Osa Fun (Osa Ofun)

bear fun

Osa Fun (Osa Ofun), is odu number 166 in the hierarchical order of Ifa. He warns that disobedience towards deities could have fatal consequences. It also highlights a worrying trend among young people of not showing due respect to their elders.

Names or Aliases:

  • Osa Ofun.
  • Osa Ofun.
  • 9–10

What is born in the Ifá Osa Fun odu?

  • The metamorphosis of the worm.
  • The fact that Ogun dressed in purple.
  • That each one has his skill and his strength.
  • This was where the monkey sold Obatalá.
  • It was where the dog and the jicotea entered into stubbornness.
  • Two Ebo are made, otherwise the enemy dies.
  • The minors do not want to respect the elders.
  • You have to be careful not to be beaten to death.
  • Osanyin must be received.
  • White shirt with purple stripes is used.

What does the Ifá sign Osa Fun talk about?

  • The woman is unfaithful to him.
  • Olofin ordered the boys to make a mat.
  • The worm wanted to fly.
  • Orisha Oko helped Osa Fun.
  • Here the butterfly couldn't go to the city because the boys killed it.

What does the Ifá sign Osa Ofun (9-10) mark?

  • Sara-Ekó is added to Obatalá, and brandy is added to Olofin.
  • The Iyefá carries butterfly dust.

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Analysis and Interpretation of the Odu Osa Ofun

Osa Ofun reveals a transition phase, marked by the metamorphosis of the worm and the adaptability of the being. Just as the worm emerges in its most glorious form after a period of seclusion, people under this sign will experience significant transformations that will demand patience and understanding. Disobedience and lack of respect for established norms, both divine and earthly, can lead to chaos that distorts judgment and distances one from the true goals of life.

Economic Aspects

In the economic field, Osa Ofun warns about the need for adaptation and caution. Metamorphosis also implies the transformation of the old to the new, suggesting that it is time to evaluate new ways of generating income, diversifying economic sources and avoiding conflicts that could lead to financial losses. The reference to OGUN wearing purple symbolizes transformation and wisdom in making economic decisions, implying that with the right strategy adversities can be overcome.


In matters of health, this sign points out the importance of attending to physical and spiritual well-being, paying special attention to signs of stress or exhaustion that may manifest. The metamorphosis from worm to butterfly suggests the need to take care of oneself during periods of transformation, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. Caution in the face of fights or physical conflicts is crucial, as these can cause severe damage.

Religious Aspects

From a religious perspective, Osa Fun emphasizes obedience to the deities and respect for prohibitions. Disobedience and disrespect for elders and deities can lead to fatal consequences. The relationship with OBATALA and the need to offer Sara-Ekó, as well as spray liquor to Orúnmila and Olofin, underline the importance of maintaining a constant and conscious devotional practice. The reception to Osanyin highlights the connection with nature and spiritual health.

Personal relationships

In the area of ​​personal relationships, this Odu warns about the challenges of infidelity and contempt for others. The teaching that everyone has their own skill and strength invites us to value and respect individual differences, fostering more harmonious and understanding relationships. The need to avoid humiliation and contempt is a call to empathy and mutual respect, fundamental elements to build solid and lasting bonds.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Fun:

  • In confidence is the danger.
  • He leaps the way from death and buries himself in the sword sheath.
  • The obedience of my prohibitions will be my triumph.
  • If I don't regulate my daily activities, I will be called crazy.
  • Those who sacrifice will have a long life on earth.

"In confidence is the danger" It reminds us of the caution necessary in human relationships. Excessive confidence can blind us to imminent risks, teaching us that true wisdom lies in balance and prudence.

Odu Osa Ofun Ifa Code of Ethics:

  • The Awó must respect his elders.

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Recommendations of the Osa Fun Ifá Sign:

  • This Odu (Osa Fun) speaks of understanding and obedience to the prohibitions.
  • Here the chaos in daily activities is distorting the person's judgment.
  • In this Ifá sign was where the monkey sold Obatalá to Olofin.
  • Also the butterfly does not go to the city because the boys kill it; the person must live in the countryside.
  • Here the dog and the jicotea entered into a dispute. You cannot belittle anyone; Everyone has their own skill and strength and can be scared. You should not humiliate anyone, much less despise them, because everyone has their own way.
  • For this Odu Obatalá is named Sara-Ekó. Olofin is sprayed with brandy. Orúnmila is also sprayed with liquor at the door of the house.
  • This Odu, even if the person makes ebó, must take care of justice.
  • It is necessary to put Orúnmila Ekó with brandy.
  • When ebó is made for this Ifá "Osa Fun", when taking it to its destination, the clothes that are being worn at that time are left next to the ebó; so you have to bring another change of clothes and a pair of shoes, to get rid of everything bad. You should wear a shirt with purple stripes in your clothing, since this Odu orders you to wear a shirt with purple stripes.

