Oshe bile

Oshe bile

Odu Treaty of Ifa Oshe Bile.

Other names for Oshe Irete:

Oshe Bile.


In the odu Oshe Bile was born:

  • Get your eyes wet when you see this Ifá, if you see it, the Awó sprinkles ELEGBARA, chews atare and gives it an akukó.
  • Pour water into the EBO and KASHEORUN.
  • Smallpox
  • The ELEGBA of Maza.
  • Respect for the word of the rooster.
  • Do not throw the coconut over Etawé with Elegbara, Oggún, Oshósi, Orunmila, Odduduwa, Olófin, Ozún, Shango.
  • That the Awó OSHE BILE is the only one who has to throw the obbi over Etawé.
  • How to guess with the coconut (obbi).
  • The Oracle of Biawé.
  • Say "Forgive me, my Father."
  • That the obbi serves to represent ELEGBA.
  • Set ELEGBA on stone, as the coconut rots.
  • The pact between obbi and OSHE BILE.

What is the Oshe bile sign talking about?

  • That the wood pigeon always brings out.
  • The phrase "God willing."
  • That OLOFIN, ODUDUWA and ORUNMILA came down to Earth to see how things were going.
  • BABA DOMA, King in the Land of Intelligence.
  • That OSHE gave birth to IRETE.
  • The dark soap from OSHE BILE.
  • Ask the thunder for powers.
  • The wheelchair.
  • Dies from drowning or suffocation, lung problems.
  • Talk about kidney infection and penis reconstruction.
  • It is the Ifá of the tiger and the cat (of usurpation).
  • OGUN touches the person (operation).
  • Do not split obi in 7 days, do not eat anything with obi.
  • The obi offended ORUNMILA.

The Oshe Bile Sign points out that:

  • It is an Ifá of Awó Ilé.
  • OLOFIN He disguised himself as a beggar to check on OSHE BILE and cursed him for his behavior.
  •  The light is given thanks.
  • Obi is given on Sundays to the Guardian Angel, the Awó of this sign. 
  • The secret is passed day to day to the Awó OSHE BILE. 
  • The conceited obi was cursed by OLOFIN. 
  • The eyes, nose and head of the coconut speak.
  • The obbi dismissed ELEGBARA from his home.
  • The influence of OLOFIN acts greatly.
  • The Eweses are: Bishop's Salad (Yedra) and Bramble (Cat's Claw).

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Oshe Bile Sayings:

When you choose the path well, you reach the goal well.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Bile:

The Awo does not deceive the aleyo so that the guardian angel of that aleyo does not charge him for his fault or deception.

Recommendations and advice of the Oshe Bile sign:

The Awó must be careful to look good to the person he is looking at, so that the Guardian Angel of the latter does not overcharge him for the deception, since the Awo tends to deceive OSHE BILE.

Feed the Saints and the Shilekún and the EGUN Araé.

 The person is weak-minded and light-minded, does not think or analyze things before doing it, that's why he has many failures, he must be guided so that he does not have obstacles.

You must associate with someone to acquire power, you are just nobody.

A bottle of seawater with flowers is placed behind the Shilekún.

Oshe Irete sign prohibitions:

Do not eat tight animals.

The person does not take care of things and loses power, tends not to do anything that is told.

Don't fight with your wife for luck to come to you. 

Avoid being a liar and joker, because your parents do not believe what you say even if it is an absolute truth.

Oshe bile in Ire:

Oshe Bile is a traveling Ifá.

In the Odu of Ifa Oshe Bile, intelligence is faced, against Power and Force.

Here he talks about a good fortune for money, respect and influence. 

In this Ifá, the coconut rotted.

ELEGBA is home to Oshe Bile, the crab of society.

Oshe Bile (Irete) in Osogbo:

In the sign, one doubts the word of OLOFIN and ORUNMILA.

In the Odu, the comrade in struggles is left thrown away, for revelry and parties, he betrays him as a miser and even makes attacks on him.

This sign indicates a woman's belly tie.

The person wants to search for something and can never get there.

Meaning of the Oddun of Ifa Oshe Bile.

If the father of the person concerned is deceased, an Abbó is given.

There is a ceremony with two lerí de cherna and a Carey footstep for the member.

The owner of this Oddun of Ifa is SHANGO and his name is OLUFALA.

The father doubts the behavior of the children and only gives his power to those who deserve it.

He is an Oddun of power. The secret is reserved for the best, as well as the inheritance.

The father can die in Oshe Bile.

Olodumare distributes powers and ashé in Oshe Bile.

