Ojuani Otrupon: Meaning, recommendations and stories.

Ojuani Otrupon

Ojuani Batrupon is the combination between the main Odu Owonrin and Oturupon, Ifá advises this person to follow the good advice of the people, he is being diverted from the right path. Orunmila advises you to use your sense of wisdom to bring you back on your way.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Otrupon?

  • The reason why Ifa cannot be done to the children of OLUO POPO (AZOJUANO).
  • OLORUN's ashé to make white fabric shine.
  • The OSANYIN and ORUNMILA pact
  • Ojuani Otrupon, is where people leave their land because of war.
  • It prohibits doing Ifá to the children.
  • This is the OLUO POPO complex.
  • You have to be careful of tragedies or issues that may come your way due to your attitude (gossip).
  • OLOFIN gets the person out of trouble.

What does the sign Ojuani Otrupon talk about?

  • ORUNMILA says that they are going to have a house on one side and the other from the water.
  • The elephant cannot enter caves or small houses.
  • The woman leaves and returns defeated.
  • OYA gave OSANYIN the power of AFEFE (the wind)
  • OSANYIN handed the goat IRUKE to OYA.
  • Ojuani Otrupon speaks of the King's horse, which he did not take care of in the best way.
  • Peace was made on Earth and in Heaven.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Otrupon sign:

By this Sign, the person is always invoking SHANGO (Santa Barbara). Prohibits casting curses.

You are always angry and do not want anyone to be more than you. There is your mistake.

Be careful, gossip tragedies. As also you can not run over those who are less than you.

Ojuani Otrupon prohibits eating in anyone's home.

ORUNMILA says that you are going to have a house on one side and the other from the water (sea).

Here the deceased relatives are sent to give mass.

You have to be careful where you visit because there is jealousy because of a woman.

Here you can kill a person. So that this does not happen, you must make Ebó: a rooster, carving, ladder, two pigeons.

This Odu predicts that if tomorrow you are poor, it will not be due to lack of luck, but because of the bad things you have done to other people or faults committed with the Saints and that you have to pay.

Woman: The woman who gets this Odu must receive IKOFAFUN, because it came from Heaven to Earth to serve ORUNMILA.

Here ORUNMILA is given 1 goat and two chickens, and a rooster is given to ELEGUA.

By the sign of Ifá Ojuani Otrupon, the person does not sleep well and must take care of kneeling.

Here the elephant cannot enter caves or small houses, so the person cannot enter caves, cellars, or live in a room or small house, nor should he start small businesses.

This Ifá predicts that the person with this Odu has a mark or something extraordinary on his body, as it is marked by OLOFIN.

Here OJUANI BATRUPON's wife abandons him for another man and there were so many misfortunes that she had to go to his feet.

Here was born the reason why Ifa cannot be done to the children of OLUO POPO (AZOJUANO)

Here OYA gave OSANYIN the power of AFEFE (the wind) and he gave her a goat ERUKE, with beads of all colors, to clean the people to strip them of the obsessed dead. Also for the Babalawos and Santeros to pass it over the coffin of the deceased when they are watching a Babalawo or Santero.

Here he speaks of the King's horse, which he did not take care of in the best way.

This is where OLORUN's ashé was born to make white fabric shine.

Diseases reflected in Ojuani Otrupon: Looseness of the body, anemia, diabetes.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Ojuani Otrupon:

  • Crying is worthless when it is not for something fair.
  • Before the candle catches me, I go without burning.
  • I will bring peace, to Heaven and to Earth.
  • He who does evil will have his turn later.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Ojuani Batrupon:

The Awó does not run over anyone.

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Ifa Ojuani Batrupon says:

When Ojuani Otrupon appears in divination, the person will be told that the sacrifice he or she made was not accepted and will be told to repeat it, he or she should be asked what deity he or she is serving. This Orisha must be served with the appropriate animal or bird, such details will be provided by the fortune teller.

The person will be advised to make a sacrifice because of a dispute that he will have with another person, surely this will be in his workplace. He will be victorious if he makes the right ebbo.

Ifa says not to eat at anyone's house, you want to say something that is true, but it is not convenient for you to say it, because it hurts. Celebrate your deceased family members.

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Otrupon:


Suyere Oddun Ojuani Batrupon:


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Ebbo of the Odu Ojuani Otrupon:

Inshé de Osanyin from the Odu Ojuani Batrupon.

Many sticks, grifa chicken head, nails, tongue, crushed eyes, a hen's egg for Good Friday, ero, obi, kolá, aira. He gets OJUANI BATRUPON. He has three small Ikines eaten with ORUNMILA. He is given the grifa hen in the name of OSANYIN, on top of the Ikines. He is dressed in sheepskin and goat leather.

EBO: 2 pigeons, 1 carving, 1 ladder, smoked hutía and fish, white cloth, other ingredients, a lot of money.

Ebbo for ABIKU.

1 rooster, 1 scissors, a doll (AGBORAN), a chain, 6 pumpkins, white, red and blue cloth, niyé grass, smoked jutía and fish, corojo butter, brandy, candles, coconut, a lot of money. After the Ebó, the doll is loaded with hair from the head and a piece of the right ear, ero, obi, kolá, osun naború, obi motiwao, aira, Anun, Ceiba seed, Iroko, passionflower, land of the cemetery gate. Everything is said on the board with the Odus del Ebó of the ABIKU. This eats cock with Eshu, he dresses in blue pants and half red and half white shirt.

Meaning of the oddun of Ifa Ojuani Otrupon:

Ojuani Otrupon talks about solutions for the premature death of a child and a good success in a journey that is yet to come. In the case of women, it predicts prevention of miscarriages or miscarriages.

