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What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Ika?

  • He dries it.
  • Let ELEGBA eat banana to rid the Awó of the enemies.
  • That the children of OBATALA do not dress in black.
  • The ambition.
  • The process of stick garments assembled by Ifá.
  • The sowing of the last day of the Ifá ceremonies (Iyoye).
  • Okana Ika speaks the grateful evil.
  • OBATALA changed the black clothes for the white ones.
  • People wanted to kill OBATALA's son.

What is the Okana Ika sign talking about?

  • The three faces of ORUNMILA speak; Orun, Ifá and ORUNMILA.
  • OSHOSI must be received urgently.
  • Chickpeas and fruits are not eaten.
  • Talk about spiritism.
  • He is fed on the roof of the house (Babawua), for a good of money (Iré aye umbo).
  • The Awó can live with two sister women.
  • Ifá gets stuffed Cat's claws.
  • To be well, open and close the door to the street three times and once a week let the water run from the pen or tap.

The Okana Ka sign points out:

  • It marks revolution and loss at the same time; loss of home or spouse.
  • As long as the guardian angel does not want to, there will be no one who kills him.
  • The diseases are: belly, inner ills like the liver, kidneys etc., spine, and stomach.
  • The herbs of the sign are: Caisimon, clover, basil, oriye, white and purple pigweed.
  • You cannot look at the Sun.
  • Ebó is made with the tools of ORISHA OKO recalling the benefits of the Earth.

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Okana Ka sign recommendations:

In Okana Ka you have to take care of a red woman with a light life who has a defect.

This Odu marks revolution and loss at the same time. Loss of home, spouse etc.

Here as long as the Guardian Angel does not want, there will be no one who kills him.

Here the sons of OBATALA were forbidden to wear black.

The person with this Odu always has to be legal, honest and virtuous, in order to earn the consideration and esteem of all.

When this Odu appears in an ordinary record, the person is warned that he must make sacrifice to have a long life and can live to old age.

In an ordinary record Okana Ika warns the person to make sacrifice for a prosperous life and a happy ending. You must make the sacrifice without much delay as you may lose prosperity overnight. He must make the two sacrifices that he marked the mushrooms (see path).

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Ka:

  • The song of the guataca turns the forest into food.
  • When a woman takes a hoe, the man cannot take her place.
  • When we don't sacrifice death it can be premature.

Says Ifa Okana Ika:

In an ordinary search, the person is warned that he must make sacrifice to avoid being killed for his possessions. If he appears with Ayeo (osobo), that is, heralding danger, he should not intervene when there are people fighting, to avoid being killed.

In an ordinary registry, the person will be told that he must make sacrifice before taking a scheduled trip, to avoid getting into difficulties with other people that he will overshadow in that place.

When this Ifá (Okana Ka) appears in IGBODU, the person is told to make sacrifice.

He was probably a Christian before taking his Ifa. His Christianity did not obstruct his Ifa lineage, and when looking for a woman he must find her background in divination and then marry. You must be careful not to argue with your mother-in-law. In an ordinary registry, the person is told that he must have his own Ifá and if he has it not to throw it away if he decides to embrace another faith. He must make a sacrifice to the Elders of the Night.

When Okana Ika appears in IGBODU, the person is warned that he must serve ESHU at the moment and that he must settle down with a new life near the sea in order to become prosperous. In an ordinary registry, the person must serve ESHU with a goat and OGUN with a rooster to receive a material benefit that does not come.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Okana Ka:


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Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Ika

The Odu OKANA KA speaks of courage and honesty to prevent misfortune. The client must have a firm position regarding what he believes.

This was where OBATALA changed black clothes for white, forbidding his children to wear black clothes. People also wanted to kill OBATALA's son.

Here is the process of the wooden garments assembled by Ifá.

The three faces of ORUNMILA speak: Orun, Ifá and ORUNMILA, which are three different things and the youngest is ORUNMILA.

The dry was born.

You must receive OSHOSI, do not eat chickpeas or fruits.

This Odu predicts that the one who deals with the cat will always scratch it. You have to be careful with the godson. A stuffed cat's claw is put on it.

This Odu of Ifa speaks of Spiritism.

You have to feed the roof of the house (Babawa) so that a kind of money will come to him (I will Aye Umbo).

Here the Awó Okana Ka, can live with two sisters at the same time or mother and daughter.

Here you have to touch your hand and chest three times. And to be well open and close the door of your house three times and once a week let the water run from the pen or tap.

