Osa Trupon (Otrupon)

Trupon bear

Osa Otrupon, or Osa Trupon, is the 162nd Odu in the Lordly Order of Ifá, highlighting infertility and the importance of sacrifices for a prolonged existence, highlighting the crucial moment of offering sacrifices to Ogún to achieve conception.

Overview of the Osa Otrupon Sign

What is born in the odu of Ifá Osa Trupon?

  • Sunflower oil.
  • The tarraya.
  • The Olokun doll representing Agana-Eri.
  • The legend of the mermaids.
  • Here, the anus dominates the head.
  • The godson saves the godfather.
  • Lightning stone (Odu-Ara) is placed on Ogún.

What does the Ifá sign Osa Trupon talk about?

  • The person is capricious and stubborn.
  • A bunch of banana is put on Shangó.
  • In Osa Trupon, the woman lives disillusioned with men and may even make an attempt on her life.
  • You have to receive orunmila for marital peace.
  • He who goes wrong ends badly.
  • Talk about secret society.
  • The cobra speaks, indomitable animal.

What does the Ifá Osa Otrupon sign mark?

  • He prays his head with a big fish.
  • The Odu herb is: stinking herb (guanine).
  • The following saints speak: Shangó, Ogún, Egun, Ala, Oshun, Olokun, Olosa, Olona, ​​Agana-Eri, Orunmila, Eshu.
  • Marks destruction of marriage or siblings.

Analysis and reflection of the Odu Osa Otrupon

Osa Otrupon speaks of a life journey full of contrasts, where infertility and abundance coexist, symbolizing trials and blessings. The need for sacrifice highlights the importance of personal and spiritual offering to overcome obstacles and achieve fulfillment. The figure of the cobra, an indomitable animal, reflects inner strength and resistance in the face of adversity, while the rescue of the godson to the godfather underlines the importance of reciprocity and mutual support.

Economic Aspects

In economic terms, Osa Otrupon predicts the possibility of establishment and prosperity through perseverance and correct alignment with spiritual forces. The reference to sunflower oil and banana bunch for Shango suggests the generation of wealth through agriculture or trade in natural products. However, she warns about the dangers of greed and embezzlement, emphasizing that true abundance comes from integrity and honest work.


This sign highlights physical and emotional vulnerability, suggesting self-care and spiritual practices to maintain balance. The prayer of the head with a large fish and the reference to the female genital organs speak of the importance of taking care of the mind and fertility, respecting the body as a sacred temple. The presence of the stinking herb (guanine) in healing ceremonies highlights the need to purify the spirit and free oneself from emotional and physical toxins.

Religious Aspects

Religiosity in Osa Trupon manifests itself in the deep connection with the Orishas, ​​especially with Ogun, Shango, and Orunmila, who offer protection, clarity, and guidance. Initiation into secret societies and the reception of Orunmila are rituals of passage that strengthen the individual's spiritual bond with the cosmos, promoting a path of enlightenment and wisdom. The diversity of divinities invoked reflects the multifaceted nature of existence and the need to honor all facets of life.

Personal Relationships (Love)

In the love sphere, Osa Otrupon warns about the tendency towards disappointment and conflict, especially in marriage and fraternal relationships. The challenge here is to overcome capriciousness and stubbornness, seeking balance and mutual understanding. The invitation to receive ikofafun For marital peace it emphasizes the importance of communication and shared commitment to overcome adversity.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Trupon: 

  • Do not lift the gun for anyone, it may fall on you.
  • Curiosity costs your life.
  • Deception and slander destroy happiness.
  • He who goes wrong ends badly.
  • The song of the sirens, they are the daughters of Olokun.
  • The anus dominates the head.
  • A woman's vulva, wing more than an ox.

«Deception and slander destroy happiness» reveals how falsehoods and malicious words corrode harmony and trust, essential pillars of any healthy relationship. Integrity and truth are guardians of inner peace and genuine relationships.

