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What is born in the odu of Ifa Otura She?

  • ALAIGBORAN, that is, the image or reflection of the three beings that, in life, accompany the human being.
  • Give the ashé to Santo's horse.
  • The truth and the lie in the world.
  • The ashé of feathers.
  • Give OSHUN chicken coop.
  • The roots of things.
  • The loss of luck.

What is the sign Otura she talking about?

  • The godson receives the ashé when the godfather dies.
  • The godfather can die of an internal tumor, produced by the EGUN of the godson.
  • The woman always tries to dominate the man.
  •  OBATALA is called yams.
  • A bone from the hand of an EGUN is attached to the ORUNMILA collar, threaded into it.
  • You cannot eat jicotea.
  • Eshu is adorned with Parrot and Macaw feathers.
  • He suffers from the head, psychosis or mental retardation.

The sign Otura Oshe points out:

  • The person is born with a grace or ability and by not practicing it he lost it.
  • The person is born with a grace or ability and by not practicing it he lost it.
  • Emotional changes must be treated with care
  • The wife can cheat on the husband, with a godson or friend.
  • This Odu is essential in the Athens of Ifá. In the EBO authorizes to prophesy with feathers.

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Recommendations and advice of the Otura She sign:

This Odu prohibits Awó OTURA SHE from eating jicotea. The Eshu is fed in the courtyard.

Here Eshu is adorned with Parrot and Macaw feathers.

Diseases afflicting this Odu: headaches, psychosis, mental retardation, abdominal hernia, internal tumors, anemia, diabetes.

Here, under the bed of the person concerned, a coconut painted with husk and another painted with red is placed forever.

Here OSHUN is given chicken coop.

For this Ifá, we must avoid a shameless situation, either due to theft or sexual aberrations or with inverted people.

Here you have to grow your nails, for luck.

Here, when OTURA SHE was born, a grandfather died shortly after.

In Otura She, when you are born you cry and when you die you do not cry.

This Ifá is from FELANI land (China)

You have an image of Buddha, so that you have it in the house. There are Chinese spiritual protections.

By this Odu, the person falls asleep anywhere. He does not assimilate the studies and must complete in life what the older ones in blood did not comply with.

Here the person has the habit of sitting on the floor and crossing the legs, bent at the knees, one over the other.

Here the person is born with a grace or ability, which by not practicing it, loses it.

Here the person must take care of everything he owns, so that he does not lose it.

Here the roots of things speak.

This sign speaks of visits from Santos.

In this Ifá, the person is not considered by anyone.

For this Odu (Otura She), the Awó who is not obedient to ORUNMILA and does not comply with him, Eshu will take away his luck and intelligence.

This Oddun talks about when Santo's horse who comes mute was given ashé, so that he can speak.

This Ifá says: «That a good is paid with a bad». But when he turns to Osobo, he puts on IRE and says to himself: "There is no harm that does not come".

Here OTURA SHE and OSANYIN beat IKU. It is necessary, in this Odu, to swear in OSANYIN. Saints who speak in this Odu: Eshu, OSHUN, OSANYIN, OLOFIN, SHANGO, OBATALA, OGUN, EGUN, ODUDUWA.

Sayings of the Odu of Ifa Otura She:

  • The virtues of life, steal the peace of the soul.
  • Do well and don't look at whom.
  • A good is paid for with a bad.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining.

Says Ifa Otura She:

That you lack the ashé of your father and that there are several people who do not like it estimate, and that those people have to go to specify a really difficult thing that you. it has never done and that, when you do it, it will turn out well. -You. You owe the Blessed, comply with they. Do not be scared by the fact that you do not have money, because you have to be well.-Bathe your wife and give her eat at her head; that day do not allow him to do anything, so that he is totally peaceful, so that in this way fortune may come.

You are in a thing that they do not know how to treat look good with you. Ask what the Guardian Angel wants.

Shake your head and name OBATALA and the warriors. -You. she has a friend, with whom she gets along as if they were brothers and they never fight. If someone invites you to play the lottery, don't despise them. -You. have a great management business and they prepare a trap for him to sink him and the other to rise, his good heart loses it, because you immediately build confidence and things fail you due to the fact that you lack base. Fight because of a red woman, feed the Jimaguas.

No carry anything heavy, because when the money comes it can break, because it weighs a lot. -You. should put a roast mouse on Eshu and be careful with a woman, due to the fact that she is pregnant. -You. he cannot eat jicotea. -You. you must be careful with your head. -You. must be careful and avoid shameless situations, whether it is due to theft or sexual aberrations, or with people inverted. -You. It must have an image of a Buddha since it has Chinese spiritual protections.

He was born with grace and ability and by not practicing it, he lost it. -You. must take care of yours with more zeal, so that it is not harmed. You must not let your wife dominate you.

Prayer of the Odu Baba Otura She:


Suyere Oddun Otura Oshe:


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Ebbo of the Odu Otura She Ifa:

Otura Oshe's work to ward off the police or justice.

Eshu is asked with OBI OMI TUTO, which herbs to use. They are minced and crushed with Imo from OSHUN, Bledo blanco grass, Atiponlá, a slug snail, cocoa butter and soap. The soap is prepared with these materials and wrapped in a black cloth, so that it can be stored in a corner of the house on the floor.
And when he loses, he regrets and thus he will win.

Work to solve situations.

Malva maroon, caught at sunrise, and with it in the hands one looks for curujey, taking into account that, when catching the curujey, it does not fall to the ground.

When you pick up the mallow, you are MO-YUBA, you talk to OLORUN, you pray this Odu and cut it or tear it slowly, saying: «I, so-and-so, I tear you away to ward off my enemies, illness, justice, tongue and evil eyes, sorcery, envy and curses. With the maroon mallow and the curujey an Omiero is prepared for bathing.

