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yekun okana

Okana Yekun is Odu 123 in the Ifa hierarchy, Orunmila asks this person to make the sacrifice for his children; he would enjoy life. It also teaches us that sacrifice (Ebbo) brings wealth and refusing to do so brings destruction.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Okana Yekun?

  • The war of the square board with the round one.
  • Pray this Odu when it is lost or forgotten.
  • That Orúnmila and Shango were paleros.
  • The Awan of Olokun.
  • That the Awó cannot sleep women on Thursday.
  • Do not light pieces of candles.
  • Give Osanyin Bird
  • The change of head.
  • Do not make Ebo del Odu to an older Awó.
  • Let Orúnmilaza reveal his Odu de Ifá.
  • Do not Ebo aleyo with Osobo Ikú.
  • Do not eat dried okra, or with your head.
  • The deformation of the belly.
  • Madness, for wanting to know all Ifa.
  • That Okana Yeku is Orúnmila's secretary
  • Eshu Obayila.

What is the Okana Yekun sign talking about?

  • The memory of nature represented by Okana Yeku.
  • The action of the spirit before the court or prosecutor of Heaven.
  • The wrath of the Saints: Osha Babinú.
  • Don't put Santo in your head, with this Odu.
  • Do not put Santo on the head, if all the dialogues fall face down in the sink.
  • The consecration ceremony in Osha.
  • The first three Oloshas: Akodá, Ashedá and Obaralokue.
  • That Okana Yekun dances the sacred ball (Atemoleta).
  • The person enjoys taking risks or walking on a razor's edge.

The Okana Oyekun sign points out:

  • The king sent his soldiers to shoot and they did not.
  • It gives guinea to the feet.
  • Okana Yeku wears a special opel.
  • Orúnmila visits the prisoners to do Ifa.
  • Orúnmila was diplomatic with homosexuals.
  • Obatala had many enemies.
  • Only Egun and Olokun were worshiped.
  • Okana Yeku is the enemy Odu of Warlocks.
  • Here: Orúnmila left for Heaven, never to return.
  • Talk about the infertile woman.
  • The diseases are: Cardio-sclerosis, cholera, chronic stomach pain from witchcraft, ulcers.
  • Talk about scratching and the garment.
  • Weird things are thrown up.
  • The herbs are: Ají guaguao, güira, framboyan, oak and cayman.

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Recommendations of the Okana Yekun sign:

The person enjoys taking risks or walking on a razor's edge, and must work with their ancestors to avoid a trap.

You have to have Kakuanardo, Oduduwa and more than 10 years to do Ebó to this Odu.

Praying the head (Ko-Bori) is done by putting Shango behind. You cannot light candle holders and when they are lit they cannot be extinguished together. A guinea is given to the feet.

When the Awó does not remember the Odu of the record at the time of doing the Ebó, he will pray this Okana Yeku:

The Awan of Olokun was born.

The Awó cannot sleep with women on Thursdays. Osanyin is given bird.

Shango is given two quail, along with Ogún. Three pieces of cimarrón güiro are used.

This Sign has a special ókpele, which is washed with Omiero of herbs of this Ifá. The right leg, which is the one that speaks: eat banana with Shango, then the body of the banana is buried. The left leg eats a rooster and a dove and they go to the foot of a yagruma bush.

The Awó should not make Ebo of this Ifá to an Awó older than him, because he changes his head and if he is osobo even less. If this letter marks Ikú to an aleyo, neither is Ebo made to that person without first asking Orúnmila.

For this Odu it is essential to make Ebo with a jabada hen, which is not slaughtered, it is left alive at the home of the sick.

For this Ifá two Paraldos are made. The wrath of the Saints was born: Osha Babinú. To avoid it: A grifa chicken, guaguo chili, Indian banana yam, a güiro and Ebó is made. The güiro is split into two pieces to hold the Indian banana yam. The grifa hen is sacrificed to all the Oshas and becomes Ebó. The person is dressed in old clothes and after the Ebó he bathes with Ifa herb Omiero and dresses in other clothes and his head is covered with a white cloth.

For Okana Yekun there are big marital problems, the person tends to live alone. You must prepare for the end of your life. This is produced by character.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Okana Yekun:

  • If the pure oil sets its eyes on the fire, it melts.
  • The slug never suffers a hot life.
  • The square board wants to be more than the round one.
  • Be content with what you have.
  • The old tragedy comes out again.
  • When there is a lot of candle, Yemajá extinguishes it with water.