Odu Osa Otrupon Ifa Code of Ethics:

  • The Awó does not allow an obó to dominate its principles.

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Recommendations of the Osa Trupon Ifá Sign:

  • In this oddun is the saying: "The female genital organs pull more than a team of oxen."
  • Here the head (Kobo-Ori) is prayed with a large fish, and 10 hooks are put on it. After the prayer, two doves are given to the body of the large fish, roasted corn, red beans and corn flour with okra are placed on top and taken to the sea.
  • Here a lightning stone (Odu-Ara) is placed on Ogún.
  • Everything that the person has is due to witchcraft.
  • In this Odu the following Saints speak: Obatalá, Shangó, Ogún, Ala, Olokun, Olosa, Olona, ​​Agana-Eri, Egún, Orunmila and Eshu.
  • Marks destruction of marriage and siblings.
  • Here the person is stubborn and capricious. You have difficulty achieving what you want. You have to give mass to your mother or grandmother; They pray for you.
  • His enemies wish to harm and destroy him. Here you put a bunch of banana on Shangó.
  • Here no one is despised, not even those who have a physical or moral defect, they must be considered and respected like others, as long as they have a correct posture before you, because it is not known who will be the one to help you in the future. , whether a sparrowhawk, a dove or a bird.
  • In the Osa Trupon sign, women live disillusioned with men and can even make an attempt on their lives. You must receive Ikofafun for marital peace.
  • So that the person does not destroy himself, he cannot give anyone any of the attributes or ornaments of his Saints, because they will not thank him and only the person will lose.
  • Here he who walks badly ends badly.
  • According to the law of Karma, people who are born inverted is because in previous generations they did a lot of damage and belittled the underprivileged because they considered themselves superior because of the wealth, physical strength or social positions they enjoyed and in this generation or stage they return to the Earth to purge in their own flesh and spirit what they made others suffer.

Meaning of the Oddun Osa Trupon:

  • Here the cobra speaks; indomitable animal
  • In Osa Trupon, the godson saves the godfather.
  • This Ifá talks about the Secret Society. Secret Societies do not constitute religions but rather fraternal organizations, where their statutes are based on fraternity and the adoration or worship of a god, for example: Abakuá Society, Masons, etc.
  • We put as data: The Abakuá secret society: Secret society of single men, founded in Cuba in 1830 by black slaves from Calabares in southern Nigeria.
  • Ñañiguismo is the transplantation in America of an African Esoteric Society, with the same rituals, beliefs, languages, songs, instruments, music and purpose of social defense, which extends beyond the Atlantic in the City of Havana, Regla, Guanabacoa and in the ports. maritime areas of Matanzas and Cárdenas. There are no nuclei of Ñañigos or Abakuá in any other population in America, not even in Cuba itself.
  • Whoever has this Oddun (Osa Trupon) who has not had an establishment, will have it. Here Orunmila is given a bitter güiro woven with corojo pita and filled with Iyefá.
  • Here an Inshé Osanyin is mounted with the intestines of a majá or snake.
  • Here sunflower oil was born and made known. This was where the anus dominated the head.

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Ifa says in the Oddun Osa Trupon:

  1. You are tenacious and firm-minded, but you must do Ebó before moving towards your goals to avoid bad results.
  2. Avoid taking items that do not belong to you, especially if they are hidden or wrapped, so as not to face legal problems.
  3. Be wary of three specific places marked by Congo witchcraft that could negatively affect you.
  4. You have contemplated a project for a long time without being able to achieve it; It is crucial to hold a mass in honor of your deceased father or mother.
  5. Their adversaries seek to damage the memory of their parents to cause shame.
  6. It is imperative to offer a goat to Orunmila and fulfill the promises made to his Guardian Angel, including the purchase of lottery tickets.
  7. Avoid attending meals to which you are invited as a precaution.
  8. You and your three siblings or children must be aware of the environment and its challenges.
  9. Someone you helped in the past seeks to repay you; ignore malicious rumors.
  10. Fortune favors him in games of chance; consider participating.
  11. Consider changing residences to improve your current situation.
  12. He has made offerings to the Saints, maintaining an active spiritual relationship.
  13. He finds himself at a love crossroads with two potential partners; must decide.
  14. Walking armed with a knife or machete suggests the need for protection or defense.
  15. You may have or will have twins, which means significant changes.
  16. Others may feel threatened by your presence, even wishing you harm.
  17. You handle significant amounts of money, which requires prudence and careful management.
  18. Delay in fulfilling certain duties is the reason for their stagnation.
  19. You have been the victim of false accusations that have caused or will cause you embarrassment.
  20. Nourish your mind and spirit with what is pure and fresh, as symbolized by the act of feeding your head with a fresh fish.
  21. Don't hesitate any longer and honor your commitments and promises to move forward.
  22. A woman seeks to attract him to share her life; Evaluate this connection carefully.

Prayer of the Osa Trupon Ifa Odu:


Suyere Osa Otrupon:


Ebbo of the Odu Osa Otrupon:

Osa trupon Head Praying (KOBO ORI):

This prayer will be done with a large fish, which will be put on 10 hooks. After the prayer is given two white doves (to the body of the fish), roasted corn, red beans, flour with okra will be poured over it. It will be taken later to the sea.

For Ogún:

An Odu-Ará - lightning stone will be placed on it.

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Patakie of the sign of Ifa Osa Otrupon:

Curiosity costs your life.

In a farming family, made up of a couple and their two children, a girl and a boy, resided the essence of hard work and humility. They dedicated themselves to planting various fruits for their consumption and selling the surplus. In addition, they had a pond of jicoteas whose water they used both for bathing and for cleaning, offering and selling these animals to whoever needed them.

Obá Niem, observing how people came daily to buy from the farmer, felt envy and fear of being ruined by the competition. Convinced that the secret of the farmer's success lay in the jicoteas pond, he began to defame him, accusing him of witchcraft to attract clients.

Despite having a large farm, Obá Niem only harvested corn and melon and did not achieve the success of the farmer, whose watchful rooster protected the harvest from possible enemies.

The demand for the farmer's products grew so much that they had to increase their production, which eventually led to prosperity and wealth.

One day, Obá Niem tricked the farmer's son into pouring a poisonous powder into the pond, killing all the jicoteas. The farmer, looking for a solution, consulted Orunmila, who advised him to make an Ebó and throw it on Obá Niem's ​​farm. After a rain, the poison spread across Obá Niem's ​​farm, drying out his crops and killing his horse. Moved by curiosity, Obá Niem drank the water and also died of poisoning.

Explanation: History teaches us about the consequences of envy and slander, as well as the danger of acting with malice. Obá Niem, consumed by envy and the desire to sabotage his competitor, eventually became a victim of his own plan. He reminds us that integrity and honesty are fundamental in life and that often those who seek to harm others end up harming themselves. Malicious curiosity, far from bringing benefits, can lead to a tragic end.

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Osa Otrupon in Traditional Nigerian Ifa. 


