Otura Otrupon

Otura Otrupon - Otura Trupon

Names or aliases of the Otura Otrupon Sign:

  • Other Trupon.
  • Otura Oturupon.

What is born in the odu of Ifa Otura Otrupon?

  • SHANGO's Tobacco Secret.
  • In Otura Otrupon: It was where SHANGO lit the tobacco that he had prepared with gunpowder.
  • SHANGO cannot be short of tobacco.
  • He claims that the Awó is sick or in trouble.
  • OSHOSI must be received urgently.
  • You cannot raise other people's children.

What is the sign Otura Ofun talking about?

  • In the sign Otura Otrupon speaks an Indian protector EGUN.
  • YEMAYA's children cannot be mistreated.
  • OSHUN came home from ORUNMILA hungry and wanted to have a husband.
  • The fish spent its life alone, trying to find the black pearl.
  • The mamey betrayed SHANGO.

The sign Otura Trupon points out:

  • Smoked fish are dedicated to OLOFIN.
  • The daughter is capricious, outgoing and can kill for her.
  • Diseases that afflict in the Odu Otura Trupon: skin problems, impotence problems, respiratory system, brain problems, menstrual problems.
  • Saints who speak in Otura Otrupon: SHANGO, OLOFIN, Eshu, OLOKUN, YEMAYA, OBATALA, OSANYIN, EGUN and OSHUN.

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Recommendations and advice of the Otura Otrupon sign:

By this sign, one must receive OLOKUN and feed Eshu and YEMAYA.

Here, because of this Ifá sign, the daughters of YEMAYA cannot be mistreated, because luck is lost. For fouls committed with OLOKUN or YEMAYA, you can die by drowning in the sea.

In Otura Trupon the person will have the opportunity to marry a rich spouse, who will be their happiness as long as there is enthusiasm, understanding and respect between you.

Here, if the man does not take care of his wife, what you do not give to her he will look elsewhere.

In this sign OSHUN arrived at ORUNMILA's house hungry and with the desire to have a husband.

On the Oddun Otura Otrupon the fisherman spent his life alone, trying to find the black pearl. When he found it, he did not take proper care of it and he lost it. Do not try to find a perfect spouse, because he does not exist.

When you find something similar to your aspirations, take good care of it so that you do not lose it.

The man is pagan and goes to the ark.

The mamey betrayed SHANGO.

It is said that the person with this sign in Ifa or in Mano de Orula, only sees the defects of his spouse and that is why he has lost, he must be intelligent and also see his virtues, so that he does not continue losing.

The woman has to try to avoid abortions, because she can lose her health and even her life.

Here the woman must attend to her husband and do nothing against him so that he does not lose. If you abandon it, only you will lose.

Here the woman may have excessive loss or retention of menstruation.

In this Ifá, you have to be careful with betrayals.

For this Odu, you can not have cracked or broken dishes in the house, with them make EBO. This slows you down.

Here you cannot be curious, because you will want to see so much that you will put your eyes on the fire.

Here you have to be careful with thefts in the house and do not trust anyone.

For this Sign, an Inshé OSANYIN is prepared and worn on the left side of the body.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otura Otrupon:

  • Well-ordered charity is born of itself.
  • He paid for the broken dishes.
  • He who seeks the perfect never finds it.
  • Being so curious, he cast his eyes on the candle.
  • A small banana will never be dumb.
  • There is no day that the rooster does not crow.

Odu Otura Trupon Ifa Code of Ethics:

The children of others in the end are enemies.

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Ifa Otura Otrupon says:

Let him throw away the broken or torn dishes that are in his house or make Ebo with them, he has a dog, take care of him, do not let him go or have him stolen. Do not play or foul with the elderly.

Take care of your daughter, who has a lot of temper.

Be careful with a robbery.-Be careful, so that you can win, in your house there is a person who hurts his belly, watch out for a tragedy where blood can flow and they can kill him.

She has two children who want to get married and what is bought for the Saints is not given away.

