Sign of Ifa Ojuani Meyi: Meaning, Sayings and Tips

odu ojuani meji

Ifá says that this person overcome the bad actions imposed by his enemies. Ojuani Meyi.

Treaty of the Ojuani Meyi Sign

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Meyi?

  • The Arayeses (enemies)
  •  The celebrity and the conquests.
  • Belief, spiritual possession.
  • The deformed beings in the astral field.
  • The hands and feet.
  • The chicken in the shade and the Paraldo.
  • The ceremony of the JA of Osono, which the Aará call the SANKPANA brush (San Lázaro).
  • Catching a mamey seed with the Odu to sacrifice EGUN and rip off the animal's head.
  • Diplomacy.

What does the sign Ojuani Meyi talk about?

  • OMILABA, the power of OSHUN, who is the leading head of the cult of EGUN and is transformed into water.
  • The foundation of the towns.
  • The talent of healings.
  • The revelation.
  • The Kestrel.
  • The pointed snails.
  • That the godfather and the Oyubona cannot whip the godson in the Iyoyé, nor in the KAKUANALDO ceremony.
  • The forgetfulness of the lives before being born.
  • Speak life and death.
  • Eshu and SHANGO eat together.
  • The earth's crust unfolded and rocks formed.
  • The ODU ARA goes to the sacrifice.
  • The chameleon speaks (ALAGUEMA)
  • They made Ifa to the cat.

The sign Ojuani Meyi points out:

  • ASHEKUELU and ORUN, and the genius of the earth.
  • The territorial conquests.
  • Ulcers of the rectum, duodenum and stomach and malignant tumors. The absorbent philosophy of the gut.
  • That to feed the earth you have to call the nine spirits of the earth.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Meji sign:

  • With this Odu "Ojuani Meyi", the individual will certainly be honored with money and also with a partner; at the same time, it emphasizes the value of sacrifice.
  • This Ojuani Meyi Sign does not only offer sacrifice to the Orishas, ​​but to their ancestors.
  • This Oddun states: "Clear thinking is required to be successful."
  • Agriculture represents the best benefit opportunity for the children of Odu Ojuani Meyi.
  • The harvests will be successful, as well as the profitable plants will increase your funds.
  • To be effective in this Odu of Ifa, you need to discover how to feed your heads from time to time, listen to your elders as well as look at them, in addition to admiring your ancestors.
  • If an individual prepares to travel under the sign of Ojuani Meyi, Ifá recommends making sacrifices to have a long and healthy life.
  • Ojuani Mei is called the Ifá of mirrors.
  • This Odu de Ifá is female, daughter of the parents Jimaguas de AKERE and also of Owo. Represents the underworld, the opponents (Arayes), the anima alone and the ghosts, speaks KARAKOTO.
  • Pointed snails were born, the structure of the villages, where the males stopped being nomads, Ojuani Meji is Odu of toughness, provides the ability to heal Celebrities are born and also conquests.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Meyi:

  • A simple hook in the wood cannot be used to lift a package.
  • War cannot break the rock.
  • Clear thinking is necessary for success.
  • If Olordumare does not give the order, the war will not come to the world.
  • The eyes see that the fire cooks, but they do not see it eat.
  • The goat that can tear off a piece of wood cannot tear one of iron.
  • Gratitude is the heart's memory.
  • A justice done to only one is a threat to all.
  • The evil that you wish for another will be reflected in yourself.
  • Who does not offer respect, will pick up grievances.
  • The soap that bathes the body always wears off.
  • I have seen death with a club in hand.
  • Whoever hits his mother will surely hit his wife and children.
  • Whoever brings evil to others is because they learned it at home.
  • No matter how long the road, the shadow of your silhouette will haunt you.
  • The ordinary mat is not put on the good.
  • A doctor can help others but not himself.

What are the prohibitions of Ojuani Meyi?

  • Do not start trading business because you will fail. You will have to raise parrots to improve your luck and use a special soap for bathing, with the following components: the fern, soapy and prodigious herbs; He will also use parrot feathers, chameleon head, honey from bees and palm oil (corojo butter).
  • You should never mistreat your mother and take care of your first two wives if you are married because women are likely to turn out to be witches. He should also be advised not to allow himself to be initiated into any secret worship, unless he makes the necessary offering, because it may cost him his life.
  • You have to take care more of the problems of your home than of others.
  • Don't curse, because your curses will come true and may later weigh on you.
  • For this Odu you should avoid excess alcoholic beverages and highly seasoned food, due to stomach problems.

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Says Ifa Ojuani Meyi:

That you plan to go to a place, however, before making the trip you have to make sacrifices, due to the fact that you have a really strong araye that does not allow you to lift your head. You will find it in that place where you intend to go.

There is a person in your residence who hurts your belly or yourself. You have a friend who is doing witchcraft on you.

