Oshe yekun

oshe yekun

Even kings need to be confirmed by other kings.

Other names for Oshe Oyekun:

Oshe yekun


In the odu Oshe yekun is born:

  • Misery and Necessity in life.
  • The tripartite pact between Oshe Yekun, Oyekun Pakioshe and ikú, who would always respect the perfume.
  • The first flower pot that was put to death.
  • Because floral offerings are made to the dead.
  • That each Saint has his Osayín as a foundation.
  • He dies from walking in groups.
  • Oluwó Popó created the fly and with it cancer.

The sign of Ifa Oshe Oyekun points out:

  • People suffer from confusional syndrome.
  • The person goes crazy for sent spirits and they destroy the others.
  • Oshé Yeku is the foreman of the oba egun of ara un.
  • Elegbá gives clothes and money.
  • By intori arun talks about tuberculosis.
  • Obbatalá gives things little by little.
  • It was where the Babalawo who only had Ifá had to wash the Saints to accompany him.
  • Ituto is prepared for a living person.
  • The eweses are: Savage, mauve and thistle.

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Treaty of the odu Oshe yekun:

This Oddun offers prosperity and popularity. The person's daily life will always be in motion.

Oshe Yekun is called the Ifá of the flies.

It was born that misery and need go together in the world.

Oshé Yeku Adifafún Lashure. The queen of rain, to whom Yemayá gave the water so that it could rain on Earth.

This Oddun marks: The arrival of catalepsy or state preliminary to death.

Oshé Oyekun is the foreman of all the Obá in ara ‑ onu (Heaven).

This is an Ifá ni Kaferefún Yemayá.

The herbs of this Oddun: Savage, Mallow and Caltrop.

Here Eshu is put on a shekete and asked for help in changing his character and being able to be loved by all.

For this Oddun, you have to give ejá tútu (Fresh Fish) to the head.

This Oddun is dominated by Aggayú.

This was where the Awós of the Dahomeyana or Aará land, who did not have Saints, had to wash them so that they could accompany them and be able to work with them.

In this Oddun, it was born that each Saint, when he came to Earth, would have his foundation Ozayín, who accompanied him.

By the sign of ifa Oshe Yekun, one must receive: Ozayín, Orishá oko, Olókun and Azojuáno.

The person will beg his head and take 3 baths with Yemayá herbs.

Coconut and güira shells are put on with 16 small stones next to Obbatalá and Eshú. egun ore ore.

Call to Iku: Baba Ni Washe Ni Iku, Baba Ni Washe Ni Bora 

Go up: Sese Ewe Iku Mawa Ni Iku Sese Eweo Iku Awa Bosa Egun Bosa.

Go up To Eggún: Bebe Ke Ni Bebe Keni Le Egun Ni Eru Mowa.

Here he was born to put flowers to the deceased.

For this Oddun, you have to respect everything that is perfume.

The person must sleep with a black cloth, with the Odus Oshé Yekú and Oyeku Oshe.

If the person has a garment, he must attend to it so that it does not kill him.

Prayer of Eggún for Ebbó: Oshé Yekú Orun Egun Lode Iku Lo Oshé Yekú Yanzan Mowayo Oduduwa Oyo Kushe Yeye LodaLeri Awo Orun Egun Iba Orun Ebo Kayebu Ebo Iku.

Suyere: Yeyere Egun Iku Lorun, Yeyere Egun Iku Lorun Yeyere Egun Iku Lorun

By the Oshe Yekun sign, three few pieces of water are thrown for the street.

Here Azojuáno defeated his enemies.

Meaning of the sign Oshe Yekun (5-2)

Oshé Yeku commands 36 righteous spirits, who were the representatives of Oloddumáre

By this Oddun, the person can be enslaved wherever they go.

This Ifá speaks of a forgetful, lacking, flamboyant and vague person.

For men: You must be careful with your lover's husband, who can kill him.

For women: You must take good care of the Saints. He did not marry and the man has another woman. Take care of your breasts.

Here you must walk alone, so that you are not in danger.

Oshe Yekun marks a problem with brothers by blood and religion.

Obbatalá says that need and misery must always exist in the world, but it will always give them the strength to fight.

The enemies do not cease in their efforts to do witchcraft, but in the end they come to his feet.

In this Oddun, he can die for another or pay consequences for others.

A big shock makes you pass out.

The person leaves his home and land due to internal wars.

Do not chase or pick up what is not yours as it may cause a flash.

He must receive Orisha oko and Olókun.

San Lázaro and Ozayín made a pact to mutually transmit the knowledge, but Ozayín betrayed him.

