Bear Kana

bear kana

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Kana?

  • The powers of the different herbs to prevent witchcraft at the doors.
  • The looms, the spinning wheel and the sewing machine.
  • Born: The overcoming of difficulties.
  • The great power of OYA.
  • The car.
  • Here: ESHU is the one that breaks down the house.
  • ODUDUWA and OSANYIN must be received.
  • You have to respect OYA a lot.
  •  SHANGO gets an acana knife.
  • An acana knife is put on the Ebo.

What does the sign of Ifa Osa Kana talk about?

  • Pork is not eaten.
  • OGUN went to the mountains so as not to kill YEMAJÁ.
  • Mark heart disease.
  • Here: You can't be greedy.
  • When seen in Untefá, the godfather and godson have to swear in ORUN.
  • The woman is prohibited from having an abortion.
  • Faith is lost in the Saints.

What does the sign of Ifa mark Okana Bear?

  • It is an Ifá of knowledge and at the same time it is an Ifá of the background.
  • You have to receive ORUNMILA.
  • The Saints are not given Adimú.
  • This is OBATALA Iya Monkuo.
  • The herbs of the Odu are: Aroma, star apple, tamarind, jiquí, jagüey, handsome amansa, change voice, atiponlá, ceiba, sage and white white.
  • You cannot be greedy.
  • This is Ayao and Obon.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Kana: 

  • What starts wrong, finish wrong.
  • Eat more with your eyes than your mouth.
  • Patience brought me happiness.
  • If I sacrifice, I avoid mishaps and ensure peace of mind.
  • When faith is lost, the soul is speechless.

Odu Osa Okana Ifa Code of Ethics:

  • The Awó does not entrust his affairs to anyone.

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Says Ifa in the Oddun Osa Kana:

That you are very greedy, and that you eat more with your eyes than with your mouth. -You. Ebó has to do, so they don't kill him by mouth, by food. You have to receive Ifá.- You. He is the son / daughter of OLOKUN. -Be careful with a bond that they want to make you, thank you for the dream you had last night and for OBATALA.-You. You are going to go out today and enter many places, be careful not to get scared; do not be filthy so that your affairs go well. -If you see a person with something that catches their attention, do not go to say: »I want to have it» .- Your thoughts are bad and they are going to say it.- Two women out of pride, one has to die. You have to meet another woman and you have to take good care of her.- You had another woman who was the daughter of SHANGO, she is praying for you and she is dead, send her to do mass.

Osa Kana says: Three of your enemies want to destroy your house and they have your head hot. You have many setbacks.- In your house there is something buried, take it out for luck. He has to raise his head so that he can defeat his enemies. You cannot eat anywhere where you do not have confidence, because they will kill you.-The only defense you have to save yourself is doing Ifá, and if you owe SHANGO you have to settle it, because otherwise all your things They will be in revolts. your rules are not going well.-You. you have or had a dislike with another person, you have to make up, go find it; out there three lots come to him, that the best is at the top. IF IT IS A MAN: You will have to do Ifá. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN: You must receive OLOKUN.

Prayer of the sign Osa Kana Ifa:


Suggest Osa Okana:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Kana:

Paraldo of Osa Okana:

1 rooster, 2 black chickens, machete, 9 colored flags, house soil, personal clothing, ritual paraldo fabrics and herbs, coconuts, candles, toasted corn, 2 chicken eggs, hutía and smoked fish, butter from corojo, brandy, husk, a lot of money.

First the Ebó is made and then the Paraldo with the rooster. The chickens of the Ebó for OYA, but they are given until the following nine days; During those nine days, OYA is given Adimú, which they take to the cemetery. The bodies of the hens are cooked well browned and spread with corojo butter and wrapped in colored cloth and sent to the bush or to the cemetery.

