Osa Iwori


oshaeifa.com brings you the Oddun Treaty of Ifa Bear Iwori.

Other names of the Oddun Osa Iwori:

  • Bear Wo.
  • Bear Woriwo.
  • Ursa Wori.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Iwori?

  • SHANGO's mother Ayalúa.
  • The Thunder.
  • The chain of life.
  • Why the Iyawó is punched when Elewa is done to him.
  • ODUDUWA ORE OKO: (The hunchback).
  • That OBATALA OSHALUFON, gave the virtue of the word to the human being.

What is the sign of Ifa Osa Iwori talking about?

  • It was where the Tiger could not eat the Goat.
  • In Osa Iwori, you have to beg ESHU with fruits.
  • It speaks of natural unfolding.
  • Unbatileyó speaks. The garment of the field.
  • It was where everyone wanted to be Heaven and no one wanted Earth.
  • It is where ORISHAOKO is the father of AGAYU.
  • It is in this sign that OLOFIN gave ORISHAOKO a cane of moruro.
  • The woman joined with her enemies and they paid her badly.
  • Osa Iwori orders to be sworn in in ODE, ORUN AND ODUDUWA.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Iwori Bear?

  • For doing favors you can lose your life.
  • ORISHAOKO must be received.
  • A dead person gives the person a difficult leg.
  • The sacred position of the Vulture in Ifá was determined.
  • The herbs are: barberry, almond and belladonna.
  • The white mallow wanted to displace the royal palm.
  • You have to cheat to live.

Sayings of the Ifa Osa Iwori Sign: 

  • Life is lost for a favor.
  • What is received with ink, it costs work to erase.
  • An Awó's knife will cut the neck of Orúnmila's goat.
  • The vulture was consecrated by Olordumare.
  • If we don't see the message, we can't eat the vulture.
  • Your home belongs to everyone except you.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Osa Woriwo:

Better skill than strength.

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Says Ifa Osa Iwori:

That you are loyal, that skill is better than strength. You like to hurt people, not to cause death, but to cheat, you are very lucky and that is the reason why you have many enemies. He is a bit unfortunate to do favors, he is usually paid badly.

He has two friends who are his worst enemies, he has a woman who she thinks to cum with another man, who is her friend, do Ebo so that his enemies do not defeat him.

Okay, treat your enemies with the same hypocrisy that they treat you.

Ifa says that he has to chew corn grains from time to time and when asked what he eats, he answers: - «I eat stone».

He has to give SHANGO a cock so that he can win the lawsuit at hand.

Prayer of the Osa Iwori Ifa sign:


Suyere Osa Wo:


Ebbo from Odu Osa Iwori:

Work to ward off death Osa Wo

He takes a ram and dresses in white cloth. The interested party heads the ram three times and is later sacrificed to SHANGO. I know

skin, it is quartered and the meat is sung.

With the cloth in which the ram was dressed, the interested party is made a T-shirt.

Paraldo Osa Woriwo

1 rooster, a jabada hen, 2 candles, coconut, ritual fabrics and paraldo herbs, trap, body clothing, colored fabrics,

land of the house, ministers, hutía and smoked fish, corojo and cocoa butter, husk, brandy, honey, a
clay pot or gourd, two chicken eggs, a lot of money.

In a clay pot or gourd, the following athena is painted: Otura Niko, Ogunda Fun, Oragun, and in the center Osa Iwori.

Nine pieces of coconuts spread with corojo butter and one guinea pepper are added to each piece of coconut. A hole is opened and the gourd is inserted into the hole, the interested party stands with his back to the hole in such a way that the shadow of his head is in the hole.

It is made sarayeye with an egg and it will be cleaned with herbs as is known.

When you go to do the paraldo with the jabada hen, with the knife the left leg is cut at the level of the knee and lies in the gourd. The interested party is made parallo with the hen.

Then he is made Ebo and asks who the rooster is for.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Woriwo Sign:

  • Here the woman joins her enemies and they all pay her badly. In order for him to be well, he has to live deceiving those he has as friends.
  • This was where everyone wanted to be Heaven and no one Earth, because it is stepped on, spit on, defecated, then ORISHAOKO took over the Earth, becoming owner of it.
  • ORISHAOKO must be received.
  • Osa Iwori is where ORISHAOKO is AGAYU's father.
  • Here the chain of life was born.
  • This is where OLOFIN gave ORISHAOKO a cane of moruro, which had a curved handle and put a gourd on the handle with ashé, 8 colored ribbons and 8 colored snails.
  • Here the person cannot give shelter to anyone in his house because they will make life impossible and he can even lose it if he does not have time.
  • For this Osa Iwori you have to take care of your eyes and be careful with falls.

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Meaning of the Oddun Osa Iwori:

This Odu speaks of exceptional good fortune, it also explains the sacred position of the Vulture in Ifá.

The person with this Ifá will find material success through spiritual action.

Here the person for doing favors can even lose his life. It was where the Tiger could not eat the goat. You have to cheat to live.

The person arrives at the Awó's house scared because he does not know what to do after having done favors and is afraid of losing everything he has. You must receive ODE urgently. You can be a son of OSHOSI.

Here, skill is better than strength. You have to be legal so as not to fail in life.

Here was born Avalúa, the Mother of SHANGO.

You have to beg ESHU (ELEGBA) with plenty of fruits.

For this Ifá, the spirit that persecutes the person lacks a leg, and when it hits him a lot, it affects the person's
leg. You have to make him special (see works).

Here the natural unfolding speaks. The person possesses good fortune astrally.