Oluwó Popó created cancer because he was betrayed and also spreads the epidemic on Earth.

The ejá oro (La Guabina) frightens ikú.

The Eggún cover themselves with flowers to ward off everything that bothers them.

In this Oddun, iku has no control in the world and Olófin repressed her and from the embarrassment she went crazy, but the flowers lulled her to sleep.

In Oshé Yekun death was happy because he was given the first flower pot that was used in the world.

The person talks with spirits and passes into those states.

Sayings of Oshe yekun:

  • Don't leave the true for the doubtful.
  • Misery and Need will always exist on Earth.
  • They pay just for sinners.
  • From reason to whoever has it.
  • King's fly, it's King.
  • Ten Kings, ten epochs.
  • Money brings out tragedy between family.
  • The earth is known by the mud; and Heaven for the Moon.
  • The offended brother is more tenacious than a strong city; and the conflicts of the brothers are like the bars of a fortress.
  • Have the advice, don't let it; save it, because that's your life.

Ifa code of ethics of the odu Oshe yekun:

Even kings need to be confirmed by other kings.

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Oshe yekun talks about:

  • Oshe Yekun is the foreman of the Oba Eggun in Ara-onu. You have to write it in the athena of the Oparalto.
  • Ifa ni maferefun yemaya.
  • Elegbara is given a shekete to change the cararter and be able to be loved and esteemed by others. You have to give the leri eya tuto. This oddun is dominated by Agayu.
  • This was where the bokonos (Babalawos in Arara land) who did not have osha, had to wash them to accompany them.
  • You have to obori and ebomisi mere with yemaya ewe.
  • You have to receive Orishaoko or Olokun, Azain and Azojuano.

Says Ifa odu Oshe yekun

Thank Yemayá for being with you and helping you in your development, if you owe something, pay it. You're in trouble, do EBO. Be careful where you go becomes a slave. He has a lot of bad eyes on him and people are greedy for every penny they have. Beware of a tragedy caused by a woman who had a man of color. He must have a daughter who must do EBO before she is born to avoid problems. His business is going well, he must have a house and money. The Awó must bring the Saints to his home, to help him. Don't look at money with ambition. He can kill another man for a woman. Be careful, they want to rob you. Take care of the visitors, they bring you luck. Don't kill flies. The Obiní has ​​to take care of her breasts. Do something to AZOJUANO for your health. Watch out for the love triangle. Spiritism and the Church are his defenses. He was raised or cared for by an Omo from Yemayá. Speak no more about the sufferings that happen to you, which touches all of us a little. There are dark-skinned Spiritualists who send you out of envy and you don't notice anything out of carelessness, although they will come to your feet if you do EBO. Keep your house clean, because the bad smell attracts flies and disease with them. Be careful what you eat and where you do it, because that is where your death is. Listen to the guidance that they give you to succeed, otherwise you will be a wretch and tend to do the opposite. Do not go into houses or residences that you do not know its true origin, even if it is an imperative, find out first and act later. Be careful that he is physically transformed and that leads him to states of madness, do not regret not doing what is indicated. Don't be quarrelsome. The epidemic enters your house, clean yourself with meat and use the sandbox, put the meat to OSHUN IKOLE. Receive Ozayín. Avoid late food, get OLOKUN. Do not visit places that are not neat, be as clean as possible. Bad smell is your enemy. Get your home, because the person is cursed never to have it. Make EBOMISI with flowers. Don't be violent or greedy. Respect the perfume. His father has cursed him. Take care of your brothers, because your attitude can drive a brother crazy, because he is capable of throwing OGU out of envy. He has delusions of greatness and mandate, but he cannot consecrate himself, he needs to be confirmed by superiors. Do not claim lordships, or undeserved pretensions. Keep your secrets, especially religious ones, do not disclose what is given to you. Avoid relationships with Paleros, especially if they are black. The obiní has ​​been done a job to have her sexually, for being too trusting. Be careful with your lungs, because you can get tuberculosis. They can take you for crazy when you say things that are daring or too compromising.

Prayer of the Odu Oshe yekun:

Oshe Yeku Boro Boshe Yeku, Ibai Bororo Ofo, Ibai Bororo Ona, Obaye Be Ifa Oshe Yeku, Bawaye Be Ifa Yoyo Odara Moloni Molorun Elegba, Oshe Boro Boshe, Bari Bari Boshe Yeku, Boro Boro Awayoni Ifa, Wawayeni Odara Ifa, Wawayeni Ifa Odara , Wawore Oshe Yeku, Bari Boshe Orunmila, Beyeku Mawayoni Ifa, Boro Boro Eni Boye Shango, Eni Boye Iku.

