Osa Irete (Osa Rete)

Osa Irete

Osa Irete or Osa Rete, is Odu # 165 of the Lordly Order of Ifá. This sign emphasizes the importance of patience and respect for others, especially elders and those in positions of spiritual authority.

General Description of the Osa Irete sign

In the Odù Osa Irete, the deep connection between humanity and the healing power of nature is born, marking the beginning of botany and traditional medicine. This sign teaches that wisdom and knowledge are often found in the most humble places and that humility in the face of learning is essential.

What is born in the Odu of Ifá Osa Irete?

  • The botanic.
  • The medical cabinet.
  • Let the Babalawo guess in the house.
  • The healing virtues of plants.
  • In Osa Irete, the bonding of women with the garment and the dog was born.
  • Obatalá's restlessness over the croaking of frogs.
  • The earth was cleansed because of the Universal Flood.

What does the Ifá sign Osa Irete talk about?

  • It talks about the virtue of the Guabina herb (Eweto-mode).
  • He who knows less, guesses more.
  • The Babalawo does not steal because he is late.
  • Marital separation mark.
  • Necklace orunmila It has a nutmeg.
  • The diseases are: of the blood; leukemia, throat, skin problems, circulatory problems.
  • The Parrot, the Majá and the Mouse speak.
  • It was where the frogs were dying of thirst and Obatalá sent them water.
  • It was where Orúnmila accompanied Shangó to the war, and he won.
  • It was where Obatalá blamed Orúnmila for everything that happened, and from then on, Olofin ordered that no work would be successful after 72 hours.

What does the Ifá Osa Irete sign mark?

  • It is not eaten with silver or aluminum cutlery, but with wooden cutlery.
  • You have to be careful when doing Ebó to those who have this Odu, as it can change its head or become cursed.
  • Shangó cleansed the Earth through Yemayá and divided it; Since then, the men have lived separately.

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Analysis and Interpretation of the Odu Osa Rete (Irete)

Osa Irete warns us about the tendency to confront disagreement and nonconformity, both in our environment and within us. She teaches us that true wisdom does not reside in accumulated knowledge, but in the ability to humbly apply what is known at the right moment. “He who knows less, guesses more,” she reminds us that intuition and spiritual connection are powerful tools in conflict resolution.

Economic Aspects:

This Odu alerts us to the importance of acting with integrity in our financial and professional affairs. The warning that "Babalawo does not steal because he is late» emphasizes that shortcuts and dishonest actions will only lead to delays and obstacles on our path to success. We are invited to seek solutions and progress “at the foot of the Saints,” implying that spiritual guidance and appropriate sacrifices will open the doors of advancement and prosperity.


On the health level, Osa Irete focuses on blood diseases, circulatory problems, throat and skin, which suggests a need for purification and attention to our circulatory system and what "flows" within us. we. The mention of head praying with animals and the presence of Obatalá's children points to the importance of spiritual and physical cleansing for the maintenance of our health.

Religious Aspects:

This sign emphasizes the depth of our spiritual commitment and the importance of devotion to our deities and ancestors. The connection with Orúnmila and Yemayá, and the need to offer sacrifices, reveals the essence of our relationship with the divine and how this bond influences our well-being and progress. The presence of nutmeg in Orúnmila's necklace tells us about the protection and wisdom sought through the Ifá oracles.

Personal Relationships (Love):

In the field of love, Osa Irete marks a warning about marital separation and conflicts in personal relationships. She reminds us of the importance of authentic communication and mutual support. The reference to “not allowing anyone into your home” symbolizes the need to protect our personal and emotional space, ensuring that those we allow into our lives contribute positively to our well-being.

In conclusion, Osa Irete teaches us about the wisdom of nature, the importance of integrity and honesty in all our actions, and the need to take care of our physical and spiritual health. She reminds us to maintain our personal relationships with care and communication, and above all, invites us to seek spiritual guidance and make the necessary sacrifices to advance on our life path.

Recommendations of the Osa Irete Sign:

  1. Seek spiritual guidance and make sacrifices: It is essential to seek the advice of the Saints and Orishas to solve problems. Appropriate sacrifices can open paths and facilitate solutions.
  2. Maintain integrity in financial matters: Acting with honesty and uprightness in all business and economic transactions is key to avoiding delays and obstacles on the path to success.
  3. Pay attention to health: Especially with regard to blood diseases, circulatory problems, throat and skin problems. Purification and preventative medical care are essential.
  4. Perform head prayer with the indicated sacrifices: Spiritual and physical cleansing, especially through specific rituals, is vital to maintaining well-being.
  5. Protect personal and emotional space: It is important to be selective about who we allow into our personal space to ensure that they contribute positively to our well-being.
  6. Value and maintain communication in personal relationships: Authentic communication and mutual support are essential to avoid conflict and separation.


