bear ka

bear ka

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Ka?

  • The naturalness of death.
  • The circus tent.
  • The clown.
  • Sexual confusion.
  • Here: You cannot feel sorry for people who are in a state of death.
  • When the Awó dies a silver coin is put in his mouth.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Ka talk about?

  • This is IKAN ARAYE SALUGA KOWA ILE. The enemy is inside the house as a friend.
  • The head is requested with Pargo (Ejá-Bo).
  • Talk about the tired horse.
  • The jicotea with her art tied the horse.
  • Talk about the secret of SHANGO's birth.
  • You have to give OSHUN OLOLODI chiva together ORUNMILA
  • Here: Talk about betrayal of the godfather.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Bear Ika?

  • They laugh at the person.
  • Shredded clothing is not worn.
  • The herbs are: white elderberry, coastal parsley, silver grass.
  • Money paves your desire.
  • OGUN stared hollowly at OYA and her breasts drove him crazy.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Ka: 

  • The one who searches, finds.
  • His evil is sitting in the house.
  • The plate you broke, someone else will pay for it.
  • Commenting on another's secret is a shameful act.
  • As I laugh, my heart cries.
  • From so much change, my tent rotted.
  • Everyone who is born, comes the moment that he has to die.

Odu Osa Ika Ifa Code of Ethics:

  • The most natural thing in life is death.

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Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Ka:

That the plate that you broke, someone else has to pay for it. -The evil is within your own house.- You have been tied to catch your way.- You have no fixed whereabouts.- You. You are uneasy.- You want to go to a point, do Ebó first so that you are not in danger, because there are traps.- You want to go to a house to ask for money; or something that is worth.- You have had many losses this year; His business was very bad for him and that has passed through his eyes, the ambitious ones.- Move from where you live.- You are looking for a woman or want to get married. You are poor and upset by a debt you have. -The owner of your house is going to send for you and you won't know what to do. -Thank Azojuano (San Lázaro) and light 2 candles for him. You can wear ripped clothes and dress in white.- You laugh, but your heart cries.- You've been separated from your father for a long time.

You have grown old changing places.- You have a great spiritual void in your life.- Your life has been hazardous.- You have to be careful of the traps, they do not treat you legally.- Take care of your work.- They have cheated you and the road is closed. You cannot sympathize with people who are in a state of death, because you, a godson or a loved one die.- The enemy is inside the house as an enemy.- Money paves your wishes.- You don't It can be stubborn.- You have to respect the friendship of both your godfather and your true friends.

Prayer of the Osa Ka Ifa sign:


Suyere Osa Ika:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Ika:


It should be bathed with three types of flowers. The first bath with yellow flowers, the second with red flowers and the last with white flowers


OSHUN should be given a goat along with his Ifá.


You will have to take good care of him with aladimú, light two candles and ask him for his peace of mind, and that what he has done is not discovered.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Ika Sign:

  • OSA KA has the ability to make others bear their guilt.
  • Here the jicotea with her art and her skill tied the horse. Brand mooring of the man by the woman.
  • This Odu tells of the secret of SHANGO's birth, that OBATALA gave him to his eldest daughter Dada-Bañañi to be raised as her son. Determine that there are family secrets in relation to the person to whom this Odu is seen.
  • The person who sees this Odu on the way to OSHUN OLODODI has to give OSHUN a goat along with his Ifá.
  • PorOsa Ika you have to put white curtains in the house. We must give thanks to Azojuano (San Lázaro) and light 2 candles for him.
  • This Odu predicts that the discomfort is within your own home. Here the man is looking for a woman to marry. You have to wear white and not wear shredded clothes.
  • OSA KA is a person who does not respect friendship or keep due consideration to his godfather and is capable of betraying him.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Ka:

  • This sign (Osa Ka) speaks of the arrival of a new child and the protection of someone's secrets. A comment about a junior or former employee can cause a problem for the customer.
  • Here was born the naturalness of death. You cannot sympathize with people who are in a state of death, because you or a relative or a godchild dies.
  • When Awó OSA KA dies, a silver coin is put into his mouth, so that he can go to Ará-Onú. This is IKAN ARAYE SALUGA KOWA ILE speaking. The enemy who is inside the house as a friend.
  • In Osa Ika the Circus tent was born, which rotted and changed places. It also falls above the artists.
  • The person has become ill by changing spouses. You cannot wear any ripped clothing. The clown speaks. You laugh, but your heart cries. People laugh at you.
  • You have to do head prayer with Pargo (Eja-Bo) and baths with 5 Ifá herbs. There will also be baths with flowers, yellow the first bath, red the second and white the third.
  • Here money paves desire.
  • This is the Ifá of the tired horse. The person is tired of so much work and in the end he has no one who wants him and who considers him.

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Osa Ka in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Ó sat kádi
Órìn kádi
ó fo fèrè fèrè
Ó modi Ìká gùn
A day fún Onílé Orókè
Èyí tíí we are Abèwolégi
Wón ní kó saca káalè ebo ní ó se
Ó yes gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
E wá n gbágogo
A bé or gbágogo?
Àwá mòmò n gbagogo
Nílé onílé Orókè
Ibè la gbé n gbagogo
Ifá wá n gbó tiwa
Àbí ò gbó tiwa?
Onile Oroke
Ifa n gbo tiwa.
Ifá wants this person to be well. Ifá says that the Irúnmolè will listen to his lament, but whatever Ifá demands of him, it must be given the same day. Ifá will hear the lament of this person and the voice of the Babaláwo who made the divination. This Babaláwo must be sincere and always praise Ifá.
He runs to hide
He walks to hide
He jumps high
And scale the limits of Ìká
He made divination for Onílé Orókè
The son of Abèwolégi
They advised him to take care of the land and make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
'Can you hear the resounding gong?'
'Or can't you hear it?'
We are really hearing the resounding gong
In the house of Onílé Orókè
There, we heard the sound of the gong
Ifá now listen to our plea
Doesn't it?
Onile Oroke
Ifá listens to our supplication.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Ka:


OBATALA had a secret, which was the birth of SHANGO and he entrusted it to his daughter DADA BAÑANI to raise him. OBATALA went to her daughter DADA BAÑANI's house every day to see her son

SHANGO and the boy grew up very spoiled, spoiled and proud.

It happened that OBATALA treated OGUN very badly and OGUN annoyed, tried to find out the cause of raising SHANGO, and he insisted so much until one day YEMAYA gave him the long-awaited secret.

One day OGUN told SHANGO that he knew a secret about his life and that if he divulged it, a tremendous thing would be formed. SHANGO insisted and proudly urged OGUN to tell him, because he had no secret in his life, OGUN told him and SHANGO left embarrassed to see YEMAYA and asked him what OGUN had told him. She denied everything, but SHANGO insisted so much that he ended up telling her the whole truth.

SHANGO retaliated with his father OBATALA and left his side, abandoning him.

NOTE: This sign of Ifa says that in the life of the person there is a great secret and it may be that the father has raised him knowing that he was not his father.

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