Oshe bear

The good son has the mother's blessing.

Other names for Oshe Osa:

Oshe Sa, Oshe dough.

In the odu Oshe Sa is born:

  • ADI and IMU, the Omo of YEMAYA (The Adimu) who sacrificed himself for humanity.
  • Don't put your hands on my shoulder.
  • The great separation of ODUDUWA and OBATALA.
  • Curse of YEMAYA about money.
  • Atefar with a silver weight. The Awó always carries it with him.
  • The slave is made a foreman but seeks his death.
  • Ifá won the witch's garment.
  • OSAIN eats monkey.
  • OSHE SA must be prepared EKUBIJEGAN (Antonia Gervasio).
  • There is talk of Lesbianism and Homosexualism.

The Oddun of Ifa Oshe Sa (5-9) notes:

  • The Elders of the Night (The Witches) vowed to take the ground.
  • AZON becomes AZOJUANO.
  • The owó Laka (silver weight) is consecrated.
  • The health or life of children is taken care of, children are usually born stunted or deformed.
  • The person lives under a pressure gardeo.
  • OLOFIN crowned OSHUN as OSHUN IYUMU (Deaf).
  • The Eweses are: Saint Joseph's Wand, Easter Flower and Alamo.

Oshe Sa talks about:

  • This Oddun speaks of problems in the joints of the upper or lower limbs of the body, of arthritis.
  • Here you must respect the parents and godparents of religion.
  • Here they dream of YEMAYA.
  • You have physical defects in your limbs, due to heredity or rheumatic diseases.
  • OSHE SA is able to see Almighty God, it must internalize with him.
  • In this Oddun it is recommended not to attempt against his life. All precautions should be taken in the means of transport and not rush when it has caught you late. Leave early for your destination. 
  • This Oddun talks about the separation of ODUDUWA and OBATALA, where ODUDUWA had to exchange tin for silver. That is why ODUDUWA pieces are made of silver.
  • Talk about arthritis. You have a lot of colds.

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Description of odu Oshe Sa:

  • This is Oddun # 232 of the Lordly Order of Ifá.
  • This Oddun speaks of reconciliations, rather than confrontation, to reconcile disputes.
  • Here the person is in a dispute, often with the government. Conciliation is in order.
  • In this Oddun, OSANYIN ate monkey ‑EDUN‑
  • For this Sign of Ifa, SHANGO is given jicotea, so that it is not diverted from its path. The carapace is loaded and SHANGO is put on.
  • Here, ORUNMILA is given 16 silver pesos, eight in each hand, so that the Awó can work Ifa for many years.
  • OYA will be given two hens along with the mother's EGUN.
  • This Oddun marks: candle in the house and to counteract it, EBO is made with 3 arrows and 3 mallets of straw, which are burned and go into the EBO.
  • For Oshe Sa, you have to take care of your interior, because if you neglect it, there may be an operation; you should take baths and drink coconut water.
  • Here, because of his resentment towards other people, he can be harmed to the extreme of losing his life.

Treaty of Ifa, sign Oshe Osa (5-9)

When it is Ifá Osobbó: IKU, ARUN, OFO, etc., you have to walk fast because the person is in danger.

Here the person has a defect in his legs or a son who was born with crooked legs.

Because of this Oddun, the person is unable to make his home or lives in one that has been left him by inheritance or another.

In the couple, one tends to be faithful until death, widowhood is carried for life.

Take care of your tongue and do not repeat what you see and hear, do not anger anyone, because you always need one.

The only force capable of collecting it and conquering everything is the Soil-Earth, whose representative and executor are the Flying Witches (The Ancients of the Night). OSHE SA brings the Flying Witches to earth.

The obinisis awaken the sexual illusion because of their beauty. They have moles on their faces, men fall in love with them so much that they cast witchcraft on them. She feels imprisoned by the gardeo in which she lives.

ORULA saves the person, receive it.

You must receive AYALANLA from AZOJUANO and ODUDUWA.

Meaning of the sign of Ifa Oshe Osa:

  • Cunning saves him from death.
  • The person is convicted and is involved in problems of justice and trials.
  • Take care of the guidance they give you, go to board it.
  • Avoid being spiteful towards others, as this leads to homicidal acts, which ultimately ruin one's life.
  • The business, the house and the money are affected, but OSHUN saves him, as well as OYA and the spirit of the mother, if she is deceased.
  • Alcoholic drink costs him his life.
  • OSHE SA 5-9, live the contempt of others.
  • You live in high positions, but you look for problems because of your character and justice is applied to you.

Oshe Sa in Santeria:

In Santeria or Osha in the oracle of the dilogun, Oshe Sa is recognized as Oshe tonti Osa and her number 5-9.

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Sayings of Oshe Sa:

  • Better skill than strength.
  • The good son has the blessing of God and of the mother.
  • No one can sympathize like a mother.
  • Evil that has no cure.
  • His cunning saves him.
  • The brave person fights and dodges.
  • When we see the Jicotea, you don't need Porra.
  • Money is cursed, but you need to be born and die.
  • The dry and old coconut is not born, and without water they do not want it.
  • The unjustified destruction of human lives is punished.
  • Reconciliation is the order.