Meaning of Oddun Osa Fun 9-10:

  • For this Oddun of Ifá, ebó is made with seeds, fruits and food. Two ebos are made here; Otherwise, the enemy dies.
  • Osa Fun's Iyefá, apart from the normal materials, butterfly powder is added.
  • Here Ogún began to dress in purple.
  • The person with this Odu should be careful with fights or situations because they can be beaten to death.
  • Here he predicts that the person has a great spiritual void that leads him to behave in life without the desire to live.
  • Make ebo to get rid of that pain.
  • For this Odu, Ikú (death) is fed in a kutún (hole made by the hand of man) with 8 doves and a small chick (jio-jio). (See list of works).
  • By this sign of Ifá Osanyin must be received.
  • At the knock at the door of the Igbodun, the one who answers inside the room must be an Awó with this Odu if he is among those present.
  • That is the function of the Awó Osa Ofun, to answer within the room. This is born in Baba Ejiogbe.

Says Ifa in the Oddun Osa Fun:

You came here worried about someone else's health, but it turns out that you are even sicker than the person you came for. He wonders if his illness is divine will or the result of some harm caused by others. He faces a complaint for an improper act, but he could save himself by carrying out an ebo. If you are married, your spouse is unfaithful; and if he is a man, his wife also deceives him. It is advisable that you change your residence.

You are advised to organize a mass for a deceased person and keep in mind that he is involved in gossip. He proceeds with his plans silently, without sharing them, to avoid problems, like a butterfly looking for a place to land without being seen. Watch out for someone who is trying to harm you.

Avoid stubbornness so as not to suffer consequences, like the monkey that was sold by Obatalá. If his wife is redheaded and thin, daughter of Obatalá, she must also make ebo.

Osa Fun reveals that he broke a promise, and now they expect you to rectify that action. There is someone in your home who consumes alcohol; advise this person to offer corojo butter to Obatalá. Your partner's infidelity can lead to continuous disputes, disasters and losses. To prevent money leakage, it is crucial to offer Sara Ekó to Obatalá and wear purple striped shirts. Disobedience, both to deities and elders, could cost you your life.

Prayer of the Osa Fun Ifa sign:


Suyere of Osa Ofun:


Ebbo (Works) by Odu Osa Ofun:

Work of Osa Ofun 9-10 to appease death:

8 pigeons and a small chick will be offered.

The interested party will be cleaned with the chick and then offered to Ikú in a hole. Afterwards, the 8 pigeons will be cleaned, offering them one by one to Ikú in the hole. With each dove sacrifice, 2 Odus Mejis of Ifá will be prayed and sung: "Baba Olofin Eri Laye Baba Ejiogbe", "Baba Olofin Eri Laye Baba Oyeku Meji".

At the end of the eight doves, Oshe Meji and Oragun will be sung.

Ebbo from Osa Ofun to prolong life:

1 rooster, roast beef, brandy, among other ingredients, and a considerable sum of money.

Everything will be taken to the mountain and offered to Ogún. There, the interested party will be stripped of the clothes he is wearing, which will be left next to the ebbo, and he will be dressed in clothing that will include white pants or skirt and a shirt or blouse with purple stripes.

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Ifa Odu Osa Fun Ifa Traditional