Board Ebo by the Oddun Osa Kana:

1 rooster, 2 black chickens, machete, 9-colored cloth, sticks, a clay pot, trap, clothes of the person concerned, land of the house, hutía and smoked fish, a lot of money.

Before making the Ebó, the inside of the casserole is painted in nine different colors and allowed to dry well.

Inside the casserole the Ebó is prepared.

The chickens wrap themselves in the 9-color cloths and go directly to a bush. After the Ebó, the interested party has to bathe with Ifá herbs (this is after the Ebó has been thrown), and then they are prayed on the head with Obi Omi Tutu, 9 guinea peppers, jutía and smoked fish, cocoa butter, husk and honey from bees.

NOTE: If it is for Ifá Osobo: The casserole is added a lot of corojo butter, a feather of tiñosa, 21 wonder pepper and the following sticks: tengue, aroma, star apple, tamarind, moruro, jiquí, jagüey, amansa handsome, and He changes his voice, this will be given blood from OYA's chickens and he wonders what Inshé-Osanyin should be done to the person concerned. The herbs for Omiero are: white white, purslane, atiponlá, plantain, cotton, ceiba, sage, and platanillo de cuba.

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Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Kana Sign:

  • Here you have to wash your head with curse-removing herb (lantern) and a hee-hee.
  • Here you go out to the street and you will be in many passages, your enemies want to make you feel hot.
  • Your thoughts are bad, and you need to be patient not to get lost. Three enemies want to destroy his house and that is why his head is hot.
  • There is a buried thing that hinders him, it must be removed for luck to return. You have to take care of situations on the street. If you see someone with something that catches your eye, never think or say, "I must have had it too."
  • Here you have annoyances with another person, you must make amends, that out there come three lots.
  • The only defense that the children of this Odu have is to do or receive Ifa.
  • In this Odu the Faith in the Saints is lost. The powers of the various herbs were born to prevent witchcraft on your doorstep.
  • An Inshé-Osanyin is also prepared that serves to ward off all witchcraft.
  • If this Odu comes out for a woman, she should be told to receive OLOKUN, who cannot have abortions because she can die and in the best of cases lose her health forever. You have to receive Ikofafun and make Holy. Here only ORUNMILA can save her from her problems.
  • Here you have to watch out for traps and give thanks to dreams, to OBATALA and ORUNMILA.
  • In Osa Kana, Obon and Ayao speak, who were the ones who asked OYA to forgive the children of the Takua land.
  • Here speaks OBATALA IYA MONKUO: he is an OBATALA sister of OKE and is the OBATALA of Osa Kana and accompanies all the children of this sign of Ifa and all the children of OBATALA. She is a companion of AGBALA, which is the other foundation of the children of OBATALA. These two foundations live buried at the foot of a Peregún bush in the courtyard of the house. Eight pigeons eat at the foot of the pilgrim bush. Doves are white.

Meaning of Oddun Osa Kana (9-1):

This Odu speaks of the person having to sacrifice in order to avoid mishaps and ensure peace of mind.

The person is very sensitive to external changes.

This Odu "Osa Kana" is bad for the Awó and his family. Explain that the Awó will be thrown out if they have not already done so from work, from home or from the place where he is.

It is an Ifá of knowledge but at the same time, it is an Ifá of the background. It is not an Ifá of brilliance.

Here ESHU is the one that breaks things down. The looms, the spinning wheel and the sewing machine were born. In Odi Ka OSHUN put the spider to weave and in Osa Kana it switched to the power loom, as a type of primitive weaving.

This Ifá determines that everything is badly done. Pork is not eaten. The person eats more with the eyes than with the mouth.

You can't be grungy. You cannot put Adimú to the Saints. You cannot be greedy.

OYA is given food and then sent to the cemetery. Here OGUN went to the mountains so as not to kill YEMAJÁ.

If he is a man: He has two women, one dies of pride and will never leave him alone. The deceased is hungry and was the daughter of SHANGO or OYA. You have to feed him to help you and pray for you.

