Say bear

ifa Osa di sign

Other names of the Oddun Osa di:

Bear Say.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Di?

  • The war between the hook and the fish.
  • The Grouping of men in Society or in towns to be able to subsist
  • They were born: The Works that are made with Nails.
  • They speak two spirits of EGUN called EGUELELEKO and YEKO SHISI GUEGUE.
  • He says that each one with his innate ability will live.
  • It works for those who do not deserve it.
  • It is recommended to stay away from everything bad.
  • OYA is given a goat and is made Awan.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Di talk about?

  • You suffer from: Stomach, legs, weakness in the brain (memory loss).
  • You have to hold on to EGUNS and YEMAYA to win.
  • Mark family betrayals.
  • ESHU is given a bellows and SHANGO is given Kalalú.
  • You can't do favors.
  • For the selfishness or revenge of a person they separate him from his parents at birth.
  • It feeds the head.
  • It marks backwardness and destruction by a spirit.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Bear Odi?

  • The woman and the man live without being in love.
  • You cannot be stubborn and you must be calm.
  • Talk about removing situations to have a successful relationship.
  • The herbs of the Odu are: Male fern and marjoram.
  • OGUN must be strengthened.
  • The four faces of the monkey speak.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Di: 

  • So much does the pitcher go to the source, until it breaks.
  • He who raises someone else's dog loses his bread and loses his dog.
  • Two noses cannot kiss.
  • The egg that the dog cannot swallow, the hen can bite.
  • Bone-eating tiger, satisfaction for your throat.
  • Don't be stubborn and have a head.
  • Ancestral customs are not criticized within the family.
  • When the fences and sieges are removed, you have successful relationships.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Osa Odi:

  • Everyone is born with their ability and must conform to their luck.

It may also interest youTreaty of Oddun Ifa: Osa Meyi.

Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Di:

Do not be so stubborn and stubborn, be more calm and do not say curses, do not start the first time.

You have a friend who is setting or setting a trap for you to fall, that friend has bad ideas with you and you do them many favors.

You must have many tragedies because of a relative.

Listen to the advice and see what you do.

He is very much in love and there is a woman who is very jealous and that friend wants to spoil his marriage.

You are entering a hidden place to take something that is not yours, be careful they are going to take it
inside the house.

He has to feed his head, he wants to have a male child, and that is why he fights with his wife, because she does not stop him, do Ebbó if he wants to achieve it.

Prayer of the Osa Di Ifa sign:


Suyere Osa Odi:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Di:

Odu Osa Odi head prayer

The head with 16 white doves from his head must be prayed to OBATALA. The 16 heads of the pigeons are powdered, added, banana head, pumpkin seeds, crab earth (Ilekán), honey from bees. Everything mixes well and that pasta is poured into a red and white painted güiro. A parrot feather will be attached to it, tied with a string and hung on the back door of the house, where no one will see it. This is husked. For this Work, the Awó who does it must collect it well so that he does not remain poor. This Inshe is to avoid the abuses of the friends.

Secret of the sign of Ifa Osa Di:

When the Awó wishes to obtain the destructive power of an EGUN that is going to separate a person, before doing the Paraldo, he goes to the foot of a plantain bush in Cuba, there he gives him Obi Omi Tutu, asking him:
Egun Obsessor of So-and-so, does he want to stay with me for what I send him? If the coconut says yes, it is given
a hee-hee. Then he takes the person to the foot of that bush and there he does the Paraldo.

On the third day the Awó returns there and cuts a piece of stick from that bush, writes the name and surnames of the Egun Obsesor and the Odu: OYEKU MEJI, OSA DI, AND OTURA NIKO. He will pray the Odus and blow brandy on him and make him eat with the Igbo Egun. Then every time you need to herd that Egun, scratch a little stick for the Iye and it's just like the kiyunba.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Odi Sign:

  • This Odu talks about removing the fences or siege to have a successful relationship. Here the person fears the lack of relationships, since the relationship ends when a new person appears.
  • In the oddun of Ifa Osa Di, the war between the hook and the fish was born. The fish, for not wanting to make Ebbo, were caught by the hook tricking them with the bait. Ebo must be done to solve.
  • By this sign six black hens are given to ORUNMILA.
  • It speaks of two spirits of EGUN named EGUELELEKE and YOKO SHISI GUEGUE.
  • This Odu is born the Grouping of men in Societies or Peoples to be able to subsist. In this Ifá you work for those who do not deserve it. Recommend to stay away from everything bad.
  • Osa di marks delay and destruction by an EGUN that has it like that, it is recommended to make him Parallel to keep that dead away.
  • Here OYA is given a goat and an Awan is made. The goat is then opened and filled with the cleaning Awan, picked up and carried to a square. On the third day, Itá is done with the dialogue of OYA and ELEGBA.

Meaning of Oddun Osa Di (9-7):

Nail works (isherí) were born here, so each time one of those works is done, this Odu must be prayed.

The Awó who has this Odu "Osa Di" has to feed his head once a year directly with his Ifá 16 white doves, then he becomes Ebbo with them.

This Oddun of Ifa determines that each one with his innate ability will live like this and has to settle for his luck and not envy others, because there are those who are a humble worker, live like a King, and there are those who have everything left over, they lack everything , because they have not found spiritual tranquility in their lives, which is after health, the greatest wealth enjoyed on Earth.

Here the woman and the man lived but without being in love, without illusions, but when lightning struck, the menstrual blood came to the woman and the man was disappointed, because procreation came.

Then the woman could have children and the man fell in love with the woman but she not with him.

