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ifa ogbe kana odu

The Odu of Ifa Ogbe Kana (Okanran), is number 23 in the lordly Order of Ifa and is the combination of Ogbe with Okana, this sign tells us about the creation of the Ifa board as well as its operation. This sign predicts good fortune, Ifa says: Everyone will be surprised at how much wealth the person for whom Ogbe Kana is revealed will have.

Ifá says that there is a woman with a lot of money in the society where this person lives. Ifá asks you to sacrifice so that your capacity for wealth does not diminish. Ifá says that if this person is not mistreated, good things will not come to him. But sooner or later she will be happy.

Other names of the odu Ogbe Okana:

  • Ogbe Kana.
  • Ogbe Okanran.

In the odu Ogbe Kana is born:

  • The Board (Atepón de Ifá) and its secrets.
  • The Iropha.
  • Where they took power away from Yemayá.
  • Where they sacrificed Oduduwa.

Recommendations of the Ogbe Kana sign:

  • Dress in white, for your happiness is white clothes.
  • Beware of drafts and lung congestion.
  • Bathe with: Sasafras, Almácigo, Ceiba, and Rompe Zaragüey and afterwards beg your head with different fruits.
  • Give Shango a fresh fish to settle at the foot of a Ceiba tree.
  • Put a piece of Reef in the ebo.
  • For the woman he has to do Ebo so that the damage reaches him and damages his Womb and can have children.
  • For the man: if the woman leaves, do not go looking for her.
  • Receive Ifá, because here the secrets of the Atepón de Ifá are born.
  • Give food to a deceased.
  • From food to your head.
  • Tend your home and the saints.
  • Put a Tuna behind the door.
  • Put a toy horse on your guardian angel.

Ogbe Kana Sayings:

  • Touch the Body.
  • The current is in the body.
  • The man disapproves of what he can do.
  • Death cannot, after eating a person's food, kill him.

Ogbe Kana bans:

  • Do not be dominated by anyone so that they do not discredit you.
  • Sick animals are not picked up on the street.
  • No one is picked up from your home so that you do not harm yourself.
  • Do not go on walks or Masquerade balls.
  • Don't argue with anyone.

The Ogbe Kana sign marks:

Envelope of Spirits who want to take him before his time and against his will.

That is why ebo is made with: corn, many grains, 1 hen, sweaty clothes, a lot of money, they go to the cemetery and with the hen they make Paraldo.

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Says Ifa odu Ogbe Kana

If you plan to go to a place where you plan to have romantic relationships, be careful that they may be discovered, because there is another person destined to watch over you.

Do not go for walks, or go mask because it does not suit you. If the one who looks at you is a foreigner, you are told to be careful in your work, that they want to hurt you so they can throw you out and see you having work. everything is out of envy; but if he does ebo nothing will happen to him and he has to look better.

You want to move near a river or a ditch, your husband is looking for you and your mother too. take care of the saints and your house, you have not gotten anything running by running, go home, refresh yourself and correspond to your husband, because they are both behind. Take care of your house so that an older one of you does not deny you his protection and turn his back on you because you have always counted on him.

Ogun claims it. you will rule. if there is a sick person in your house, be careful because you want to die, because death is watching you. I didn't insist, thank him for the dream he had last night. feed a deceased person and attend to an errand he made for you. Take care of yourself and respect your father.

Feed his head as soon as possible and that awo that you put six days to Shango in the courtyard with amala and a pupua oti flag and he will touch the ashere during those six days and win a war that he has. beware of a woman or man who chases you; be obedient so he doesn't take her away.

Prayer of the Odu Ogbe Kana:

Ogbe Kana lordafun Obatalá lordafun Shango ni miti alamoni alakosi moni yeun. Ogun babaré. Orúnmila lorubo.

Ogbe Kana's Ebbo:

Paraldo with a Goat (Ogbe Kana)

Element: A goat, a Chicken, a chicken for Paraldo, six candles, two coconuts, bouquet, candle, hutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, husks, honey, a bottle of brandy, Omiero casserole, two pounds of flour de Castilla, cooked food, coffee, tobacco etc.

Artwork with egun of the sign Ogbe Okana

Rice, sweet beans, soda, candy, toys for the boys, a large gourd.