You never see the fruits of your labor, since people's ingratitude works harder than you.

You cannot eat organ meats or grains of any kind. You can't curse anyone. You need to take care of kidneys, heart, belly and circulation and intoxication. You should not consume alcohol in large amounts of water.

Be careful when passing near youngsters playing ball or other game, as you will be hit.

If you are a spiritist, you are means of possession. You had a relative who actually had money buried, he died of the heart.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Ojuani Meji:


Suyere Ojuani Meji:


Ebo from Odu Ojuani Meyi Ifa:

Ebbo from Ojuani Meyi to do OGU (witchcraft) on a person.

A large dilogún snail is caught.

The interested party, in the morning before washing his mouth, passes a lollipop over his tongue, scraping it and what he takes out is thrown into the snail, praying OJUANI MEJI and cursing that person. A live Aguema (lizard) is taken and its head is inserted into the snail. Then the snail is ground very fine and blown on the person.

Artwork by Ojuani Meji 11-11 against enemies.

A chicken is given to Eshu (ELEGBA), then it is wrapped in banana leaves and 21 amaré (guinea pepper) is put on it, everything is burned and reduced to dust, and those interested are blown away. . For the disease to go away.
KOBO-ORI (head prayer) will be done with two white doves and they will jump into the river.

Tips from the oddun Ojuani Meji:

Here the crust of the planet fell, developing hills. Right here the intestinal tract absorption approach was born,
spirit belongings Deformed beings in the celestial area. The genius of the earth.

The hands and feet were produced in the fetus.

Ojuani Meyi, fulfilling the mandate of OLODUMARE, created the colors for the precious stones.

When this Odu appears in the prophecy of Ókpele or Ikin (in common divination or daily queries) ,.

It should be suggested to the client or consulted that:

You must find your own Ifá.

Ask the Orishas from the heart, otherwise you can get lost in the hidden labyrinths of all life.

If this Odu Ojuani Meyi appears in divination for a young man, he must make the sacrifice that he adheres to in order to live a long life without needs.

Goats for Eshu Odara (The Eshu of the structure), a goat for Eshu JELU (The Eshu who guards the entrance of towns and cities), a goat for OSHANLA, a goat, 3 hutías and also 3 fish for ORUNMILA, a goat for SARA, a dog for OGUN, a dog for OBALIFON, a hen for UJA ATIKIRIJI (the other half of OGUN), a rooster for OSANYIN, as well as a rooster for ORUN.

For a woman who intends to have a child, she needs to sacrifice: a dog and also an Akoko for OGUN as well as a he-goat for Eshu.

No person should see the sacrificed animals and their heads will remain inside the Saint.

She should avoid recounting disputes in her home, particularly those she has with her partner on the way to the market.

If the sick young man appears, it is clear that the health problem was caused by an argument. He must sacrifice to the Elders of the Night the correct method, as revealed by the Odu OSA MEJI.

When the Odu BABA OJUANI MEJI appears at the Igbodun initiation event, it is advised that:

To gain respect and honor, you must sacrifice the leaves of the Ikin bush, the parrot feather, a sheep.
Guardian angel and a goat to Eshu.

In order to undergo and endure 3 tests, you must lead a quiet life and thus stay away from the risk of a long-term illness that could immobilize the person. The Ifa priest, son of this Odu Ojuani Meji, although he will always lead his way to death with his club, will be endowed with wealth, long life and prosperity if he performs the following sacrifice:

Two goats for Eshu OBADARA (The Eshu of the structure), a goat for Eshu JELU (The Eshu who takes care of him lives at the entrance of towns or cities), a goat for ORISHANLA; a goat, 3 hutias and also 3 fish for.

ORUNMILA; a goat for SARA, a dog for OGUN, a canine for OBALIFON, a rooster for UJA. ATIKIRIJI (the other half of OGUN), a rooster for OSANYIN, as well as a bird for Oro.

To avoid becoming the target of a conspiracy theory, you must sacrifice a goat to Eshu, an additional gray goat to the Elders.

If you are preparing to take a trip, you must offer a gray goat to your Ifá and a goat to Eshu.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Ojuani Meyi

Its colors are variegated. Belief and revelation are born, his auspicious day is OYO ASESE (Thursday) His planet is IRABUNLOKUN (Neptune) His metal is tin. The color to wear, navy blue.

It is a powerful Odu. OJUANI MEJI, fulfilling OLOFIN's mandate, created the colors and precious stones. In this Odu, life and death speak. In this Ifá, the virtue of the kestrel was born.

When Ojuani Meyi leaves in Mano de Orula, the person must do Ifá and make sacrifice.

Ethical code of Ifa of the odu Ojuani Meji:

Neither the Olúo nor Oyugbona will whip the godson.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Meyi:

Here pepper became spicy.