Ethical code of Ifa del odu Oshe Sa:

The Awó walks slowly to arrive safely.

Says Ifa odu Oshe Sa

The person should not run because they may fall and break a leg. Hold your tongue and do not wish for death, do not try against your life. You have a gun in your house, be careful that your enemies want to see you in the hands of justice. There is a sick child in your house. Don't leave your home for seven days. You have problems with a woman, be careful that you want to have many women. Pay the promise to Saint Lazarus, that's why the money goes like water. Take it easy, if you don't, you will lose everything. Give Eshu and OGUN an akukó. Beware of calambrina, thrombosis and twisting of the limbs. Avoid jealousy with your partner, because it draws a lot of attention, do not pressure. Do to San Lázaro because your family can get sick. If he has female daughters, they can leave him in a state, even without intercourse. Be careful with the heights, even someone can push it. The candle can be formed in the house. Avoid arguments and tragedies with others, as you can die in the fight. His business is going badly, including house and money, lean on OSHUN and ORULA. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Always carry a small amount of cash on you, get it first. Be smart so you don't lose out on business. Take care of your position and avoid offenses. Do not get into discussions with the state. You have problems on the inside. Beware of poisonings. For not complying, their house is filled with garbage. Avoid resentment with others. Take care of your physical appearance, which is your strength. If you have a slip, it is loose or not well done. His luck is good but he is somewhat upset, he is confused, he has lost a grace that he had when they spoke to him in his ear. She has had very good dreams and YEMAYA says that she has given her lucky numbers, but it is not her fault that they go away. He dreams of a bold, who is the representation of YEMAYA. ORUNMILA says to put it to a spirit that is with a pot of food, sweets and other things for a luck that that spirit wants to give it, that it also put that to other spirits. The white husband lacks the black one. Think of one thing you want to do as soon as you don't. His enemy has him inside the house. With whatever big money you get, ask OSHUN what to do with it. Be careful with your mouth, they can break it, do not yell so much.

Prayer of the Odu Oshe Sa Ifa:

Oroshere adifafun ticoy emapuo miya oba toralo ogun awo okuni motu cape adifafun ako, akuko lebo, akofa, baba oko moni oko kan karita mete etu oro epola pua yes meyi doubt, leri epu chima.

Ebo from Oshe Sa:

Ebbo so that the house is not destroyed:

1 rooster, house soil, 3 arrows, 3 bundles of straw or dried aromatic leaves, body cloth, colored fabrics, trap, smoked hutía and fish, other ingredients, a lot of money

Oshe Osa's work to neutralize the enemy:

He looks for a big stick of Abre Caminos, is placed behind the door of the house. The names of the enemies are painted on that stick and he is given a black cock; Afterwards, the cock is toasted and Iye (powder) is made, which is tied with the scrape of the stick and blown at home.

Ebbo de Oshe Sa with Orunmila:

Orunmila is given 16 silver pesos, eight in each hand, so that the Awó can live many years working for Ifá.

Patakie of the Oshe Sa sign:

Oshe Osa transported the mother of witches to the world.

The only force that can overcome the force of witchcraft is the ground-earth. God proclaimed that the ground should be the only force that would destroy any force or divinity that transgressed any of the Natural Laws. This decree was proclaimed when a powerful Dra, Witch of Heaven named EYE TO YU OKE TO KU ORUN, who was engaged in the destruction of the Terrestrial Divinities as a consequence of her evil behavior on Earth (OSEMOLURA OSHE SA), who transported the Mother of the Witches to the world, because no one else agreed to do so, she will also tell us that the oath that Orisha NLA made the Witches take was THE FLOOR.

The oath was taken against the wanton destruction of human lives. This tells us why the Witches have no power to destroy the true children of God, as well as the devoted followers of ORUNMILA.

We will also see that the power exercised by the Ancients of the Night (The Witches) was given to them by Almighty God, at the time that God lived freely and physically with the Divinities. The Witches were given the exclusive power to keep vigil whenever God was taking his bath, exactly before the song of the Rooster. It was always forbidden to see God naked.

The Witch Divinity was the only one who was given that faculty and authority. On occasion, the Witch Divinity gave the signal to the Rooster that God had taken his bath.