Oddun from Ifa Osa Di in Osobo

The woman likes another man and the man likes another woman.

The woman has had two husbands, now deceased and there are deceased elderly relatives who must be cared for and sick elderly relatives who must be treated with the Saint and the Doctor.

In this sign of Ifa you have to grasp a lot of the EGUN and YEMAYA.

The person is scratched or must be scratched in a witch's casserole.

This Ifá marks treason in the house. Here ESHU is bellowed and SHANGO is given Kalalú to avoid traction.
Kalalú: Yam, banana, shrimp and beef broth.

OSA ODI SAYS: "Don't be so stubborn and have a head."

This Odu marks disease of the Stomach. Of the Legs. Of the head, since it does not respond due to memory loss.

Here the person is lost by being stubborn and not being calm. You cannot curse. He talks about tragedies with a close relative who has even stolen from him.

Sign of Ifa Osa Odi in Ire:


This Odu speaks of the SHISHIRIKU. Eguns Obscuros that distance the marriage from the person.

Here you have to reinforce OGUN with one of the following pieces (those that Ifá says): bellows, 7 nails, scythe, iron tablet, plow, machete, knife. (this is to regain health).

Because of Osa Di, Ancestral customs cannot be criticized within the family.

For this Oddun you have to be careful with the favors you do, because they will not thank you and in the end you will be the one harmed.

Here for the selfishness or for the revenge of a person, you were separated from your parents at birth.

The person cannot be stubborn, and must be calm. Be careful with friends who may be setting you up to harm you, as well as avoid tragedies with a close relative who has even stolen from you.


Osa Di sign in Santeria:

In the Osha the Oddun Osa Di under the divination system of the dilogun (snail), is recognized as Osa tonti Odi and its number 9 - 7.

It may also interest you: Ifa Treaty of the Sign Odi Sa.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Di:


In a Palace the Queen of the same gave birth to a beautiful child who was stolen. That child, as time went by, became Awó de ORUNMILA and gained a lot of fame for knowing.

One day this young Awó came to a distant Land and the King called him to consult him. He made him bear seeing this Odu de Ifá, and told him: -What you have lost is going to appear. The King, annoyed, replied: -The only thing that I lost was my son, who was taken by my enemies as a newborn. He had two moles of hair on his body.

When the Awó heard those words from the King, he took off his shirt and when the King saw him, he leaned on him and hugged him tightly, because he was the son of the King.

And so he began to live a new life for that Awó who had gone through so much work in his childhood.

Osa Di in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Òsá bíìrìn bintin
A day fún Lánlègè
Omo Akanrunkande
Omo Akànlèkè sunwòn sunwòn
Níjó tí n fomi ojú sògbérè ire gbogbo
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní gbogboo won nu ilé òhún
Wón ní nnkan won ò níí bàjé
Wón ní tomodé tàgbà ni wón or jo rubo
Eni ojú omo n pón, kó ru
Eni ó ti bímo kóun náà ó ru
Sùgbón kí wón or jÉégún babaa wón or jáde
Béégún òhún bá jáde
Bí bá n woléé lo
Kí wón or fowó kó aso è wolé
Gbogbo ihun tíí jájogun ò tún ba won gbé mó
Ire ló kù tí ó móo ba won gbé
Won bá se béè
Gbogbo ará ilée Lànlègè omo Akànrunkande
Won Bá Bo Egún
Wón bá bèrè Síí lájé
Won Laya
Won bimo
Won kó ilé
Won gbo
Won to
Aburú or selè sénìkan
Ko kan àwon omo è
Neither wón bá n jó nor wón n yò
Wón n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè lawon Babaláwo tòún wi
Òsá bíìrìn bintin
A day fún Lánlègè
Omo Akanrunkande
Omo Akànlèkè sunwòn sunwòn
Kín ní ò jé Lánlègè ó moat?
Òpò òjò
Ni ò jé Lánlègè ó moat
Òp ò Òj ò.

Ifá wants this person to be well. All those who are in need of wealth, children, and all the good things in life will not be disappointed. Ifá says that there is a masquerade that belongs to their ancestors that had been kept. Ifá says that they should let him parade. All those who are in need of something, must contribute money to buy a Goat and offer it as a sacrifice to the masquerade. When the masquerade is back home after the excursion, all of them should use their hands to pack the masquerade costume. They will get what your heart desires.

Òsá bíìrìn bintin
He made divination for Lánlègè
The descendant of Akànrunkande
And the descendant of Akànlèkè sunwòn sunwòn
On the day I cried because of the scarcity of all the good things in life
They advised him to make sacrifice
To all of them in the house
They were assured that all their things will not be spoiled
All of them, both the young and the old must perform the sacrifice
He who has no children must offer sacrifice
He who has children must also do it
But they must allow the masquerade to be exposed
After the masquerade excursion
And when you are about to enter the house
They must use their hands to pack the suit
All things known as Ajogun will never live with them again
And only the good things will be with them
They did as instructed
All members of the House of Lánlègè
He offered the sacrifice to Egúngún
They all started to have wealth
They managed to get married
They had children
And they built houses
Lánlègè also aged
Until being an old man
Nothing bad happened to any of the house
Nothing bad happened to his grandchildren either
They began to dance and rejoice
They began to praise their Babaláwo
His Babaláwo praised Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwo had said
Òsá bíìrìn bintin
He made divination for Lánlègè
The descendant of Akànrunkande
And the descendant of Akànlèkè sunwòn sunwòn
What prevented Lánlègè from washing her clothes?
The heavy rain
It was what did not let Lánlègè wash his clothes
The heavy rain.

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