Oh it is my
Or i was my
A day fún Àlé omo Ikú
Àlé omo Ikú rèé
Òrò tí bá n so lénu
Enìkan ò le sòrò le òrò òhún mó
Oh it is my
Or i was my
A day fún Ònjìyàn èyí tii somo Òrúnmìlà
Ònjìyàn omo Òrúnmìlà rèé
Bí ón bá ti sòrò kan
Òun ò lè mó rìí tiè tí ó wìí yes i
Àlé omo Ikú bá n sòrò njó kan
Àlé Omo Iku ní lótùúnla lósu or lèé
Ònjìyàn Omo Òrúnmìlà ntiè
Òún ní Osù ò níí le
Àlé omo Ikú ni òun?
Òun toun mo bí Osù tíí lé
Lo wáa ni Osù ò níí le
Ònjìyàn Omo Òrúnmìlà niró ni
Osù ò níí lé
Gbogbo àwon èèyàn bá ko haà!
'Omo Òrúnmìlà lòó bá Omo Iku jiyàn'
Bí iyàn bá sì mú omo Òrúnmìlà
Àlé omo Ikú or pa á
Ònjìyàn de ilé
O wí fun Baba è
Súkù sacakà; gbèje gbèjo
Erín nlá yo kàngí lójú opon
Òsáfùún ni ón rí
Wón ní kí Òrúnmìlà ó rbo
Wón ni ègbo funfun lebo è
Won ní kí Òrúnmìlà ó lòó gbé ebo òhún ka oríta
Torí omo è tú bá Àlé jiyàn
Won ni bó bá ti gbé ebo ka oríta
Ko séwu mó
Òrúnmìlà bá rbo ngbòó to ìròlé
Ó rbo rÈsù
Èsù bá ta gàgá lójú osù
Èsù náà níí ta gàgá lé Osù un
Tea dòla
Ònjìyàn Omo Òrúnmìlà bá segun
Ó ló sa fún mi
Or i was my
A day fún Àlé omo Ikú
Oh it is my
Or i was my
A day fún Ònjìyàn you are Òrúnmìlà
Ònjìyàn omo Òrúnmìlà n bá Àlé omo Ikú jiyàn pÓsù ò níí lé
Àlé omo Ikú ni yóó leé
Òrúnmìlà wáá rubo nbè fomoo re
Osù ò wáá leè le mó
Taa ní n be léyìn tú ségun
Ònjìyàn nìkàn ní n be léyìntó ségun
Ebo dà fun Ònjìyàn omo Òrúnmìlà
Ebo dà fún or

Ifá sees the son of this person as likely to hold a talk with a personality. Sacrifices should be made for the child before the meeting, so that he or she does not make mistakes.

He runs away from me
He rejoices for my cause
He made divination for Àlé the son of Death
Here is Àlé the son of Death
Any statement that he makes
No one should object to the speech
He runs away from me
He rejoices for my cause
He made divination for Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà
But Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà
If anyone makes any assertive statement
He will find a fault in him
Àlé the son of Death who one day was speaking
He said the crescent moon will appear the next day
Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà opposed him
He said the crescent moon would not be seen the next day
Surprised, Àlé the son of Death said 'I'?
'I who know the cycle of the crescent Moon'
'Now you say you contradict me'
Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà said authoritatively and assertively 'no crescent moon'
'There will be no crescent moon'
All the people present exclaimed in fear
'The son of Òrúnmìlà has argued with the son of Death'
If the argument of Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà compromises him
Àlé the child of Death would kill him
Ònjìyàn came home
He told his father everything
Divination was made for him
A large Odù appeared on the Ifá board
They saw, Òsá Òfún
They advised Òrúnmìlà to offer sacrifice
Ègbo funfun is the sacrifice
They told Òrúnmìlà to put the sacrifice at a crossroads
He must do this because of his son who had an argument with Àlé the son of Death
Immediately he placed the sacrifice at the crossroads
They said to him: The danger has turned away
Òrúnmìlà offered the sacrifice in the afternoon
He sacrificed it for Èsù
Èsù then put a flag on the crescent moon
It is the same Èsù that puts the flag as a curtain on the crescent moon
Till the date
Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà won then
He said that He runs away from me
He rejoices for my cause
He made divination for Àlé the son of Death
He runs away from me
He rejoices for my cause
He made divination for Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà
Ònjìyàn defended himself against Àlé that the crescent moon would not appear
Àlé the son of Death said that if there would be
Òrúnmìlà then made sacrifice for his son
As a result the crescent moon did not appear
Who comes from winning?
Ònjìyàn only comes from behind to win
The sacrifice proved to be effective for Ònjìyàn the son of Òrúnmìlà
The sacrifice proved effective for you

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Ofun (9-10):

The spiritual void

Once upon a time there was a very powerful king, loved and respected by his subjects. He was always in search of gaining more land to enlarge his kingdom and increase the happiness of his people.

However, despite his power and the love of his people, this king suffered from a great spiritual emptiness that caused him constant complaints and sadness.

Determined to find a solution, the king consulted Ifá, where the Odu Osa Fun was revealed to him. The king's Awó advised him to perform an ebó with a rooster, the clothes he was wearing, a machete, roast beef, brandy and other ingredients necessary for the ritual.

The king fulfilled the ebo and, while he took him to the mountain, he sang to Oggun Alaguede, who appeared to him. Oggun danced, ate and, captivated by the king's shirt, decided to exchange his clothes. The king dressed in Oggun's purple shirt.

From that moment, the king began to value life more, filling the spiritual void that had weighed so heavily on him.

Explanation: History teaches us that power and respect are not always enough to find fulfillment and happiness. Often, it is necessary to face our spiritual voids and look for solutions that allow us to reconnect with the desire to live..

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