inside it that is raised, alive. ELEGBARA is lined
with 41 dilogues. It also has an erú pod inside.

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