Says Ifa Okana Yekun:

Okana Yekun says that you have many enemies and that there are many who are at war with you, let Ebó do so that Eshu accompanies him and wins the war.-Let him remove the debts from his neck. You are very envious of what you have and what God has given you. You have or are going to have a spouse who will envy everything. -You will have a male child to whom you will have to do Ifá. You have to do Ebó so that things go well for you, because so far, nothing you have done has gone well.

That today he will be poor and has no money, but tomorrow or the day after he will have it if he does Ebó, so that luck may come and be well.-None of his prayers have reached Heaven and they will arrive when he sacrifices.-Be careful not to die before time.-Do not find out gossip or curse, because Olofin punishes that. Beware of your enemies.

Be satisfied with what God has given you, that there are many who are worse off than you and fight to live.

Do not refuse food to anyone who comes to your house.-You have a great dislike with your spouse or vice versa.-You are a man on the road and when you are several days inside your house you feel imprisoned and ill.

You always have to be active.-Your wife is late, be kinder to her and to the people you deal with so that
luck comes soon.

You are not satisfied with the line that is taken in your religious house and you want to go the other way. -All Saints are angry with you.

Attend to Shango And put a bunch of banana on it. -Give a ram to Shango to prosper. -If you don't, Ebo will go to jail. That the person has gunpowder on him.-a borrowed money will bring tragedy. Do not break your word, you fall into irreparable debt.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Okana Yekun:


Suyere Oddun Okana Oyekun:


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Tips from the oddun of Ifa Okana Yekun:

When the Oddun Okana Yekun appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that he should seek an Ifa priest to wash his head on an Eshu altar with the goat blood to minimize his witchcraft problems. He probably has a stomach problem caused by the Witches. The Ifá priest must serve the Night for him.

When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person is warned that he must serve Ifá very well since he will never have needs throughout his life. In an ordinary registry the person must have his own Ifá so that he enjoys a prosperous life.

When this Odu appears in IGBODU, the person is told that in his family there is an infertile woman, and that there is a divinity in his family of which he must be the priest. You must not refuse to serve as a priest to that deity. He must serve Ogun three times before completing the IFA ceremonies. You must give Eshu a second goat. In an ordinary registry the person must serve Eshu with a goat and Ogun with a rooster to avoid a problem with a relationship.

When Okana Yekun appears in an ordinary record, the person is told that recently, he has made a sacrifice that has been accepted by the higher powers. If it appears in IGBODU, the person is told that they do not have to rush to make the sacrifice that was recently marked in an ordinary registry.

When all the indicated materials are used in a special sacrifice, the person will obtain immediate relief from all the difficulties that previously plagued him. After all, you will enjoy a life free of problems.

When this Sign appears in an ordinary record, the person will be told that he must make sacrifice to unmask the enemy who is planning his death.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Okana Yekun

When there is war on, you should feed Eshu and put yams on it.

Food or offerings should not be denied to those who come to your home.

Orúnmila declares in this Odu that the life of Ifá is very hard, dedication and study, a strong discipline that effeminates cannot carry.

This Odu is the plasma of Egun's thought.

Here the path of the scratching and the garment speaks, where there is jealousy between Osanyin and the Garment, which represents the Devil and first the Garment is given a bird before Osanyin.

Here the güiros were transformed into men by virtue of Osanyin, but the Devil defeated them by not looking good to him, they broke their promise.

When Okana Yekun comes to Osobo, the food at EGUN is higher.

Here you have to receive OLOKUN, ODUDUWA, OSANYIN and IFA.

This Ifá predicts that the Awó disagrees with the system that is applied in his branch and leaves the place.

There are dangerous enemies that must be treated with caution and cunning. Strong character, they are very aggressive and ambitious.

Here the Awó collects the bad shadow of the Eboses, Paraldos and things that he does because he never looks at himself, nor does he carry out works that counteract the effect, and while they live well the only sick and restless one is him. The head should be prayed with pigeons and other ingredients and cover it with white cloth and give 2 hens to Orúnmila.

Give Eshu a goat and roast yam to defeat enemies, so he will enjoy fortune. Okana Yeku is not a witch, he is trained for it. Also this Odu saves a brother.

Here the woman has problems to have a child or give birth, she must offer seven yams and a mother goat to Olugbodo.

