Ojuani Ofun: Meaning Tips and Stories

Ojuani Ofun - Ojuani Bofun

Ojuani Ofun or Bofun is the sign of Ifa where the secret of the Iyefa (Ashe of Orula) is revealed, this is the Odu 106 in the genealogy of Ifa and is composed between the older Odus Owonrin and Ofun.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Ofun?

  • Deaths and mortuary procedures.
  • The secret of Iyefá.
  • Obligations of men towards women and their maintenance.
  • It was where the river and the sea met.
  • Ojuani Bofun is the undertaker.

What is the sign Ojuani Ofun talking about?

  • Ojuani Bofun speaks of personal abandonment in women.
  • The person takes powers without having the power to do so.
  • The woman received OLOFIN's blessing.
  • It is not eaten spicy or salty.

The sign Ojuani Bofun points out:

  • OSHUN tells the person not to cry.
  • In Ojuani Ofun, it was where women believed that men were their slaves.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Ofun sign:

You cannot be curious and not go where you should not, because for those reasons you are going to look for a big problem.

In Ojuani Ofun you cannot be envious, nor try to prevent others from getting ahead.

You can not bother and be careful with the candle.

There are people here who want to see it poor and needy in order to take advantage of it.

Because of a woman, a lot is lost.

Here OSHUN He says not to cry, that she will accompany him / her and beware of a deception.

You cannot be persistent, because you can get overheated and lose.

Here were born the obligations of men towards women and their support, due to the disobedience of the man, which was sanctioned by OLOFIN. From that moment, of what men earn at work they have to give to live. Women, from that moment on, believe that man is their slave.

This Odu speaks of a young woman who is no longer a maiden and wishes to continue passing for a young lady. And when it is discovered, there will be a great scandal. Tell her not to steal her boyfriend's things.

In this Ifa sign, the person has to be careful with blood diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, etc.

If you are a woman, you may have a false child or extra-uterine pregnancy, ovarian cysts and fibroids.

Eating spicy and salty is prohibited here.

In the sign of Ifá Ojuani Ofun, the person has an EGUN sent by his enemies, which makes sexual life with him. You have to make him stand up to take it off.

The person has to do Ebó Paraldo to clear the road.

This Odu predicts to make Santo (YOKO OSHA) and attend EGUN for when he reaches happiness again, he will not lose it again.

If this sign speaks of ARUN (illness) and it is a woman who is doing the divination, she is sick with blood. He also warns that they are casting witchcraft on the door of the house.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Ofun:

  • No one knows where the heart of the yam is until it is bitten.
  • God in Heaven and I here, with my knowledge.
  • He threw out all the bad and killed them.
  • Don't put your hand where you can't see the view.
  • Children must be on Earth and not walking in Heaven.

Odu Ojuani Bofun Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó does not do what he has no power to do.

Ifa Ojuani Ofun says:

When this Odu comes out in divination, the person will be told to go serve the Odu, and this is only done by strong and prepared Ifa Priests. Only very few Ifá Priests possess it and know how to serve it. It is a secretly shrouded Golden deity which women and the uninitiated are not allowed to see.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Bofun:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ojuani Bofun:

To clean the witchcraft house.

The house will be cleaned for three days with Omiero of the following herbs: sage, purple basil, pine nut.

Afterwards, a yam is taken, corojo butter is spread on it and Eshu Elegua is put on it.

Work for bodily weakness

Ebo will be made with: 1 rooster, a stick of wick and Atiponlá grass.

The Atiponlá herb is passed through the wick until it turns green. Afterwards, it is used tied around the waist and it is sung:


Then a branch will be taken, the highest in the Atiponlá forest, and the leaves are crushed with cocoa butter and Iyefá prayed from Ebó and smeared on the body.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Bofun:

Ojuani Bofun speaks of impending calamities, which can only be overcome with intelligence and Ifa supremacy.

The person cannot be focused on things or problems.

In this Sign, deaths and mortuary procedures are born. That is why they call this Odu the undertaker. Here you have to be careful with news of death. It is forbidden to open the door to the street suddenly.

This was where the river and the sea met, making an alliance between YEMAYA and OSHUN.

This sign speaks of personal abandonment.

Here the person takes attributions without having the power to do so and gives criteria without having been asked, falling unpleasant.

Because of this Odu, his enemies, out of envy, want to destroy everything of his, so the person needs to do EBO and receive Eshu if he does not have it, to give him an account of the bad performances of his enemies.

If this Odu is seen to a pregnant woman in ordinary divination, she will be told that they are doing sorcery so that she does not achieve her child.