When this Odu is seen, ELEGBA and SHANGO will be given coconut.

This Ifa was the one who made peace on Earth and in Heaven.

Here the person comes into the world with a house, money, to enjoy all the good things in life. If, on the contrary, he was born poor and spent work in his childhood, if he is obedient and does what the Saints tell him, he will be great and he will live happily.

The owner of this Odu «Ojuani Otrupon» cannot miss OYA nor the IBEYIS (Jimaguas).

For this Ifá it is forbidden to eat sheep, nor can he ingest dark drinks, nor can he wear black.

Awó OJUANI BATRUPON cannot kill ram, because he is late.

Awó OJUANI BATRUPON his wife dies or separates from her.

This is where people leave their land because of the war.

When Awó OJUANI BATRUPON loses his morale in his land, he will go to another land. When he cannot live there, he will try to go to another country.

The Awó OJUANI BATRUPON must teach Ifá to his godchildren, as one of them will save him from a major problem of war with paleros or other Awoses, who want to take away his power.

Because of this Oddun, Ifa cannot be done to children.

Awó OJUANI BATRUPON has to do Ifá to the godson with how much, little or nothing he has.

The OLUO POPO complex speaks here, so Awó OJUANI BATRUPON, if he has children, lives self-conscious about their lack of strength.

Nobody wants to consider the person here and their family does not take care of them in the best way, because they have a war with them.

Your elders by blood or religion do not treat you legally or sincerely, because they think you are a slave.

Because of this Ifa sign, you have to take care of tragedies or issues that may come your way due to your attitude to life, where they can hurt or even kill you. You will need to watch your back.

Dice orunmila that you were once in great danger and you don't even know how you got out of the problem, it was OLOFIN himself who got you out of it. Thank him and respect him.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Ojuani Otrupon:

The OSAIN and ORUNMILA pact.

When the 401 spirits were going to come to Earth, they consulted with Ifá, just as when OSANYIN, EGUN, ORISHAS, ORUNMILA and all this Ifá came out. They all came dressed, but OSANYIN was naked and was embarrassed. Then he turned to EGUN and said: -Please forgive me, give me a part of your dresses to cover me. But that one denied it.

He addressed the ORISHAS, asking for their white robes, but they refused. Then OSANYIN ELEYE said to ORUNMILA: - «Please, you don't have anything to cover me, ride me on your back to go down to Earth».

ORUNMILA told him that he had no bone and that was why he could not mount it on his back. OSANYIN kept asking ORUNMILA, appealing to his good heart, his spirit of grace and his generous disposition.

When it seemed that his wishes were not going to come true, ORUNMILA asked him: Do you only want to go down to Earth? OSANYIN said yes, and ORUNMILA put a special Iyefá powder in her mouth and opened her mouth. And OSANYIN ELEYE entered ORUNMILA and settled in her womb.

When they came down to Earth, ORUNMILA told OSANYIN: We are already on Earth, you can go outside. And OSANYIN replied: -I won't go out, this is a good place for me.

That's my stomach- said ORUNMILA. After some time, ORUNMILA told him: Okay, stay there, when you're hungry you'll have to go out. OSANYIN told him: -I won't have to go out, your liver and intestines are enough for me.

ORUNMILA became Osode and this Odu was seen. EBO was made and he gave the goat to OSANYIN casserole and prepared the iñales on a plate next to OSANYIN casserole. And he managed to make the spirit of OSANYIN ELEYE, singing, come out from within him and get into OSANYIN's casserole. Then he took the head and ORUNMILA presented it to OSANYIN's casserole, managing to sign the pact with the spirit of OSANYIN ELEYE, to work together.

He buried the goat's body and planted the OSANYIN pot on top, placing the goat's head on top, with which the pact was sealed.

NOTE: This secret of OSANYIN and ORUNMILA is born in this Odu. It is the alliance pact between OSANYIN and ORUNMILA.

Ojuani Otrupon Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
Awo Itú ló dífá fun Itú
Itú ń sunkún òun ò láya
Itú ni ò laya
Òun le loóbìnrin láyé kí obìín or sun òun bò báyìí?
Wón ní nígbà ti obìín bá pò tán
Òun náà ò níí le ka iyee won
Wón ní òpòlopò ataare lebo è
Won ni kó moo je ataare òhún
Kó sì móo tu ú
Ni kó moo ké
Wón ní àwon Obìnrin or yàdò è wá
Itú rubo
E wo Itú pèlú àsánsán obìín téé dòní
Wón or rògbà yí I ká ni
Ní bá ń yin àwon Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
Òun ló se é fun òun ti ayé ye òun áyìí?
N ni wá ń jó n ni ń yò
Niñyin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
Awo Itú ló dífá fun Itú
Itú ń sunkún òun ò láya
E you mi lè mo laya
Mo mò yin Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
E your mií lè mo laya

The good fortune of a wife will be for this person, says Ifá in Ojuani Otrupon that all the good things that have been blocked, will be released, he must offer sacrifice with a hen, a rooster and lizard pepper.

Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
He prophesied Ifá for Itú
Itú cried because he had no wife
Itú had no wife
"What should I do now to have as many wives as possible?"
They advised him that the moment women started reaching out to him
It would be a lot
They advised him to make sacrifice with many lizard peppers
They instructed him to "Chew the lizard pepper"
"And spit it out"
"You must also regret"
"Women will definitely come to you"
He made the sacrifice
To date, see Itú with many women
They always surround him
He began to dance and rejoice
He praised his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had predicted
Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
He prophesied Ifá for Itú
Itú cried because he had no wife
Please dispossess me, I have a wife
I praise Òwónrín bàtú bàtú
Please dispossess me, I have a wife
You !.

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