Otrupon Yekun


What is born in the odu of Ifa Otrupon Yekun?

  • Give shilekun ilé blood on a chain along with ELEGBA to make IKU go away.
  • Painting and cosmetics in Obiní.
  • That OYA eats with ORULA to attract Obiní.
  • Diabolical self-sufficiency before a King.
  • Make a wake with sarcophagus, ounko and malaguidí by Intori IKU.
  • Quickly give addié meji to ORUNMILA.
  • By Osobo or Iré marks disease.
  • The person is abikú, be it small or large, you have to tie it so that it does not go away.
  • That commerce is and will be their means of subsistence.
  • Feel sorry or regret who loses with OTRUPON YEKU.

What is the sign Otrupon Yekun talking about?

  • The King loses his crown and land for not hearing ORULA.
  • Being a shareholder in a gambling house.
  • Otrupon Yekun: The Obiní has ​​an EGGUN that takes her however she wants.
  • SHANGO and ORISHAOKO were masters of the peanut cultivation and trade.
  • The father loses for the son.
  • Nothing black is used.
  • Inshé de OSAIN is made for Obiní.
  • Self-sufficiency should be avoided so as not to be a slave.
  • OSAIN and ORISHAOKO are received.
  • Inlé OGUERE is fed.
  • Masses are given to dead parents in the Church with a bell.

The sign Otrupon Oyekun points out:

  • The abiku comes and goes to the other world.
  • He suffers from nerves, stomach problems, brain weakness, legs, circulation, diabetes, pancreas, constipation.
  • The three wishes of the Osainist and the King.
  • They do not take care of the Saints.
  • It marks resentment between carnal brothers, Osha or Ifá.
  • Lima and Cadena are put on OGGUN.
  • You don't eat Ilá (okra), or white beans.
  • Change the furniture of place and especially the beds.
  • Playing AYO (similar to dominoes) with children will benefit you. Professional work with children will be beneficial to you.
  • You live alone and with deep feelings.
  • OYA's daughter was vicious in sex.
  • The eweses are: peanuts, bells and curujey.

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Recommendations and Advice of the Otrupon Yeku sign:

If the Ifá comes I will, in any case it marks illness.

The person has warts on his body.

When this Ifá is seen, a piece of erán malú hooked on an iron is cooked; The eran is put on ORUNMILA covered with epo, the hot iron is cooled in a container with water and that water is taken.

A chain is put on the door for Iku to leave.

MAFEREFUN the Ibeyis.

The person is self-sufficient.

Before taking a trip, do EBO so you have enough money.

He likes to tell the truth and that is why he makes enemies.

Beware of the love triangle, they may surprise you.

The Aleyus has to do EBO to his joy in the search for money.

Commerce is its reason for being.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otrupon Yekun:

  • Bad eyes on top.
  • The sick person is more dead than alive.
  • The gambling house is always very happy.

Says Ifa Otrupon Yekun:

That you are poor and that you want to have a child to be more accompanied. You are sad; You have a feeling with a brother of Santo, for one thing that he has done to you. They are throwing crap at you and death is spinning around you. Don't fight and hold on to SHANGO, don't curse.

Some money comes from there. You plan to go to a far point. You have a bad leg. Your enemy is cursing you, ignore what they tell you. Do not go to a meal that they are going to treat you because they are preparing a bad thing to kill you. You have many enemies.

You like to say things clearly. Do not go to anyone's house, do not go to wakes or eat beans or okra. You are ill and your husband is in dire need of you that he barely gives you anything to eat. You have a lover, thank the twins. Their doors are hot and that's why money doesn't come in. He has to scrub them with herbs and give him blood. Be careful with your husband, who may find her with another man. Your belly hurts and you should not take everything you want. You have bad eyes behind you.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otrupon Yeku:


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Ebbo of the Odu Otrupon Yeku Ifa:

EBO: Osiadié fifecho, adié okán fun fun, adié okán jabada, powders of all kinds, paint of all kinds, ekú, eyá, epo, bogbo asho, erán malú, maraquita boboliqui, opolópo owó, iguí ewé amansaguapo, paramí, yamao, change voice, ewé oriye, shame, sleepy, osun, mirror.

