Otrupon Otura

Otrupon Otura - Otrupon Taurus

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Otura?

  • Born: For Osobo, IKU comes looking for him early at night.
  • The phrase that to live like this, it is better to die and IKU, ARUN, OFO came as they heard it.
  • The sails to the right and left in Igbodun.
  • Do not curse, do not deny that I will go Umbowá.
  • Do not eat without light, Albino Oddun, by the light on in the Ilé de ORULA, luck came.
  • Light candles in all religious ceremonies.
  • That in this Odu who solves is SHANGO, give Abo and akukó meyi right away.
  • In Otrupon Otura is where the three lots went for a walk.
  • Make EBO with head and pull for the ceiling.
  • In 24 hours you get rich or poor, you win the lottery.
  • OLODUMARE gives a meaning to each day of the week.
  • The war between the Ireses and the Osobos, Ifá KOLEÑADIO, of change.
  • The pains of childbirth.
  • In the sign of Ifa Otrupon Taurus was born: The bad and the good are going around.
  • That this Odu is empowered to consult and work at night.
  • The song of the feathers of the addié to ORULA is born and drink the broth because ORULA was hungry, they only join new ones.

What is the Otrupon Otura sign talking about?

  • Cleaning with erán malú, two eyelé and ishu for his eledá with OBATALA and for the roof.
  • That ORULA wanted to be superior to the Sun.
  • Put Sarao ekó, obi meyi and 16 ataná to OLOFIN.
  • Otrupon Otura talks about planning his things on favorable days of the week.
  • In this Oddun (Otrupon Taurus) he must attend to EGGUN.
  • The Omo (Son) of SHANGO was mean and stingy.
  • By Osobo Arun the Ifá is of care.
  • SHANGO was angry and distressed with his shoulder.
  • Every event that happens responds to an Orisha day.
  • OSHALOFUN was angry and stopped.
  • The three lots went out for a walk, IRE ARIKU, IRE OMA, IRE ASHEGUN OTA KOLEÑADIO.
  • ORUNMILA thanked the boys, who told him that OSHALOFUN was unemployed and gave him the only 15 cents he had.
  • The Awoses didn't guess.
  • EBO must be done so that the good triumphs over the bad.
  • The man won the lottery.
  • Otrupon Otura says that 1 addié (Hen) fun fun is given to ORULA and to the roof of Ilé.

The sign Otrupon Taurus points out:

  • The King's sons got lost in the mountains and there were 3 lots for ORULA.
  • In Otrupon Tauro: ORUNMILA receives an honorable position.
  • Obiní is mistreated and deceived and OSHUN punishes.
  • Luck stayed at ORULA's house.
  • IKU wanted to take ORULA's omó, but the latter gave him a unyén and saved him with euré and addié meyi.
  • IKU was hungry.
  • Iré Arikú, Iré Omá, Iré Dedewantolokun and IKU, ARUN, OFO and EYO entered the struggle.
  • The diseases are: heart, nervous system, hernia.
  • Sickness, Death and Luck went out for a walk
  • Yams cannot be absent in shilekún ilé, because luck was left there when seeing the ishu.
  • Abo is given to SHANGO, Ounko to ELEGBA, gourd with orí, efún, obi meyi, 16 itaná for OLOFIN.
  • The Eweses are: Mije and Mejorana.

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Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Taurus (Otura):

The sick person thinks that he is going to die, but he will be cured and because of that illness he will know Humanity and who his friends really are.

Must wear a silver ring (reflects light).

Avoid being curious and do not be a friend to see all things, do not be flamboyant and avoid the whim.

Do not suddenly look at any closed room or house that is closed and rescue much less, it can be harmful, it can cost you an illness.

Do not curse, do not renounce, do not fight with anyone so that luck may come to you.

Scandal at the door of your house because of money, wearing a red and white sash, not making pesos, you can go broke.

ORULA says that joy is at its door, but that it does not enter because there is an obstacle.

Attend to the Jimaguas.

Here the light represents the Sun and knowledge through the 16 rays of the Sun and the 16 Odu Kings of Ifá.

Everything is lost, for mean and miserly.

Oddun Otrupon Otura Recommendations:

Clean yourself with erán malú, two eyelé and ishu for your eledá with OBATALA within 7 days, lerí for roof.

