Otrupon Iroso

Otrupon Iroso

Names or Aliases of the Otrupon Iroso Sign:

  • Otrupon Koso.
  • Biroso Otrupon.
  • Otrupan Koso.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Iroso?

  • Give euré to ORUNMILA and fry the eyebale with sugar (by OLOFIN's curse with the candle).
  • Step on the blood of an akukó to SHANGO and the coconut for 4 Awoses (SHANGO burned that land).
  • The terrestrial poles and the ice, by application of the refrigeration and cold airs.
  • Put corals to the necklace and the Idefá of ORULA.
  • Our Lady of the Snows (YEMAYA OKUNTE) created the slaughter, incited the EGUN.
  • That the tamarind had to become acidic because it was eaten (inheritance).
  • The defect of being a bird or effeminate.
  • Giving akukó to the shilekún, ekú, eyá, oñí, smearing his feet with eyebale, he puts on the obi and then breaks him.
  • Look at the Aleyus with or without money, and then you don't appreciate it.
  • The drop.
  • OLOFIN curses with the candle behind OBATALA's ears.
    In Otrupon Iroso was born: KABIOSILE OLUEKO OLUO OSAIN (SHANGO, King of the BATA drum).
  • Salt meat foods to preserve them.
  • That another Awó is sought to do the EBO to Aleyo.
  • As long as the World is World and there is a drum, I will dance, SHANGO said.

What does the Otrupon Iroso sign talk about?

  • You have to do Santo and then Ifá, if that is your way.
  • Do not give people a candle.
  • That two snails never collide (Marriage).
  • The great children of the marriage union.
  • Otrupon Iroso says that the Arayé is for an Obiní.
  • OSAIN ARONI ELESEKAN made war with OGGUN for an Obiní so that she would not be with him.
  • OBA was a messenger for YEMAYA and SHANGO.
  • SHANGO left the owó offered by YEMAYA, the comfort and herself by the BATA Drum.
  • OBATALA advises respecting the elderly.
  • The Princess was left without a Kingdom when the Queen Mother died
  • The Monarchy was abolished.
  • SHANGO burned the earth when his Omo died.
  • Our Lady of the Snows speaks.
  • In Otrupon Koso the fishermen of the Ocean say that the fish could be caught.
  • The brothers on horseback hurt their legs (Work to the twins).
  • OBATALA's children went out to run their fortune.

The Otrupon Koso sign indicates:

  • OGUN lived with YEMAYA OKUNTE.
  • The Omo major of OBATALA threw stones and burned Ilé OLOFIN.
  • The struggle of two YEMAYA, OMI MAYAFRA (Our Lady of the Snow) and OMI MAYAFUN ambitious.
  • Akukó is given to SHANGO in shilekún with striped coconut and the coconut is stepped on with blood.
  • OMI MAYEFUN Ofikale Trupon with the Omo of SHANGO and he dies.
  • In Otrupon Iroso, etú and akukó are given for OLOKUN and SHANGO (SARAYEYE and everything to the sea).
  • The Eweses are: Palo Moro, palo malambo and broom.

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Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Iroso:

When this letter comes out and the akukó is killed, there are 4 participating Awoses and they step on the blood and the coconuts with their big toes. The akukó is for SHANGO.

It has to come to him luck but he must not speak it.

The woman likes to keep the men. The man is libertine and womanizer.

SHANGO is given a BATA, two akukó and a bunch of apple bananas are given to him and YEMAYA, although he only gave 7 bananas and a half rooster to YEMAYA.

Out of disrespect, OLOFIN curses young people to always keep the candle behind.

Luck comes to SHANGO doing works on the hill, but he cannot tell anyone.

Ambition must be avoided.

Obiní loses sensibility due to pilgrimage and wars, she speaks of prison and kidnapping.

Triumph against adversity through faith and hard work.

Store food in suitable places to avoid spoilage.

You must live more calmly.


Take care of a black dog and do not separate from it.

In the sign of Ifa Otrupon Iroso, luck has been giving SHANGO a cluster of aguedé on top, on top of a whole rooster, which also falls on obi scratched on the ground and add amalá, ela and red asia and fun fun on SHANGO.

The woman, due to her gifts, is given Ogú; the beauty is so great that other women envy her and throw Ogú on her to make her sick and delay her.

Oddun Otrupon Iroso recommendations:

For the tongue and Ogú, a stick of its size, with a jar and gut of a four-legged animal, feathers from the 3 pigeons that are given to it, soap and majagua vine to line the stick, which is buried for 3 days. He takes it out and goes around the block, backs into the house and hangs up the stick. The pigeons are roasted and taken to a hill.

The mother gives all the tastes to the children but when she dies she does not leave them in conditions.

He gets scared after he does things, when he sees the result.

You triumph against adversity with faith and tenacious effort.

Otrupon Iroso speaks of the refugee in another land.

Here YEMAYA OKUNTE lived in the Kingdom of Death and Silence (At the Poles).

EGGUN is given 3 eyelé and they are buried on the seashore.

Vices are physical and moral destruction.

If the spouses have fallen into disrespect and inconsideration, separation is advised to avoid greater evils.

