Osa Irete

Osa Irete

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Irete?

  • The botanic.
  • The medical cabinet.
  • Let Babalawo guess in the house.
  • The healing virtues of plants.
  • In Osa Irete the tie to women with the garment and the dog was born.
  • Obatalá's restlessness over the croaking of frogs.
  • The earth was cleansed because of the Universal Flood.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Irete talk about?

  • Speak the virtue of the Guabina herb (Eweto-mode).
  • He who knows the least guesses more.
  • The Babalawo does not steal because he is late.
  • Marital separation mark.
  • Orúnmila's necklace has a nutmeg.
  • The diseases are: Of the blood; Leukemia, throat, skin problems, circulatory problems.
  • The Parrot, the Majá and the Mouse speak.
  • It was where the frogs were dying of thirst and Obatala sent him the water.
  • It was where Orúnmila accompanied Shangó to war and he won it
  • It was where Obatalá blamed Orúnmila for everything that happened, and since then Olofin ordered that no work would work after 72 hours.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Osa Rete?

  • It is not eaten with silver or aluminum cutlery but with wood.
  • You have to be careful in doing Ebo to those who have this Odu, because it can change your head or be cursed.
  • Shango cleaned the Earth through Yemajá and divided it since then, men live separately.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Irete: 

  • Rain cleanses the land, but it doesn't stay on the surface.
  • Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Cry and you will cry alone.
  • He who knows less always guesses.
  • Only the Saints will help me solve my problems.
  • Behind the laughter comes crying.
  • Only having the security, I can accuse.
  • If you sleep alone, you sleep badly and only God can wake you up.
  • He who has no one will put his trust in God.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Osa Irete:

  • In Ifá you have to use your head, the Awó does not steal because he is late.

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Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Irete:

That you offered Obatalá one thing so that she would grant her request, she granted it and you did not comply, and now you want to give her something else.

You have to take a Shango stone and give Eshu a rooster.- Be careful not to go into embarrassment in a house that you plan to go.- You. You feel sick to your chest.- Be careful with someone who is sick in your house.- Don't be in the habit of going out of your house to another person's house to ask about sick people.

Do not take what is not yours.- You have missed four things; Be careful with justice. Do not speak too loud for luck to come to you. he has to put on an Obatala necklace. In these days to rain.- Do not despise or embarrass anyone; and unless you get home so that you will not see trouble there. In his house there is a pregnant woman who will give birth to a boy. 

Here behind the laughter comes the crying. Do not accuse anyone until you are sure of things. He lives surrounded by enemies.-Be careful with your marriage, lest it separate. You should not eat meat, yams, or chicken eggs. Do not give room to anyone in your house because they will make life impossible and in the end you will have to throw them out of there. -Be careful with hot water.

Prayer of the sign Osa Irete Ifa:


Suejere Osa Rete:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Rete:

Head prayer (KOBO-ORI) of the Osa Irete sign:

Head praying is done with a white goat and two white doves.

The presence of two sons of Obatalá is necessary to carry out the work.

Osa Rete's work to solve situations:

Ebó: 1 rooster, a lizard, a stick of its size, 1 chair, other Ebó ingredients, a lot of money.

Ebó: 1 goat, yam, warm water, household garbage, parrot feathers, mouse, and a chameleon, other ingredients, a lot of money.

Ebó: 1 rooster for Eshu, striped striped cloth, 2 coconuts, 2 chickens, 2 Shango stones and a silver tool for Obatalá, a lot of money.

Ebó: Hot water, dirt from the crab's mouth, parrot feathers and garbage outside the house, a lot of money.

So that they do not take away what you have:

Ebó: 1 chicken, cujes, other ingredients, a lot of money.

The chicken will be given to Eshu after it is roasted and the cuje is stopped and the chicken is hooked on top.

Recommendations of the Sign of Ifa Osa Irete:

  • This Odu marks the distancing of relatives with the Awó. They have left him like a bald Chinese. Also, men catch women to play with them.
  • The key to this Ifá is to give 2 white roosters to Yemajá.
  • Here head praying is done with a goat and 2 white doves. The presence of two sons of Obatala is necessary to carry out this work.
  • There is no room for anyone in your home here, as they will make life impossible for you and in the end you will have to throw you out of there.
  • For being disobedient, an older person will curse you. The person with this Odu is very shocking and that is bad. Here after laughter comes crying.
  • Here Shango cleaned the land through Yemajá and divided it; and since then the men have lived apart.
  • You have to be calm and patient to live. Watch out for prolonged physical exertion and your heart. Here the Awó does not visit anyone to register it, since everyone has to go home. You cannot accuse anyone until you are sure of things.
  • The owner of this Ifá cannot eat any type of green bananas, because it causes Cancer. The Parrot, the Majá and the mouse speak.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa rete - Osa Irete:

  • This Odu indicates that the only way to solve problems is at the foot of the Saints. Here the person does not receive practical or moral support from their partner.
    This was where the Earth was cleansed with the Universal Flood. The healing virtues of plants were created. Botany was born.
  • Talk about the secrets of the Stink Herb (guanine) Eweto-Mode.
  • The medical cabinet was born. The Inshé-Osanyin for the chest that is nutmeg. Here he who knows the least guesses more.
    This Odu predicts that the Babalawo does not steal because he is late. It also marks marital separation. It is an Odu of nonconformity. A crucifix must be used. In addition, the necklace of the Awó Osa-Irete must have a nutmeg.
  • For this Odu we must urgently feed Orúnmila. Marks blood disease (Leukemia: deficiency in red blood cells, problems in the lower limbs (rheumatism) and in the circulatory system, problem in the throat.
  • In pregnant women, her child will be a boy.
  • Here you do not eat with cutlery that is not made of wood. Forbid eating with metal cutlery. A crucifix must be used.
  • This Odu is said the Ifá of the Tocayos. Eating beef, yams, eggs, or bananas is prohibited.
  • Here Speaks: The Parrot, the Majá and the Mouse.
  • Obatalá is given an Odu-Ará and silver tools.
  • Here the person has been given witchcraft to take. He also lives surrounded by enemies. They do not visit sick, because he can change his head and the Awó to make an Ebó for this Odu must be careful for a change of head or a curse.

