Otrupon Sa (Òtúrúpòn Òsá)


Otrupon Sa (Òtúrúpòn Òsá) It is Odu number 191 in the genealogical order of Ifá. This sign speaks about the value and impermanence of things: what you despise today will be useful and necessary tomorrow. Likewise, those who despise him today will come to his feet tomorrow, following the cycle of what goes and comes back.

General Description of the Otrupon Sa Sign

Names or Aliases:

  • Otrupon Sa.
  • Òtúrúpòn Òsá.
  • Otrupon Osa.

What is born in the odu of Ifá Otrupon Sa?

  • That Orula healed and defeated what no one could (The Masons).
  • The Indomitable, the Cerrero.
  • What goes around comes around.
  • Fighting or yelling.
  • The Fifi Okan.
  • The sign of the Masons.
  • Rise and fall (tragedy).
  • The land of the Adodi and Alakuatá.
  • Make Osha in the lerí and in the house by inheritance (Beware of the Saint who goes to his head).
  • Inle as King of the Inverted, helped Orula get up and saved him from death.
  • That the newborn will create problems for his parents due to his disorderly behavior.
  • The separation of the couple due to work-related offenses, decreed by Olofin.
  • The leaks in the bathroom.
  • Those born with Odu Otrupon Sa do crazy things, parents and children will always be at war.

What does the Otrupon Sa sign talk about?

  • That the mother believes she is the daughter and the young woman.
  • Orishaoko and Yemayá Mayelewo were husband and wife.
  • Yemayá Mayelewo was a compact girl.
  • A spirit called Adokino (Adodi or Alakuatá) speaks.
  • Otrupon Osa talks about the slave trade by ship.
  • Oroiña gave the paintings for Fifi Okan.
  • The Masons ask for help by sign, thanks to Orula.
  • The King of the Haussá.
  • Orunmila prays to read it with snapper for Inle.
  • Otrupon Sa talks about the path of Mayelewo, Oshagriñan, Orishaoko and Oroiña.
  • Orula flees to the dead-end swamp and the Adodi bridge.
  • The harpooned whales speak.
  • A white man older than Obiní could not have intercourse.
  • The diseases are: respiratory obstruction and cystitis, kidney stones, legs, genitals and brain.

The Otrupon Osa sign points out:

  • Oshun confronted his mother Nana Buruku.
  • Yemayá created the rough sea or swell.
  • The slaves receive their freedom for their faith in Olofin.
  • The ship is adrift due to bad weather (Anchor).
  • Persecuted Orula, the swamp and the shifting bridge that saves him from Iku through Inle.
  • The Eweses are: Mastuerzo and Manzanilla.

Analysis and Advice of the Odu Otrupon Sa

The Otrupon Sa sign is an Odu that emphasizes the importance of discipline, respect and tolerance in all aspects of life. This Odu teaches us that disorganization and lack of adequate methods can lead to tragedy. It is a sign that is born with many warnings about human behavior and relationships, and reminds us of the importance of not despising anyone, since what is rejected today may be necessary tomorrow.

Economic Aspects:

In economic terms, Otrupon Sa suggests that financial stability comes through respect and collaboration. People ruled by this sign must avoid conflicts and be meticulous in their business. It is essential that you consult Ifá before making important decisions. Cooperation and respect for government ideologies and statutes are key to achieving success. Discipline and well-organized work methods will be rewarded with prosperity.

"Salud" and wellness:

This Odu indicates health problems related to the respiratory tract and urinary system, such as respiratory obstruction and cystitis. People under this sign should avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent serious injuries. Blood weakness is also mentioned, so care must be taken with the genitals to avoid sexual difficulties. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid stressful situations that can aggravate these problems.

