Oshe niwo

Oshe niwe

The great evil in people of appearing one thing and being another, in order to acquire in that way what they propose. Oshe Niwo.

Other names of the Oshe Ojuani sign: 

  • oshe juani.
  • Oshe boron niwe.
  • Oshe niwo.

In the odu Oshe Niwo is born:

  • The Palomares.
  • Where OSAIN eats Ayá for the first time.
  • The evil of individuals who pretend one thing and are another.
  • The Ifá of the 3 knives, one for the godfather, another for OGUN and another for the Awó, because OSHE NIWE killed.
  • You need to have Obe for power.
  • If you are not invited to a ceremony, do not go.
  • War arises between the Awó's protective guide and the godfather.
  • Eshu AURON da candela in Ilé.
  • At Oshe Ojuani the person wants to know more than anyone.
  • ORUNMILA lives with her goddaughter.

What does the Oshe Ojuani sign point to?

  • The inverted obini visits the house from 2 to 3 in the afternoon.
  • When they cannot with one, they go above the children.            
  • If you are thrifty and organized, you become a millionaire.
  • The dead man and the appearance speak.
  • The Saint who killed the dog was ABUKUO in ODI ROSO, when he passed for Diablo.
  • The Eweses are: Carob, ewé fa, white piglet.
  • OSANYIN came down to Earth. It is the Odu Isalaye.
  • Ifá brand of hypocrisy, lies and demagogy.
  • It speaks of three people who are separated.
  • They wanted to kill ORUNMILA.
  • You have to receive OSANYIN.
  • You have to take care of the house so that it does not fall apart.

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Description of the odu Oshe Niwo:

This is Oddun # 232 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.

The sign of Ifa Oshe Ojuani speaks of sacrifices to repair strength and protection.

Restlessness in the person's business can be balanced by a spiritual reflection.

OSHE NIWO is the Odu de Ifá that accompanied OSANYIN on his journey to Earth and constitutes his Odu Isalayé.

Here was born the great evil in people to pretend one thing and actually be another, thus acquiring knowledge and powers, or what they propose.

This is an Odu of hypocrisy, lies and demagoguery.

The Awó of this Odu must always have a hutía in a cage in his house. As you should not take medicine bottles in the dark, because you can take one thing for another and you can become intoxicated, you have to take a good look at what you take.

For this Ifa, he makes promises with his partner and commitments, which he later has to pay a high price for.

The woman lives peacefully with her partner, because she does things that become an enigma, the man becomes a Devil.

Parents are fatuous when deciding the partner of their children.

Here Eshu gives candle for debts contracted with him and not paying.

ORUNMILA says that they do not live with minors, so that their luck is not destroyed and they lose their life.

Here the woman refuses to be with the man and it is where the fire arises in the house.

For this Odu, the person has to do Saint, but must first receive AWOFAKAN or IKOFAFUN.

In this sign of Ifa, if the mother is dead, perform ceremonies for that Egungun.

For OSHE NIWO to achieve the power it needs, EGUN must be given blood.

Because of this Odu, religious tricks are made to him, they seek him out and treat him illegally. KAKUANARDO must be received to achieve power.

It is necessary to mount the secret of Eshu to him, so that they respect him in the world.

The woman has problems to beget and this makes her cry. You have to be very careful of parasites that you can acquire in the environment in which you live.

The diseases that afflict this Odu are: contagious diseases, viruses, parasites, menstrual problems.

For this Odu, the house should be flushed with carob grass.

Awó OSHE NIWO distances himself from the Godfather and when he has godchildren, they withdraw from him.

Here the son of the hutía killed the son of the dog.

Here he hangs out with three women and one of them is still with her husband and is going to meet you and will have to hide or flee. There can be great consequences.

This was where they wanted to kill ORUNMILA.

Through this Odu, he has gone through bad things; do EBO to clear the way.

Here a carob stick with a red bow is put behind the door of the house, to solve problems.

When this sign is seen on a single woman: she has a dead man who lives with her and does not let her have a husband. You have to do Paraldo.