Ifa Code of Ethics of the odu Otrupon Oyekun:

Even the devil has a protective Egun.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otrupon Yekun:

The profit in the game of Ayo (Dominoes) with the children.

The sign OTRUPON YEKUN tells the Aleyo that he has to sacrifice for his or her joy, in the search or demand for money.

NOTE: Make sure that business in the family is not a strange thing, that is, it must be a means of subsistence.


OKEBEEBEE, the priest of the world, divined Ifá for the game of Ayo and the children. They were advised to always play Ayo's game. By playing with the children, they could take part in an action (as a shareholder) that would rejoice you. This was guessed for a millionaire man (the legitimate house) of money, who would always be very happy.

The sacrifice: A pumpkin, a pot of soup, some food, 200 cowries and dropping Ayo seeds on the tray. Invite people to a game of Ayo's game at home and feel sorry or regret for the one who lost or suffered mate or pullet.

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Otrupon Yekun Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Omí yes omí n lo
Àgbàlagbà omi ni ò wèyìn wò
A day fún Òrúnmìlà pèlú Òlódùmarè
Níjó tí Ajogún dí won molé pin pin pin
Òrúnmìlà àti Olódùmarè ni ón gbé ajogún ká mólé
Olódúmarè àti Òrúnmìlà ló sì mó ìdí ayé
Olódùmarè bá ké si Òrúnmìlà
'Ajogún ló dé yìí'!
Òrúnmìlà ní á á segun
Wón bá rubo
Won mú Àkùko adìe
Wón fi bo òkè ìpòríi won
Gbogbo Ajogún bá se patá
Òrúnmìlà bá kèjàsì
Ó leekú ò omo Àgbonnìrègún gbogbo Babaláwo
Won ni Hin
Oomí yes omí n lo àgbàlagbà omi ni ò wèyìn wò o
A day fún Òrúnmìlà pèlú Olódùmarè níjó Ajogún ká won mólé
Ó ní won ti mókòòkó lékú lo ò o ò o
Enìkan ò mògbà tIfá fí mókòkò lékú ló ò
Enìkan ò mògbà tIfá fí mókòkò lékú ló ò ò ò
Enìkan ò mògbà tIfá fí mókòkò lékú ló o ò o
Enìkan ò mògbà tIfá fí mókòkò lékú ló oo o.

Ifá says that it will help this person to prevail. All the people who are against him can never surpass him, but he must offer sacrifice. Ifá says that it is excellent that he is being consulted but he must offer the sacrifice to protect him from an acid test that is to come. In the place where Ifá was prophesied, he must go and buy a rooster, free it to run; and they then
They will chase, capture and then kill him on Ifá. All things called Ajogun will go away.

The river starts to move and flows away
A big river is the one that doesn't look back
They were the ones who consulted Òrúnmìlà and Olódùmarè
The day that several Ajoguns surrounded him
It was Òrúnmìlà and Olódùmarè that they had attracted the Ajoguns
But they both know the secrets of this world
Olódùmarè called Òrúnmìlà
'The Ajoguns are at our door!'
Òrúnmìlà said 'We will conquer them'
They offered the sacrifice
They prepared a rooster
And they used it as a sacrifice to their Ifá
They conquered the Ajoguns completely
Òrúnmìlà then broke out in Ìjàsì song
He said I salute all the children of Àgbonnìrègún all the Babaláwos
They answered 'Hin'
The river begins to move and flows away, the great river did not flow backwards
They were the ones who consulted Òrúnmìlà and Olódùmarè when several Ajoguns had surrounded them
He said they used a rooster to chase death away
Nobody knew the moment that Ifá used a rooster to chase death away
Nobody knew the moment that Ifá used a rooster to chase death away
Nobody knew the moment that Ifá used a rooster to chase death away
Nobody knew the moment that Ifá used a rooster to chase death away.

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