Religious Aspects:

In the religious sphere, Otrupon Osa teaches us about the importance of sacrifice and constant consultation with Ifá. This sign recommends offering flowers to Eggun and an akukó to esu immediately. Orula plays a crucial role in healing and overcoming difficulties, and Inle's help is vital in times of crisis. People should avoid suppressing others because of their sexual orientation, as these people can be of great help. Oshun, Yemaya and Obatala are Orishas that strongly influence those governed by this sign, and it is necessary to worship and respect them.

Personal Relationships (Love):

Regarding personal relationships, Otrupon Sa predicts conflicts and separations due to offenses and misunderstandings. It is a sign that speaks of constant fights between parents and children and disorder in the behavior of the newborn. Tolerance and respect are essential to maintain harmony in relationships. You should avoid an explosive nature and look for love in relationships, regardless of race, color or beliefs. This sign reminds us that what we despise today may be valuable tomorrow, so we must treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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Meaning of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Sa:

The person with the Otrupon Sa sign tends to be contemptuous and bad-tempered, which can endanger their life or physical integrity. She is a reserved person, with few friends, who must thank Elegua for having freed her from many enemies and traps.

She has had abortions and is weak in blood, so she must take care of her genitals to avoid sexual difficulties. She likes to wear expensive earrings and shiny clothes, provided by Oshun, since her cleanliness and shine are an obsession for her.

The people ruled by this sign are children of Oshun, Yemayá or Obatalá, and Azojuano is very close to them. They must be careful with Shango.

As for personal relationships, it is common for the couple to be offended and Olofin decrees their definitive separation. Yemayá, in her compassion, did not want her children, her slaves, to suffer any more and abandoned them adrift in the sea, where they were saved by their faith.

Disorganization, lack of discipline and work methods, as well as absurd production relations, cause tragedies, also affecting coexistence relationships. People under this sign usually suffer from respiratory problems.


  • Thank Elegua for freeing you from many enemies and traps.
  • Take care of your genitals to avoid sexual difficulties.
  • Avoid dropping a heavy thing on him and killing him.
  • Consult everything you are going to undertake with Ifá.
  • Respect ideologies, government statutes and criteria, seeking love in relationships, regardless of race, color and belief.
  • Organize a group, association or society and coordinate well.
  • Have the Egbe icon and propitiate it regularly.
  • Feed integral Ogun to overcome crises.


  • You should never drink anything hot to avoid disaster and premature death.
  • You should never be a hunter or join military, paramilitary or security organizations to avoid disaster and premature death.
  • It should never appear dirty at any time to avoid unconsummated fortune.
  • You should never marry someone who is not initiated in Ifá to avoid problems in raising children and marital conflicts.
  • You should never be mean to anyone to avoid unconsummated fortune and disappointment in life.
  • You must not take what does not belong to you.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Sa:

  • What goes around comes around.
  • Be content with what you have.
  • Today they despise it and tomorrow they need it.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Otrupon Osa:

  • Orunmila punishes the Awó with embarrassment.

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Ifa Otrupon Sa says:

You were born or raised in a different place and want to return there. Avoid greed and plots against you; someone will save him. Making do with what he has is essential. Be cautious about homosexual relationships and trips to the countryside or other locations, as they could be dangerous. Look at the ground when you leave, it will be beneficial for you.

There is a risk of discrediting your daughter. The woman in her life can have three men; one of them, older and white, could not have intercourse with her. This suggests problems in her family relationship. Also, a brother could die.

A new child and a new responsibility can arise at inopportune times, and the child who is born could have disordered behavior, causing problems for his or her parents. Although attractive and with intentions of leaving their group or association, people under this sign must accept their destiny and organize themselves well, since they cannot leave the group.

It is essential to consult Ifá before undertaking any action and respect ideologies, government statutes and criteria, seeking love in relationships, regardless of race, color or beliefs.

Prayer of the Odu Otrupon Osa:


Ebbo of the Sign Otrupon Osa:

Ifá says that it is necessary to feed Oshun so that a barren woman receives the blessing of the fruit of the womb. The materials for the ebo are two tied chickens and money. One of the chickens will be used to feed Oshun along with bean cake and ekuru (bean fritters).