  1. Avoid eating certain foods: It is prohibited to eat beef, yams, eggs and bananas, especially if they are green, to avoid health problems, including cancer.
  2. Do not use metal cutlery: The use of silver or aluminum cutlery should be avoided, favoring wooden ones, in line with the teachings of this Odu.
  3. Do not visit sick people without precaution: This is due to the possibility of changing heads or becoming cursed, which underlines the importance of spiritual protection in these contexts.
  4. Avoid dishonest actions at work and business: The warning that the Babalawo should not steal because he falls behind is applicable to all areas of life, emphasizing honesty as a central value.
  5. Do not engage in prolonged physical effort without regard to health: Especially those that can affect the heart and general well-being.
  6. Avoid accusing without being sure: This advice underscores the importance of certainty and fairness in all our interactions.
  7. Not easily accommodated in the home: We must be cautious when inviting people into our personal space to avoid conflicts and difficulties.

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Meaning of Oddun Osa Irete:

This Odu points out that the only way to solve problems is at the foot of the Saints. It states that the person does not receive practical or moral support from his or her partner. It was at this time when the Earth was purified with the Universal Flood, giving rise to the healing virtues of plants and thus botany was born. He reveals the secrets of the herb Hedionda (guanine) Eweto-Mode and the creation of the medical cabinet. Inshé-Osanyin, represented by nutmeg, is essential for the chest.

In Osa Irete, it is stated that the Babalawo does not commit theft due to the delay that this entails, and it is warned about the possibility of marital separation. This is an Odu of nonconformity, in which it is essential to use a crucifix, and the Awó Osa-Irete necklace must have a nutmeg. It is imperative to urgently feed Orúnmila, since blood diseases are marked, such as leukemia (deficiency in red blood cells), problems in the lower limbs (rheuma), in the circulatory system and in the throat. The child of a pregnant woman is predicted to be a boy.

It is established that cutlery that is not made of wood should not be used and the use of metal cutlery is prohibited. This Odu, known as the Ifá of the Tocayos, prohibits the consumption of beef, yams, eggs and bananas. The Odu-Ará and silver tools are mentioned for Obatalá, indicating that the person is surrounded by enemies and has been the object of witchcraft.

Osa Irete reveals a distancing of family members from the Awó, and describes how men use women for their own entertainment. The key to this Ifá is to offer two white roosters to Yemajá and perform a head prayer with a goat and two white doves, requiring the presence of two sons of Obatalá to carry out this work.

It is advised not to accommodate anyone in the house, as this could complicate coexistence to the point of having to expel them. Due to disobedience, it is possible for an older person to curse the consultant, who tends to cause scandal, something considered harmful. Remember that after laughter, crying can come. It is told how Shangó cleaned the earth with the help of Yemaya and since then the men have lived separately.

It is essential to remain calm and patient in life, being careful with prolonged physical exertion, especially those that can affect the heart. The Awó should not visit anyone to make consultations; everyone must go to his house. No one should be accused without being certain of the facts. The owner of this Ifá must avoid eating green bananas to prevent cancer. In this Odu the Parrot, the Majá and the mouse speak.

Sayings of the Ifá Sign Osa Irete:

  • Rain cleans the earth, but it does not stay on the surface.
  • Laugh and the world will laugh with you; cry and you will cry alone.
  • He who knows less always guesses.
  • Only the Saints will help me solve my problems.
  • Behind the laughter comes crying.
  • Only by having security will I be able to accuse.
  • If you sleep alone, you sleep badly and only God can wake you up.
  • He who has no one will put his trust in God.

«Behind laughter comes crying» teaches us about the impermanence of emotional states. This saying emphasizes that happiness and sadness are part of the natural cycle of life. It recognizes that after moments of joy times of difficulty may arise, inviting us to value and be present in each experience.

Odu Osa Rete Ifá Ethical Code:

  • In Ifá, you have to use your head; The Awó does not steal because he is late.

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Ifa says in the Odu Osa Irete:

  1. You offered something to Obatalá and, after receiving his blessing, you did not keep your promise. Now he seeks to offer you something else.
  2. He must carry a Shango stone and offer a rooster to Eshu.
  3. Avoid embarrassing situations on a planned visit.
  4. He is suffering from chest discomfort.
  5. Be careful with a sick person present in your home.
  6. Do not make it a habit to visit other houses to inquire about sick people.
  7. Refrain from taking what does not belong to you.
  8. He has lost four important objects; Take care of your relationship with justice.
  9. Speak with restraint to attract fortune.
  10. It is necessary that you wear an Obatalá necklace.
  11. Rain is expected in the coming days.
  12. Do not belittle or humiliate anyone, especially those who visit your home, to avoid difficulties.
  13. In your home, there is a pregnant woman who will give birth to a boy.
  14. "Behind laughter comes crying": Value each experience, knowing that happiness and sadness are temporary.
  15. Do not accuse without being certain of the facts.
  16. You are surrounded by enemies; maintain vigilance.
  17. Take care of your marriage to prevent a possible separation.
  18. You should refrain from consuming meat, yams and chicken eggs.
  19. Do not allow people into your home who may cause you problems, as you may be forced to expel them.
  20. Be cautious about using hot water.