When Oshe Ojuani sees a married woman: She must be careful with her lover and her husband, who can kill her. She lives with a man she doesn't like.

Recommendations of the sign of Ifa Oshe Ojuani (5-11):

For this Odu, eshu wears the head of a dog and leather of a tiger.

For this Odu, he begins to eat Eshu with OGUN.

By the sign of Ifa Oshe Ojuani, the Awó shall swear in OSANYIN.

SHANGO is given a dog along with OSANYIN and Eshu. With the head of the dog, carob stick, tiger hair, an Inshé OSANYIN is assembled.

For this sign, a rooster is given to Eshu, so that they do not transform it.

When this Odu is seen in a pregnant woman, the child will be ELEGBA's child.

Here the woman falls in love with the Awó and if he is careless, he steals it. When the Awó finishes making him Osode, in which OSHE NIWO by Odu Toyale saw him, he hands him two dry coconuts and tells him to split these two coconuts and put it on his Guardian Angel.

Here you have to take care of the house so that it does not fall apart.

The man with this Odu has to be careful that the woman does not betray him.

Because of this Odu, a sorcerer or palero can separate him from Ifá and this will lead to problems in his life and in his home, even suffering physical damage to his legs, eyes, burns to his body and face.

Awó OSHE NIWO must work Ifá.

Here the person denies even what he eats and then needs that very thing.

Here, because he is disobedient, his spirit guide abandons him.

You must listen to your dreams, put the Jimaguas to work, who are your salvation.

The ashé of this Odu is prepared with cinnamon, incense, rosemary, rue, basil, marjoram, good herb, 16 guinea peppers, yam, jutía heart and gandinga, pigeon head, banana, quail, pigeon. This is to work the Awó del Odu.

Here, in Oshe Ojuani, it was where OSANYIN ate dog for the first time in the world.

When you see this sign, you do not go where you are invited until three days have passed, because they want to kill you.

Here the secret ARONI BEBEKUN ONIFA was born, which rides on an Agboran that always accompanies the Ifá del Awó. It also carries the secret: AYAJUN ARONI BEBEKUN LAYEO, which is mounted on an ox jar.

The Awó of this Odu must mount a garment for his defense and stability

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What is the Oshe Niwo sign talking about?

  • Oshe niwo should always have an iron cage in his house with a jutia inside.
  • Oshe niwo should look at the labels on the caps or pills of the medicines that he takes, because in a hurry you can take one by another and become poisoned or intoxicated.
  • You have to take a good look at what you take.
  • Oshe niwo fights with the godfather and when he has godchildren, they leave his side in disgust.
  • It speaks of three people who are separated.
  • For this oddun he gets to eat with Egun.
  • For this oddun you have to have ozain. This is where I come down to earth with the leri of the aya and the leather of ekun.
  • Oshe niwo: Man or woman like young spouses and by not losing them (A) provides everything they ask for.

Oshe Niwo Sayings:

  • It does not come out of one, to fall into the other.
  • If you are not invited, do not go, so that you do not suffer shame or harm.
  • It is better that you do not promise to promise and do not pay.
  • No male approaches any close to his flesh, to discover his nakedness.
  • He denies the food he had and then needs it.
  • Help the old man and the beggar, and you will be blessed.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe Niwo:

The Awó does not go where he is not invited.

Says Ifa odu Oshe Niwo

The person wants to be more than anyone and does not believe more than in you. His godfather cheats on him and nothing does him good. Be careful not to destroy your house. They want to cheat you with a woman. They distrust their love relationships. They are going to send you to look for a place, but before you go you must do EBO.

He has a mark on his legs, which made him lame. He does not listen to anyone of what they tell him and he will lose his partner. If this Ifá comes Osobo, the aleyo is told not to do business because there will be losses. If there is someone sick in your family, you should give Eshu and ORUNMILA a joint. He suffers from indigestion and poor digestion. The woman who is looking falls in love with the Babalawo and can steal from him, it is recommended that she look for her husband, that he split two coconuts for the Angel of her Guardian or OSHUN.

A son comes to him who will be his luck. The person was born to Babalawo and must give AWOFAKAN or IKOFAFUN to his children.