The person does not leave one problem to enter another, he is self-sufficient, gossipy and becomes mean and stingy, it is difficult for him to spend the money on religious matters and if he does not do it half-heartedly, denying. They mistreat Obiní and are punished by OSHUN. They interfere in the field that does not concern them, they tend to rescue. They work hard but his messy life leads to losses. Luck and money have it at the door of the house but it does not just enter through obstacles. Money scandals cause problems. They must know how to take advantage of the luck that the boys give them. Greed kills them, they have a lot of love for money.

Offer hospitality.

By the sign of Ifa Otrupon Otura, you have to feed yams at the door of your house, from the outside to the inside.

Make EBO with head and the strip for the ceiling, so that it changes the lerí.

He must wear a red and white sash, and not make unnecessary efforts, he broke carrying a sack of owó and otoku.

They cry for deceiving another.

Things covered with justice are discovered.

Study and deepen your profession.

Make Sarayeye with white and red cloth for 16 days, after doing EBO (By the 16 rays of the Sun).

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Otura:

  • Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up.
  • Because he is disobedient, he does not enjoy wealth.
  • A person does not have the right to rest excessively.
  • Greed kills him.

Odu Otrupon Taurus Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó must not sleep dark.

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Says Ifa Otrupon Otura:

Do not tell the secrets of consideration to anyone, they harm you.

Feed whoever comes to your house. Do not curse because they will turn against you. Do not hide the money when it has to be spent on necessary things.

Beware of trips to the countryside, death is looking for you. Do not move from where you live for luck, leave the light on. They are going to give you an important position.

Pay attention to your dreams. Unravel the property papers. They are watching it.

Take care of your eyesight.

Prayer of the Odu Otrupon Taurus:


Ebbo of the Taurus Otrupon Sign:

EBO: Euré meyi, addié meyi, awasa, akukó, opolopo owó.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Otura:

The man who won the lottery.

Once upon a time, there was a man who did not leave one problem to enter another. Faced with that situation, he decided to go to ORUNMILA's house, who saw him this Ifá and told him: «You. He is a very lucky person and money comes to him, but it comes hot and so that it will not serve him badly and all his things are fixed, he has to pray with: akukó meyi, addié meyi, a jar, a sack jute, the girdle that you wear and owed the meyo ».

When the man returned home, he began to ponder what ORUNMILA had told him and said to himself: "Since I am such a lucky man, I have no need to do anything he told me to do." Shortly after, he left for the town square and bought a lottery ticket and when the day of the draw arrived, he hit the jackpot. Seeing that what had been said by ORUNMILA in relation to the money that came to him had been fulfilled, he forgot his second recommendation and, taking a jar, he went to collect the prize.

When he arrived, they told him that the jar was very small, because the amount of the prize was not enough in it. Then he looked for a large jute sack, which they filled with copper, gold and silver coins.

With a lot of work he was able to load the bag, because it was heavy and since he had forgotten to put on his belt in the rush to collect the prize, before he got home with the money bag it broke, his guts coming out and he was dead. .

And so this man could not enjoy that wealth, because of his disobedience.

NOTE: This person becomes rich in 24 hours and poor in 24 hours. Wear a red and white sash.

Otrupon Taurus Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Bóó bàá you buké
Kó or you buké
boó nale gbàjà
Kó or nalè gbàjà
Or ò read you buké
Kóo nale gbàjà
Kóo béjì Ogbè soóko jé
A day fún eni ara ò rò
Tí n dá Ikin è lóngànjó
Ebo n won ni or se
Ará féèé rò me na o
Àrò abomo yééye
Ara or rò wá nígbàyí ò
Àro abomo yééye

Ifá advises this person to look for a kola nut, chicken, and money; He will use it all to rub it on his body at midnight. The hen should be slaughtered the same midnight and cooked for people to eat from it the next day. The kola and money should be given to Egbé's devotees to offer as a sacrifice for him. Life after this will be much better for the person and they will get things done with ease.

If you are going to join a group
Enter the group
If you want to fall to the ground
Fall to the ground
But you will not be able to enter a group
And represent ÈjìOgbè as your namesake
They were the ones who made divination for "The one that his life is rough"
Who would have their fortune telling in the middle of the night
He was advised to offer sacrifice
Soon my life will be pleasant
Àrò with many children
Life pleases us from now on
Àrò with many children

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