Herbs: Indigo, Holy Basil, Dead Espanta, Sargasso, Carob, Seedling, Sea

Pacific, Bitter Broom, Purple Canutillo.


An Omiero is made.

Coconut (Obí omí tuto) is given to Egun.

Place Elegba in a position to put 60 small piles of Castile flour on each side in a straight line.

Elegba is given coconut and the goat and chicken are slaughtered, giving Elegba blood and the 120 little piles of Castile flour.

The goat prepares to eat

In a large gourd, add congrí rice, add the raw goat's head, all the jams and the Paraldo chicken, plus 120 little piles of Castile flour.

This gourd is taken to the dense forest, and a deity called Oloshe is called, giving an account to this of what has been done and that his food will be brought to him every year.

After this, a plate of everything that has been eaten and of all the sweets is taken out and all the boys are taken to the back of the house and the sick child is given the plate in his hand and a procession is made with the children, from back to front with the sick child in front.

The children exhorting and praising the child who will be called Apati, to eat. Afterwards everything is distributed to the children and the elderly, when the party is over the house is washed out with Omiero.

The Sign of Ifa Ogbe Kana Speaks:

  • Oduduwa who for being dominated by Ejiogbe was crucified.
  • Pulmonary congestion that ends with the person.
  • From a great war that to finish it, you have to take Shango out to the patio for 6 days, put a red flag on him, blow on brandy and touch him asheré.
  • The current is in the body of the person.
  • That the mountain was believed to be very strong, but the sea was eating him underneath until it collapsed.
  • Of hidden diseases that come out at the moment.
  • From hidden enemies who work low.
  • That the person likes to masturbate.
  • Ogbe Kana is born Babalawo works only Ifá.
  • This sign of Ifa is for solving work problems.
  • From kneeling and from Tetanus.

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Oddun Ogbe Kana Meaning:

Ogbe Kana Osogbo Iku

Hidden diseases that come out suddenly and end with the person.
The Mountain was believed to be very strong and the sea worked it underneath until it fell.
There are dead wrapped up who want to take it away. He went to the cemetery and I said goodbye to Paraldo.

Ogbe Okanran Osogbo Hoop

Talk about hidden diseases.
Pulmonary congestion that ends with the person.
Beware of kneeling because it talks about Tetanus
Beware of drafts.
Feed your head.


He talks about the great war that to finish it, you have to take Shango out to the patio with the red flag, blow brandy on him and touch him asheré for 6 days.
Talk about hidden enemies working low to harm you.
Do not pick up anyone from the street or sick animals so that you do not injure yourself.
Watch out for walks or masked balls.
Don't argue with anyone.
Put a Tuna behind the door.

Ogbe Kana Osogbo Ofo

Attend to the saints and don't bring anyone into your home to lose.
Be careful not to lose your job.

Ogbe Okana (8-1) Osogbo Ogu

Talk about war and hidden enemies working low.
It speaks of the spirit that they want to take it away. Make ebo with corn, lots of ministries, chicken, sweaty clothes, and lots of money.
The woman's womb becomes ill due to damage done to her.

Ogbe Kana Ire Ariku

Lean on Obatalá, Shango and Orúnmila dress in white because your happiness will be there
Beware of drafts.
Ebó Misí with: Sasafras, Almácigo, Ceiba, and Rompe Zaragüey, then head prayer with 8 different fruits.
Receive Ifá, Awofakan or Ikofafun.
From food to a deceased of food to his head.
Tend your home and the saints.
Beware of internal illnesses.

Ogbe Okana Ire Asegun Ota

Talk about war.
Talk about work problems.
Do not be dominated or influenced by anyone.
Do not pick up anyone at home so they do not get hurt.
Do not trust anyone.
The woman must do ebo to avoid harm.
Receive Ifá.

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OGBE KANA Council.

Those children of Ogbe Kana, for whom this Odu appears in the divination of birth or in an initiation ceremony of Igbodun, are advised by Orúnmila as follows:

Orunmila did not hate Okitirikpa,

Emini Eshu noo eshe mejeji iran di Onan
Orunmila nikia mu okanti aletiale
fi ka kuro wa.
Ani eku, Oni kin she eku,
Ani eja Oni min she eja,
Moni Orúnmila Kini or ofi kakuroni Ono.
Oni ki aro akika ati Okpolokpo akara.