Suyere by Oshe Oyekun


Ebo from Oshe yekun:

Ebbó to Win a war:

Land of Bibijagua, termite ball, 9 flies, other winged critters, which burn and become dust; they bond with the sifted earth and termites. You pray on the board and stand on top of AJARA, then you blow where you have to win the war.

Work of Oshe Oyekun (5-2) to defeat the enemy:

Eñí adié, OTURA NIKO and Oshé YekúN are painted on it, and they pray, name of the enemy. Everything is put into a glass of water behind the door and an athaná is lit. He goes out to the street and asks Eshu to transform the enemy into his contemptuous form so that he learns to respect, then he enters the house and goes to sleep. The next day he cleans himself with egg and the glass of water is thrown out for the street.

Patakie of the Oshe yekun sign:

The man and the spider of the castle.

A man was going through work and need, and decided to go out and seek his fortune. After a long walk, he arrived at a farm, asked the owner for shelter for the night. In the morning he realizes that the owner did not work the farm and asked him for a part to cultivate it in half. The owner accepted.

He goes out to tour the farm and sees a goat. And since he was very hungry, he falls behind, reaches a house, which turns out to be Orunmila's, to whom, when asked why he was doing this, he replied that he was hungry. The man realizes that it is Orunmila, he looks at himself and this Odu comes out, which says: You will find a place that, IF YOU HEAR THE GUIDANCE THAT THEY GIVE YOU, YOU WILL TRIUMPH, IF YOU WILL NOT BE UNFORTUNATE.

The man leaves and on the way he saw a mountain and in it a Castle. The owner told him that this castle had been abandoned for a long time. He thinks: Me, sleeping outside and that Castle there. He entered, but could barely climb or enter the Spider Web. Instantly, two huge lights come on him and he loses consciousness.

Coming to himself, he freaks out again. A voice said to him: Fear not. The man realizes that it was a Giant Spider. This asks: What are you doing here? The man replies that he thought he could sleep there, since the house was empty. The Spider answers that he was fine, but on the condition that he did not sit on the bed or in the chair.

Days passed and man realized that the Spider made everything easier for him and he lived well. But one day, the man got tired of sleeping on the floor, got on the bed and got tangled up in the Spider Web. In that, the Spider makes its entrance, seeing it tangled in its web, advanced to eat it.

The man said: Don't eat me, I'm not a fly! But the Spider replied: Look at you, you are a fly. And he swallowed it.

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Oshe Yekun Ifa Traditional


Òsé ló yekú Òwìnnì
A day fún Rèmílékún Onígbò Afonran
Níjó tí n be láàrin òsììrì
Tí n be láàrin òtá sángílítí
Ebo kó segun n wón ní ó se
Òun ò níí kú báyìí?
Wón ní ò níí kú
Bó bá ti le rbo
Wón yan ebo fún Rèmílékún
Ó bá rbo
Ó ru òpòlopò owó
Ó ru aso nlá kan
Èmí è bá gùn
Ayé ye é
N ní wá n jó ní n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Òsé ló yekú Òwìnnì
A day fún Rèmílékún Onígbò Afonran
Níjó tí n be láàrin òsììrì
Tí n be láàrin òtá sángílítí
Rèmílékún tée ló kú
Kò kú mó o
Ma fèwù bá won gbálè
Ifá advises this person to make sacrifice for a long life. All your intentions for which you come to consult with Ifá will be fine; but he must offer sacrifice so that he has space, time and an environment conducive to being well. He must dress a large cloth that he possesses for the sacrifice.
It is Òsé who removed the death spell that was on Òwìnnì
He made divination for Rèmílékún Onígbò Afonran
The day he was surrounded by enemies
He was in the midst of his enemies
It's the sacrifice of dominance you were advised to offer
He asked: Will I not die?
They assured him that he would not die prematurely
Whenever he prepares to offer the sacrifice
They prescribed the sacrifice
And he offered the sacrifice
He sacrificed a lot of money
And a large cloth
He lived a long time
And life pleased him
He started dancing and he was happy
He was praising his Babaláwo
And his Babaláwo praised Ifá
He said that his Babaláwo had told the truth
It is Òsé who removed the death spell that was on Òwìnnì
He made divination for Rèmílékún Onígbò Afonran
The day he was surrounded by enemies
He was in the midst of his enemies
The Rèmílékún that you thought was dead
Not dead yet
Until old age, I will wear flowing garments with them

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