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oshaeifa.com brings you the Oddun Treaty of Ifa Osa Yekun.

Other names of the Oddun Osa Yekun:

Bear Yeku.

Bear Oyekun.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Osa Yekun?

  • Feed OSANYIN cock rooster.
  • Let OLORDUMARE distribute his kingdom to the Saints.
  • The power of ESHU on Earth.

What is the sign of Ifa Osa Yekun talking about?

  • ORISHAOKO must be received.
  • Talk about an EGUN in the house that makes a revolution.
  • OSANYIN was looking for the power he lacked.
  • They are waiting for the person to give him the dominion or control of a land.
  • You have to receive AZOJUANO and take care of yourself as a witch's garment.
  • You have to pay tributes to the Earth.
  • The Ebó cannot lack a piece of ivory.
  • You have to wear white.

    What does the sign of Ifa mark Osa Oyekun?

    • The person is stubborn, incredulous, conceited and false.
    • Food is brought to an EGUN to the Loma.
    • Talk about love revolution.
    • Here: He suffers from the legs from EGUN and from the brain from blood problems.
    • No rivers are crossed.
    • The herbs are: Holy basil and vinegar.

Sayings of the Sign of Ifa Osa Yekun: 

  • Three cards on the table.

  • If you don't sacrifice, death is certain.

  • My request was accepted.

  • The great wealth of the land awaits me.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the Odu Osa Oyekun:

The Awó attends to his Oshas and Orishas so that he does not fall behind.

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Ifa Osa Yekun says:

For a Man: He has not taken care of the children in the best way and when they grow up they will blame his abandonment towards them.

This Odu speaks of a person whose siblings and parents have died and so that he / she does not die, he / she has to do Santo (Yoko Osha), possibly ORISHAOKO.

On the door of the house, a strip of husk is made.

Food is brought to the Loma.

This speaks of three faces on the table: Revolution of love, revolution with your spouse or with a relative.

For a woman: She must take good care of her husband, because he can lose him because he hangs out with other women. Let Ebo do so he doesn't lose it. If the husband leaves your side, when you want to refresh the house, your parents or the owner of the house if you live attached will refuse to allow him to enter the house again.

Your husband has a mistress and does not take care of you or the children in the best way. Here to live you need the support and help of other people.

In the Osa Yekun sign, the intestines must be lubricated, to avoid dryness in them and intestinal obstruction. For the stomach he will take cundeamor and bathe with herbs of AZOJUANO (San Lázaro)

Prayer of the sign Osa Yekun Ifa:




Ebbo of the Odu Osa Oyekun:


A stick the size of the person concerned, which is chalked into a corojo pita and six bells are placed on it. Ebo is made with that and the others
ingredients you have picked.

The gallo del Ebó is given to ESHU with: jutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, so that luck may come.
EBO: 1 rooster, 2 bananas, 2 chickens, body clothing, trap, arrow, house soil, 2 coconut candles, honey,
a lot of money. The Chickens are for OSHUN and the Ebó for the river. The rest is asked.


2 roosters, 2 bananas, clothes of the interested party, hair, trap, many ministers, hutía and smoked fish, toasted corn, butter
corojo, a lot of money. A yam broth casserole is made with beef bones, and it is taken to a hill together with the Ebó, which is
its path, that of the Ebó, so that it is always up and not down.

Tips from the Oddun of Ifa Osa Oyekun:

You have to pay tribute to the Earth, which is ORISHAOKO to extend your life and enjoy a little health. Because of this Oddun Osa Yekun, the Saints are not well cared for. He suffers from the legs due to lack of blood circulation. He suffers from Insomnia, weak blood (anemia), pain in the waist. To alleviate this, the IBEYIS, SHANGO AND ORISHAOKO are added to the IBEYIS, SHANGO AND ORISHAOKO as Adimú of fruits of non-creeping or creeping plants, such as melons, grapes, the fruits of cundeamor, etc.
This Odu speaks of an Egun that is in the house and that is why there is so much war in it, you must find out and make the house stand up.

Recommendations of the Ifa Osa Yekun Sign:

  • This Odu of Ifa speaks of sacrifice to ensure longevity and to avoid upcoming turbulence. Also the uncertainty of work and demands bring emotional problems, resulting in
    chaotic situations in your life.
  • You must receive AZOJUANO (San Lázaro) and take care of the garments of Brujos (Paleros) because a great war may arise, which can cause losses.

Prohibitions of the Oddun of Ifa Osa Oyekun:

For this Odu cracked things are not used in the house. Mark debts with IBEJIS and SHANGO. Here the enemies coexist with the person.

It is forbidden to cross the river so that you do not lose three lots. This Odu marks disgust between the spouses and they have threatened each other from both parties, one of the two is running away from the other. The person had necklaces that he threw away, so he is now in poor health and financial situation.

Meaning of Oddun Osa Yekun:

In this Odu «Osa Yekun» OSANYIN was looking for the power he lacked and ORUNMILA told him that he had to eat something that he had never eaten, which was a griffin rooster, but OSANYIN scared him and ORUNMILA told him to take out his left eye and kill him on the floor by mouth. Thus OSANYIN ate the griffin rooster (akukó shashará) and attained the desired power.

This was where OLOFIN distributed everything he owned, giving his virtues to each Osha and Orisha, ESHU presented himself to OLOFIN on the penultimate day and asked him to have dominion over the Earth and OLOFIN granted it.

The secret of this Ifá is to make Ebó with what Ifá indicates and a piece of ivory, which can never be missing in the Ebó of this Odu in order to recover lost luck.