Prayer of the sign Osa Irete Ifa:

Osa rete merefun odus, Osanyin, Orun, Olokun.OSA Believe if I broken Egun Baba Paraldo Afefe Iku Orunemosabi Boshe Afefe Baba Tibaye Yo Lorun Afefelokunoma Tibe Egun Mayogbo Oshinshin Inle Mafun Awoma Awomafun Baba Iyu Mafun MAWA MAWA MAWA AGBONA BAILER.

Suyere (song) by Osa Rete


Ebboses (Works) by Odu Osa Irete:

Head prayer (Kobo-Ori) of the Osa Irete sign:

The head prayer is performed with a white goat and two white doves. The presence of two of Obatalá's children is essential to carry out the work.

Work by Osa Irete to resolve situations:

  • Ebó: You need 1 rooster, a lizard, a stick of its size, 1 small chair, the other ingredients of Ebó and a lot of money.
  • Ebó: It requires 1 goat, yam, warm water, household garbage, parrot feathers, a mouse, a chameleon, the other ingredients and a lot of money.
  • Ebó: 1 rooster is used for Eshu, punched striped cloth, 2 coconuts, 2 chickens, 2 Shangó stones and a silver tool for Obatalá, in addition to a lot of money.
  • Ebó: Hot water, dirt from the crab's mouth, parrot feathers and garbage outside the house are used, along with a lot of money.

Ebo so they don't take away what he has:

  • Ebó: 1 chicken, cujes and the other ingredients are used, as well as a lot of money. After giving the chicken to Eshu, it is roasted and the cuje is placed standing, hooking the chicken on top.

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Pataki of the Ifá sign Osa Irete: The purification of the Earth

In the Odu Osa Irete, it is narrated how the Earth, called Osa Rete Nifa Inle Okun Fekun Dudu, was a place of volcanoes and fire, incapable of supporting life. Everything that was born soon died. Despite the constant curses and cries of the Earth, Olodumare decided to intervene, sending ashé so that he could express himself. It seemed that the Earth was asking for forgiveness with its sounds, a request that Osa Irete confirmed after being sent by Olodumare.

Olofin, upon being informed about the cursed nature of the Earth, decided that it was necessary to divide it and differentiate its parts so that it could produce food and sustain life. With the help of Shangó and Yemajá, the Earth was divided and transformed. Shango used his power to segment the Earth into brown earth and red earth, each with a specific purpose.

Through divine intervention, the Earth was cleansed by rain and wind, allowing okra, corn, grains, cotton, kapok, and coconut to finally sprout. Olofin's blessing transformed some beings into animals and others into humans, beginning a new era of life and gratitude. However, Olofin warned the Earth about her ingratitude, sentencing her to live in constant complaint and dependence on groundwater for her sustenance, with the help of the Orishas.

Explanation: This Pataki teaches about the importance of gratitude and recognizing our blessings. Despite adversity and challenges, divine support and transformation are always available to those who seek redemption and change. The Earth, being dissatisfied even after being blessed, serves as a reminder that ingratitude can lead to an existence of eternal dissatisfaction and dependence. The story also highlights the power of unity and working together to overcome difficulties and transform adversity into prosperity.

Oddun of Ifa Osa Rete Ifa Traditional


Gbìnngbinyinkìntìn Awo ilé Olóyan Gìdìgbí
Ló día fun Olóyan gìdìgbí
Omo a gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
Bó bá dìgbà ti or bàá bo Ifá è
To gúnyán Sílè ràbàtà
Gbogbo èèyàn or bàá móo wá jeun
Ení or bà sì yawó
You can't laugh
Nnkan rere nínlá náà níí rí
Bí gbogbo won bá jeun tán
Wón ó bàá móo sàdúà fun un
Olóyàán, yóó dáa fun o
Èmíì ré or gùn
I'll go bá dé fún Olóyan
Ó ní Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn Awo ile Olóyan Gìdìgbí
Ló día fun Olóyan gìdìgbí
Omo a gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
Iyán nlánlá LOlóyàán fí n bo Ikin
Ìfà nlánlá LOlóyàán n je
ifa aje
ifa aya
ifa omo
ifa ilé
Ìfà nlánlá LOlóyàán n je

Ifa says that this person would get free gifts to enjoy. He would live a long time and have peace. Ifá orders you to be generous.

Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn the priest of the house of Olóyan Gìdìgbí
He made divination for Olóyan Gìdìgbí
The son of A gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
When was the time for him to observe his Ifá festival
He would make a lot of crushed yam
Each one would come to his house to eat
And he who is generous
And also the one who does things well
I would get good things also in lumps
When they all had the food to eat
They would start praying for him
Olóyan, it would be better for you in life
You will have the long life, the other would say
Good things began to come in for Olóyan
Gbìnngbinyìnkìntìn the priest of the house of Olóyan Gìdìgbí
He made divination for Olóyan Gìdìgbí
The son of A gúnyán nlánlá bo Ikin
This is the abundance of the crushed yam that Olóyan uses as an offering to Ikin
They are great gifts that Olóyan enjoys
The free gifts of Wealth
Of women
These are free gifts that Olóyan enjoys

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