Sacrifice brings wealth, refusal brings destruction.

Odu Okana Oyekun Ifa Code of Ethics:

All the pacts of the Awó are filed in heaven.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Okana Yekun:

Okana Yeku, secretary of Orúnmila.

Obatalá Oloyú Okuní had many enemies and that is why he lived locked up in a palace. One day he went to look at himself with Orúnmila where this Odu came out, and they marked him Ebó to defeat the enemies. Oloyú Okuní got ready for Orúnmila to do the Ebó for him and when he had everything he had forgotten the Odu that had come out, because he had lost the paper, so they had to go find Okana-Yeku who was the secretary of Orúnmila and was in charge of filing all his papers. Okana-Yeku solved the situation with his prodigious memory and was able to do the Ebo. Oloyú Okuní solved his problem and defeated his enemies.

Note: When the role of the Ebó is lost or the Odu prayer is not known, Okana-Yeku is prayed and the situation is resolved. Prayer is what starts this story. Okana-Yeku represents the memory of nature, it is the plasma of thought in Egun. It is the action of the spirit before the court, that is, the prosecutor of Heaven.

Orúnmila and Shango were paleros.

There was a time when the square board (characteristic of Osanyin) wanted to be more than the round or circular one (characteristic of Orúnmila and Oduduwa) and then Arufin (the original Shango) and Aruda (Orúnmila was a murderer), asked Olofin for forgiveness, promising not to do any more misdeeds, since they were paleros and their work was done with gunpowder, basing everything on garment works. They vindicated themselves, kneeling before Olofin who forgave them.

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Okana Oyekun Ifa Traditional


Rúwá n yáá só; Rúwá n yáá só
Rúwá n sánmò; rúwá n sánmò
Omí yáá rbo
Àì jeun sùn yáá wi
Ebo ká fowó bo enu
ká fe e nù
ó yá n rúrú
A day fún Olókànràn
Èyí tí n lo rèé ye ikú orí ègbón è
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní Ajogun kan n be lórùn ègbón è
Àbúrò è ní ó sì fàá me
Olókànràn bá rubo
Ègbón è náà rubo
Ayé ye won
N ní won wá n jó ní won n yò
Ní won n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Won ni béè làwon Babaláwo tàwón wí
Rúwá n yáá só; Rúwá n yáá só
Rúwá n sánmò; rúwá n sánmò
Omí yáá rbo
Àì jeun sùn yáá wi
Ebo ká fowó bo enu
ká fe e nù
ó yá n rúrú
A day fún Olókànràn
Èyí tí n lo rèé ye ikú orí ègbón è
Ebo n wón ní ó se
Olókànràn gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Kín ló ye iku orí ègbón lo?
Ló ye iku orí ègbón lo

Ifá wants this person to be well. He or she must perform the prescribed sacrifice on the same day. He has a brother; he is the one who will amend the life of the brother.

Rúwá n yáá só
rúwá n sánmò
Fresh water is conducive to use as a sacrifice
Going to bed without eating is light to count
The sacrifice of putting a hand in the mouth
And blow it out
It is easy to do
He made divination for Olókànràn
The one who was going to remove the death spell from his brother's neck
They advised him to make sacrifice
They told him that there is an Ajogun on his brother's neck
And it's the little brother who will save him
Olókànràn performed the sacrifice
The brother also made his
Life pleased them both
They began to dance and rejoice
They were praising their Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had said
Rúwá n yáá só
rúwá n sánmò
Fresh water is conducive to use as a sacrifice
Going to bed without eating is light to count
The sacrifice of putting a hand in the mouth
And blow it out
It is easy to do it
He made divination for Olókànràn
The one who was going to remove the death spell from his brother's neck
They advised him to make sacrifice
Olókànràn heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Who had removed the death spell from the brother's neck?
He's the one who has removed the spell on his brother's neck

Eshu of the Oddun Okana Oyekun 


It is a mass Eshu.

In his load he carries 9 kinds of questioned metals, quicksilver, Elegba sticks, and Shango sticks, land from the cemetery, from the field, sea and river sand, rooster spur, 1 needle, 4 pins, gunpowder, red precipitate, 9 drops of sea water, ero, osun, kolá, airá, osun naború toasted corn, three kinds of jar scrape. The general charge of the house for the Eshus.
Palos: victor, tame handsome, open the way, I can more than you, ciguaraya, scare the dead, grave grave

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