Oturupon is running, but it is not Osa
This is the Ifá message for my mother Otooro from the land of Efon
The children of the rain who took over the land of Ido
When she lamented her inability to father her own baby
He was advised to offer ebo
She obeyed
Please help me, I pray to Oshun
Help me, I pray to Oshun
The Alakole who never uses a wide machete to cut okra
Please help me, I pray to Oshun

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Patakies (stories) of the Ifá sign Otrupon Osa:

Orunmila and the Position of Wisdom

The community gathered urgently, they needed a wise man to represent and guide them for their well-being. Everyone agreed that Orunmila was the right person for such responsibility. However, as is common in these situations, envy and lust for power emerged in some, who were already plotting to get rid of Orunmila.

That day, Orunmila performed divination and Ifá revealed a warning to him: if they were looking for him for a meeting, he must attend, but not accept any position they offered him, since there were traps prepared by the envious and selfish.

During the meeting, the majority voted in favor of appointing Orunmila as their representative, trusting that he would ensure their happiness. Orunmila, aware of the warning, asked them to wait a moment while she went to the bathroom. Once there, instead of returning, Orunmila slipped away through a back exit, leaving the community to solve their problems on their own.

Explanation: Otrupon Sa teaches us the importance of prudence and wisdom to identify dangerous situations. Sometimes, recognition and power can come accompanied by envy and plots. Knowing when to retreat is just as crucial as knowing when to advance. True wisdom lies not only in the ability to lead, but also in the ability to avoid the pitfalls of those with selfish intentions.

Otrupon Sa Ifa Traditional Nigerian

Verse from Òtúrúpòn Òsá

A ì í ye pópó kó mó kan ilé
A ì í ye ònà tààrà tà kó mó kan ojà
A ì í gbáwòrán gègèègè ká mó fowó è tì Síbìkan
A day fún Yemòó aya Òrìsà
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Wón ní kó rbo
Wón ní yóó bímo lópòlopò
Ebo omo ni kó waá se
Wón ní kó tjú ìgbín
Wón e bÒòsà
Yemoó bá bimo
Omo po
Inú is dun
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
A ì í ye pópó kó mó kan ilé
A ì í ye ònà tààrà tà kó mó kan ojà
A ì í gbáwòrán gègèègè ká mó fowó è tì Síbìkan
A day fún Yemòó aya Òrìsà
Níjó tí n fomi ojúú sògbérè omo
Ebo n won ni or se
Taa ló báwónyí beere?
Yemòó nìkàn
N ló bímo bàwònyí beere
Yemòó nìkàn
E wáà womo Yemòó ti tú.

Ifá says that this person's life will be fine. All good things will be revealed to him: wealth, home and peace of mind. Ifá mentions that he has been doing something important. He should continue with it and make sure he comes to a good conclusion. Ifá exhorts him to go and offer many slugs to Òòsà.

One will not make a path without it leading to a house
One would not make a straight path without being led to the market
One would not do it with care and euphoria to carry a painting without it resting somewhere on the wall.
They were the ones who consulted Yemòó, esposaòsà's wife
The day she was crying because she had no children
They advised him to make sacrifice
They assured her that she would have many children
The priest had said 'You only have to perform the child sacrifice'
They advised him to prepare slugs
They used it to offer the sacrifice to Òòsà
Yemòó had a baby
Then he had many
She was extremely happy
She started dancing and was rejoicing
She was praising her Babaláwo
Their Babaláwo were praising Ifá
She said her Babaláwos told the truth
One will not make a path without it leading to a house
One would not make a straight path without being led to the market
One would not do it with care and euphoria to carry a painting without it resting somewhere on the wall.
They were the ones who consulted Yemòó, esposaòsà's wife
The day she was crying because she had no children
It was the child sacrifice that they had advised him to undertake
Who has many children?
Yemòó exclusively
Has many children
Yemòó exclusively
Come and see Yemòó in the midst of many children.

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