This Odu "Osa Iwori" must be investigated well. You have to do a lot Ebó to be able to get rid of death (IKU)

By Osobo: The person walks inexorably down the path of death. Ebo is made with three pieces of beef and four nails (isherí) each, it is carried to three different posts.

Speak: Umbatiaread. The garment of the field.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Iwori:

Osa Woriwo receives Oduduwa and is sworn in Gold.

On Earth OTURON BI OSHE, lived AWO LODO NIFA, who was always worshiping ODUDUWA and ORUN, which gave him the intelligence to care for his people and his family.

But he was upset because that Earth was of many shades of EGUN and he always dreamed that they told him that there was another Earth where people lived separated from EGUN and there were many women.

He always asked ORUNMILA that one day he could get to know those Lands and he prayed to him:


Then he would give ODUDUWA 3 doves together with ORUN and sing:


Then he lay down to sleep and was introduced to ABEYI EGUN ORUN IKU: who told him that he was going to go to other Earths but to look carefully, and he became Bear where I know he saw OSA WORIWO, then suddenly a strange thing was formed that it was a shadow that came to that Earth and was singing:


Where people fell dead and those who were speechless with fear, then AWO LODO NIFA, picked up the dove and put himself on the head, and poured water, corojo butter, husk, guinea pepper, ero, obi, kolá and then he took the dove and gave it to his head, then he took the big cock and made him stand up and sang:


And they launched the Paraldo into the sea. Then he took the legs of the big cock, took the black cloth and painted it Otura Niko and Osá Iwori and
put the legs and made sarayeye with jio-jio and gave it to the legs of the big cock and took it to bury at the foot of the Ceiba.

Then the shadow separated from him and AWO AFONIKU said to him:

We are going to call ODUDUWA and ORUN with the secret that it has in this new Earth where you are.

They took a casserole and threw 16 stones into it, a dead man's bone, a rooster's head, a banana, a ram, a dove, majá, a chameleon, a bat, ramón stick, Iroko, Ceiba, elephant bone, ivory, head of hutía, fish, ministries, 16 guinea pepper, 16 slug, ero, obi, kolá, osun naború, aira, coconut, obi motiwao, snails, necklace of OBATALA and SHANGO, black necklace with ivory and 16 parrot feathers.

Then they took 16 white doves and knelt down and prayed to him:


They took the 16 pigeons and gave them to his head and casserole and called him:

"EYE NI EYELE MOBIRE ODUDUWA ORUN JEKUA LERI ILU ODO ORUN IKU AWO LA ISHE" AND ODUDUWA approached him and he once again had the intelligence to attend to the people of that new Earth where he was, which was the Earth of ABITI OYEYA, and so on He was able to live among those tricky people and he would attend to them despite knowing that they were all Omo Abiti, but thanks to ODUDUWA YA ORUN he could camp among them as one more and was respected by all the Omo ABITI OYAYA.

Osa Wo in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Òsá pàá pa
Ìwòrì wààràwà
A day fún Olúkòso Làlú
Bambí omo arígba ota ségun
Àwon Elénìní ate pò yìí
Do you know gbogbo won báyìí?
Wón ní kí Sàngó ó rbo
Wón ní láko láko ní ó rbo
Sàngó bá ru òpòlopò owó
Ó rubo tan
Ní on bá gbógun ti Sàngó
Neither Sàngó bá ké
Ó ni 'Òsá pàáááá'
Gbogbo won bá n gbón
Yóó bàá tún wí 'Ìwòrì wàràràràrà'
Àwon Awo è méjèèjì ni n kí ni òfurufú
Pé ebo tí ón ru fún òun
Lòún fin dá bírà báyìí
Ifá pé kí eléyìun or rubo è kó pé
Pé òún or ba seg
Sàngó bá segun tan
Ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo è
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òsá pàá pa
Ìwòrì wààràwà
A day fún Olúkòso Làlú
Bambí omo arígba ota ségun
Nígbà tí n be láàrin òsììrì
Tí n be láàrin Òtá sángílítí
Ebo n wón ní ó ru
ó gbébo nbè
Mo mòmò tallow Òsá pàá o
Mo sì tallow Ìwòrì wààràwà
Mo mòmò according to
Béè mo según.

Ifá advises this person to make sacrifice. Your life will improve and your things cannot be spoiled. Ifá advises him to offer the sacrifice so that he can prevail over his enemies.

Òsá pàá pa
Ìwòrì wààràwà
He made divination for Olúkòso Làlú
Bambí omo arígba ota ségun
He asked 'These naysayers?
'Can I beat them all'?
They advised Sàngó to 'Offer sacrifice'
They told him to offer his sacrifices recklessly
Sàngó also offered a lot of money
Shortly after offering the sacrifice
The detractors began to fight him
And with a thunderous crack
He yelled 'Òsá pàáááá'
They all started shaking
Continuing, he yelled again, 'Ìwòrì wàràràràrà'
These are his two priests who Sàngó is waving from heaven
To tell them it's the sacrifice they prescribed for him
What made him perform these wonders
Ifá exhorts this person to make their sacrifices totally
So that I can help him to be victorious
Sàngó was victorious
And he began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
Òsá pàá pa
Ìwòrì wààràwà
He made divination for Olúkòso Làlú
Bambí omo arígba ota ségun
In the day that he was in the midst of his enemies
He was in the midst of his enemies
When advised to offer sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And offered it
I have offered the sacrifice of Òsá pàá
And he also performed the sacrifice of Ìwòrì wààràwà
I am victorious
In fact, I am triumphant.

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