Do not receive cigars given away by anyone. Give thanks to the Blessed Sacrament and wear white, as luck comes to you. Everything you have, OSHUN has given it to you, take care of it. Attend to the beggars and old men who ask for help, it will be your luck. The maiden falls in love with someone she does not know in depth and he turns out to be the Devil himself. They call the person a fool, but they are wrong.

Oshe Ojuani says to avoid love affairs with people of your blood or religious line, because you lose your luck. He feels very resentful of his father because he left home, but in the end they will reconcile. Do not go to a party or a place where they come to look for you. They have put shepe on his religious things. Beware of parasites in your body. Those who believe his friends embark on and away from this religion. He will have problems with his godfather, because his dead do not allow these relationships.

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Prayer of the Odu Oshe Niwo:

Oshé Níwe Oshé Boro Níwe Owonrin Níwe Kokoroshe Ewo Oworin Kokore Biaye Eyele, Oshé Moweyo Owonrin Akakalaye Oba Yebi Inu Oni ​​Omo Lala Awo Okuta Awó Lerí Okuta.

Oshe Niwo's Ebbo:

Ebó de Oshe Ojuani to see while sleeping what the enemies do:

A powder is prepared with the head of a rooster, carob leaves, powder from a joist or the roof of the house, goat hair, ram hair, rooster feather and dove. Everything reduced to dust, you pray on the board, put it in a bag and put it under your pillow to sleep.

Work to remove curse:

A guacalote is boiled together with a pointed knife. The person will bathe with that water and then the Godfather buries the guacalote and the knife.

Patakie of the Oshe Niwo sign:

The disobedient daughter joins the hunchbacked elegba.

A father had a very disobedient daughter, who had relations with a young man, whom he abandoned following the orders of his father.

Soon after, another opportunity presented itself, in which the father objected again. She, this time, ignored him. The man with whom she had her relationships was ELEGBA, who told her that she belonged to him in body and soul.

Soon after, ELEGBA left and when he returned he appeared lame and one-armed. She didn't want to accept it because she didn't recognize it. Then ELEGBA made him present his oaths, leaving him no choice but to love him.

Oshe Ojuani Ifa Traditional:


I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
A day fún Onílée káà
A bù fun Onílé Kótó
Wón ní wón ó rbo
Ó daa fún àwon báyìí?
Ayé ye àwon báyìí?
Wón ni yóó dáa fun won
Sùgbón kí wón or rubo
À á séé mo Onílée Káà
N làá pe Sángó
Sàngó rbo
Ló bá gba Káà
Neither Sàngó jókòó n Káà
Ní n fèyìn tì
hey hey
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
A day fún Onílée káà
A bù fun Onílé Kótó
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
Èyin ò mò pÓnílée Káà ni Sàngó?
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon.

Ifá wishes the good fortune of building a house for this person. Ifá says that he will have peace of mind.

I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
He was the one who made divination for Onílée káà
And also for Onílé Kótó
They were advised to offer sacrifice
'Will our lives be good at all?'
'Will it be pleasant for us?'
They assured him that everything would be alright for them
But they must offer the sacrifice
How do we know who Onílé Káà is?
It is an alias of Sàngó
Sàngó made the sacrifice
He took over the living room
And it felt comforting
And I was resting there too
Life pleased him
He then started dancing and was very happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
He was the one who made divination for Onílée káà
And also for Onílé Kótó
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon
You did not know that Sàngó is Onílé Káà
I know wonrín wonrìn wonnwonntíwon.

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  1. I have this sign by the hand of Orula and my boyfriend is my religious brother since we have the same godfather who happens now it is strictly prohibited to have a relationship with a religious brother, please clear that doubt for me???

  2. I got this sign by the hand of Orula, my boyfriend and I are brothers of religion since we have the same godfather and now I ask a question, is it strictly forbidden to have relations with brothers of religion???

    1. Generally, only OSHA brothers are the ones who cannot have a relationship with each other... Because if you were already a couple before receiving Orula's hand, nothing happens.

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