Ojuani Ofun for women, talks about personal abandonment, that as a result of this she can lose her marriage and later, in order to establish her home, she begins to have children with other men and when they realize the abandonment, they leave her.

Because of this Odu, his enemies put powder on his house. To neutralize this, the house is washed with Omiero: sage, basil and pine nut, for 3 days.

Then you take a yam, spread it in corojo butter and add it to Elegua.

Here the person will bathe with sea, river and purslane water.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Ofun:

The merchant of religious attributes.

In one town there was a man who was engaged in the trade in attributes of this religion and things began to go wrong for him. Such was the delay that he decided to move to another town, where he set up his business without counting on anyone and without paying any tribute.

That town was governed by ELEGBA, who lived on a hill, and all the people paid tribute to him. One day, Elegua decided to go down to visit the town and when she saw that new store, she entered it and bought a large part of the most valuable merchandise that there was, among them, an ODUDUWA necklace. When Elegua received them, he turned his back and left without paying them, because he understood that this man had arrived there, establishing his trade without counting on anyone and did not pay him tribute either.

The merchant wanted to wage war on ELEGBA, but the people let him know that ELEGBA was the head of that land. The man felt a great sadness and things began to go wrong, returning desperate to his town.

Shortly after he was experiencing many needs in his town (since he was immersed in the greatest of miseries), ELEGBA appeared to him one day, returning the ODUDUWA necklace and other merchandise, saying: In view of the fact that you were obedient and accepted very humbly my laws, I give you back everything and you will be the King of that land. But, for the latter, you have to go to ORUNMILA's house, so that they can tell you what you have to do so that you can govern.

The man went to ORUNMILA's house, who saw this Odu and told him: You have to put on the ODUDUWA necklace and then receive the Ifá ceremony.

This man went to that land and set up his trade again. And after he prospered, he received the Ifá ceremony and stayed like Awó of that land.

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Ojuani Ofun Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Apáà mi ò roko
Èyìn my ò bèrè
Béèyàn ò bá mú mi lórí kó mú mi lésè
I didn't read fa gaga they were you
A dífá fun Ológosé
You ń fi Ifáa rèé sèbí
N fi Ifáa rèé sèyekan
Wón ní ó rbo
Ayé ye òun báyìí?
Wón ní kó mó fi Ifá sèbí mó
Kó mó fi Ifá e se Ìyekan
Ológosé rbo
Ayé ye Ologosé
A naà?
Wón ní gbogbo n tí Ifá bá wí
Ni ko móo gbà
N ni wá ń jó n ni ń yò
Niñyin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Apáà mi ò roko
Èyìn my ò bèrè
Béèyàn ò bá mú mi lórí kó mú mi lésè
I didn't read fa gaga they were you
A dífá fun Ológosé
You ń fi Ifáa rèé sèbí
N fi Ifáa rèé sèyekan
A ì í fi Ifá sèbí
Aì í fi Ifá sèyekan
Agbè bée bá musu tà
E mówó Ifá wa
A ì í fi Ifá sèbí
Aì í fi Ifá sèyekan.

Ifá in Ojuani Ofun warns this person that he should not work with any family member or with whom he maintains a loving relationship. Ifá expects yam tubers and pigeons from him, he advises his wife to look for a container of water that has had something inside it so that she can collect water. And as such, so she will have peace of mind and will be the wife of this person in life.

My hands are not so strong to weed
My back can't bend
If I am not caught by my head and legs
I will not be able to uproot a simple herb by the roots
They made divination for Ológosé
Ológosé was exercising his priesthood as a family affair
He was practicing Ifa as a marital affair
He was advised to make sacrifice
"Will life please all of us?"
He was advised not to practice Ifa as a family affair anymore.
And never use your Ifá as a marital matter
Ológosé observed the sacrifice
And life pleased him
Surprised, he exclaimed "Me?"
They advised him that whatever Ifa says
It is what he should charge his clients
He began to praise his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwos had said
My hands are not so strong to weed
My back can't bend
If I am not caught by my head and legs
I will not be able to uproot a simple herb by the roots
They made divination for Ológosé
Ológosé was practicing Ifá as a family matter
He was practicing Ifa as a marital affair
One will not be able to practice Ifá as if it were a family affair
One will not be able to practice Ifa as a marital matter
To all the farmers, when you sell your harvested yams
Bring Ifá, the money that really belongs to him
One will not be able to practice Ifa as a family affair
One will not be able to practice Ifa as a marital affair.

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