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Oddun of Ifa Osa Rete Ifa Traditional


Gbìnngbinyinkìntìn Awo ilé Olóyan Gìdìgbí
Ló día fun Olóyan gìdìgbí
Omo a gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
Bó bá dìgbà ti or bàá bo Ifá è
To gúnyán Sílè ràbàtà
Gbogbo èèyàn or bàá móo wá jeun
Ení or bà sì yawó
You can't laugh
Nnkan rere nínlá náà níí rí
Bí gbogbo won bá jeun tán
Wón ó bàá móo sàdúà fun un
Olóyàán, yóó dáa fun o
Èmíì ré or gùn
I'll go bá dé fún Olóyan
Ó ní Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn Awo ile Olóyan Gìdìgbí
Ló día fun Olóyan gìdìgbí
Omo a gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
Iyán nlánlá LOlóyàán fí n bo Ikin
Ìfà nlánlá LOlóyàán n je
ifa aje
ifa aya
ifa omo
ifa ilé
Ìfà nlánlá LOlóyàán n je
Ifa says that this person would get free gifts to enjoy. He would live a long time and have peace. Ifá orders you to be generous.
Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn the priest of the house of Olóyan Gìdìgbí
He made divination for Olóyan Gìdìgbí
The son of A gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
When was the time for him to observe his Ifá festival
He would make a lot of crushed yam
Each one would come to his house to eat
And he who is generous
And also the one who does things well
I would get good things also in lumps
When they all had the food to eat
They would start praying for him
Olóyan, it would be better for you in life
You will have the long life, the other would say
Good things began to come in for Olóyan
Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn the priest of the house of Olóyan Gìdìgbí
He made divination for Olóyan Gìdìgbí
The son of A gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
This is the abundance of the crushed yam that Olóyan uses as an offering to Ikin
They are great gifts that Olóyan enjoys
The free gifts of Wealth
Of women
These are free gifts that Olóyan enjoys

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Irete:

Where the Earth was cleaned.

Osa Rete Nifa Inle Okun Fekun Dudu, it was the land of volcanoes, the candle lived under it, it produced nothing; no one could live there, everything that was born died.

Olodumare looked at that but said nothing, because she kept cursing and denying everything; the earth could not bear any more because it was almost turning to mud, with the figure of a Christian. This figure fell apart and became mud again, so Olodumare sent him ashé so that the earth could ask; she cracked and sounded, and in her sounds Olofin did not understand, it seemed as if she was asking for forgiveness and sang: «BABA KUELE NI LAURE BABA KUELE NI LARE MODUPUE BABA KUELE NI LAYE MODUPUE BABA ».

Olodumare sent Osa Irete to see if she understood the same as him. He came to earth and said: -It is true what my father said, and he returned to where Olofin was and said: Father, the earth is bad and what you have heard is very true,
it is always cursing, you have to divide it by differentiating one piece from another.

Olofin spoke with Shangó and Yemajá Afefelerun and told them: I need you, we must find a way for Osa-Rete to live on earth, and for the earth to produce so that the products are eaten in due time; and that things are allowed to live for as long as they have to live so that the world can sustain itself.

Shango said: -I'm going to start, but I'm going to divide the land; It was filled with stones, it was clothed with lightning, rays and sparks that fell on the earth and divided it. He marked the brown land, and called it Inle Okun Fekun Dundun. He marked the red earth and said: Inle Okun Fekun Pupua.

Shango returned to where Olofin was and said: -I have divided the lands. Olofin replied: -I know what you did, but you left the red earth dry. Shango answered: Because these will be used to paint different things and when Afefe
Aje (the wind) cleans the earth, the dust takes them away, and it will serve to feed them. Along with the rain, it sent the wind and it cleaned the land, but it could not keep the red earth and it released it and blended with the brown earth. Olofin sent a cloud tail and a waterspout to collect the water and raise it to Heaven.

They told Olofin and he said: "Drop the water, and it started to rain; the earth was cleaned of all the bad bugs it had, and the first thing that produced okra (ailá), the second corn (agbado) and the third grains (eré).

The first bush that was born was cotton (oú), the second was Ceiba (Aragba) and the third was Coco (obi). Olofin sent a blessing to the earth and part of the critters turned into animals, and the other, into people.

The land was happy with all the sons of Olofin who heard it and said:

You already see how ungrateful you are, but you will always have to live like this; But I will never forgive you for this: there will be land under the Water, which will be what will give you the strength to keep you, or you will never be able to live, if not complaining, and as a slave, since you are like that. I will send all the Orishas to help you live.

The nonconforming Earth told him no, and all the Orishas when they came down had to go up again. The only Saints left were Obatalá, Elegba and Shango.

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