Ojuani Yekun: Meaning and advice of this Ifa Odu

ifa ojuani yekun sign

Ojuani Yekun is the combination between the older Odu Owonrin and Oyeku, he is Odu number 93 of the Hierarchical Order of IfaOrunmila says that the person with this sign must be prudent, he will do wonderful things, he must do good, for when the time comes he will obtain his reward, he will overcome his enemies, but he must make sacrifice for this to be possible.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Ojuani Yekun?

  • The dominance of women over men.
  • That at certain hours of the night the Flamboyan crackles.
  • The asheré of OYA.

What is Ojuani Yekun talking about?

  • The person has to take care of his blood, Insanity.
  • AZOJUANO (San Lázaro) is upset.
  • Things are not made complete.
  • The woman raised her hands to the man.
  • The person is disobedient.

Oddun Ojuani Yekun notes:

  • The dead man (EGUN) is given hutía.
  • Prepare for war.
  • Lying is prohibited.

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Recommendations of the Ojuani Yekun sign:

This Odu speaks of the necessity of the divination warning for your activities.

Here irrational thoughts will bring you serious results, bringing you serious emotional problems.

It was in this Odu that women, for the first time, raised their hands to the man. The dominance of women over men was born. This is an Odu of disobedience and checks.

Here EGUN is given jutía and jicotea.

When Ojuani Oyekun comes out to an Awó, he has to arm himself for war, because he is upon him. Here it was born that at certain hours of the night, the Flamboyán crackles.

This Odu Ojuani Yekun's IRE is to reach a loft and steal a feathered pigeon and become EBO himself. Here it is forbidden to tell lies. Eshu (ELEGUA) gets candies.

When the Awó or the person of this Odu is happiest or when he has more money or food, it will be when he dies. So here the person dies when he collides with happiness.

Sayings of the Odu Ojuani Yekun:

  • He who gives food to the hungry encourages his heart.
  • If the wind blows, it makes the banana leaves dance to the right and to the left.
  • God said: -I send disease to the world, but I also cure it.
  • When the wind blows, it makes the water of the great river ripple.
  • When arms are taken up, war is not surprising.
  • Get it right and complete.
  • Because of my bad head, I lost everything.

What are Ojuani Yekun's prohibitions?

  • Ojuani Yekun, prohibits the person from the sea, as he can die.
  • Here, by being a bad head, you can lose everything.
  • Here you have to be careful that work does not kill you, make sacrifices and do not exchange money for health.
  • Leave things incomplete.
  • The lies.

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Ifa Ojuani Yekun says:

When this Oddun appears in the Igbodun, the person will be told to make sacrifice in order to be successful in winning the love of a woman who will bring prosperity to his life.

When Ojuani Yekun appears in divination for a person who intends to travel, he or she will be advised to make sacrifice to avoid any damage or accident from a dispute in which he will be involved, during the trip. The trip is likely with someone else. So both should make the sacrifice to return home unharmed.

When this Ifá appears in the Igbodun, the person should be advised not to escort or accompany anyone to any ceremony. You must entertain Ifá with a crocodile. In divination, you should advise him to entertain Eshu with a goat, to avoid any obstacle, difficulty or misfortune in the place he intends to go.

When this Odu "Ojuani Yekun" appears in divination, the person will be told that he will be given a greater task or a position of responsibility. He will be able to fulfill that task, as long as he makes the right sacrifice. You will never be short of the good things in life. 

Prayer of the Odu Ojuani Yekun:


Ebo from the Odu Ojuani Yekun Ifa:

Important work for the Awó Ojuani Yekun.

You must go to a loft, steal a feathered pigeon and do EBO yourself. This pigeon is given to his head. In addition, a beggar will be found, will take him to the house and the EBO will be done in front of him. He will send you to throw away the EBO and give you money. Then every time the beggar goes to the house, he has to give him something and he will prosper.

Oparaldo of the Oddun Ojuani Oyekun.

1 goat, 1 rooster, 1 chicken, coconut, sticks, guinea head, fish, 3 arrows, tiñosa feather, yagua, corojo butter, Ataré oguma (wonder seed), 7 pieces of coconut, 7 guinea peppers , root of atiponlá grass, holy thistle, guanine, ritual fabrics of the paraldo, ritual herbs of paraldo, hutía and smoked fish, a clay pot, two chicken eggs, coconut, candle, a güiro, a lot of money.

Tips from the oddun Ojuani Yekun:

When this Odu "Ojuani Yekun" appears in divination or the ruling Odu of the person, when he wins a lot of money, he must give Eshu a goat because otherwise he will lose everything. His Guardian Angel takes it away little by little.

For this Ifá, it is very possible that the person is the daughter of OYA. Here was born the asheré de OYA, which is made with the branch of the Flamboyán (tree of the Antilles, with red flowers and large pods).

Here KOBO-ORI is made with slug, except for the children of OSHUN (because that is their taboo).

When this Odu comes Osobo, AZOJUANO (San Lázaro) is upset and you have to beg him to please him and you have to pay him what is owed to him. It tells of a person who suffers from foot sores, who will save him / her or help him / her move forward. Take good care of AZOJUANO (San Lázaro).