Odu Okana Ika Ifa Code of Ethics:

He who does wrong and does not do good, does it for himself.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Ka:


In Okanla land of the Mountains, Awó Biya Kaiyeke lived who one day was visited by a brother (Abure) named OKANA IKA Awó Osologue who as soon as he arrived in Okonla land and saw it, ambition and desire for the treason, so he entered singing: "OKANA IKA LASHIRE BOBO OMO LAYE."

The whole town came out to see him and look at him from his door. OKANA IKA went to King Awó Biya Kaiyeke and identified himself, claiming that both were natives of the same town and that they had known each other since they were very young, Biya Kaiyeke very happy gave him shelter and gave him everything he had, and said: Look , My palace is in ruins, however you can use it for everything you want, because you are from my land and you know my family, who better than you can I offer it.

The palace of Awó Biya Kaiyeke came to be like a great tree within the religion and was called Oshe. OKANA KA, after seeing everything, told him: -I can fix this palace but with one condition, that you let me live in it for a long time; And also that you introduce me before your subjects as the most intelligent of the palace.

Awó Biya Kaiyeke agreed to the request by OKANA IKA and this, using that, began to create a good atmosphere throughout that kingdom and said that the King had sent him to look for him to fix the bad situation they had since the King himself could not do it and that if they wanted he could definitely stay there.

One day one of the King's faithful went and told him everything OKANA KA was doing there behind him, the King not only did not believe him but ordered him to be punished for being a liar. A few days passed and the King sent for his friend OKANA IKA and told him: My brother, you have been enjoying everything here for a long time and you have not yet kept your word, do it for the memory of our parents. OKANA IKA replied: "-It's fine, but you have to leave these lands." The king said to him: "-Well, give me a few days to think better of it and fix all my affairs." OKANA IKA replied: -If you do not decide before three days, I will leave.

The King then understood how ambitious his brother was, so he decided to go see ORUNMILA and when he arrived he received him and said: -You come to seek my advice. He said yes, and asked him what his real name was, to which ORUNMILA replied: I am the representation of three characters here on Earth, Awó Orun, Awó Nifa and Awó Inle OSANYIN. And then Osode made him and OKANA KA saw him and said: Son, you have a good heart and very good feelings and they should not treat you like that. Ebo marked him. He told him to use a dove and put fallen leaves from his palace on it and clean it well with the dove and then tie it up for three days without giving it water to drink and the Sun and that on the last day he would present it to the Sun and pray: OUN OSHE MORA MOYIO OUN MORA OKANA IKA ORO FEE OUN OSHE MORA INLE TANI.

And that immediately afterwards he released the pigeons and then took the Ebó and carried it to where the pigeon would perch and that where there was green grass it would dig and bury it, that there would be a stream with enough fresh water (this is the reason that when there is dry and many birds are seen in a place announce that the water is near there).

The king returned to his place very happy and OKANA IKA when he saw him thought he had won and then asked him: -Alre you decided? Yes, the King answered him, but first I am going to give a party for you who was my best friend, and so in the same party I will give you the command of the kingdom.

The day of the feast arrived and when everyone was assembled the King sang: "OUN OSHE MORA MOYIO OUN OSHE MORA OKANA IKA ORO FEE OUN OSHE MORA INLE TANI".

The people gathered as it was around the two of them, fell on OKANA IKA, who came out almost dead from this skirmish for being ungrateful and treacherous and an ambitious without scruples.

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Okana Ka Ifa Traditional


Òkànràn kárò káro

Babaláwo Kannakánná
Ló día fún Kannakánná níjó tí n fomi ojú sògbérè omo
Òun le bímo báyìí?
Wón ní ó rbo
Wón ni Òja méjì lebo è
Yóó fi òjá méjì kún ebo ru
Ó sì gbébo nbè ó rbo
Eye mòmò róso
Ó mòmò gbàjá ò
Eye wé gèlè funfun gbòò
Ayé ye é tan
Lo bá bójó
Ní n seyé wé gèlè funfun gbòò
Eye wé gèlè funfun gbòò
Eyé mòmò róso or gbàjá ò
Eye wé gèlè funfun gbòò.
Ifá says that it would be fine with this person. Your things cannot be spoiled. But he must offer sacrifice.
Òkànràn káro
It is the Babaláwo of the Falcon
Who made divination for the Falcon on the day she was crying because she had no children
'Would I have children'?
They told him to offer sacrifice
They said Two straps is for sacrifice ',
They advised him to add these two straps to the rest of The Articles of Sacrifice
She heard about the sacrifice and performed it
The bird had wrapped a cloth around it
And had put a belt around her waist
The bird tied a white scarf
Life was pleasant
She was dancing
She was singing 'The bird tied a white scarf'
She tied a white scarf
The bird wrapped around a cloth and had taken a leash
The bird tied a white scarf.

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