Oshe Sa Ifa Traditional Nigerian:


I know how
I know or I know
Kèlèmbe bale
Ó fara yíiku kití kití kití
A day fún Ògún
Tí n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
A day fún Òòsà
Òòsà n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
A day fún Sàngó
Sàngó n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Òrúnmìlà n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
Ebo n wón ní kí gbogboo wón ó se kí wón ótóó móo lo
Gbogbo àwon Òòsà ni ón n gbógun lo Ìlóbìnrin
Won ò rí Ìlóbìnrin mú
Òrúnmìlà ló se tí or loogun Ìlóbìnrin
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní kó ru Ìrùkè méjì
Wón ní tú bá dè òhún
Won ni kó mó se múra kan kaan kan
Wón ní àwon Obìnrin ó tèlé e
Yóó sì kó won lérú
Òrúnmìlà de òhún
Ó ní Òsé saca o
I know or I know
Kèlèmbè balè fara yíiku kití kìtì kití
A day fún òkànlénú Irúnmolè
Tí n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
Wón de Ìlóbìnrin
Won ò rí won kó lérú
I know how
I know or I know
Kèlèmbè balè fara yíiku kití kìtì kití
Awo ilé Orúnmìlà
A day fún Òrúnmìlà
Ifá wá n gbóguún lo Ìlóbìnrin
Wón ní ó rbo kóto lo
Òrúnmìlà or wáá gbébo nbè
Or ruby
Ó de Ìlóbìnrin
Ni bá n jó
Ní bá n darin
Ní n se pa kéké mó won
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
I know more
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
pokoko mó won
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
I know more
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
E yónú yes my
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
I know more
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
Pa kókó mó won
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
I know more
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
Oní gangan n lù
Òrúnmìlà n jó
Ìrùkè n jù lówó è
Àwon Obìnrin bá bèèrè pé
'Kín leléyìun n seé bò un'?
'Wón ló ní kóun ó mó sàá'
'Kóun ó móo bò ni'
Èsù bá da adìe méjì Òrúnmìlà ru Sílè
Òrúnmìlà tún darin
E bá n mádìeè my
Ogun Obinrin lo n lo
I know more
Ogun obìnrin lò n lo
Nígbà tí won or móo lé adìe
Adìe bá kojú si ònà ilé Òrúnmìlà
Gbogbo àwon Obìnrin bá n lè adìe títítí
Wón lè adìe wo inú ilé Òrúnmìlà
À fi kóró ti ón kóónú è
Wón ò bá him mó
Ifá pé òun pé ire Obìnrin fún eléyìun.

In Oshe Sa, Ifá prays that we do not experience wars in our life. Two horsetails and two chickens are the articles of sacrifice. All the bad times will be things of the past.

Whether I know I run away
Or not
The mucus will land on the ground
And it will be completely enveloped with the powder
They were the ones who guessed for Ògún
He was waging a war against Ìlóbìnrin
They were the ones who guessed for Òòsà
Òòsà was waging a war against Ìlóbìnrin
They were the ones who guessed for Sàngó
He was also waging a war against Ìlóbìnrin
They also made divination for Òrúnmìlà
They were the ones who guessed for Òòsà
Òrúnmìlà was waging a war against Ìlóbìnrin
They were advised to offer sacrifice before departing
All the Deities were waging war against Ìlóbìnrin
But they couldn't keep Ìlóbìnrin in captivity
Òrúnmìlà then decided to prepare to go to Ìlóbìnrin
And they advised him to offer sacrifice
They advised him to sacrifice two ponytails
'When you get to Ìlóbìnrin'
'Don't use any kind of force'
'The women there will follow him'
'You will take them as slaves', they told him
Òrúnmìlà arrived in Ìlóbìnrin
He said whether I know run away
Or not
The mucus will land on the ground
And it will be completely enveloped with the powder
They were the ones who guessed for the Uncountable Number of Deities
When they were waging a war in Ìlóbìnrin
They went to Ìlóbìnrin
And they couldn't arrest Ìlóbìnrin as slaves
Whether I know I run away
Or not
The mucus will land on the ground
And it will be completely enveloped with the powder
They were the ones who made divination for Òrúnmìlà
When he was waging war against Ìlóbìnrin
They advised him to offer sacrifice before leaving
Òrúnmìlà, you heard about the sacrifice
And you did
When Òrúnmìlà arrived in Ìlóbìnrin
He started to dance
And started to sing
He approached them on a cruise ship
You are going to war for women
I know don't run away
It's the war of the woman that you waging
I know don't run away
It's the war of the woman that you waging
Be friendly with me
It's the war of the woman that you waging
I know don't run away
It's the war of the woman that you waging
Move towards them on a cruise
It's the war of the woman that you waging
I know don't run away
It's the war of the woman that you waging
The gangan drummer had repeatedly played
Òrúnmìlà was dancing
The ponytail in her hands makes a wave.
And the woman asked herself
'What is he here to do and what is he saying?'
Some responded 'He is singing so they don't run away'
'And that is approaching us on a cruise ship'
Ùsù then released the two chickens that ìrúnmìlà had offered as a sacrifice in the midst of the women
Únrúnmìlà began to sing again
Please help me catch my chickens
This is the war of the woman that you are waging
I know don't run away
This is the war of the woman that you are waging
As soon as they started chasing the chickens
The chickens were taken to Orúnmìlà's house
An army of women chased them
They chased the chickens until all of them also entered the house of Òrúnmìlà
They couldn't come back again
Ifá says that he wishes the good fortune of women.

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    1. Yes, it is an odu for which it is worthwhile to do Ifa, because it speaks of the constant work of the Ifa arts. With the appropriate ebboses everything will flow in the best way. You should put a silver coin in your Awofakan.

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