Osa Oyekun in Osobo:

When the Oddun Osa Yekun is Osogbo: The person has to eat well, take vitamins and even have to inject himself, because he is very weak in the blood and brain and can go crazy or leprous. You should avoid sleeping after eating food and feeling uncomfortable with a full stomach, because you have a stroke.

Here everything that the person undertakes goes wrong, for not consulting the Saints beforehand, that is why they are delayed.

Here is a promise made by a son that has never been kept. Possibly to AZOJUANO (San Lázaro) You have to pay it to avoid problems.

Oddun Osa Yekun in Ire:

 Maferefun (we have to give thanks) to THE IBEYIS, SHANGO AND ORISHAOKO.

For this Ifá the person is waiting to give him the domain or command of an Earth. So this Odu predicts that the person will have to live in the country or out of the city.

By Osa Yekun the person can be the son of ORISHAOKO. When determining the Guardian Angel you must first ask about this Orisha.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Osa Yekun:


There was a Labrador who one day tired of working, went to bed very exhausted and had a dream, which when he woke up he considered bad, because in the dream he saw himself digging up dead people who had clothes and that for that reason justice seized them. When he woke up, very astonished, he told his wife and she advised him to go to
look with ORUNMILA.

The Labrador accepted his wife's recommendation and went to look at ORUNMILA's house. In the registry came this Ifá de Odu TOYALE.

ORUNMILA had it made Ebo with: Rooster, pickaxe, shovel, barreta, guataca and other ingredients.

Shortly after making the Labrador the Ebo, a forest deceased was found with a girdle full of jewels.

When he took them, two policemen took that loot from him in exchange for not taking him prisoner.

The Labrador then made an offer to AZOJUANO (San Lázaro) and he fulfilled it. A short time later, those Policemen were dismissed from their duties and since the Labrador was already rich, because with his businesses he had multiplied his fortune, the former Policemen little by little were selling him very cheaply the jewels that had been taken from him, because he could not sell them to them. to no one else without justifying their origin and in the end they even sold their lands.

Osa Yekun in Traditional Nigerian Ifa.


Níbi táa gbé moni
Níbè làá gbé ki ni
mò gba
N làá kárá Ìregbà
Ajèkuru jèwà ló morúko tí èwàá jé
A day fún Adégoróyè
Omo Èrùgùn Oyè
Níjó tí ón ní ó saca káalè
Ebo did not know
Ayé òun dáa báyíí?
Inú òún dùn báyìí?
Wón ní ayò lòròò ré ó jàá yes
Wón ní òpòlopò èkuru funfun lebo è
Kí wón ó wáá gbá ìyè Ifá yes i
Kí wonó fi bo òkè ìpòrí è
Won ni ayé or ye é
Okàan rè or balè
Nnkan è ò níí bàjé
Adégoróyè omo Èrùgùn Oyè bá rbo
Ayé bá ye Adégoróyè
Ó gori oyée Baba è
ó n lówó
N lajé
Ó ní haà
Bì ò bá a si àwon Ajèkurujèwà
Òun a lè mo nnkan tí Òsayèkú ú je
What did Gbeni?
Ó nibi táa bá gbé moni
Níbè làá gbé ki ni
mò gba
N làá kí ará Ìregbà
Ajèkuru jèwà ló morúko tí èwàá jé
A day fún Adégoróyè Omo Èrùgùn Oyè
Èyí tí ón ní ó saca káalè
Ebo did not know
Wón ní gbogbo nnkan è ní or dáa
Adégoróyè omo èrùgùn oyè gbébo nbè
Ló bá rbo
Bí ò bá si Adégoróyè Omo Èrùgùn Oyè
À bá ti mohun tÓsàyèkúú je
You fíí gbeni
To mòmò jèkuru
A momo jewa
Ó bá ni mólà de peregede
To mòmò jèkuru
To mòmò jèwà.

Ifá wants this person to be well. Life will please you. He must sacrifice enough white èkuru to his Ifá. Many good fortunes of wealth will come to him. What is making him sad, Ifá says, will brighten his heart soon.

The place where we found out about another
It is the place where we must refer to our greetings
mò gba
It is the name for the people of Ìregbà
Those who eat èkuru and èwà will know the real names of the beans
They made divination for Adégoróyè
The descendant of Èrùgùn Oyè
That day they advised him to take care of the earth
And make sacrifice
Adégoróyè asked 'Will my life get better at all?'
'I will be pleased'?
They told him that his life would improve and he would be full of happiness
They said 'Pretty white Èkuru is the sacrifice'
They advised him to pour himself with Ìyèròsùn
He must use it to offer the sacrifice to his Ifá
They told him that his life will please him
And that he would have mental rest
They said 'Your plans won't go off the rails'
Adégoróyè the descendant of Èrùgùn Oyè performed the sacrifice
Life afterwards pleased Adégoróyè
He ascended to his father's vacant chair
He had enough money to spend
He had a lot of opulence
And surprised, he exclaimed, ha!
'Saved by Ajèkurujèwà
'How can we know the actual sacrifice of Òsayèkú?
'Will you be willing to make a profit?'
He said 'The place where we found out about another'
It is the place where we must refer to our greetings
mò gba
It is the name for the people of Ìregbà
Those who eat èkuru and èwà will know the real names of the beans
They made divination for Adégoróyè
The descendant of Èrùgùn Oyè
That day they advised him to take care of the earth
And make sacrifice
They said all that he had, it will be better and it will be better
Adégoróyè the descendant of Èrùgùn Oyè heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
If it had not been for Adégoróyè the descendant of Èrùgùn Oyè
We would not have known the actual sacrifice of Òsayèkú
That I would be positively willing to win
We ate Èkuru
We ate Èwà
He has brought fortunes to us in great numbers
We ate Èkuru
We ate Èwà.

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