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Prayer of the Odu Oshe Bile:

Ayaun Royun Bemi Loma Tinshomo Okuni Orodan Oshe Bile Adawe Biawe Babadona, Orun Adiatoto Adafun Alakenta, Oshe Bile Adawe Biawe Babadona, Orun Adiatoto Adafun Alakisisi, Oshe Bile Adawe Biawe Babadona, Orun Adiatoto Adafun Alakentu Alakenta Oomali Obi Obi Ataremo Atakemo Komalie Obi Dakentamo Alakisisi, Obi Atare Komalie Alakentu Dada Omo Obi Libo Ala Ibo Obi Ifa Awo.

Oshe bile's prayer to give coconut:


Oshe Bile eggun:

To give coco a egun the following is said:


Says Ifa odu Oshe Bile

Beware of a betrayal or false testimony. There is a person who wants to do you harm, but that harm is going to turn into good. Be careful with a husband or wife tie, if you are pregnant, there is a woman who wants to tie your belly. You have to do Santo. OSHUN is angry with the person. for a fault he committed. Be careful, they want to usurp something that belongs to you, but they will not succeed. Money does not enter your home. It is wrong and the enemies want to finish it. Don't be bothered by being asked for alms. Be careful with a fight and cutting weapons, let OGUN fix the fight, it will all be because of women. Thank OBA and SHANGO. Take care of your father's belongings, they can be stolen from you and, if you die, they demand theirs. You have to dedicate yourself to consulting and never forgetting the right of ELEGBARA. Beware of raising children that are not legitimate due to poor payment and you have to go to court for their bad behavior. Receive the warriors, AWOFAKAN and IKOFA. Do not throw yourself into defeatism by not seeing the results you expect, even if nobody takes care of you, fight, use your intelligence to solve problems. Be careful on trips to the field, you can fall into a trap. Respect the fruits. Eject what is not useful from your home.

Oshe Bile's Ebbo:

I was paraldo from Oshe Irete:

Osiadié, eyelé, ishu, otí, epó, shawerekuekue, 2 ataná. The ishu is salcocha, it is tied with epo, it is made a circle on the floor, it is also put to SHANGO and it is explained with 2 ataná, an eyá tuto is put on it. Inside the circle is written OTURA NUKO and OSHE BILE. The aleió is placed behind the circle, he cleans himself with the eyá tuto, which is placed inside the circle, he does the Paraldo with the osiadié. The eyá tuto and the circle are given blood, bathed with the shawerekuekue. Later, the eyelé is used as a scrubber and the Awó washes it with soap and Omiero. Everything hangs or buries .

Oshe Irete's work with Elewa.

When this Ifá comes out on top of an Awó, chew 11 tie with brandy and sprinkle ELEGBARA; PRINGAMOSA is put up and in front of him, then he kills a rooster, so that he vomits his fortunes. Later it is chiquea with a gourd of honey and ekó destroyed.

It is said that the PRINGAMOSA is the Ortiguilla, although there is a small bush that is also known by that name, with wide leaves and the stems and leaves full of thorns. It lives a lot in the hills of the East.

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Pataki of the Oshe Bile sign:

Obi's Oracle (Coco):

There was an Awó, whose name was BIAWE, and he had a son, whose name was ADIATOTO, who had taught him his only secret, which was how to turn coconuts. But in BIAWE's house there were more boys, they all had each other as brothers, the youngest being ADIATOTO.

As soon as BIAWE died, the boys who were not his children stole the documents in which he explained the secret. Thus, ADIATOTO was going through work until, needing the Government to elucidate the truth, he investigated its owners. Many assumptions appeared, but none presented the evidence that was recorded in the writing. So the government was forced to publish it through its spokespersons.

ADIATOTO soon had news of what they were looking for. And when he presented himself they asked him for the evidence. And since he only had them because his father had taught him, he said: This is mine, I will go to the walls that divide the rooms and from there I will throw the coconuts. If the coconuts fall face up, that's the test my father taught me.

So, by throwing the coconuts, they all corresponded to ALAFIA. Then the Government gave him the land that was usurping him.

Oshe Bile Ifa Traditional:


I know tea
irete tea
Babaláwo Eku ló día fun Eku
I know tea
irete tea
Babaláwo Eja ló día fun Eja
I know tea
irete tea
Babaláwo Eye ló día fun Eye
I know tea
irete tea
Babaláwo Eran ló díá fun Eran
I know tea
irete tea
Babaláwo Àmùre or dàgbà díía fún Àmùrè ò dàgbà
Èyí tíí we are ìkéyìin won lénje lénje
Wón ní kí wón ó rbo
Wón ní kí Eku ó rubo
Ekú ni kin ni n je bee?
Òún n bá gbajúmò òun lo nùu
Wón ní kí Eja or rubo
Ejá ni kín ni n jébo?
Wón ní kí àwon Eye ojú òrun ó rubo
Wón ni kín ni n jé béè?
Ìwo Were nko?
O ò wa rubo
They were mon
Kín lòun or febo se?
Àmùrè or dàgbà
Bóo ni ti?
Àmùrè ò dàgbà lórí òun ò gbó
Ó bá rbo
Ó fun Ikin lobi
Wón ní kó móo se bíi tòkè ìpòrí è
Ngbà tíkú dé
O mú Eku
Wón ní kí won or móo dárí è jiyàn
O mú Eja
Won ni kí won or móo dá orí Eja jiyán
O mú Eye
ó peye
Wón ni wón or dárí è jiyàn
Ó meran
or peran
Wón dárí è jiyán
Ikú bá dé òdò Àmùrè ò dàgbà
Ikú or read for Amùrè or dàgbà
Won lóun níí sébì funn Eríwo
Àmùrè ò dàgbà bá n jó
Ní bá n yo
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
I know tea
irete tea
To day fun Eku
Eja fun day
To day fun Eye
A day fún were
To day fún Àmùrè ò dàgbà tíí we are ìkéyìin won lénje lenje
biire biire
Iku knob Eku tí ò mebo
biire biire
Ikú knob Eja tí ò mebo
biire biire
Ikú knob Eye tí ò mebo
biire biire
Ikú pomo They were you or mebo
Ikú móo Àmùrè sésé or
Ikú knob Eku ti ò mebo
kó móo sébì
Kó móo sébì fÉríwo
Awo laugh
LÀmùrè sésé or
Awo laugh
Ìpàdì Awo won ò kú bòrò bòrò.

Ifá advises this person to make a sacrifice.

I know tea
irete tea
They are the Rat priests, the ones who made divination for the Rat
I know tea
irete tea
They are the priests of the Fish, the ones who made divination for the Fish
I know tea
irete tea
It is the priests of the Bird who made divination for the Bird
I know tea
irete tea
They are the priests of the Animals, those who made divination for the Animals
I know tea
irete tea
They are the priests of Àmùrè or dàgbà, who were the ones who made divination for Àmùrè or dàgbà
The last born child of the family
They all were advised to offer sacrifice
The Rat was advised to make the sacrifice
The Rat said 'What do you call sacrifice?'
'I'm going to enjoy'
The Fish was also advised to offer sacrifice
The Fish said; 'What do you call sacrifice?'
The bird was advised to offer sacrifice
The bird also said 'What do you mean?'
What happened to the Animal?
Why don't you make the sacrifice?
The Animal said: 'I!'
'For what purpose?'
Àmùrè or Dàgbà 'What about you?'
They told Àmùrè dàgbà that he could not dare to suffer the consequences
And made the sacrifice
He gave kola to Ikin
They even advised him to behave according to Ifá tells him
When death drew near
Arrested the Rat
They used the rat's head to eat them with chopped yam
Arrested the Fish
And they told the man to use the head of the Fish to eat it with chopped yam
He arrested the bird
And killed the bird
And they used the dead bird to eat it or accompany it with chopped yam
They also arrested all the Animals
They killed them
And they used their heads to eat them with chopped yams
When it was the turn of Àmùrè or dàgbà to die
Death could not take him away
They said to death that he was the only one who broke Kola Nut for Eríwo
Àmùrè or dàgbà started dancing then
He was praising his Babalawos
And his Babaláwos began to praise Ifá
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwos had said
I know tea
irete tea
They are the Rat priests, the ones who made divination for the Rat
The fish
The bird
The animal
And also for Àmùrè or dàgbà the lesser of the four
As if it were a game
Death killed the son of the Rat who offered no sacrifice
As if it were a game
Death killed the son of the Fish who offered no sacrifice
As if it were a game
Death killed the son of the Bird who offered no sacrifice
As if it were a game
Death killed the son of the Animal who offered no sacrifice
Death could not kill Àmùrè sésé
He was saved to continue dividing the Kola Nut
He must continue to divide the Kola for the Eríwos
Good priest and wise
It is the Babaláwo known as Àmùrè sésé
Good and wise priest
Ìpàdì Awo won ò kú borò bòrò.

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  1. Hmmm, this ifa oshe bile is pointing at me, I went to consult from the IFA and I was told the odu that comes out is oshe bile, so I was told to do some sacrifice but still finding the money….I pray everything turn good to me Ase edumare,,,But please I need to know the rules of what this odu must not do

  2. Oloye Adbegsiga (Baba Ika Fun a)

    Aboru Aboye Abosise
    First question?
    Aere you Babaláwo?
    Odu ni Ifa and when you doing your ceremony, I need that information before saying something..
    I believe do you understand my point..
    Have and excellent day
    Ìbùkún Eledumare

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