Pepper and Millo lived together and in brotherhood. One day, in a conversation, one confesses to the other that they wish they were a great thing in life. They were weak and their enemies finished them off easily. That is why they loved each other, but from those words, suspicion was born between them.

One day, Pepper went to watch with ORUNMIULA, to find out how to be stronger than Millo and wage war on him. It came out in the OJUANI MEJI Osode and marked him EBO, sending him to see Eshu, who has three little guiritos with covers, one black, one red and one white.

Steal the red one, which is the spiciest to taste, and rub it all over your body. The EBO has grains, corojo butter and ekó.

The Pepper prepared everything and brought it to Eshu. While he was eating, he stole the red guirito if he rubbed his body and immediately after this it turned into a plant that began to grow.

Without saying anything to anyone, Millo, for his part, went to see ORUNMILA, with the same purpose, and OJUANI MEJI came out, sending him the same as Pimienta. But he made the mistake of not putting grains in the EBO and by not entertaining himself to eat with Eshu, he could not steal it and had to tell Eshu everything. This said to him: I will do it with my guiritos.

When he went to look for them, he saw that there were only two left and gave the target to Millo, who rubbed his body and turned into a plant that began to glean.

A man went into the bush, came across the spiky plant, and took a supply of its grains and fed them to his chickens. They ate it with gusto. So, he took some, ground it, cooked it, ate it, and found it delicious.

Some time later, he returns to the bush and found the pepper bush, collects its grains and throws them to his chickens. And he grinds a little and mixes it with millet, but he found it spicy and said: - The pepper is very strong. The million cannot be compared to his strength.

Ojuani Meyi - Owonrin Meji Ifa Traditional Nigerian.

Akarasangba Òsùmàrè
Òsùmàrè náà Akarasangba
A dífá fun Ìrókò Ògò
Níjó tí ń be láàrin Òtá Sáńgílítí
"Ààrin Òtá tí òún wà yí?"
"Un le ségun báyìí?"
Wón ní kó rbo
Ó bá rbo
Ló bá ga ju gbogbo pàňtí igbó
Ló bá te gbogbo àwon òtá è mólè
N ní wá ń jó n ní ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Akarasangba Òsùmàrè
Òsùmàrè náà Akarasangba
A dífá fun Ìrókò Ògò
Níjó tí ń be láàrin Òtá Sáńgílítí
Ebo n won ni or se
Ó wáá gbébo ńbè
Ó rubo
Ìrókò Ògò nìkàn ló yori jú wón lo
Ìrókò Ògò.

Ifá says that this person overcome the bad actions imposed by his enemies.

Akarasangba Òsùmàrè
Òsùmàrè náà Akarasangba
They prophesied Ifá for Ògò
The day he was in the midst of his real enemies
He asked "Am I living in the midst of enemies?"
"Will I be able to overcome them?"
They advised him to make sacrifice
He offered the sacrifice
He grew above all the vines and grasses of the forest
And reached all of his enemies
He began to dance and rejoice
He praised his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Akarasangba Òsùmàrè
Òsùmàrè náà Akarasangba
They prophesied Ifá for Ògò
The day he was in the midst of his real enemies
Sacrifice was the prescribed solution for him
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did
Ìrókò Ògò only you could surpass them all
Ìrókò Ògò.

Eshu from Oddun Ojuani Meyi:


He is the genius of the earth. He is the owner of the minerals. He is called with GOLD (Deity) He lives together with Odu BOLE. In addition, he is the head of the EGUN. Live outside the home.

Charge: A 4-corner stone, knight stick, break path and moruro, grass grass and get up. A washed Ikin OFO, bull blood, OSANYIN coal, pica pica, 21 chain links, crab land, land in front of a jail, from the center of the mountain, tiger bone, owl's head, from tinea, ivory, all minerals, head of hutía, ero, obi, kolá, osun naború, different sands, 4 bibijaguas, brandy, corojo butter, husk, hutía and smoked fish, bone from the head of a dog, as a child, 7 beads of OBATALA, 7 black and ORUNMILA.

Eshu ASHEKUELU carries a staff on the doll, hanging by his hand, and it is his companion, who is called ASHIAKUABU.

This walking stick is made of IROKO wood. The hilt is drilled and loaded with: lion and dog fang grazes, dog head powder and maha, graveyard dirt, eru, obi, kolá, osun naború, aira, anan, obi motiwao, grass dust: open the way, remove the curse, itch itch; dust of the sticks: rooster egg, win battle, cuichinango.

This staff eats black pigeon, every time it eats ASHEKUELU.

This Eshu ASHEKUELU when he goes to eat, at the beginning of the year, a small black goat is sacrificed to him, which is carried quartered into four parts and a lit candle is lit. It is spiritual. He was the one who created the world and ended the flood.

The 16 meyis:

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