Here you have disgust with your spouse, or in the workplace, or because of the position you occupy. You will have to do works so that you do not lose it.

The people around you have ill will.

Here the person does not listen to advice and does what he pleases, without consulting the saints or his elders, and he has forgotten and abandoned everything that is his.

For this Odu Ojuani Oyekun, you have to make EBO with fruits for your children.

This Ifá speaks of problems in the blood (blood force) and madness.

Here the person is gluttonous and lives proud of what he possesses.

A relative died and they have not said mass for him. He wanted to leave something to her or to give her an order and he couldn't do it, and now he wants to tell her, but he can't because of the lack of light. You have to do masses for ILE OLOFIN (Church) and then a spiritual mass.

Eshu must be received and the Guardian Angel settled.

You have to be careful with the jealousy and revenge of your second husband, who can kill her or pay someone else to kill him.

There are three women who visit your home and present the three lots. If those lots find yams and ekó in their house, they will stay there.

Here you have to be careful that work does not kill you, make sacrifices and do not exchange money for health.

You have to be careful with a scare, because it can cost you your life.

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Ifa code of ethics of the odu Ojuani Yekun:

Olofin tastes the goodness of the Awó.

Other names of the Ojuani Yekun:

  • Ojuani Oyekun.
  • Ojuani Yeku.
  • Owonrin Oyeku.

Patakie of the sign Ojuani Yekun:

Eshu, the beggar

ORUNMILA was having a lot of work, because not even the Aleyos went to his house. One day, he became Osode, seeing this Ifá Ojuani Yekun, who marked him EBO (the one indicated above) and that the EBO coins were distributed to everyone who asked him for alms.

ORUNMILA, after taking the EBO, went out to the street and met a man, who asked him for alms. He gave it to her and continued on his way. Later he continued to meet different beggars, to whom he gave alms until they ran out of money.

Finally, another beggar appeared, to whom, when asked, he said: - Excuse me, because I no longer have any money because I gave everything I had to the beggars. The beggar said to him: -I know that, because I was the person who, in short, appeared to him in different ways asking for alms, because I am Eshu (ELEGBA), who by OLOFIN's mandate I came to try it, because there are some people who say that you are cheap and that you do not give anything to anyone. I have found that those who say that are their enemies, who manifest it out of envy. You are a good and charitable person. Return to the house, that the Aleyos are waiting for you to attend them. And, from today, I will always be by your side and no more work will happen.

Owonrin Oyeku - Ojuani Yekun Ifa Traditional

Ìrókò jiwà jiwà èyìnkùlé Onígbò
Níí sefá fun Onígbò Asùnlólá
Omo ajayé Ifá gbindingbindin bí eni ń láyin
Níjó tíń sunkún òun ò lájé
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón níre ajé fún a pitipiti
Onígbò bá rbo
Ajé de fun Onígbò
Àse won ò ti jé kí ire è ó wolé ni
Ayé bá ye Onígbò
Okàan rè balè
Ijó ní ń jó ayò ní ń yò
Níń yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo ń yin Ifá
Olódùmarè kejì tíń tún ilé ayée se
Àsé ayé le yeni tú báyìí?
Ìrókò jiwà jiwà èyìnkùlé Onígbò
Níí sefá fun Onígbò Asùnlólá
Omo ajayé Ifa
Ó jayé Ifá gbindingbindin bí eni ń láyin
Èyin e wo Ìrókò jìwà jìwà èyìnkùlé Onígbò
Gbogbo ara ló fi so bí okùn
Gbogbo ara lo fi se ide
Gbogbo ara ló fi so ajé winnkinkin kanlè
Ayé Onígbò waá dára.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice. The good fortune of wealth will come to him in abundance. Ifá asks you to find two plates of white èkuru and two more plates that will be mixed with oil and use it to offer for your earthly enemies. This person's fortune is on the way and he will be allowed to enter without problems, that is why he will have to make the prescribed sacrifice.

The flowering of the Ìrókò tree in the courtyard of Onígbò
He prophesied Ifá for Onígbò Asùnlólá
The descendant of ajayé gbindingbindin bí eni n layin
The day he was crying for not having wealth
He was advised to offer sacrifice
They assured him that he would have a lot of wealth
Onígbò made the sacrifice
Wealth came to Onígbò
The wealth that earthly enemies had been blocking
Life pleased Onígbò
And he had peace
He was dancing and he was very happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
Their Babaláwos praised Ifá
Second in rank after Olódùmarè who is committed to reforming the world
"So you can make my life pleasant?"
The flowering of the Ìrókò tree in the courtyard of Onígbò
He prophesied Ifá for Onígbò Asùnlólá
The descendant of ajayé gbindingbindin
He enjoys the good of Ifá life as if he were licking honey
See the flowering of the Ìrókò tree in the courtyard of Onígbò
Germinating beads all over the body
Germinating bronze all over the body
Germinating all over your body from head to toe
Onígbò's life is so good.

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