Igbòho, Igbòho
A day fún Yèyé Owójùwà
Níjó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni or se
Ngbà tí ó rbo è
Ebo ajé ló ru
Ó bá bèrè Síí lájé
Ó lówo layé, owó ò ní mòmó mó
Igbòho, Igbòho
A day fún yèyé Omójùwà
Níjó tí n tòrun bò wálé ayé
Ebo n won ni or se
Òun bá rubo omo
Omo pò
Ilè kún ngbà ó dojúde ìsálayé
Yèyé Owólójùwà n lájé
Bí yèyé Omolójùwà tí n se é ntiè
Béè làwon omo n je é
Ngbà or pé sàà
Yéyé Owójùwà bá kú
Wón se Ìta nlé è
Bí ón ti se Ìta so
Oníkálukú bá korí Sílée won
Kò kúkú lomo láyé
Owó bá dowo elòmíìn
Ojó wáá yí lu ojó
Osù yí lu osù
Àwon omoo yèyé Omójùwà bá la Ìyáa won
Òun náá lówó
Ngabà or pé sàà
Yéyé Omójùwà náà kú
Àwon omo è bá gbé ìyáa won
Wón without ín
Won bá ta mó esin
Wón n jó kiri ìlú
Wón n tànkúú lo
Won bá n darin
Wón n pómó jùwà or
Omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà lónìí omó jùwà lóla
Omó jùwà or omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Àwon onílù fìlù yes
Wón bá n yinbon pé ìyá àwón kú
Wón è é sì í yìnbon láàrin ìlú nígbà ìwásè
Obá bá gbúróó won
Obá ní kí wón or wá
È é ti rí tee fí n yínbon?
Won ni À!
Ìyá tú bí àwon nnú
N ló lo làwón n yò
Táwon n yìnbon yes
Obá ní see gbó pé enìkan a móo yìnbon
Wón ni baba mó bìínú
Ìyà ò níí kú léèmejì
Obá ní or dáa kí wón or tún orii won ko
Wón tún ni Ìgbòho
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà lónìí or omó jùwà lóla
Omó mò jùwà
Omó jùwà or omó mò jùwà
Omó mò jùwà
Obá ni lóòótó ni àwon omo yìí n so
Níjóo Yéyé Owójùwà kú
Tó ra eru
Tóra erù
to kole
Wón túká nlé è ni
Èyin omo le wáá se éyí?
Or day
E moo jó
Kee my me.

Ifá wants this person to be well. But he must make the sacrifice for the compassion of the children.

Igbòho, Igbòho
He made divination for Mother Owójùwá
The day that she was coming from heaven to earth
They advised him to make the sacrifice
When she was making her sacrifice
She sacrificed exclusively for wealth
She came to earth and began to have wealth
She had so much money of such magnitude that it could not be estimated
Igbòho, Igbòho
He made divination for Mother Omolójùwà
On the day that she was coming from heaven to earth
They advised him to make the sacrifice
She only made the sacrifice to have children
She had many children
Her house was full of children when she came to earth
Mother Omojùwà had all the wealth
But as for Mother Omojùwà I work for money
The children would consume it
After a long time
Mother Owójùwà died
People saw 'Ìta' at home
After observing the rites of Ìta at home
They all returned to their respective homes
She had no son
Someone else inherited your money
Then the days passed
Month after month
The children of Mother Omójùwà enriched their mother
She also had money
And after a period of time
Also Mother Omojùwà passed away
The children took their mother
They gave him a proper burial
Saddled up on horseback
And they started dancing around town
They were performing the funeral rites
They sang songs
They were singing 'Really, children are more than character'
Truly, children are more than character
Truly, children are more than character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
Children are more than character
The drums began to beat loudly
They started shooting in the air
But previously, no one could shoot in the middle of cities
The King heard about as a result of the prohibited act
He summoned them to the palace
The King asked 'Why do you fire your weapons?
They exclaimed Ha!
'The woman who gave birth to us is the reason'
'She is dead and we are rejoicing'
'And that's why we made the shots'
The King asked, visibly annoyed 'Have you ever heard that someone had done this before?'
'Don't be offended, káábíèsí'
They replied 'The mother of one, does not die twice'
The King then asked them to sing the song that he heard when they were singing
They really sang, Ìgbòho
Children are more than character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
The son is more than the character
Children are more than character today and even in the days to come
The son is more than the character
The King reasoned 'Really, what these guys are saying is true',
'The day that Mother Owójùwà died'
'The one who bought many slaves'
'And he had tons of loads to put on the slave's head'
'And he built many houses
'Everyone left their house'
In your case, you guys have had a party '
'That's fine'
'You can keep dancing'
'And rejoicing'

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