When the required sacrifices are not made to Eshu, he puts his feet in the way so that people cannot go about their daily affairs, then these people begin to feel hungry and go to Orúnmila, who advises them to serve with akika (porcupine ) to Eshu, to appease his anger.

After the sacrifice is done Eshu takes his feet out of the way, saying: Kabi Kara Kabi Kuro loju ono.

If this Odu comes out in divination for a person who intends to travel, he is advised to sacrifice the head of a porcupine for Eshu, with enough akara. But you cannot travel until 7 days after the sacrifice has been made.

When health comes.

Agbonniregun says that Ogbe must touch you; I say Ogbe should touch you; He says that when Ogbe stops for a moment at the house of the King of Ara, he will become healthy and start spending money profusely on the streets; he says if he stops at his apprentice's house, it's healthy.

Ifá says that he sees a blessing of health. Two pigeons, two chickens and money is the sacrifice.

Ifá says that health comes. 

Herbs (Ewe) of the Odu Ogbe Kana:

Prickly Tuna.

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Ogbe Kana Ifa Traditional


Akókóró èlùbó níí sodó gbànkoko gbànkoko
A day fún Lábógundé
Níjó tí n fomi ojú sògbérè ire gbogbo
Wón ní o rbo
Ó bá rbo
Àsé Lábógundé lobá kàn
Àsé Lábógundé ní or joyè
Lábógundé bá joba Èwí ládó
Àwon èeyán ò mò
Pé Lábógundé lè joba
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Akókóró èlùbó níí sodó gbànkoko gbànkoko
A day fún Lábógundé
Ti wón or mùú joba lóde Èwí ládó
Enìkan ò gbón or
enìkan ò mò
A ò mò pé Lábógundé lè joba
Àsé Lábógundé ní or joba Èwí ládó
Enìkan ò gbón or
Enìkan ò mò!

Ifá says that this person will undertake a wonderful feat in life. No one would expect it from him. Your ability will be felt worldwide. Ifá sees a woman who has just delivered a child. The boy would become a high chief and the head of his clan. If this is a royal family, the boy will become a king. He should offer the sacrifice because he would get some good fortune that he did not expect.

Akókóró èlùbó níí sodó gbànkoko gbànkoko
They made divination for Lábógundé
On the day he was crying over the shortage of all his good fortunes.
He was recommended to make sacrifice
He did it
No one knew that this was the time for Lábógundé to become king.
Without knowing that it was Lábógundé who would be crowned.
Lábógundé became king of Èwí in the city of Adó
People did not know him
Logaundé can ever be a king
He then began to dance and rejoice.
He praised his Babaláwo.
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo said.
Akókóró èlùbó níí sodó gbàmkoko gbànkoko
They made divination for Lábógundé
When he would be chosen to be king Èwí in the city of Adó
No one was that wise.
Nobody knew him
Did we never know that Lábógundé could ever be a king
So was Lábógundé who would be king Èwí in the city of Adó?
No one was that wise.
Nobody knew him.

Patakie of the sign Ogbe Kana:

Ogbe Okanran leaves for the World.

Eja a Ubu Ati Oniji Male Odo, they were the Awos who guessed for Ogbe Kana (Ogbe Okanran) when he came to the World. He was advised not to live in abandoned houses (Ati Kporo le in Yoruba and Owa Nevbo Nasikpaa in Beni. He was also told not to play balls with anyone, while in the world, to enjoy his luck to the end. His head with four snails, a dove and a goat to receive honors from the people He made the sacrifice.

When he entered the World, he was told to live in an abandoned abode. Not remembering what was advised, he went to live in the place. The house was run down, the roof leaked when it rained. He was a famous priest, he consulted everyone in that rickety place. He consulted his Ifa and he advised him to make sacrifice with a male goat to Eshu and a dove, a goat and a snail at his head.

He accomplished everything. After this, Eshu challenged the townspeople by telling him that if they weren't ashamed to consult in such a run-down place.

They all got together and built a suitable house for him.