The owner of this Odu must be doing many ceremonies to OYA and dedicating himself to working with the dead.

When this Ifá comes in Untefá (consecration of an Alawo), the godfather and the godson have to swear in ORUN to avoid losses.

The Ebó of this Ifá carries an acana or júcaro knife. The Iyefá del Ebó is collected and placed in a bag and tied to the handle of the knife and chalked with SHANGO and OYA beads and placed in the SHANGO pan for life.

The owner of this Odu (Osa Okana) apart from the ORUNMILA necklace must have a necklace with eight green beads, eight yellow beads and nine OYA beads in each section. The necklace should reach your person. He will live with ORUNMILA and will use it only when it is planted.

OSA KANA, due to her stormy character, has problems with her Mother, which is why she lives with instability. You have to welcome ODUDUWA and respect OYA a lot.

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Osa Kana in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Igi nlá lo ya dina
The e bùgbé
A day fún Tèèrètè
You ò lódì enìkan nnú
Gbogbo aráyé ló ní tie nínú pitipiti
Tèèrè ò lódì eníkan nnú
Gbogbo won bá n bínúu rè
Wón ní kó rbo
À á séé mo Tèèrè?
N làá pe Eré
Tèèrè bá rubo
Wón ní ngbàtó or bá yò wón
Ó ó rií n tújúu wón ó kàn
Bí on bá tí n lo lójú Erè
Wón ó bàá ká aso sókè
Wón or mo telè gínngín ginngin
Tèèrè or bàá yò won
Won to subú lulè
Ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Igi nlá lo ya dina
The e bùgbé
A day fún Tèèrètè
You ò lódì enìkan nnú
Gbogbo aráyé ló ní tie nínú pitipiti
Kín ni n pa won tí wón n kú beere?
N ni n pa wón làwon n kú beer

Ifá says anyone who dares to war against this person will simply die prematurely. He must
make sacrifice but are advised not to be an obnoxious person. But whoever hates it, will suffer the consequences.

It is due to a large tree that fell to the side of the road
What made us turn off to the mountain
He made divination for Tèèrè
The one who did not have any malice
But the one that everyone despised
Tèèrè does not like anybody's grudge
Yet we were all mean to him
They advised him to make sacrifice
How do we know who Tèèrè is
It is the alias of the "Viscous Barro"
Tèèrè made the sacrifice
They assured Tèèrè 'When they slip'
'You will see how much they will suffer for them having hated you',
Whenever they walk in slimy mud
They will hold your clothes
And they will walk wisely
Tèèrè will make them slip
So that they fall in one fell swoop
He began to dance and rejoice
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly what his Babaláwos had said
It is due to a large tree that fell to the side of the road
What made us turn off to the mountain
He made divination for Tèèrè
The one who did not have any malice
But the one that everyone still despises
What is it that is killing all of them?
It was what was killing them

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Kana: 



On this road OYA was going to feed the Saints and sent for OGUN so that he would be the one to sacrifice him, that day OGUN was drunk, because they had given him a bottle of brandy and he just took it, and for this reason it took a long time to arrive.

OYA before OGUN's delay became desperate and called SHANGO to kill him. SHANGO, for doing OYA a favor, killed, but the Saints were not satisfied, because no one ate the food and they began to complain.
Faced with so much scandal, OLOFIN heard that he ordered the work to be repeated when OGUN arrived.

NOTE: You have to be patient, as there are many setbacks on your way.


Osa Kana was the Odu who guessed the Antelope: he was told: that he should sacrifice to avoid death, in the face of the insults he had received.

I sacrifice: a group of darts, bow and arrow, 1 rooster and 2000 cowries.

The antelope heard and did not sacrifice. He said that his horns were enough to guarantee his immunity from insults.

They said that his enemies could send him trouble from afar. He replied that it only depended on his horns.
NOTE: The person may have a heart attack.

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