Do not eat anywhere, nor be curious, because you are going to want to see so much that you are going to put your eyes on the candle.-If you are a woman: you are told that she had an abortion that did not occur and you believed it like a great hemorrhage.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otura Trupon:


Suyere Oddún Otura Otrupon:


Ebbo of the Otura Trupon Sign:

Work of Otura Otrupon to solve justice problems.

You take a tobacco and make EBO with it. Afterwards, 9 holes are made in him and they are loaded with three powders: a victorious stick, wins battles and tames handsome. You blow brandy and pray about OSANYIN.

On trial day, if possible, this tobacco is smoked in court, even in a hallway. Otherwise, it is left to OSANYIN.

Artwork by Otura Trupon at the foot of SHANGO for ADASILE ODARA.

When the person has no sensation in the sexual act, the following work is done to him, if he so determines:

A dry coconut, two candles, a red mamey, six cobo snails, dry wine, a banana, a fresh fish, honey, cocoa butter, husks and cotton.

SHANGO's pan is placed on the ground, the 6 Cobo snails are placed inside it, and next to SHANGO, on the ground, a white plate is placed with a red mamey.

Obi Omi Tuto is given to SHANGO, giving him an account of what is to be done. The person concerned is seated on a chair or bench in front of SHANGO. On its head the fresh fish is put and the banana is given to the head, that the blood falls on the fresh fish, the head and on SHANGO and the mamey.

When it is hit on the head, it is sung: LERI FOLORI LERI FOLORI ETU LERI FOLORI EYE.

When it is to SHANGO, some of his suyeres are sung to him.

Afterwards, the interested party will put the mamey on their modest parts, so that their member or vulva is well smeared with the blood of the banana.

SHANGO is blown dry wine and 2 candles are lit.

The person will take the mamey to the bush. The fresh fish from the head is wrapped only in cotton, smeared with cocoa butter and husks, and carried to the foot of a Ceiba.

SHANGO will be asked the path that the banana's body will take. The six Cobo snails are left to SHANGO. If the person does not have a Saint, it will be given to him to keep for life. If he does Santo one day, he will put it on SHANGO.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otura Otrupon:

This Odu speaks of the need to complete all the sacrifices marked by Ifá. In addition, the person will present problems of abuse due to injury.

This was where SHANGO lit a tobacco that he had prepared with gunpowder, when he was in the meeting. And when he exploded, people became afraid of him and from then on he was the handsome among those people.

Along this way, SHANGO cannot be short of tobacco and smoke is blown out of it.

This Odu predicts that the Babalawo is sick or in distress. The secret of this Odu is to take a tobacco loaded with gunpowder, tape it and put it to SHANGO inside his pan. From time to time, smoke is smoked with another tobacco without powder.

Here, inside the house several smoked fish are hung, dedicated to OLODUMARE.

For this Odu, we must urgently receive OSHOSI.

Here you have to be careful with a daughter who is somewhat capricious and cool, and they can harm her and

You are going to want to kill for that cause.

Here you should not raise other people's children, because in the end they will be your enemies.

For this Odu, a washed sea stone should be put behind the door of the house and given a white rooster along with Eshu and EGUN, for an EGUN to sit there.

For this Ifá, the EGUN protector is Indian.

Here YEMAYA is put fruits and two roosters must be given often, and they will be carried loaded with: smoked jutía and fish, corojo butter and sea-toasted corn.

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Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otura Trupon:

When Shango Saved Oshosi.

OSHOSI lived with OYA, on ADO land and they had a daughter, named OYA GADE, who was very willful and was her own mother in figure. She always wanted to do her will and every afternoon she would sneak out of her house and sing: "AWORI OYA MOLEBA AWOYE MOLETASHE AWOSHE."

Where she would walk and with everyone she met, she would get and have sex. One day, in her wanderings, she met ABOSO, who was a witch (OMOLOGU) and he, through a job, stayed living with her.