The incantation Eshu used to attract the townspeople was:

Tigi Tokpe loun Shaanu fun ighere.

It means:

Both the trees and the palms respect and honor the ginger plant.

After this, he lived happily and prospered.

Awo moni boshe was unhappy because he did not listen to the advice of shangó (Ogbe Kana)

PRAYER: Ogbe Kana Awó neither bebe nor lorun awó Boni Boshe abelekun lorun inlé ganga nor lo e bani laye inlé borele oni ofotomi yo ni Shango omó Awó Moni Boshe Olorun Shango Ogbe Kana Shango odara.

EBO: Fresh fish, quail, grains, Aragba stick, a stone, brandy, 3 guinea pepper, honey, lots of cocoa butter, roasted corn, money.

Note: The owner of this sign can never be separated from Shango, to overcome difficulties, for this Ifá you always have to give fresh Fish to Shango.


On this road in the Ganga ni Lode land, there lived an Awó son of Shango called Moni Boshe, said Awó spent a lot of work to direct the land, because they did not see good results from everything he sent and said. His town began to get sick and the problems among the inhabitants were increasing, all this happened to Awó Moni Boshe because his father was always advising him to stick to him and not to listen to the advice of his mother that in this Odu was not called Eni Ofo Temillo, who had taught her son Moni Boshe nothing but everything bad, she had him as if he were a slave, for the selfishness that no one else was by his side, he could not have happiness with no woman and every time he had one, his mother Eni Ofo Temillo, went to the secret that she had, which consisted of a stone and called it this way: Totori lala Eni Ofo Thyme iyá Awó Boni Boshe Obini ofo, oreran lerí Awó Moni Boshe.

He smeared corojo butter on the stone and covered it with a black cloth, and the woman that Awó Moni Boshe had began to dodge and abandon him. All this problem had him very worried Shangó, seeing that his son did not listen to his advice and was guided by his mother.

One day Shango caught a Pashan, Ero and with a white hen he called Eni Ofo Thyme's secret in this way: Oni Lele mafun Oporogun Awó Moni Boshe Maliye Ibare Lekun Laye Iyá Awó Moni Boshe. And he gave the stone the blood of the white hen, the mother of Mono Boshe began to feel stunned, at which point she took advantage of Shango and took Mono Boshe to the land of Ganga ni Lode, to rule that town and let him forget his mother to be someone in life, and told him: you have to learn, even if it costs you a lot of work, to lead this land, the influence of your mother will always reach you, that's why you have to stick to me I'm the only one who can save you

Awó Moni Boshe did not hear Shango and kept his thoughts fixed on his mother, that is why in the land of Ganga and Lode everything was backwardness and illness. Once the entire population gathered in front of the house of Awó Moni Boshe, to ask him to save him from so much epidemic and backwardness, he said that he would call Shangó his father, he did so and Shangó immediately came to his call and went with his son to earth, when seeing them arrive the population was very happy, thinking that Shango could help them, Awó Moni Boshe sent messages of works and works for his people, but his people got worse, the sick began to die and vice versa, All this was due to the action of Shango that was creating problems for His son, because he did not want to hear it.

Seeing this misfortune, Awó Moni Boshe threw herself to cry at Shango's feet, he asked for forgiveness and told him; That I would obey him in everything, that he forgive his mother to perform a ceremony for me, when the mother arrived and saw her son so destroyed, she asked for forgiveness and said: forgive me for being so selfish and harsh with him. Awó Moni Boshe forgave her and told Shango; What is the ceremony I have to do to return to Ganga ni Lode land and save it, Shango told him; Look for a fresh Fish and next to a Ceiba call me well and give it to me together with your head.

I pray to give Shango fresh fish and his head.

Salara ordo ni Ifá Awó Moni Boshe abeyemi Ifá kori bo wo ayé oni lorun Oduduwa Orúnmila awa Ifa'moyare odara Ifá Shango aguani lorun.

Suyere del Pescado at the helm.
"Eyé Eyeni Lerí Aragba Feleguegue Awa Boreo."

When Awó Moni Boshe finished the ceremony, Shango put his hands on his head and said; Now go to the land that you will save little by little, although there will always be problems and diseases… .. To Iban Eshu.

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