The day before going to the mountains to look for those herbs, the whole body is smeared with corojo butter and sleeps on a mat, in front of the Saints.

After preparing the Omiero, you will take four baths with those boiled herbs and put ash from the sticks. Afterwards, the head will be begged with 2 quails.

Meaning of the Sign of Ifa Otura She

This Odu speaks of dangers that come to the home or business.

It predicts that emotional changes must be treated carefully.

Otura She points out that what OLODUMARE dictated has been fulfilled.

Here the godson receives the ashé when the godfather dies.

For this Ifá, the godfather and the Oyubona give freedom to the godson, otherwise it may cost them their life, because the godson's own obsessed EGUN can kill them. It also predicts that the godfather may die from an internal tumor, produced by the godson's EGUN.

In this Odu, the woman will try to dominate the man and will try to make him only do her will. And he will be able to cheat on you with his godchildren and friends.

This is an Ifá of BABA EFUN OBATALA.

Here the man must make Ebo with soap, a big cock, a scouring pad and ash. Eshu is put on and then the destination is asked. Then he and his wife will beg each other's heads, and with this prayer, they must have sex that night.

In this Oddun, OBATALA is named yam. Bananas, dates, and mouse pineapple fruits are added to SHANGO.

For this sign of Ifa, to establish the marriage union, a white dove is given to the heads of both spouses and with that prayer, have sexual relations that night.

Here ALAIGBORAN was born, that is, the image or reflection of the three beings that accompany humans in life, which are: The Guardian Angel, the spiritual guide and the obsessed.

For this Ifá, the ORUNMILA necklace is used with a bone from the hand of an EGUN, strung on it.

In the Ebó ceremony, when the suyere of this Odu is sung, with the left hand the package of the Ebó is turned over and with the right hand Iyefá is thrown over it.

Through Otura She, the blood and the head of the banana go to the Ebó.

Here, through this Odu, an Ebó is made with: soap, ashes, scourer and feathers from the Ebó's cock, preparing the soap with all this, so that the husband can bathe.

Odu Otura Oshe Ifa Code of Ethics:

The Awó avoids questions of shame and sexual aberrations.

Pataki of the sign of Ifa Otura She:

OTURA SHE, the Savior King.

OTURA SHE lived on a very high mountain and all her powers were concentrated there. From there he could see the entire population that surrounded him. He went up and down without difficulty, he walked through any part of the town, wearing a talisman around his neck that warned him of the danger of his enemies.

One day, it turned out that a town was attacked by a band of cannibals who took the children for their purposes, where they had defeated the troops of the King of that land.

OTURA SHE intervened against the band of cannibals, who had already dominated the King's troops. OTURA SHE, through his power, which was transmitted by his talisman, defeated the band of evildoers, saving the King's troops. He went down to the center of the city and the King, in gratitude, decided to pay tribute to him and give him a party in his honor, inviting the entire town.
When OTURA SHE appeared in front of the whole town, it gave him great displays of
sympathy and placed all their trust in him. The King, jealous of such a demonstration, commanded
lock up OTURA SHE. But in the King's troops there was a part that supported OTURA SHE,
as well as the majority of the people, all joining OTURA SHE and overthrowing the King, crowning
OTURA SHE as "the Savior King."
NOTE: That is why it is said: "That a good is paid with a bad", but when he turns with Osobo, he gets
I will go and tell yourself: "There is no harm that does not come for good."

Otura She Ifa Traditional Nigerian


Àtélewó ló fòde sòkan
Àtànpàkò ló yaraa rè lótòòtò
A day fún Òtúá
Tí n lo rèé da ìsé sinú igbó
Wón ní kó rbo
Ìsé or jé tòun?
Oró lo ku?
Wón ní gbogbo ìsé ló ti lo
Wón lórò ló kù
Wón ní kó ru òwúùrù eyelé
Kó ru òpòlopò owó
Ó bá rbo
lo bá là
Ó ní tÍfá yìí lòún ó móo gbó lo
Okàan rè balè
ó nísinmi
N ní wá n jó ní wá n yò
Ní n yin àwon Babaláwo
Àwon Babaláwo n yin Ifá
Ó ní béè làwon Babaláwo túùn wí
Àtélewó ló fòde sòkan
Àtànpàkò ló yaraa rè lótòòtò
A day fún Òtúá
Tí n lo rèé da ìsé sinú igbó
Ebo n won ni ó se
Ó yes gbébo nbè
Ó rubo
Ìsé mòmò tán or
Ola lo kù
Àwá mòmò rójú tallow
A dàsé nù.

Ifá advises this person to offer sacrifice. The misery will end; and wealth is what comes.

The palm of the hand forms a homogeneous facade
But the thumb is the one that separates
They were the ones who made divination for Òtúrá
The one who was going to throw misery on the mountain
They advised him to make sacrifice
He asked 'Wouldn't poverty be a part of me?'
'And will there be only wealth left?'
They assured him that all poverty will end
Only wealth will remain
They advised him to slaughter mature pigeons
And a lot of money
He performed the sacrifice
And he became very rich
He said 'These are the statements and steps of this Ifá that I will follow'
He had peace of mind
And peace of mind
He started dancing and he was happy
He was praising his Babaláwos
His Babaláwos were praising Ifá
He said it was exactly as his Babaláwos had said
The palm of the hand forms a homogeneous facade
But the thumb is the one that separates
They were the ones who made divination for Òtúrá
The one who was going to throw misery on the mountain
They advised him to make the sacrifice
He heard about the sacrifice
And he did it
Poverty is over
Leaving the wealth
We have made the sacrifice
We have poured out the hardship.

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