Shortly after they were together, he began to mistreat her and she began to get sick, because she could no longer do what she wanted and every afternoon she began to cry and call her mother OYA in this way:


Then OYA, sensing what was happening to her daughter, she became furious and a lot of bad wind began to blow over that land, and everyone became afraid and hid. When OSHOSI arrived, he saw everyone hiding and began to ask about his daughter and no one dared to tell him anything about what was happening. So when she met OYA, she told her everything her daughter OYA GADE was going through. OSHOSI went crazy and caught 3 arrows, making his way
in search of his daughter. And he was singing:


And when he had walked a long time, he saw ABOSO, who was abusing his daughter OYA GADE. So he took his bow, shot an arrow at him, and killed him.

Then, the King of that land, called ADO, when he saw his dead son, sent to pursue OSHOSI. His daughter, OYA GADE, seeing that they wanted to kill her father, went to see AWO ABOMA, which was what ORUNMILA was called in that land. This made him Osode, seeing this Odu, OTURA TRUPON, and said: -The only one who can save your father OSHOSI, is SHANGO. So, they set out on their search. They had 1 rooster and a lot of food, and they were singing and playing:


So when SHANGO heard them, he went out to meet them and when they met they gave him the rooster and a lot of food and told him what was happening to OSHOSI in ADO land. SHANGO took some cigars that he had stored and distributed them to all his people, leaving with them towards the ADO land. When they arrived, with the cigars fuming, the King was very scared and since he was so old, he died of heart. Then OSHOSI was freed from the chase.

When he saw SHANGO and ORUNMILA, he knelt down and gave them MO-FORIBALE. Then, they said to the daughter of OSHOSI and OYA: Look how your way of being has made your father kill a man for you. You have to change and always live very close to your parents, so that you can have peace of mind. So AWO ABOMA gave IKOFAFUN to OYA GADE, so that she would have security. They gave many cigars to SHANGO and he told them: Every time they need me, light up tobacco and call me, to defeat any war they may have.

NOTE: When this Ifá (Otura Otrupon) is seen in ATEFA, cigars are distributed to all the Awoses and they blow a lot of smoke, outside the IGBODUN of Ifá. This Ifá says that every daughter of OYA has to have OSHOSI and every son of OSHOSI has to have OYA. Furthermore, that ORUNMILA lives with
any woman, despite everything.

Otura Otrupon Ifa Traditional Nigerian


gunran gunran
Awo inu oko
A day fún Òròrò
Tí n lo réé gbé Awo níyàwó
Wón ní kó rbo
Ngbà tí Òròrò gbé Awo níyàwó tán
Àti dá Awo lu bá desé
Wón làwon ò pé kó o rbo
Ìgbà Òròrò ruby ​​tan
Ló toó gives Awo lu
BÁwo bá ti pé nlè
Wón or móo pÓròró rò or
Ní or lu jée jèe
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo tòún wí
gunran gunran
Awo inu oko
A day fún Òròrò
Tí n lo réé gbé Awo níyàwó
Wón ní kó rbo
Kó lè baà dá Awo lu
Òròró wáá gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Òròròtó gbé Awo níyàwó ò
Ó sì give it awo lu.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice due to his genitals; so that your genitals will last you throughout your marital life. He will have a mountain of fortunes, but he must offer to sacrifice to be able to surpass his tasks or labors.

gunran gunran
He is the priest of Òròrò
The one who was going to marry Awo
After marrying Awo
Penetrating and drilling holes on Awo became a problem
They said to him: Didn't we tell him to offer sacrifice?
Òròrò then offered the sacrifice
It was thus that afterwards he was able to penetrate Awo
Once Awo stops spraying
They would say "Òròrò rò ó"
This one would have holes all over it
He then started dancing and was happy
He praised his Babaláwos
And their Babaláwos praised Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
gunran gunran
He is the priest of Òròrò
The one who was going to marry Awo
He was advised to offer sacrifice
So that he was able to penetrate and make holes on Awo
Òròrò now I hear about the sacrifice
And offered it
Òròrò who had taken Awo as his wife
It is now able to penetrate Awo!

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