Acts of blood should be avoided.

Do not sit in a fixed place, you must sleep alone.

Otrupon Koso recommends receiving ELEGBA to improve your luck.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Iroso:

  • As long as the World is World and there is a drum, I dance, said SHANGO.
  • As long as the World is World, the candle will be behind you, said OLOFIN.
  • It was decreed that two snails never collide.
  • You triumph with faith and tenacious effort.
  • Respect the elders or the candle will chase you.

Odu Otrupon Koso Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó must have morals and respect in religion.

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Ifa Otrupon Iroso says:

You will have luck, health and money. You will get to occupy relevant positions, do things to the twins.

It talks about inheritance and luck in the game of chance. He has war with countrymen. ESHU ELEGBA gives you leather. You have to do Santo. Leave pride to avoid harm. Avoid dislikes with a red person. Care of accidents in stairs and automotive means. Three lots come to him for the hand of ORUNLA. Take care of OGGUN, SHANGO, OLOKUN and YEMAYA.

Beware a child hurts his leg by an accident. Do not go out on the street in 7 (seven) days. The fight between men for an Obiní can be their misfortune. It should be less accommodating. Don't fight with your married partner. Be more open in your family and professional relationships.

Prayer of the Odu Otrupon Koso:


Ebbo of the Otrupon Koso Sign:

Majagua vine, jaboncillo, jar, tripe of an animal with four legs, a stick of its size, 3 pigeons; the stick is buried and the pigeons are given to him; These are roasted and taken to a hill, the stick is left buried for three days, then the person takes it out and goes around the block, entering the house from behind with the stick, then hangs it in his house, Dress with eye and jujú de eyelé (the stick).

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Iroso:

SHANGO, King of BATA, despises owó de YEMAYA.


Along this path, YEMAYA had a lot of money and one day, talking to OBA, she said: SHANGO is only thinking about parties, drums and women. I will send for him and when he knows that I need him, he will abandon his parties and come to me, because convenience, money and comfort everyone likes.

SHANGO was in a BATA and OBA gave him the message from YEMAYA. Then he left the party to go see YEMAYA.

When people saw that SHANGO was leaving, on the way they prepared another party for him, with a lot of food that he liked.

As SHANGO approached, they began to play the robe, coming out to meet him. SHANGO began to dance, forgetting about YEMAYA's message. He sat down to eat, doing it quickly.

When he was satisfied, he hung two roosters around his waist and two bunches of apple bananas, to take them to YEMAYA as a gift.

On the way he got hungry and began to eat the two roosters together with the bananas and left 7 bananas and a half rooster for YEMAYA. When he got home, they both gave up MOFORIBALE. YEMAYA explained why she had sent for him: "Well, I want you to abandon your debauches from today, where I will put all my capital at your disposal."

SHANGO told him: «Keep your wealth, you know that money does not attract my attention. As long as the World is World and there is a drum, I will dance, because I am KABIOSILE OLUECO OLUO OSAIN (The King of BATA). »

Otrupon Koso Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Ìrá bojú gàngànhún bojú gàngànhún
A day fún Ògò tíí somo oba lóde Ìsokùn
Wón ní kó rbo
Ìyà je Ògò tíí we are oba títíí tí
Won ní yóó là
Ebo ni kó ru
Ògò bá rbo
Ngbà or ya
Wave of
Gbogbo èèyàn bá n pé 'Jé ó ye òun bó ti ye ará ìsokùn'
Ojú ire bogbo tí tí n pon Ògò
I will go gbogbo bá tú or lówó
Ayé ye é tan
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
Ìrá bojú gàngànhún bojú gàngànhún
A day fún Ògò tíí somo oba lóde Ìsokùn
Ògò tíí we are oba lóde Ìsokùn
Wón ní kó rbo
Kó kè baà lóóko rere láyé
Ojú Ògò rí or
Kótóó domo Oba nísokùn
N tojú Ògò rí o
Ta ló lè pé kóun or rí i?
Ojú Ògò mòmò rí o
Kótóó domo Oba nísokùn.

Ifá says that he wants this person to be well. He will suffer a lot but ultimately he will be blessed. Your life will be pleasant and your things will not be bad.

Ìrá bojú gàngànhún bojú gàngànhún
It was the prince of Ìsokùn who consulted Ògò
They advised him to offer the sacrifice
Ògò the prince suffered and suffered
They assured him that he would eventually get rich
But he must make sacrifice and be persistent
Ògò performed the sacrifice then
After a short period
Progress came to him
Then all the people began to pray for themselves 'Please us as you did the prince'
All the good things that Ògò had yearned for
All good things came into his hands
Life pleased him
He started dancing and rejoicing then
He was praising his Babaláwo
His Babaláwo was praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwo had said
Ìrá bojú gàngànhún bojú gàngànhún
He was the one who consulted Ògò
The prince of Ìsokùn
They advised him to offer the sacrifice
So that he would have a good name on earth
Ògò saw hell
Before he became 'the crown prince' of Ìsokùn
Because of what Ògò went through
Who can wish you the same?
Ògò really saw hell.
Before being crowned the prince of Ìsokùn.

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